Daniel Loza 
United States
Rise Nation
Unable to take down LG on his own
August 13, 2017
Loony put up an 86/77 KD in Rise Nation's tournament-ending loss to Luminosity Gaming on Sunday at Call of Duty Champs 2017.
Try as they might, Rise Nation's momentum just couldn't match that of LG in this series. To his credit, Loony was doing his best to make that happen, but some of his teammates dashed their chances in a big way. He started off with the most time on the point in Round 1 Hardpoint before showing up in a big way during Round 2 Search & Destroy with an 11/6 KD. The only problem there was that he was the only one with a positive KD in the round, which isn't enough to beat LG. They did bring enough to take Round 3 Uplink on the back of two throws from Loony, but they were then swiftly handled in Round 4 Hardpoint to get bounced from the tournament.
Uneven series against Allegiance
August 13, 2017
Loony posted a 58/63 KD in the Day 4 lower bracket win over Allegiance.
The in-game leader for Rise Nation didn't do much in this series, as it was the Felony/Aqua show for the majority of the contest. Despite Rise Nation's amazing stretch in Search and Destroy during the Call of Duty World Championship, Loony didn't contribute to the cause, only posting a 3/5 KD in the game mode despite utter destruction occurring thanks to Rise.
Avoids a narrow loss
August 13, 2017
Loony nearly crashes with a 61/65 KD in a win over FaZe Clan on Day 4 of the CWL Championships.
Despite his long run through the losers brackets, Loony was still able to run at his top speed. Hardpoint rounds turned out to be rough rounds for Loony, however. Both Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 4 Hardpoint saw Loony struggle to out-slay FaZe Clan, especially in the early game, due to uncoordinated pushes. This was in stark contrast to Search & Destroy rounds where Loony was a beast. In Round 2 Search & Destroy on Crusher, Loony got two first bloods in a seven-game round thank to his flanks.
Comes up late in win
August 12, 2017
Loony had a big moment late in the 3-1 win over Ghost Gaming on Day 4 of the 2017 Call of Duty World Championship. The win secured Rise Nation a spot in the Loser's Bracket Quarterfinal.
Round 1 Hardpoint was the sole loss for Rise Nation, and they lost quite handily. They got off on the wrong foot in the round, trailing 23-3 before they knew it. They never recovered, losing 250-150. Loony struggled, going 13/17 with just 33 seconds of Hardpoint time. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw them turn it around and hand Ghost Gaming a 6-1 loss. Loony had the final kill in Game 4 and Game 7, the last clinching the round. Round 3 Uplink was a weird round -- the score was 18-10, with little to no defense played in the round. Loony had a weird game individually -- he was very strong on he objective, getting seven points, but he had a paltry 17/21 KD in the round. Round 4 Hardpoint held the biggest moment in the match for Loony. The round was close, and was tied as late as 228 points into the round. Rise Nation planted themselves in Hotel Hallway and held strong. Loony got the final kill, stopping Llama from entering the Hardpoint.
Up and down in win
August 11, 2017
Loony had some highs and lows in the 3-1 win over Str8 Rippin on Day 3 of the 2017 Call of Duty World Championship. The win kept Rise Nation's championship hopes alive, keeping them in the Loser's Bracket.
Loony had a very strong start in Round 1 Hardpoint, a round that was extremely close. Str8 Rippin and Rise Nation traded blows until the very end, where Rise Nation pulled out a 250-237 win. Loony had a solid 21/15 KD, but really shined with a 2:15 Hardpoint time. He was key to the win. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw RIse Nation win in eleven games, and Loony got the final kill in the round clinching Game 11. Round 3 Uplink was their only loss, as they blew a 8-5 lead to lost 9-8. Loony hit his biggest low point here, scoring zero of his team's eight points, and went 22/26 in the round. It was far from spectacular, though he made up for it in Round 4 Hardpoint. He did not hit the objective particularly hard, notching 27 seconds there, but he had a solid 19/13 KD in the blowout win.
Very good in win
August 9, 2017
Loony played very well in the sweep win over Luminosity Gaming on Day 1 of the 2017 Call of Duty World Championship.
