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Aligns with Lightning Pandaz, can't qualify for Stage 1 relegation
April 16, 2018
Enable will join Lightning Pandaz, the organization confirmed over the weekend.
The move to acquire Enable, who was released from Evil Geniuses over the week, was an obvious trade up from Censor, who left for compLexity Gaming around the same time. However the acquisition certainly didn't seem to help during the Stage 1 relegation qualifier, as Lightining Pandaz ended up in 5th-6th place - four spots short of earning a shot at participating in Stage 2. It's certainly a disappointing result for a team that prior to this weekend, was routinely placing in the top-20, if not higher, at CWL sanctioned open events. Should Enable stay on Lightning Pandaz for the majority of the second half of the season, it seems likely the team could be a dark horse candidate to make a run at a top-10 finish at the Call of Duty World Championships in August, but the team will need to fight through another online qualifier in order for them to make the final tournament.
Announces restricted free agency
April 12, 2018
Enable announced he has entered free agency, the slayer relayed on Wednesday.
Many expected Evil Geniuses would make potential roster changes, as the team has failed to perform up to expectations since coming together prior to Call of Duty: World War II. It's unclear who Evil Geniuses plan to pick up to replace Enable, but the former FaZe Clan leader figures to have a major market in the ensuing days.
One good round in loss
March 30, 2018
Enable had a single good round in the 3-1 loss to OpTic Gaming on Day 1 of the CWL Birmingham Open.
Round 3 Capture the Flag, EG's only round win, housed a great performance from Enable. He was on fire early, leading them out of the gate and finishing with a 23/10 KD in the round. He also made quite a few strong defensive plays, and had both of their flag caps. He was the catalyst for them, and he was their driving force to avoid the sweep. The rest of his performance was subpar, however. He was wildly outslayed in each Hardpoint round (Round 1 and Round 4) struggling to run with a dominant OpTic team. He was a nonfactor in the 6-0 loss in Round 2 Search & Destroy, as one would imagine. It is hard to make an impact when you cannot win a game in the round.
Up and down performance in loss
March 22, 2018
Enable struggled to stay consistent in the 3-1 loss to Splyce on Day 2 of Week 4 of CWL Global Pro League, Stage 1.
Round 1 Hardpoint was their sole round win, but it was not the best round for Enable. He struggled to slay on a consistent basis, finishing 31/35. He did, however, counteract that with a strong 1:17 on the objective. He was a solid contributor in Round 2 Search & Destroy, being a second-fiddle behind Aches, despite losing in 11 games. His Round 3 Capture the Flag was disastrous, however. He went 8/18, and was never able to keep with Splyce, especially in their strong second half. Round 4 Hardpoint was better, as he ran out to 18 kills as they started 113-58. He paced them to a 198-106 lead, before Splyce made an epic comeback to win 250-225.
Strong respawns in loss
March 16, 2018
Enable had three excellent rounds in the 3-1 loss to FaZe Clan on Day 2 of Week 3 of CWL Pro League, Stage 1.
Round 2 Search & Destroy was bad for Enable, mostly, and was almost completely bad for Evil Geniuses. He hardly made a dent while FaZe ran out to a 5-1 lead, and simply supported NAMELESS and Aches as they forced a Game 10 with three straight wins. The rest of his game was superb, however. He had at least 21 kills in each of Round 1 Hardpoint, Round 3 Capture the Flag, and Round 4 Hardpoint. He led the lobby in kills in the third round (21) with nine of those kills coming in the early portion of the round. The team as a whole had an 11-kill streak at that point, as well as a 1-0 lead, setting the pace for an easy round win. They lost the other two rounds, but not due to him. He also led the lobby in kills in round one (38) and he sparked the comeback in round four with strong slaying, and smart uses of his Scorestreaks. He made this match much closer than it could have been, despite the 3-1 loss.
Average performance still enough to defeat Team EnVyUs
March 15, 2018
Enable did not have his best game against Team EnVyUs, but it was still enough to get Evil Geniuses a 3-0 sweep on Wednesday in the CWL Pro League Division B still says something.
Enable came out swinging in Round 1 Hardpoint, and while he didn't get the most hardpoint control time with 1:17, he still managed to go positive in kills with 36/33. This would be the only solid round for Enable, however, as from here, it went pretty much downhill. Enable only tallied a paltry 3/4 KD in Round 2 Search & Destroy, but he still had fewer deaths than anyone on Team EnVyUs. Enable even had a double-negative KD in Round 3 Capture the Flag, with 11/22, but managed to score a flag capture anyway.
Struggles with consistency in loss
March 9, 2018
Enable had some flashes, but also some low points, in the sweep loss to Luminosity Gaming on Day 1 of CWL Atlanta.
Both Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 2 Search & Destroy saw highs and lows for Enable. The first round saw him notch 30 kills and just barely over a minute on the objective, which is good on its face. However, the excellent slaying from Luminosity hurt his value overall. He ended up with 33 deaths, as they threw away a early lead to lose 250-188. This would be a microcosm of his future rounds. He flew out of the gate in Round 2 Search & Destroy, dominating the early game. However, he passed on his leading play to Nameless, as he finished the round averagely. Round 3 Capture the Flag was a different beast. After losing the lead in the first and losing a Game 11 in the second, Evil Geniuses were spent, and Luminosity took advantage of it. They ran out to a 3-0 lead, and shut down Evil Geniuses. Enable could not do anything in the round.
A seesaw performance in victory
February 16, 2018
Enable had some bright moments during Evil Geniuses' 3-2 series victory over UNILAD on Day 5 of the CWL Pro League Division B.
