Joseph Pinnington 
United Kingdom
Red Reserve
Late scorestreak locks down win
January 14, 2018
Joee used his streaks with precision to lock up this big sweep over eUnited on Sunday at CWL New Orleans.
While Joee may have been merely average to start out this series, he ended up making perhaps the most pivotal play of the entire series during Capture the Flag. With Red Reserve desperately searching for a flag cap to win the game, Joee activated his streak at the perfect moment to get key information on the whereabouts of his opponents. With that knowledge in hand, Red Reserve easily tore through eUnited to secure the final capture that locked up the 3-0 sweep.
Strong start in loss
December 10, 2017
Joee got off to a flying start, but that went away as Red Reserve lost 3-1 to OpTic Gaming on Day 3 of CWL Dallas. The loss dropped Red Reserve down to the losers' bracket.
Joee was excellent in Round 1 Hardpoint. OpTic had no answer for him throughout the round, and he paced Red Reserve to the surprising round win. He pushed forward consistently, and OpTic Gaming could not cope with it. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw OpTic Gaming wake up, and Red Reserve got dominated.They lost the first four games and ended up losing rather easily. Joee struggled to run with OpTic Gaming in the round. Round 3 Capture the Flag was a similar story to the second round, where OpTic Gaming took a quick lead and never relinquished it. Joee struggled to get anything together in this round just the same. Round 4 Hardpoint saw Red Reserve get crushed, losing 250-113. Joee was particularly bad in this round, struggling to the end of a match that looked so good to start.
Plays a surgical series
December 9, 2017
Joee played a surgically coordinated game in a 3-0 sweep against Rise Nation on Day 2 of CWL Dallas.
Red Reserve's greatest strength wasn't Rated's Zer0's slaying, it was Joee's and Joshh's careful patience. Joee, in particular, coordinated with Joshh to make some key plays in some tight moments. For example, in the second half of Round 3 Capture the Flag on Flak Tower, Joee was able to coordinate a series winning flag capture with Joshh. Joee was particularly meticulous in poking holes in Rise Nation's defense. While his team was engaged in a fight mid-map, Joee stole Rise Nation's flag which forced Rise Nation to turn around and lose the fight to Red Reserve.
Re-signing with Red Reserve
September 18, 2017
Joee will rejoin Red Reserve alongside his new roster, the organization announced on Saturday.
It's a bit surprising to see Joee rejoin Red Reserve, having announced his free agency in late August, but as it stands this is easily one of the best rosters in Europe and could even be one of the best in the world, depending on how the team gels together. How Joee works alongside Joshh, his former Splyce teammate, will be one of the key areas to watch on Red Reserve.
Free Agent
Joining a new lineup
September 11, 2017
Joee will be teaming with Rated, Joshh and Zer0 to start the new competitive season.
It would seem as if Joee has officially left the Red Reserve roster, with a handful of his teammates also announcing their free agency earlier in the offseason. But given that this new lineup could very well be the best one in Europe to begin the new year, there's a chance the whole roster could return to Red Reserve should the organization opt to pony up the cash. While Joee has a known history of clashing with Joshh, there's no denying this team's talent. Should they all be able to get along, it wouldn't be a surprise to see this team finish highly in worldwide events, much less regional ones.
Middling in loss
July 16, 2017
Joee was rather average in the sweep defeat to eUnited on Day 3 of Group Yellow.
Joee did not wow anyone, but he was hardly terrible. Round 1 Hardpoint was easy for eUnited, and Red Reserve were never really in it and lost 250-143. Joee went 20/22, with 1:02 on the objective in the tough round. Urban was all of Red Reserve's offense in Round 2 Search & Destroy, and Joee could not do much of anything. Round 3 Uplink saw Joee go 20/27 with three points in the round. It looked as though Red Reserve had it in the bag, but they blew a 6-3 lead with less than a minute remaining to lose both the round and the match.
Played well despite loss
July 16, 2017
Joee had a good individual game, but Red Reserve fell short, 3-1, to Splyce on Day 2 of Group Yellow.
