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Teaming with Mosh and company
October 11, 2017
Happy will be teaming with Diabolic, Mosh and Remy, his new teammate announced on Wednesday.
Happy didn't wait long to find a new home after getting dropped from Team Kaliber, slotting in alongside Mosh, Diabolic and Remy. It'll be interesting to see whether this team can make enough noise to qualify for the Call of Duty Global Pro League, as the team has enough mix of talent to surprise some people who may overlook them.
Released from Team Kaliber
October 5, 2017
Happy has been released from Team Kaliber, the player announced on Wednesday.
Given Team Kaliber's lack of success at the 2017 Call of Duty World Championships, in which the team failed to make it out of pool play, a roster move wasn't exactly unexpected. With a handful of quality free agents still available, both Happy and Team Kaliber should have a plethora of options when it comes to finding a new team/teammates.
Sad performance in loss
August 10, 2017
Happyfinished up with a 71/78 KD when Team Kaliber were eliminated from playoff contention on Day 2 of the 2017 Call of Duty World Championship with a 3-1 loss to Ghost Gaming.
Happy is surely anything but after being the best player on his team in this loss. While he didn't manage to get the most kills in the series, he had the second best plus-minus ratio as he was efficient with his lives. If his teammates had shown a similar ability, maybe things would have been a bit different. He was essentially the only one who was even remotely able to control the pace of the game. Without anyone to put his weight on, however, he often fell right back down to orbit after making sky-high plays. With Ghost playing with such cohesion, there was simply nothing that Kaliber could do to prevent their demise.
Fades into the background
August 9, 2017
Happy faded into the background in a loss to Splyce on Day 1 of the CWL Championships.
Happy was relegated to support and objectives in a tough series against Splyce. While supports rarely make flashy plays, Happy struggled to make much impact on the game largely because he couldn't match Splyce's shots. In respawn modes he did decently in controlling objectives by always attempting to challenge Splyce on points and spawns. This worked in Round 3 Uplink where he was able to get Team Kailber's sole point by bullying Splyce out. However, his defense crumbled in Search & Destroy where Splyce was quick to capitalize on his more timid positioning.
Not much of anything in loss
March 18, 2017
Theory was quiet as Team Kaliber were swept by Cloud9 on Saturday at CWL Dallas.
Happy will want to rebound from this one -- as will the rest of Team Kaliber. From the get go they looked rather outmatched by Cloud9, who were desperate to prove themselves after a disappointing season thus far and took it out on Team Kaliber. He did not do much at all in Round 1 Hardpoint or Round 2 Search & Destroy, outside of a very nice Game 6 showing where he notched two big kills and made finishing the game simple. He was brutal in Round 3 Uplink, however, going 17/28 and being generally outmatched by Cloud9.
Integral to comeback win over Cloud9
December 16, 2016
Happy played better than his 75/77 KD showed in reverse sweep of Cloud9.
Happy had a rather pedestrian start to Round 1 Hardpoint, which was mostly due to Cloud9's impressive performance in the round. He was one of the better members of Team Kaliber in Round 2 Search & Destroy, raking up 10 kills. He nearly won a 1-vs-4 encounter in Game 7, and had a nice double kill to cut the Cloud9 lead to 5-4, although Team Kaliber would go on to lose the round. Happy was key in the pivotal Round 3 Uplink win, hitting a throw-in to push the lead to 3-0, a dunk to push it to 5-0, and countless defensive stands to make sure the lead stood. In Round 5 Hardpoint, he was a key member of leading the comeback against Cloud9, who got off to an early lead in the round. He spent nearly two minutes on the hill in the round victory. Happy had one of the key firefight wins in Round 5 Search & Destroy, winning a gunfight that allowed ColeChan to get the final kill of Game 6, helping ensure the comeback.
Big kills find little result
September 3, 2016
Happy couldn't carry with a 76/58 KD against Splyce on Day 3 of Call of Duty XP.
Happy was able to come out hard for his team, but still couldn't clutch the win. Happy got an early Scorestreak in Round 1 Hardpoint that scored him a Lightning Strike. Although the Lightning Strike would catch two kills, Happy couldn't get a solid break into the Hardpoints. This failure was because Splyce was manipulating Team Kaliber's spawns the entire round. So even though Happy was getting kills, Splyce's spawns allowed them to constantly flood Happy until he was overwhelmed. Happy gets a good shot in Game 5 with good communication by watching from house. Happy closed Round 1 Hardpoint a great 40/29 KD and a 1:11 objective time.
Was a key cog in big win over compLexity Gaming
September 3, 2016
Happy ended with a 70/72 KD in the win over compLexity on Saturday.
Happy was a key piece of the puzzle in the victory over compLexity Gaming that kept Team Kaliber in Call of Duty XP. Happy lived in the Hardpoint in Round 1, ending with an unbelievable 2:33 of Hardpoint time. He was a driving force in why Team Kaliber made a comeback in the round to take it from under compLexity's noses. Happy was key early in Round 2 Search & Destroy, winning games one and two for his team (including a beautiful double kill to win game two). He also swung the momentum back in Kaliber's favor in game four, despite the round loss. Happy had one of his team's three dunks in Round 3 Uplink, which went a long way to secure the one point victory. Happy had a rather down performance in Round 4 Capture the Flag; he ended with a lobby-low 13 kills, and was a mostly non-factor in the defensive battle. However, he turned it around in Round 5 Search & Destroy to send his team into the next round. He ended with seven kills, and won games four and five, all but sealing the deal in a wonderful 6-0 dismantling of compLexity Gaming.
