Bryan Zhelyazkov 
United States
Evil Geniuses
Doing enough to bring his team wins
December 9, 2017
Apathy didn't put up any gaudy numbers in Evil Geniuses' 3-1 win over Ghost Gaming on Day 2 of CWL Dallas, but it was more than enough for a win.
Apathy, being fueled by the desire to prove his doubter wrong, is showing why numbers aren't all that matters at the end of the day. He didn't have the highest number of kills by any means in these games, but he was playing incredibly decisive to help his team get the wins. This included picking up the only cap in Capture the Flag for the 1-0 win that put them on the brink of victory. With EG playing well as a unit, Apathy is well on his way to shutting down the naysayers with a nice finish in Dallas.
Finds organization for new year
September 22, 2017
Apathy will officially join Evil Geniuses to begin the new season.
It makes sense this roster would sign on with Evil Geniuses, with NAMELESS having played for the well-known organization for all of last year. While Apathy comes with the least amount of fanfare compared to the two other players, Aches and Enable, who joined EG, Apathy is a former World Champion having won the title in 2016. In other words, it would be unwise to sleep on him, and Apathy could also be the No. 2 slayer on the team behind Enable come the start of the new season, making for an interesting name to consider in fantasy formats.
Free Agent
Joins team with Aches
August 30, 2017
Apathy is set to join Aches on his new roster for Call of Duty: World War II, his new teammate announced on Tuesday.
Apathy wasn't in the free agent pool for long. Only a couple days after officially announcing his release from Team EnVyUs, Apathy is set to join Aches on a new roster alongside former FaZe Clan in-game leader Enable, and potentially former Evil Geniuses in-game NAMELESS. While the leadership on the roster could cause some headbutting, it's also clear this team is comprised of two key factors: talent and knowledge. Especially in WWII, where the Call of Duty franchise will transition back to "boots on the ground" after a three-year hiatus, knowledge of the game and respawns will likely be an even bigger factor in terms of win condition. While this new team does not have an organization currently, given the names on it and their potential heading into to the new year, it's a no-brainer that Apathy and company will fall under a major org banner in due time.
Makes third from EnVyUs in free agency
August 27, 2017
Apathy will join two of his other former Team EnVyUs teammates in free agency, the player announced on Saturday.
The move seemed like only a matter of time, as both John and Jkap announced their free agency earlier in the evening. It's worth pointing out that Apathy didn't seem too eager to leave Team EnVyUs, confirming what's been assumed all along --- Slasher is in control of the roster moves at the moment. Much like the rest of his former brethren, Apathy's not expected to be in the free agency pool for long and is expected to be on a contending team to begin the new competitive season.
Stumbles and falls in finals
August 14, 2017
Apathy slayed to his wit's end only to lose a double series Grand Finals to Optic Gaming at the 2017 CWL Championships, scoring a 71/73 KD in the first series and a 57/58 KD in the second series.
Apathy and SlasheR were the main slaying force for Team EnVyUs, and in some cases, the team's only slaying potential. The only round Team EnVyUs won would be the first series Round 2 Search & Destroy on Throwback. And it was thanks to Apathy. Dropped a huge 11/3 KD, Apathy played a slow and calculated game even as OpTic Gaming tried to rush Team EnVyUs with smoke grenades. Oddly, this same calculated gameplay wasn't implemented well in subsequent series, either playing too slow or too fast. For example, in the second series Round 1 Hardpoint on Throwback, Apathy stood outside of the third Barn point for about ten seconds while waiting for his teammates to push, even though this allowed OpTic Gaming to build map control and points. This overfocus on team fighting is what doomed Apathy in the end as it gave OpTic Gaming far too much control over the pace of the game. SlasheR.
Works as a deadly unit with team
August 13, 2017
Apathy destroys with teamwork with a 65/60 KD in a win over eUnited on Day 4 of CWL Championships.
Apathy may have not had a massive stand-out performance, but his excellent teamwork clutched the win. This series saw an old-school Team EnVyUs where Apathy was the head of the unit, front-and-center with his SMG and calling the shots. This was best seen in Round 4 Hardpoint on Retaliation where he was absurdly smooth with his shots and a 24/13 KD. He scored several four killstreaks across the round, meaning he was constantly out-trading eUnited . This allowed Apathy to surpass eUnited's hundred-point lead to clinch the win. Round 3 Uplink saw Apathy's leadership as he made the call-outs for his teammates. His command saw him chain 12 points in under four minutes.
