Fortnite: Summer Skirmish Week 2 Improves on Rough Initial Outing
Fortnite: Summer Skirmish Week 2 Improves on Rough Initial Outing

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Another week, another Summer Skirmish Series event is in the books and over $500,000 in prize money has been doled out by Epic. Given the bevy of struggles that plagued the first week, you would be warranted in being a bit weary of Week 2. I can assure that things were much better from a gameplay standpoint. It wouldn’t be a Fortnite tournament without some drama, though, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

It’s not a secret that Week 1 was a complete failure by just about every metric you can think of. Well, except for viewership numbers since people still turned out in droves to watch the action. But in-game, the tournament was riddle with problems, most of which Epic addressed this week.

In a post on their website, Epic detailed the many problems the tournament faced and how they would go about fixing them. By far the biggest issue was the lag, which was confirmed to have been (at least in part) due to the large number of players in the final circles. At the point where people usually win a duos match, there were still 30 people alive in the Skirmish. As such, the servers simply weren’t used to such a load. Whatever improvements that needed to be made for Epic’s servers, however, would take some time to implement, meaning that Week 2 would have a completely different format.

Dubbed the “Pub Stomp Romp” by Epic, this week was a solos tournament where kills reigned supreme. Players had 10 games to rack up as many points as possible during a five-hour timespan. One point was awarded per kill, five points were awarded per victory royale, and there was a 10-point bonus available for getting 20-plus kills in game. Oh yeah, and that last one also came with a $10,000 bonus to boot.

Epic clearly took the criticisms of last week -- namely that the format being all about wins and wins alone resulted in boring, passive gameplay -- and honed in on what makes watching Fortnite so fun: watching people slay out in game after game. And that’s exactly what we got this weekend.

Throughout both days of the competition, we were treated to some incredible performances all across the board, which was a vast improvement on last week’s action. With kills being a priority -- especially that $10,000 for getting a 20 bomb -- players were basically discouraged from playing passive. You couldn't sit in a 1x1 and just try and wait it out. You had to get out there and slay to win.

It’s in that high-level slaying that the controversy arose.

The drama started when iDroPz_BoDiEs was leading the pack after three matches played with 97 points. Yes, 97. He was dropping 20 bombs like it was nothing and absolutely torched the competition by the day’s end, finishing with 184 points to take home the top prize. As the day went on, there were many theories and rumors flying around to try and explain why he played so well. The only truth was that he played on Playstation 4. Everything else ended up being false.

Epic put out a


Final placements: Friday

Final placements: Friday

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