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FaZe Clan
Good, not great, in loss
January 13, 2018
ZooMa was good for some stretches of the 0-3 loss to Lightning Pandaz on Day 2 of CWL New Orleans.
Round 1 Hardpoint and ZooMa's performance went hand-in-hand -- when they struggled early, ZooMa struggled, and when they almost completed an epic comeback, ZooMa woke up. He ended the round well, the difference between their scores were just too large. He led his team in Round 2 Search & Destroy, but he got little support and Lightning Pandaz were rolling after their surprising first-round win. Round 3 Capture the Flag was his worst showing -- he lagged behind his teammates in both halves and was invisible in overtime where they lost the round and match.
Clutches a map and chokes another
January 13, 2018
ZooMa made big plays -- both great and terrible -- in an awkward 3-1 loss to Team Kaliber on Day 1 of CWL New Orleans.
ZooMa clutched the early game only to choke the late game in this series. Round 1 Hardpoint on Sainte Marie Du Mont saw ZooMa start exceedingly strong by blowing through Team Kaliber's slow start. The cramped map allowed ZooMa to flank around and poke holes into Team Kaliber. But on the other end, ZooMa would choke Round 4 Hardpoint. Needing only six more seconds on the clock to force a Round 5, ZooMa attempted a flank to secure the final rotation. But ZooMa whiffed all his shots and was easily blown apart by Team Kaliber, allowing his opponents to easily turn around and slay the rest of FaZe Clan for a shocking defeat.
Thins out his offense
December 17, 2017
ZooMa spread himself thin in a 1-3 loss to eUnited on Day 2 of the Northern Showdown.
ZooMa wanted to do too much all at once during this series. While his own performance was solid, his leadership caused his team to spread his team's defenses thin. In Round 1 Hardpoint, for example, ZooMa's team was immediately scattered by eUnited after losing the first gunfight. After that, ZooMa never gathered his forces to coordinate an assault. A similar situation happened in Round 3 Capture the Flag. This time, ZooMa tried playing aggressively in the middle of the map. The positioning allowed eUnited to score points since FaZe Clan left themselves exposed without any base defense.
Flanks don't cut a win
December 17, 2017
ZooMa played to his strengths to a fault in a 0-3 loss to Ground Zero on Day 1 of the Northern Showdown.
While the aggressive FaZe Clan strategy of flanking and spawn-manipulation worked excellently at CWL Dallas, Ground Zero was more than prepared for it. ZooMa stuck to flanking for most of the series. This had some success, but Ground Zero stuck close to each other in order to prevent getting picked apart. For example, Ground Zero stacked on top of points so that ZooMa wouldn't find an opening to cut spawns, forcing FaZe Clan into fights they couldn't win. While ZooMa was able to carry in Round 2 Search & Destroy, he couldn't slay enough for his team to win out.
Storms across lanes
December 11, 2017
ZooMa rolled around the map to pull out a victory over eUnited on Day 3 of CWL Dallas.
Despite the boots-on-the-ground format, ZooMa played this series like jetpack Call of Duty. ZooMa was constantly on the move in order to disorient and scatter eUnited's defense, racking up the kills in the process. In Round 3 Capture the Flag on Ardennes Forest, this meant cutting through mid-map to stop any possible pushes and poke at eUnited's defense. While not netting a huge KD that round, ZooMa's pressure was invaluable. Similarly, Round 4 Hardpoint on London Docks saw ZooMa pressure flanks, hitting eUnited's Arcitys in order to break up spawns and disorient map control. He would also win the map, and the game, but scoring an insane triple kill to secure the last hill.
Zooms around the map with ease
August 13, 2017
ZooMa went 52/44 when FaZe Clan destroyed Infused as a stepping stone into the winners semifinals of the 2017 Call of Duty World Championship.
FaZe were simply playing on another level in this series, and there was nothing at all that Infused could do to stop it. While ZooMa didn't lead his whole team in kills, that's not to say that he was playing bad by any means. He still managed to pitch in when his team needed him to find kills to stay afloat. This was especially true in Round 2 Search & Destroy when Infused threatened to take a bit of a lead. ZooMa was right there to pick up some kills and shut down Infused and move towards a victory.
Shuffles through the series
August 13, 2017
ZooMa stumbles with a 65/65 KD in a loss to Rise Nation on Day 4 of the CWL Championships.
Previously known for his flanks, ZooMa laid off the aggression which was both a boon and a bane. In Round 1 Hardpoint on Retaliation, this allowed him to firmly secure spawns from Rise Nation on important hills like Cathedral and Destroyed Buildings. In Round 3 Uplink, it meant lack of serious pushes despite having the majority of map control. Round 4 Hardpoint on Scorch saw ZooMa return to a high-level of aggression with a 21/11 KD. This was mainly because the map's odd layout allows ZooMa the freedom to choose from multiple angles on nearly any Hardpoint. But with inconsistent coordination, ZooMa was ultimately knocked out the playoffs, finishing 5th-6th.
Fails to rebound
August 13, 2017
ZooMa gets blasted by OpTic Gaming, scoring a 27/47 KD on Day 4 of the CWL Championships.
There's not much to say about ZooMa's performance. OpTic Gaming played a simply perfect game and there was nothing ZooMa could do to counter the streaking team. In spite of this, ZooMa still made some mistakes that didn't help his team. Round 2 Search & Destroy was abysmal for ZooMa, as he was easily caught out by Karma in nearly every round. Similarly, Round 3 Uplink saw ZooMa struggle to support his team with a 13/24 KD. ZooMa dropped to the losers bracket after the loss.
