Jevon Gooljar-Lim 
Lightning Pandaz
Good showing in win
January 13, 2018
Goonjar was good as Lightning Pandaz surprisingly swept FaZe Clan on Day 2 of CWL New Orleans.
Goonjar was a key member of the upset win over FaZe Clan, for Lightning Pandaz. He was a part of a three-headed slaying beast with Royalty and Xotic, while Proto lapped up the abundance of Hardpoint time. They looked like they would blow out FaZe Clan, but it ended up being a very tight game. Goonjar had a key moment in swinging the round in their direction -- he got a triple kill with the Fighter Pilot, helping ensure big Hardpoint time for his teammate. He was clutch in Round 2 Search & Destroy, netting the final kill in Games 2, 4, and 5 en route to an easy 6-2 win. Round 3 Capture the Flag would prove much harder, as Lightning Pandaz had to earn their win in overtime. Goonjar was consistent throughout, providing solid-if-unspectacular play in both halves. He had a huge play in overtime, using his Fighter Pilot yet again to get two kills and tag up the other two FaZe members -- the Fighter Pilot was key for springing Xotic to get a pull.
Free Agent
Misses a few beats
December 17, 2017
Goonjar couldn't fully gel with Echo Fox's strategies in a 2-3 loss against Team EnVyUs on Day 1 of the Northern Showdown.
Coming in to replace Saints as a last-minute substituent, Goonjar did surprisingly well, but he couldn't fully integrate into the team. Goonjar fit best in Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 4 Hardpoint thanks to his solid slaying. However, unable to match Team EnVyUs in a gunfight, Echo Fox decided to fight scrappy. This involved Goonjar rushing the point to make Team EnVyUs fight over every single point. This worked exceedingly well in Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 4 Hardpoint, but Goonjar's lack of practice and coordination showed in Round 2 Search and Destroy and Round 5 Search & Destroy with Goonjar always getting quickly cut down.
Free Agent
Temporarily teaming with Echo Fox
December 14, 2017
Goonjar will be teaming with Echo Fox this weekend at the Northern Arena Showdown, the organization announced on Wednesday.
It appears as if Saints' visa issues have set the stage for Canadian native Goonjar to join Echo Fox on a temporary basis. The veteran slayer was linked with Royalty, Xotic, and Proto earlier this year, but with his current team failing to receive an invite to the NA Showdown, it seems as if the abbreviated partnership could be mutually beneficial for both parties, given 15,000 Pro Points will be on the line at the event.
Free Agent
Joining Royalty's team
October 26, 2017
Goonjar will be teaming with Royalty, Xotic and Proto for the new competitive season.
Royalty, Xotic and Proto were announced as a trio in early October, with Goonjar completing the unit after his release from Team Kaliber. With the introduction of the CWL National Circuit, which highlights eight different regional competitions for teams unable to qualify for Stage 1 and 2 of the CWL Pro League. Goonjar's new unit should be able to wipe away the Canadian competition, meaning at the very least, if this roster stays together they should have close to enough Pro Points to qualify for the 2018 Call of Duty World Championships if they play to their potential.
Free Agent
Released from Team Kaliber
October 25, 2017
Goonjar was released by Team Kaliber on Tuesday.
Goonjar will join Happy as the second Team Kaliber player to be released in recent weeks, with the team signing on Chino and KuavoKenny to complete the roster. Given TK's lack of success in recent years, it's not a guarantee that Goonjar will find his way to a well-known roster to begin Call of Duty: World War II, but given his talent level, it would be a surprise to see him left off a roster entirely for the new year.
Gives nothing in loss
August 10, 2017
Goonjar barely managed a 67/81 KD in Team Kaliber's loss to Ghost Gaming that eliminated them from playoff contention on Day 2 of Call of Duty Champs 2017.