Joee was tough for Splyce to handle in this one -- although Red Reserve did not win the match. Round 1 Hardpoint saw Red Reserve have an early lead, and fight hard to hold onto it -- they did not, and lost the round 250-211. Joee went 33-29, with 42 seconds on the objective. Joee came up big in Round 2 Search & Destroy, and was a key part in why they won the round. He had the final kill in Game 1, barely getting to Bance before he could defuse the bomb. He also had a defuse to win Game 6, and the final kill to win Games 9, and 10 -- the last two gave them the win. Round 3 Uplink saw Joee put in his worst round -- he went 21/25, and contributed two of his team's six points. They staged a solid comeback, as they were down 6-2 early. But a late dunk saw them lost 8-6. Joee had a great Round 4 Hardpoint, but it was not enough to overcome Splyce. Red Reserve just barely missed out on this, losing 250-224 -- Splyce was just a step ahead the entire round. Joee did all he could to force a Round 5, going 33/24, with 1:08 on the objective in the round.
Good things in tight loss
July 15, 2017
Joee has some positive in the tight 3-2 loss to Splyce on Day 1 of Group Yellow.
Joee had a slow start to the match, with a poor Round 1 Hardpoint. He went 18/24 with 24 seconds on the objective -- both his kills and objective time were team-lows in the round. As a whole, Red Reserve were never able to overcome Splyce in the round loss. They turned it around in Round 2 Search & Destroy, winning the round rather easily. Joee had the final kill in Games 5 and 7 in the round. Round 3 Uplink was poor for Red Reserve, as they lost 12-2 and never really had any sort of chance to win. Joee went 21/26, not scoring any points in the round. Round 4 Hardpoint was a dominating Red Reserve performance. They topped Splyce 250-99 in the round, crushing them in every way. He went 24/16, with an incredible 1:55 on the objective. Round 5 Search & Destroy saw Red Reserve come up short in the nine-game round. Joee won Game 5 by staying alive, and forcing time to run out. It just was not enough to overcome Splyce.
Uninspiring effort in victory over Rise Nation
July 15, 2017
Joee posted just a 61/80 KD in Friday's 3-2 Group Yellow series victory over Rise Nation.
Joee really struggled to get things going during the match, starting off with a 17/20 KD and 50 seconds of hill time on Round 1 Hardpoint and a 5/5 KD in Round 2 Search & Destroy. Despite his performance, Red Reserve managed to secure a 2-0 series lead thanks to the play of some of his teammates. Joee's 22/25 KD on Round 3 Uplink wasn't enough, however, as the team fell 10-5 and the series began moving in Rise Nation's favor. A tough to stomach 1/11 start to Round 4 Hardpoint made it too large of a hole for Red Reserve to climb out of. Joee notched a big double kill in the second rotation to Drill and a massive triple kill and four killstreak to hold down Turbine, but it wasn't enough to keep the series from being evened at two rounds a piece. Joee didn't do a ton in Round 5 Search & Destroy, but his 3/3 effort was enough to assist the team to a 3-2 series victory.
Can't fix flaws in time
June 25, 2017
Joee came up short in a 0-3 loss to Epsilon eSports at the CWL Sheffield Championships.
Joee can't beat his ex-Splyce teammate Joshh in what became a breezy series for Epsilon eSports. But for Red Reserve, the game was tense and riddled with small mistakes. Joee, importantly, couldn't fix these mistakes and wound up looking slightly out-classed by Epsilon eSports. A lot of these problems seem to come form a lack of coordination or some level of miscommunication. Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 2 Search & Destroy were lost due Epsilon eSports pinching Red Reserve multiple times. Meaning Joee and Red Reserve weren't covering their flanks. Joee and his teammates did a solid job of keeping up with Epsilon eSports in terms of KD, but Joee just lacked the map control. This is seen in Round 3 Uplink when Joee was able to defend his goal from Epsilon eSports, but struggled to even get near his opponents' goal.
Burns Fnatic while leading
June 25, 2017
Joee slays with Rated in a 3-1 win over Fnatic at the CWL Sheffield loser's finals.