Has no apathy for opponents in big win
August 12, 2017
Apathy put up a 60/52 KD in Team EnVyUs's win over Ghost Gaming that put them in the winners semifinals of the 2017 Call of Duty World Championship.
Throughout this series, Apathy was constantly cleaning up shop for his team. Whenever someone would fall off and stop contributing, Apathy would slide right in and play the part of the hero. This happened in both Round 2 Search & Destroy and in Round 3 Uplink. With such a multifaceted attack coming from this squad, there was just nothing at all that Ghost Gaming could do to stop it. With the dominating sweep, EnVyUs are through to the winners semifinals to face eUnited to continue their bid to repeat as World Champions.
Distances himself from kill streaks
August 11, 2017
Apathy focused on objects in a 3-1 victory over Epsilon eSports on Day 3 of the CWL Championships.
Apathy didn't attempt to hog the glory as a prepared Epsilon eSports forced him to group with his team. After getting whipped in Round 1 Hardpoint, Team EnVyUs refocused their tactics to focus on the objectives and teamwork, both things which Apathy is a wizard at. This was easily seen in the second half of Round 3 Uplink on Frost with Apathy blasting a triple kill alongside JKap in Epsilon eSports' base. The set of kills easily turned the game into Apathy's favor as SlasheR quickly capitalized with a dunk. From there, Apathy helped set up a grand rally of 10 points as each member rotated around the map.
A slaying machine in the respawn game modes
August 3, 2017
Apathy was the best slayer of his team in the respawn game modes against eUnited in the Winner's Final of the Stage 2 Playoffs, scoring an impressive overall KD of 61/56.
Apathy's slaying game was on point in the respawn game modes, although his Search & Destroy performance might be a potentially exploitable weakness in the future. He came out swinging in Round 1 Hardpoint, easily keeping eUnited from taking key Hardpoints and notching a 26/21 KD for himself. As mentioned before, his Search & Destroy play needs work, for during Round 2 Search & Destroy for this series he would only wind up with a negative KD of 2/8, often the first to die in many of the games of that round. Apathy would make up for it in Round 3 Uplink, for while he didn't score any points in this surprisingly low-scoring game, his expertly gained KD of 33/27 would be the dagger in the heart of eUnited's hopes of avoiding the Loser's Bracket.
Stumbles in a tight series
July 31, 2017
Apathy falls just short, with a 66/75 KD in the first series and a 74/79 KD in the second series, in two losses to OpTic Gaming at the Stage 2 CWL Championships.
Apathy never managed to pull the plays that were needed to win. Importantly, Team EnVyUs seemed to know how to play against OpTic Gaming. Apathy took the game extremely slow, making sure to get a lead before trying stall their lead. The problem was that Apathy rarely broke far enough ahead due to his flat slaying, such as the first series Round 3 Uplink where they stalled the map with a single dunk. Apathy scored brief glimpses of victory, a triple kill here and there, but it never broke Team EnVyUs ahead of the pack. This was mainly because Apathy wasn't aggressive enough in cutting map control, mainly in Hardpoint rounds such as in Round 1 Hardpoint on Retaliation.
Plays support in win
July 30, 2017
Apathy occupied a support role in the 3-2 win over Luminosity Gaming on Day 2 of the Stage 2 Playoffs to put Team EnVyUs into the Winner's Final.
Apathy was a background player in this match. Round 1 Hardpoint was an incredible win for Team EnVyUs. They trailed Luminosity for the entire round, just staying close enough to keep it competitive. However, they ended up mounting a huge comeback, and they won the round after being down 246-223. Apathy played a great game (outside of his death total) in the round, going 31/31 with 1:30 on the objective. Apathy had the final two kills in Game 2 of Round 2 Search & Destroy, which was a 6-3 win for Team EnVyUs. The next two rounds were quite poor for Apathy, and two losses for Team EnVyUs. Round 3 Uplink saw Team EnVyUs have an early 4-1 lead, and end up surrendering six unanswered points to lose 7-4. Apathy did not do much of anything, scoring zero points and going 16/28. He did not improve in an all-around terrible Round 4 Hardpoint. They lost 250-89, and the scoreboard reflects the difference in play in the round. Apathy went 14/23, with 35 seconds on the objective. Round 5 Search & Destroy saw Team EnVyUs win 6-3 to halt Luminosity Gaming's comeback. Apathy added a final kill in Game 3 in the win.
