Upcoming Schedule: Mobile Master Invitational Kicks Off With a Bang

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Are you tired of seeing the same old games being played on the big stage every weekend? (*yawns*) Are you a fan of mobile esports? (You absolutely should be.) Are you a fan of fun, out-of-the-box tournament formats? (Who isn’t?)

If the answers to any of those were yes, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t have been, then I’ve got just the tournament for you. Amazon’s Mobile Master Invitational begins in earnest this weekend with a slew of action to be consumed.

The weekend kicks off Friday at 10:30am with a classic Run the Gauntlet style Vainglory Tournament. The reigning World Champions of Invincible Armada will face off against five of North America’s best in consecutive best-of-one series. If Armada can make it past the likes of Tempo Storm, Tribe Gaming, GankStars, and NRG, they will face off against the Unified Western Champions of Cloud9. With $25,000 on the line, there will surely be plenty of intrigue to be had.

Next up will be a special Hearthstone tournament on Friday at 2pm ET using the “Deck Doctor” format where player’s deck-building skills will be put to the test against the likes of William “Amnesia_sc” Barton and Johnnie “Ratsmah” Lee. As someone who can’t build a deck to save his life, this tournament certainly wouldn’t be up my alley. But it’s always fun to watch the best of the best do their thing in some friendly competition. Although with $15,000 on the line, maybe I should reconsider…

Last but not least, we’ve got eight of the best Summoners War players taking the stage on Saturday at 1pm ET to compete for their share of the $25,000 prize pool. A new entry to the esports scene, Summoners War will be using this tournament to showcase the competitive outlook of the game. Some of the most popular content creators will be featured in the double-elimination bracket including Rinriona and ShreddedPuzzle. You won’t want to miss the game that’s racked up over $780 million in revenue since its release in 2014 make its esports debut.

Things will kick off bright and early Friday morning for those of us on the West Coast with the Vainglory gauntlet. Everything will be streamed from the Amazon App Store Twitch channel, which you can find down below. I’ll be there. Will you?

Watch live video from amazonappstore on www.twitch.tv

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