Goonjar never managed to really give his team much of a push in this series on Thursday. Not one time did he end a round with a positive KD during this series, which left his team essentially down a man. In addition, he didn't exactly make up for it with his objective skills. He had low amounts of time in both Hardpoint rounds, ending up as Kaliber's Achilles heel. Sure, he had three plants in a Round 2 Search & Destroy win and two points in Round 3 Uplink, but only one of those resulted in a win. As such, they are now eliminated from playoff contention.
Melts through the Hardpoints
August 9, 2017
Goonjar swept Hardpoints in a loss to Splyce on Day 1 of the CWL Championships.
Goonjar seemed to be on top of his game in the Hardpoint rounds as he was easily able to sweep Splycce off their feet. However, when it came to tighter gunfights, such as in Round 3 Uplink and Search & Destroy, Goonjar couldn't land his shots. In Round 4 Hardpoint on Breakout, Goonjar was especially strong. Goonjar was able to drop a six-killstreak on the second Graveyard hill, stopping Splyce from gaining map control. Only slightly later would Goonjar clutch another fight, this time scoring a triple kill on the second Commissary, giving his team the vital seconds they needed to come back off of spawns. However, despite this clutch fights, Goonjar couldn't bring the same level of play in Search & Destroy, a game mode that thrives on tight gunfights.
Lone bright spot in loss
March 18, 2017
Goonjar was great, but far from great enough, as Team Kaliber were swept by Cloud9 at CWL Dallas on Friday.
Goonjar was the lone bright spot for Team Kaliber in the loss. His best showing was Round 2 Search & Destroy. He had the final kill in Game 1, in Game 5, and in Game 6 -- he kept his team in the round, and in essence the entire match, basically by himself. While Cloud9 pulled away in the round, he fought them tooth and nail every step of the way. He slowed down a bit in Round 3 Uplink, going 25/24, but by that point it was too late to do much of anything.
Ends strong in reverse sweep of Cloud9
December 16, 2016
Goonjar posted an impressive 95/80 KD in the win over Cloud9.
Goonjar had a relatively slow start to Team Kaliber's first match of MLG Las Vegas, but came on strong late. While he did contribute in the first two rounds, namely with a strong hold of the hill in Round 1 Hardpoint that gave his team a fighting chance, and a bomb defusal to win Game 8 of Round 2 Search & Destroy, he really turned it on in the three round wins Team Kaliber rattled off to reverse sweep Cloud9. In Round 3 Uplink, he had a lobby-high 34 kills, helped ice the round with a late dunk, and was a defensive leader throughout the round, keeping the Cloud9 offense incredibly quiet. He had 34 kills again in Round 4 Hardpoint, with four of those kills opening up the lead to 40 points at one point. His Round 5 Search & Destroy performance saw him outlast a 4-vs-2 Cloud9 player advantage in Game 3, helping give Team Kaliber a win at MLG Las Vegas.
Unable to grab kills
September 3, 2016
Goonjar struggled against Splyce with a 57/67 KD on Day 3 of Call of Duty XP.
Goonjar needed to step up this series. Throughout the match, Goonjar was sloppy with shots and couldn't clutch up when Team Kaliber needed him to. For example, in Round 1 Hardpoint Goonjar was able to get a solid four-killstreak by using his Tempest, but Goonjar would get into the Hardpoints far too late. Splyce would get the majority of the time, while Team Kaliver got only scraps. Another shaky play from Goonjar occurred in Game 7 of Round 2 Search & Destroy when Goonjar couldn't land a kill from behind cover while Splyce pushed to plant. Goonjar ended with a 3/8 KD in Round 2 Search & Destroy.
Aggressive in win over compLexity
September 3, 2016
Goonjar comes second on his team in kills, ends with a 73/21 KD in the win over compLexity.