Enable was one of only two Evil Geniuses members to go positive in KD during their round loss on Round 1 Hardpoint, narrowly staying afloat with a 21/20 KD. But Enable's seesaw performance would start to swing the other direction in Round 2 Search & Destroy, where he went deeply negative in KD with 2/8. The pendulum then swung the other way for Enable, thankfully, in Round 3 Capture the Flag, where a long, drawn-out battle would see Enable score a flag capture and a positive 29/22 KD. The seesaw pattern continued in Round 4 Hardpoint, where Enable went negative again in KD with 25/33, although he did score the most hardpoint control time of the round for his team at one minute. The performance pendulum swung positive for Enable just in time to help Evil Geniuses clutch a Game 11 victory against UNILAD in Round 5 Search & Destroy, as Enable broke even in KD with 8/8.
Simply destroyed by Splyce
February 16, 2018
Not much can be said about Enable's performance against Splyce except that he was simply outplayed in a 3-0 loss on Day 6 of the CWL Pro League Division B.
Enable may be one of competitive Call of Duty's best players, but you wouldn't know it if all you saw of him was his team's match against Splyce. The Europeans were there to shut him down at every turn in Round 1 Hardpoint, as Enable had the worst KD on Evil Geniuses at 14/24. Round 2 Search & Destroy didn't see Enable fare any better, where he only managed to score a 2/6 KD as Splyce snatched six straight games from under his team's collective noses. Enable and the rest of the Evil Geniuses attempted to put up some resistance in a longer-than-expected Round 3 Capture the Flag, and Enable did go positive that round in KD with 22/19, but at the end of the day and this series, Splyce were just better.
Slays well to open win
February 14, 2018
Enable was a key part of the first round in the sweep win over eUnited on Tuesday, during the CWL Global Pro League, Stage 1.
Enable's slaying was a big reason why they won Round 1 Hardpoint. He was dominant in the early stages of the round, which allowed his teammates (mostly Apathy) to live in the Hardpoint. It allowed them to stake themselves out to an early lead, and they would not relinquish it. He did not have the same impact in the latter two rounds, however. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw Apathy go 16/2, with the rest of Evil Geniuses filling in the gaps behind him, mostly by committee. Round 3 Capture the Flag saw NAMELESS and Apathy keep them afloat, while Enable and Aches struggled. Enable did have a big moment in the round despite his general struggles, as he sprung NAMELESS early in the second half to tie the game.
Struggles to bring it all together in loss
February 7, 2018
Enable had his moments, but he had a lot of problems putting together a complete effort in the sweep loss to Luminosity Gaming to finish off Tuesday's CWL Global Pro League Stage 1 matches.
Enable had a weird performance in this match, and that started from Round 1 Hardpoint. He started off strong, despite his team limping to a 106-12 deficit. He did not keep that up however, and eventually succumbed to Luminosity Gaming's strong play that earned them a 250-83 win. Enable ended up with a disappointing 25/29 KD despite his very good start. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him keep Evil Geniuses alive with the final kill in Game 8. Outside of that he played the (valuable) role of third wheel behind Apathy and NAMELESS. Enable played a solely defensive role in the Round 3 Capture the Flag loss that saw them get shutout. He made some clutch kills in the first half that kept the round scoreless, but the offense was not there to overcome the 1-0 loss.
Finds balance in a tough series
February 6, 2018
Enable blew apart Epsilon eSports in a tight 3-2 win on Day 2 of the CWL Pro League Stage 1, Division B.
Enable seemed to be confident going into this game. After all, Evil Geniuses were the favored team. But Epsilon eSports brought a hard game to Evil Geniuses and it was up to Enable to clutch up. Unsurprisingly, Enable played his best during respawn rounds, his favored game mode. But while Enable dominated Round 3 Capture the Flag and Round 4 Hardpoint, he truly struggled in Round 2 Search & Destroy. In Round 2, Enable scored zero kills the entire round. In Round 3 Capture the Flag, however, Enable was the crux of Evil Geniuses' offensive. He protected Apathy's rushes by just beaming targets with his SMG.
Strong showing with new team
December 9, 2017
Enable helped his team along in a 3-1 win over Ghost Gaming on Day 2 of CWL Dallas.
While Enable and company may have let a 5-0 lead slip through their fingers in Search & Destroy, they were incredibly on point in every other round. Enable was especially strong in the opening Hardpoint where he gained a ton of momentum in the later portions of the round to help keep Ghost Gaming at bay. This new roster seems to really be clicking at a high level early on in their tenure together, which is giving them a strong run so far in Dallas.
Signs on with Evil Geniuses
September 22, 2017
Enable officially joined his new team on Evil Geniuses, the organization announced on Thursday.
While we knew the roster would consist of Apathy, Enable, Aches and NAMELESS to enter the new competitive season, it was unclear which organization would get the opportunity to roster the foursome. That's now been settled, with Enable, Aches and Apathy joining NAMELESS' home for the 2017 season, Evil Geniuses, for what is sure to be an interesting new competitive year.
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Joining new lineup
August 30, 2017
Enable is set to join a new team consisting of Aches, Apathy and NAMELESS, his new teammate tweeted on Tuesday.
While a corresponding organization has yet to be announced, it doesn't seem likely the team will be returning to FaZe Clan, with both Zooma and Attach reportedly set to field a new roster of their own. After jettisoning Clayster for Gunless in a controversial move prior to the start of Stage 2 of the CWL Global Pro League, FaZe Clan's 5-6th place finish at the 2017 Call of Duty World Championship seemed to signal at least one member of the roster could be out the door, as the organization simply didn't live up to its lofty standards. Often criticized as one of the main people to help push Clayster out the door, Enable earned a bit of a bad rap despite being a consistent slaying presence and overall leader for his now former organization. As a result, he may be a bit undervalued on this new all-star roster, as Enable is one of the few players on this lineup who you could reasonably expect to improve.
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