Rebounds a bizarre series with ease
August 11, 2017
ZooMa recovered quickly in a 3-1 win over Str8 Rippin' on Day 3 of the CWL Championships.
This was a strange series. Right off the bat, Round 1 Hardpoint saw ZooMa score an unprecedented 4/23 KD. Unsurprisingly, FaZe Clan was stomped that map with ZooMa citing controller problems on his Twitter. Whatever the problem was, it was easily a fluke as ZooMa tore through Str8 Rippin' in subsequent rounds. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him forcing fights, simply slamming Str8 Rippin' head-on to prevent his opponents from every setting up. Similarly, Round 4 Hardpoint was a standout map for ZooMa as he dropped an excellent 17/9 KD by the second set of rotations.
Only negative KD in easy win
August 9, 2017
ZooMaa posted a KD of 64/66 during FaZe Clan's 3-1 victory over Allegiance on Day 1 of Call of Duty Champs 2017.
ZooMaa had a bit of a downer series here against Allegiance, but his team managed to pick up his slack for the win. He started off well enough in Round 1 Hardpoint, helping to secure the early rotations to outpace Allegiance in the round to get the win. He was just as good in Round 2 Search & Destroy, as he managed to almost keep pace with Attach, which was saying something. Like the rest of his team though, he fell apart in Round 3 Uplink as they were picked apart 7-1. He found his footing a bit in Round 4 Hardpoint to keep pushing to the win, which was a nice respite for him. He still ended up as the only player with a negative KD in the win, however.
Flanks falter
July 29, 2017
ZooMa's flanks failed to trip OpTic Gaming, personally scoring a 72/84 KD, in a loss on Day 2 of the CWL Playoffs.
The lack of coordination showed in this very new FaZe Clan rooster. While the game was close, several small slip ups from ZooMa tilted the series. In Round 1 Hardpoint on Breakout, ZooMa attempted to pinch the second and third Graveyard hill with a flank. Both flanks failed as, in both cases, ZooMa was few seconds too slow, engaging as his teammmates dropped to OpTic Gaming. Those type of mistakes, especially in Search & Destroy rounds where ZooMa was easily caught out, devastated FaZe Clan. ZooMa closed in Round 5 Search & Destroy with an 8/9 KD.
Aggressive slaying impactful in win
July 29, 2017
ZooMa put together an 85/72 in Saturday's loser bracket win over Splyce to kick off Day 2 of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.
ZooMa's aggressive style certainly didn't hinder FaZe to begin Day 2, as he actually put up the best KD average of the entire team. It's even more impressive given ZooMa was the main objective player on the team, racking up the most hill time in the Game 1 Hardpoint, as well as a whopping four dunks in the first half of Uplink. It was the aforementioned Uplink that ZooMa truly shined in the slaying category as well, jumping out to a massive 11/4 KD in the first half before finishing with an overall 25/18 line. Jumping and sliding alongside Attach and Gunless, ZooMa morphed into a frenetic three-headed slaying monster - one that officially ended the European giants.
Under the radar in loss
July 28, 2017
ZooMa barely moved the needle at all in the 3-2 loss to Team EnVyUs on Day 1 of the Stage 2 Playoffs. The loss put FaZe Clan into the Losers Bracket.
ZooMa was basically invisible in this match from start to finish. Round 1 Hardpoint was an impressive 250-87 round win for FaZe Clan, and ZooMa played an underrated part of it. He had a meager 13/13 KD ratio, but he had an impressive 2:14 on the objective in the round. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw ZooMa not do much of anything in the 6-4 defeat. Round 3 Uplink saw ZooMa fly under the radar of a easy 13-4 win for FaZe Clan -- he had a 21/20 KD ratio, and scored none of his team's 13 points. Round 4 Hardpoint saw FaZe Clan end up on the opposite end of a blowout, losing 250-45 following deficits of 140-11 and 200-45. ZooMa went 10/18, with just four seconds of Hardpoint time. He, again, did not do much of anything in Round 5 Search & Destroy, which ended up being a crushing 11-game loss.
Leading slayer in win
July 9, 2017
ZooMa could not be contained in the sweep victory over eLevate on Day 3 of Group Blue.
ZooMa was an excellent slayer throughout this match, and eLevate did not have a shot at stopping him. He led his team in kills in Round 1 Hardpoint, a round that was easy for FaZe Clan after a tight start. He went 20/12, with a solid 1:03 on the objective. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw ZooMa get FaZe Clan off on the right foot, getting the final kill in Game 1. His teammates would take care of the rest, winning the round 6-1. He provided solid support in the round, as Attach and Enable got the final kills in the other five game wins. Round 3 Uplink saw ZooMa dominate as FaZe Clan shut out eLevate until the final minute of the round. He did not score any of his team's eight points, but he had 33 kills and played an integral role in opening up the map for his teammates.
Improves on slow start in win
July 8, 2017
ZooMa steadily improved in the sweep win over eLevate on Day 2 of Group Blue.
ZooMa did not have a great Round 1 Hardpoint, but he did just enough to help secure the win in an extremely competitive round. Each team went back and forth, and there was not a clear winner until very late, when Gunless secured the 250-229 win. ZooMa struggled to slay, going 19/26, but he still contributed well on the objective, notching 1:10 there. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw ZooMa play a support role, and notch the final kill in Game 5. Round 3 Uplink saw ZooMa go off, notching 33 kills and two points, dominating the map in an 8-3 victory.
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