Despite leading his team, Joee was at the forefront of the win over Fnatic. Joee slayed with impunity alongside Rated and Urban in Round 1 Hardpoint on Throwback, a game mode and map that are both a favorite of Red Reserve. The team easily handled the map's rotations by out-slaying Fnatic. Round 3 Uplink on Frost was an interesting reversal where Joee struggled to find kills. Fnatic played lighting-fast where Joee couldn't keep up with how tight the map is. Round 4 Hardpoint on Retaliation would again see Red Reserve return to form by once again controlling the map. Joee clutched out the round with a seven killstreak that scored him a Bombardment while on second Cathedral. Joee quickly used his Bombardment to stall out Fnatic on the bridge.
Nice game in win
June 25, 2017
Joee had a solid game as Red Reserve swept Millenium out of CWL Sheffield, and advanced in the loser's bracket on Championship Sunday.
Joee was on from the beginning of Round 1 Hardpoint. He was a leader early on in the round, and helped stake them to a 100-39 lead. He, alongside Urban, were the two key cogs in the round -- the other two members were middling for most of it, and let Urban and Joee carry them. Millenium began a mini-comeback, but Red Reserve put that to bed and won 250-143. He started Round 2 Search & Destroy with an ace in game one, and the final kill in game four, in a round that saw huge swings. First, it looked like an easy Red Reserve win. Then, Millenium looked like they were going to take the win. Then Red Reserved forced a Game 11, and took the round. Round 3 Uplink was in the bag early for Red Reserve. They scored eight points, and just sat on the lead for the rest of it. Joee was fine, going 25/26, but really relaxed in what was a simple round and match win.
Wins game with snappy shots
June 24, 2017
Joee slays through his opponents in a victory over Supremacy on Day 1 of CWL Sheffield.
Joee finds his stride by delivering a definitive game that echoed his days in Splyce. Round 1 Hardpoint on Throwback favored Joee's style of play and he was able to quickly take advantage of it. He clutched out the second Baseball Hardpoint with a great quad kill that stopped Supremacy from making a comeback. In Round 3 Uplink on Frost, Joee executed a flashy counter-dunk by popping his Overdrive form drone spawn and rushing Supremacy's goal for a two-point play. Finally, Round 4 Hardpoint on Retaliation saw Joee easily win the game early on with a 10 killstreak by the first Cathedral point and scoring a 10/0 KD. This secured two full Hardpoints for Red Reserve and gave Red Reserve a suite of Scorestreaks to clutch the late game.
Awkwardly leads his team
June 24, 2017
Joee plays a lackluster game in a loss to eRa Eternity on Day 1 of CWL Sheffield.
Joee had a poor performance and made some questionable calls in match that seemed to favor Red Reserve. Round 2 Search & Destroy best showed Joee's poor calls. Joee just couldn't dismantle eRa's four-stack strategy, with Joee either watching his team get picked apart or engaging eRa on poor terms. Then, in Round 3 Uplink on Frost, Joee was unable to slay on the same level as everyone else in the lobby, often dipping into the double negatives and ending with a 21/29 KD.
Starts out strong but ultimately fizzles against eLevate
May 17, 2017
Joee needs to work on his longevity if his overall KD of 68/74 is any indication, as he started out with a bang but ultimately whimpered against eLevate on Day 3 of Group Green of the CWL Global Pro League.
The strong start for Joee would come from Round 1 Hardpoint, where he'd notch a cool KD of 23/16 in combination with a respectable 1:17 of objective control time. Unfortunately for Joee, it would all be downhill from there, as Round 2 Search & Destroy would see Joee notch a mere 5/7 KD. Joee's slump would continue into Round 3 Uplink, where he'd fail to score any points for Red Reserve and only get a KD of 16/24. Round 4 Hardpoint would see Joee's negative streak continue, as he'd only get a 13/19 KD for that round. Round 5 would finally see Joee put out of his misery, as Red Reserve was ultimately defeated that round in a heartbreaking display, with Joee only getting a KD of 6/7.
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