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Free Agent
Will not be returning to competitive CoD
September 11, 2017
TeeP will not be returning to competitive Call of Duty, the former player announced on Sunday.
TeeP acknowledged earlier in the Call of Duty offseason that with the franchise returning to a "boots on the ground" movement system, the veteran player may be willing to join a team for the new competitive season. Given TeeP's vast knowledge and experience in the scene, it wasn't a surprise to see him linked to a wide variety of teams, especially with a majority of the rosters still unconfirmed thanks to a wild Rostermania in North America to date. However, it doesn't appear as if TeeP is ready to leave his analyst position, which makes complete sense given the unpredictable nature of competitive Call of Duty compared to the relative stability of being a professional analyst. While TeeP could still wind up being a substitute for a team, particularly in a one-off situation throughout the year, it would be a surprise to see the former World Champion return to playing competitively full-time.
TeeP: Moved to a sub role
May 24, 2016
TeeP was relegated to a sub after Luminosity Gaming acquired NAMELESS, the team reported Monday.
Rumors began floating around late last week that Luminosity could be in the market for NAMELESS in an effort to boost their meager standings in Stage 2. While the way in which TeeP found out about his demotion through Twitter is saddening, the move to replace NAMELESS with TeeP makes sense, as the former compLexity Gaming leader is a known force with the assault rifle. It will be interesting to see whether Luminosity will regret moving on from the versatile TeeP, whom they acquired as part of a trade during the offseason, but one thing seems certain: years within the CWL scene have taken their toll on the veteran. While TeeP did announce his retirement from the game shortly after the delegation, he could still find his way back onto a roster should he find the desire to compete too enticing.
TeeP: Lands on Luminosity Gaming
April 22, 2016
TeeP was traded to Luminosity Gaming, the team reported on Wednesday .
Luminosity took advantage of Team EnVyUs' chemistry issues, making a deal to acquire TeeP from the club for John in a deal that will likely work out well for both clubs. At his peak, TeeP was considered one of the best slayers in the game, and he's brought a reasonable level of veteran leadership and cool headiness to his prior clubs, but the teamwork problems that overtook Team EnVyUs during Season One are a bit of a black mark on his resume. With Luminosity, look for TeeP to be motivated to prove that his time with EnVyUs was a fluke, as he could be on a path to regaining his title as one of the premiere players in the CWL.
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TeeP: Left off Team EnVyUs
April 19, 2016
TeeP was released from Team EnVyUs on Saturday.
In a bit of a surprising move, Team EnVyUs opted to release both Aches and TeeP in a move that they deemed would remove "the clash of individual personality and play-styles" rooted within the organization. Considering TeeP's near sterling reputation prior to this incident, it seems likely that he may be able to catch onto a team at some point during Stage Two, but for the moment it appears as if he will remain on the sidelines to start the new season.
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