Supportive in win
July 28, 2017
Apathy played nothing but a support role in the 3-2 win over FaZe Clan to cap off Day 1 of the Stage 2 Playoffs. The win puts Team EnVyUs in the Winner's Semifinals.
Apathy hardly sat in the spotlight of this five-round thriller, but he did play a supporting role in the win. Round 1 Hardpoint was brutal for Team EnVyUs. They limped out of the gate to a 250-87 loss and never threatened FaZe Clan. Apathy was no stranger to the struggles, going 13/16 with 21 seconds on the objective. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw Team EnVyUs get back into the match with a round win, and JKap and SlasheR led the way. Apathy played off of them. Round 3 Uplink was another blowout for FaZe Clan. They ran out to a 11-0 lead, and Team EnVyUs feebly fought back to make the final line 13-4. Apathy scored half of his team's points, but went 20/27 in the round. Team EnVyUs paid them back with a excellent Round 4 Hardpoint performance. They had leads of 140-11 and 200-45 before winning the round 250-45. This was Apathy's best round, as he went 17/13 with 29 seconds in the dominant round for Team EnVyUs. Round 5 Search & Destroy saw Team EnVyUs comeback from a 4-1 deficit to win in 11 games. Apathy played well, notching the final kill in Game 6 and cutting the deficit to 4-2. He had two kills, including the final one, in Game 7, furthering their comeback effort. He played well in the final round to clinch their spot in the Winner's Semifinals.
Decimates in the late game
July 24, 2017
Apathy slowly heats up with an 81/88 KD in a win over Cloud9 on Day 3 of Group Green.
Apathy couldn't show up until very late into the series, but his late arrival became key to EnVyUs's success. For most of the series, Apathy sat at a negative KD. This wouldn't become much of an issue since his score wasn't significantly negative and his teammates were able to pick up his minor slack. However, Round 3 Uplink on Frost was a bizarre showing that needs attention. Apathy dropped a 15/26 KD, accidentally turning the map into a slow war of attrition where neither side could comes up with enough slays for the win. Round 4 Hardpoint saw Apathy quickly flip his game and score a 36/29 KD, a strong score that allowed Team EnVyUs to pull ahead of Cloud9.
Struggles in sweep loss
July 23, 2017
Apathy did not do well in their loss to OpTic Gaming on Day 3 of Group Yellow.
Team EnVyUs, outside of the second round, struggled mightily in this one. Round 1 Hardpoint was firmly OpTic's, with EnVyUs struggling to keep pace. Apathy struggled with the rest of his team, going 28/36 with 25 seconds on the objective. Round 2 Search & Destroy was a weird round for Team EnVyUs. It went to 11 games, but it was mostly on the back of JKap. In the sixth game, he had 11 kills and the other three members of Team EnVyUs had six in total. Apathy struggled through the end of the 11-round loss, outside of a bomb defuse in Game 4. Round 3 Uplink saw Apathy's struggles continue. He went 19/27, and added a point to the 10-6 loss that they were never really close to overcoming.
Melts down the competition
July 23, 2017
Apathy crushes with a 73/57 KD in a win over Epsilon eSports on Day 2 of Group Green.
While SlasheR often took the show, Apathy was the superior slaying force for Team EnVyUs. Apathy sat comfortably on an assault rifle for most of the game. In Round 1 Hardpoint on Throwback, this allowed him to beam from afar such as in the first Bike Path hill. However, he made some smart plays, such as in the second Bike Path when Apathy went for a rear flank while SlasheR engaged. The coordination was even clearer in Round 3 Uplink. Both Apathy and John melted through Epsilon eSports' defenses with crispy shots. In the second half, Apathy and John coordinated their slaying so that while one was streaking the other was scoring point. Apathy closed Round 3 Uplink with a 31/22 KD.
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