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Free Agent
Free Agent
No longer playing for eRa
November 15, 2017
Fears will no longer play for eRa, and instead will be joining Killa on his new organization, Underworld Esports.
It didn't take long for eRa to make a move to their competitive roster, releasing Fears following a disappointing top-32 finish in the first North American 2K of the new season. The move to acquire Fears means that Mochila will become a free agent, with eRa also looking for an additional player to fill out their roster.
Comples eRa Eternity roster
October 7, 2017
Fears is expected to join eRa, the organization announced earlier in the week.
It's another interesting roster choice for an organization, that until recently, had yet to strike gold in terms of acquiring amateur talent. However, with a core of Dedo, Havok, and Rallied in the fold, this is a team blessed with both young and experienced talent. Squint hard enough and you can see enough upside with this roster to warrant some skeptical optimism, so long as the team is willing to work for its success. While it's not a name-brand roster currently, there's a chance this version of eRa could end up making similar waves to Enigma6 during Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.
Free Agent
Returning after one-year hiatus
August 28, 2017
Fears is returning to competitive Call of Duty after a one year hiatus, the player alluded to in a tweet on Monday.
Fears is yet another former veteran of competitive Call of Duty returning to the scene with boots on the ground now back in the fold, but this one feels a bit different. While Fears stepped away from Infinite Warfare, he did qualify for the Stage 2 playoffs during the Black Ops III season, teaming with H2K Gaming so it's not as if he's terribly rusty compared to his returning peers. While his tweet Monday suggests he's yet to lock down a legitimate team, with all the quality players floating around in free agency it wouldn't be a surprise to see Fears return to the fray with a roster brimming with talent. More information should be available prior to the start of the new season but don't be surprised to see this veteran in position to make a legitimate run in the pro scene.
Quiet in loss
July 15, 2016
Fears was unimpressive in H2K's elimination from the Stage 2 playoffs on Thursday.
Fears was disappointing, both objectively and in regards to KD, for H2K in their elimination from the Stage Two Playoffs. In Round 1 Hardpoint. Fears struggled to amass much of anything against Team EnVyUs. He ended the round with a 15/27 KD and an abysmal 12 seconds of Hardpoint time; he was rarely, if ever, involved in the action. His poor performance continued into Round 2 Uplink, where his 15 slays were the lowest amongst all players. He also had none of his team's Uplink points; he simply was uninvolved again. He improved a little in Round 3 Search & Destroy, despite his poor 4/10 KD. Fears had a strong Game 3 of the round, connecting with a double slay, and an extremely clutch game winning slay in Game 10 to force a Game 11, which H2K would go on to lose. Fears best round was his last of the playoffs, Round 4 Capture the Flag, where he had an important defense on Jkap, and his only positive KD of the four rounds. However, H2K would go on to lose this round as well.
H2K battered by Team EnVyUs in a 1-3 loss
July 11, 2016
Fears tried to bring in the kills with 67/75 KD on Thursday, but couldn't outperform EnVyUs.
It was a bumpy match for all of H2K, starting out a massive shut-out on Round 1 Hardpoint where Fears could get kills, but not the Hardpoints. The same trend continued for Fears throughout the match, where he could get some kills, but not the kills his team needed to take the win. This is was perhaps best demonstrated in Round 4 Capture the Flag, where both teams would force each other into stalemates by stealing each other's flags at the same time. Though neither team could score, this was fine for EnVyUs since they were already ahead in points. Fears and Phizzurp needed to find their flag, but were never able to, as they couldn't secure the kills onto Apathy or John. However, it was Fears and Phizzurp who scored the win for H2K in Round 2 Search & Destroy with clever flanks onto EnVyUs. Fears closed Round 4 Capture the Flag with a 13/20 KD as his team was taken down by EnVyUs.
Excellent use of specialist secures series win
June 30, 2016
Fears bulldozed Dream Team to the tune of a 76/71 KD in Tuesday's series win.
Fears had a very rough start on Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 2 Search & Destroy, only to turn his luck around in Round 4 Capture the Flag. Fears was on defense and support most of the series, leading to some embarrassing moments where he was overwhelmed by Cloud 9. But, by the second half of Round 3 Uplink, Fears suddenly found his groove. Using his Annihilator, Fears shockingly held off a Dream Team push that could have ended the series, allowing his team to instead use kills to score some points. The second half of Round 4 Capture the Flag had Fears use a Cerberus that harassed Dream Team for close to two minutes. This allowed Fears to save for a Lightning Strike towards the end of the match that clutched a flag capture for H2K. Fears ended Round 5 Search & Destroy with a 9/8 KD.
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