Loony was solid right from the get-go, helping anchor a close 250-241 win for Rise Nation in Round 1 Hardpoint. He went 23/19, with 46 seconds on the hill. While it was not a special performance, he was a consistent slayer in a round that did not have any. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw Loony get the final kill in Game 2 and Game 3, putting them up 2-1, and helping pave the way to a 6-2 win. Round 3 Uplink was a 22-9 thrashing of Luminosity, and Loony played a solid two-way game in the win.
Gets the room to slay out
July 16, 2017
Loony finally finds his shots with a 59/44 KD in a 3-0 sweep over Splyce on Day 3 of Group Yellow.
A little too late, but Loony finally found the heights people knew he had. Loony was utterly dominate in Round 1 Hardpoint with a 26/13 KD. The incredibly strong score was thanks to an early lead that saw him picking off members of Splyce on rotations. Round 3 Uplink on Frost displayed Loony's ability to work with his teammates by coordinating three dunks in under thirty seconds. Loony started the train of point by scoring an excellent double piece while remaining in Splyce's base. Then, covering the lanes Faccento and Felony were barreling down, Loony continued to slay out to protect the ball carrier.
Plays like a flat tire
July 16, 2017
Loony played sloppily during Rise Nation's match against Splyce on Day 2 of Group Yellow, only managing an overall KD of 53/70.
There's not much that can be said about Loony's performance other than it was loose and sloppy, as he could not keep himself alive against Splyce's bullets. The first half of Loony's Round 1 Hardpoint performance was on point, but somehow midway through he lost it, only scoring a KD of 19/22 when all was said and done. Even when Rise Nation handily won Round 2 Search & Destroy, Loony's KD was still a paltry 2/5, leaving much to be desired. Loony attempted to redeem himself in Round 3 Uplink by putting a dunk on the board for Rise Nation, but this turned out to be not enough, as Splyce still won by two points and Loony only got a 16/25 KD. Round 4 Hardpoint saw only a marginal improvement in Loony's slaying skills, as during that round he only scored a 16/18 KD in what was an overwhelming victory for Splyce that round, cementing Rise Nation's 3-1 loss.
Fails to lead a frustrated team
July 15, 2017
Loony slumps with a 53/50 KD in a 0-3 loss to eUnited on Day 2 of Group Yellow.
Loony couldn't get his team together in an important series against eUnited. Losing 0-3 to the team, Loony and Rise Nation have officially become unable to qualify for playoffs. This was due to not only poor shots, but also a general lack of coordination. Loony would dominate Round 3 Uplink, getting a 28/23 KD and four dunks. After Round 2 Search & Destroy, eUnited got cocky only for Loony to punish them with some hot shots and aggressive positioning. Ironically, Loony still lost the round no one else on his team could slay. But in Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 2 Search & Destroy, it was Loony struggling to assist Aqua.
Lackluster in close defeat versus Red Reserve
July 15, 2017
Loony finished Friday's 3-2 loss to Red Reserve in Group Yellow with just a 69/76 KD.
Loony and Rise Nation got steamrolled in both rounds of Search & Destroy, as he compiled just a 5/13 KD between the two of them. He added some flair to the end of the team's 10-5 victory with a nice three killstreak toward the end, but the series altogether was a bit of a bust for him. He posted an even 15/15 on Round 1 Hardpoint, including 39 seconds of hill time, and went positive in just one match (Round 4 Hardpoint). He and Rise Nation are off to an uninspiring 0-2 start, but will look for upset victories over Splyce and eUnited on Saturday.
Struggles to win
July 14, 2017
Loony can't carry his team to victory with a 94/72 KD in a 1-3 loss to eUnited on Day 1 of Group Yellow.
Loony may have had a strong game, but it was far from enough to give his team the win due to some sloppy tactics and slow shots. Most rounds saw Loony and his team get a startling large lead only to blow it. Round 1 Hardpoint on Retaliation saw Loony pull ahead with sixty-points and fourteen kills by the first Destroyed Building hill. But by the second set of rotations, Loony struggled to break ahead of eUnited. For example, Loony couldn't find important kills on the third Bridge even with his Trinity Rockets or his Reactive Armor. Loony won his team a round in Round 3 Uplink thanks to two separate seven killstreaks. His massive slaying saw Loony play aggressively, a trait that was sorely missing when Rise Nation began to lose.