Goonjar was aggressive throughout the victory over compLexity that kept Team Kaliber's Call of Duty XP hopes alive. He pushed the envelope early and often in Round 1 Hardpoint, using his assault rifle to disrupt compLexity's plans. He was the first man on the hill constantly, which caused him to lead the lobby in deaths; he opened up plenty of holes in the defense with his aggressive, self-sacrificing play. Goonjar took advantage of a bad decision by compLexity, when they did not plant the bomb, and instead fell into Goonjar's sights easily in game four. Goonjar continued is support based play in Round 3 Uplink, laying cover fire constantly. He capped off the win in Round 4 Capture the Flag, getting a late kill that made a round five all but confirmed. Team Kaliber had an incredible Round 5 Search & Destroy, never losing a single game. Goonjar was an pillar of support throughout the match that eliminated compLexity Gaming.
Consistent as Team Kaliber sees 2-0 disappear in loss to eLevate
September 3, 2016
Goonjar ends with an even 90/90 KD in crushing loss to eLevate.
Goonjar was a consistent contributor for Team Kaliber, despite losing a 2-0 lead over eLevate. Goonjar started off Round 1 Hardpoint with a nice performance, ending with 29 kills. His big contribution was how locked in he was on the hill; he spent 1:45 there, second most on the team. He was key to the close round victory. He was quietly good in Round 2 Search & Destroy, only notching the final kill in game two. However, he came in second on the team with seven kills; he won plenty of firefights, and was a driving force in the dominant 6-1 win. He was second on his team in kills yet again in Round 3 Uplink, and he contributed a throw-in as well. There just was not much anyone on Team Kaliber can do to stop eLevate's strong team play in the round. Goonjar showed the power of his Tempest in Round 4 Capture the Flag, hitting an opponent from the hip with Camo on. He also had a clutch stop of a flag carrier, as well, to keep the game tied. When faced with blowing a 2-0 lead in Round 5 Search & Destroy, Goonjar struggled to keep up with eLevate's inspired play, and saw a 2-0 lead disappear and turn into a reverse sweep.
Clutches win against Team Infused in 3-2 game.
September 2, 2016
Goonjar had a slow-burning build to greatness with a 93/86 KD at Day 1 of Call of Duty XP against Team Infused.
Goonjar was initially outshone by Happy despite some solid clutches, but stole the spotlight in the latter half of the match. His first big successful play came in Round 4 Capture the Flag, where Goonjar was able to score a six-killstreak that allowed him to score a flag capture. Between the streak and the capture, Goonjar was able to get fully streaked out and had access to his Tempest. Though his Lightning Strike and Hellstorm were whiffed at the end of the first half of the round, Goonjar made a massive game-changing play with his Tempest. Goonjar was able to chain two kills with his Tempest and stop a massive push from Team Infused, allowing Happy to rush for flag capture with his Scythe out. He closed the series with a 9/4 KD in Round 5 Search & Destroy.
Joins Team Kaliber
August 1, 2016
Goonjar will rejoin Team Kaliber after a stint with compLexity Gaming during Stage 2. The team is expected to compete at MLG Orlando.
Goonjar, a former Team Kaliber member as recently as Stage 1 of the CWL, struggled during his time with compLexity Gaming, posting just an average 0.95 KD during Stage 2. However, a reunion with Team Kaliber may be just what the doctor ordered, as Goonjar was considered one of the up-and-coming players in the CWL during his time with the black and blue. Along with Goonjar, the team also brought in former Team SoloMid member, ColeChan, as well as former Cloud9 member, Happy, to bolster their roster --- a move that could at least allow them to advance through the open bracket portion of MLG Orlando.
Controller problems lead to poor match against EnVyUs
July 7, 2016
Goonjar performed poorly with 57/78 KD in Tuesday's match against Team EnVyUs.
Citing controller problems on his Twitter during the match, Goonjar just couldn't perform for his team. It was evident from the start of Round 1 Hardpoint that Goonjar would have a difficult time this series, since he opened by dropping off the map and killing his teammate, MiRx. Goonjar couldn't secure the kills his teammates needed, nor hold a point, nor use Scorestreaks effectively. He ended Round 1 Hardpoint with a 25/41 KD. Though he performed slightly better in the other rounds, such as in Round 3 Uplink where he scored a dunk, he still ended every round with a negative KD.
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