Starts strong, loses steam, as Team Kaliber loses 2-0 lead to eLevate
September 3, 2016
Happy ends the match with a nice 94/83 KD in a loss to eLevate.
Happy had an excellent first two rounds against eLevate in Team Kaliber's first bracket match. He came second to main slayer ColeChan with 38 kills, and played a great brand of aggressive defense of the Hardpoint. He and Theory played a beautiful combination defense, where Theory held back, and Happy pushed forward. Happy led the charge to get his team back into it, after eLevate took a lead; Happy was integral to the opening round win. Happy's Round 2 Search & Destroy performance was one for the ages. He went 10/1 in the round, which is unbelievable, to say the least. His only death came when he used the Dart. With that Dart he got a triple kill, and even used the Dart to secure the last kill after he was killed. It was a memorable display, and one that led his team to a dominant 6-1 round win. Happy faltered a bit in the last three rounds, but he used his smart tactical play to help control the map in Round 3 Uplink; he went deep into eLevate's base, forcing eLevate to split their attention. He actually had a negative KD (17/20) in Round 4 Capture the Flag, but had a key flag return after picking up Goonjar's kill. Happy had a nice double kill to win game five, going prone to get one, and then popping Camo to het the other. It gave Team Kaliber a lifeline, although it would not last for long, as eLevate completed the reverse sweep. Happy will look to find the form of the first two rounds; the team was a lot stronger when he was on his game.
Starts strong at Call of Duty XP
September 2, 2016
Happy was a juggernaut against Team Infused with a 95/66 KD on Day 1 of Call of Duty XP.
Happy began the game with an amazing 38/22 KD in Round 1 Hardpoint that blew the round, and series, wide open for Team Kaliber. Though none of Happy's Scorestreaks saw any amazing use, he was still able to get the critical kills that clutched up rounds, such as in the second rotation of bunker, where Happy was able to hold the point long enough for his team to come in and counter Team Infused's push. But Happy didn't stop at Round 1 Hardpoint; in game 11 of Round 2 Search & Destroy, Happy was able to get critical kills on Team Infused, turning the game into a 2-vs-3, only for the rest of his team to choke on the round win. Thankfully, by Round 4 Capture the Flag, Goonjar roared awake and paved the way for Happy to score two huge flag captures, one early the second half and the other one in the final seconds of the round thanks to Goonjar opening up the lanes for Happy. Happy ended Round 4 Capture the Flag with two flag captures and a 16/13 KD.
Newest member of Team Kaliber
August 1, 2016
Happy has been let go by Cloud9 and will compete with Team Kaliber at the upcoming tournament, MLG Orlando.
Happy was one of two players from Cloud9's Stage 2 playoff roster that failed to post a positive KD (0.96), so it makes sense that the team opted to move in another direction. One man's trash is another man's gold, however, as Team Kaliber seems to be the prime beneficiary of the roster move. Happy easily has some of the best movement in this iteration of the game and comes with hardly any baggage, in terms of team chemistry. While he'll likely never be a terrific slaying option, he can certainly make the necessary kills when it counts, and is a valuable asset for movement based games such as Capture the Flag and Uplink.
Lacks clutch plays to help Cloud9 take the win
July 17, 2016
Happy had a mixed bag of a series in Friday's playoff loss to Rise Nation.
Happy had some of the best plays and some of the worst plays of his team. Starting with the bad, Happy had a miserable Round 2 Uplink where he scored a 4/11 KD by the end of the first half, while in the second half Happy couldn't clutch certain dunks. The latter happened when Happy used his Heat Wave on Classic while going for a toss, but Classic intercepted it and smashed Happy with the ball. He couldn't find any momentum in that Round due to Rise Nation's excellent defense, only able to score the odd throw throughout the match. Then, in Round 3 Search & Destroy, Happy was exceptionally weak in the round, often finding himself picked off before the gunfights broke out. However, Happy nearly won Cloud9 the Round 1 Hardpoint on Breach with some clutch plays. Happy avoided a sweeping Hellstrom from Classic while sitting in the glass room, and later fought off Rise Nation's team push with three clutch kills. While rotating to the last Hardpoint, Happy was nearly able to fight off another Rise Nation push, but couldn't clutch those final kills again.
Impressive scouting enabled team in win
July 3, 2016
Happy was a rock solid support for Cloud9, posting a 79/69 KD in Wednesday's sweep over compLexity.
Though nowhere near as flashy as his teammates were, Happy was able to cover his rampaging teammates the entire series. It was well-played defensive moves that gave Happy's teammates Llama and Assault the ability to overextend into compLexity's side of the map, such as when Happy was able to scout out compLexity's positions at their goal with a HC-XD. Most of the game Happy was able to hang back while Llama and Havok ran up massive amounts of kills, Happy only engaging when he absolutely had to while either pushing with the team or securing tagged kills. This can be seen by how Happy scored a 1:37 of time in Round 1 Hardpoint, while the next highest score on his team was Havok's 1:17, despite Happy scoring a negative KD of 17/23 KD.
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