Excellent in win
June 17, 2017
Loony had a great performance in the sweep of Lethal Gaming on Day 2 of CWL Anaheim.
Loony and Rise Nation set the tone in Round 1 Hardpoint with a dominating team display. They controlled every facet of the game, and managed to only allow Lethal Gaming to score 86 points in the round. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw Lethal Gaming show signs of life, and start the round off with four straight game wins. However, Loony would play a major role in rattling off six straight wins for Rise Nation. He had the final kill in Game 7, in Game 8 (this one had three kills, with the final two by way of a great use of the FTL Jump) and in Game 10 to finish the round off. He carried that performance right into Round 3 Uplink, a round that saw them easily win 9-1. He had four points, and go off once they shifted their focus to just slaying everyone and stopping all offense Lethal Gaming tried to put forward. He had 42 kills to 18 deaths in what was a dominating way to finish off the match.
Clutches a tight and important series
June 16, 2017
Loony dominates the late-game in a win over Splyce on Day 1 of CWL Anaheim.
Loony had an uneven game that he was able to close out on an incredibly high note. He was a litt weak in Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 4 Hardpoint, mainly due to Splyce's incredible slaying, but he was able to outsmart and outplay Splyce in the Round 2 and Round 5 Search & Destroy. After a low-point in Round 4 Hardpoint, where Loony finished double negative, he comes screaming back with a massive map win in Round 5 Search & Destroy on Throwback By Game 2, Loony scored three kills and a defuse which game him a set of Trinity Rockets. Loony wasn't afraid to throw out his streaks in Game 4, where he was able to sneak out a kill and gain a Bombardment. His Scorestreaks were game-changing in Game 7 where he was able to stall out Splyce from a bomb defuse for twenty seconds, enough for Faccento to clutch the round with a snappy kill.
Loses his grip on FaZe Clan
May 2, 2017
Loony performed at a mediocre level against FaZe Clan on Day 3 of Group Blue of the CWL Global Pro League, only notching a KD of 66/78 as he was helpless to prevent Rise Nation from losing to FaZe Clan in a 3-2 upset.
Loony under-performed when it came to Rise Nation's climatic game against FaZe Clan on Day 3 of Group Blue, and it showed in the stats. Loony would start negative in Round 1 Hardpoint with a KD of 23/25, scoring the least amount of objective time for his team at 50 seconds. Although Loony scored a plant and a defusal in Round 2 Search & Destroy, he still only saw a 3/4 KD for that round. Round 3 Uplink saw a repeat performance from Loony with a 23/25 KD, where he'd be unable to put any points on the board. Loony would go negative yet again in Round 4 Hardpoint, only scoring a 15/18 KD and unable to stop FaZe Clan from ultimately winning that round by literally a second. Loony finally fizzled out in Round 5 Search & Destroy with a 2/6 KD, helpless to stop FaZe Clan from reverse sweeping Rise Nation in a 3-2 upset.
Kept a level head
April 30, 2017
Loony outsmarts Fnatic with a 64/62 KD in a victory over Fnatic on Day 3 of Group Blue at the CWL Pro League.
While Fnatic was bouncing off the walls, Loony used his time to pull his opponent into traps to secure the win. Round 1 Hardpoint didn't go well for Loony after Fnatic's team began to streak early on. However, Loony kept a calm head and gathered his team together for an excellent Round 2 Search & Destroy. In a quick six rounds, Loony swept Fnatic into the gutter. Game 6 of Round 2 Search & Destroy on Throwback saw a beautiful play from Loony with him popping his Active Camo to scout the windows over trains before picking a kill. When Loony tagged another player, and got hit in return, he immediately ducked behind cover and let Faccento, who was on his flank the entire time, secure the kill. Loony closed Round 2 Search & Destroy with a 7/2 KD.