Justin Fargo-Palmer 
United States
Slays better than Clayster
July 17, 2017
SiLLy beams with a strong 70/55 KD in a 3-0 sweep over Splyce on Day 3 of Group Yellow.
SiLLy was absolutely overshadowed by a screaming Clayster this series. Both Prestinni and SiLLy have been battling over supporting Clayster this weekend, but it seems like SiLLy has won that battle. He was aggressive as ever and was beaming with his SMG all series. Round 1 Hardpoint saw SiLLy cutting spawns as Clayster pressured flanks. Round 2 Search & Destroy on Retaliation saw SiLLy playing his SMG like an assault rifle, hitting players from across the map without fear. SiLLy closed Round 3 Uplink with a 27/13 KD.
Steady hand in win
July 16, 2017
SiLLy was a steady contributor in the sweep victory over Red Reserve on Day 3 of Group Yellow.
SiLLy was very consistent in this win, and was a big reason why it happened. Round 1 Hardpoint saw eUnited sit above Red Reserve rather comfortably for the majority of the 250-143 win. SiLLy was not the star of the show, but he played well -- posting an 18/16 KD, and 1:21 on the objective. He also did his thing in Round 2 Search & Destroy, netting the final kill in Games 3 and 9, the latter winning the round for eUnited. Round 3 Uplink saw him play well throughout the round. He went 30/25, with three points -- two of those points came in the midst of a 6-3 comeback with less than a minute left. He tied the game at six, setting up the eventual game winning dunk.
Holds defense for big win
July 15, 2017
SiLLy stomps Rise Nation by doing very little with a 52/46 KD on Day 2 of Group Yellow.
With Rise Nation playing a weak game, and eUnited playing extremely strong, SiLLy actually had to do very little to blow through his opponents. Both Prestinni and Clayster were constantly pushing out to cut Rise Nation open. This left SiLLy and Arcitys with simply holding spawns and points. Round 1 Hardpoint on Scorch saw SiLLy doing very well checking Aqua on points. Round 2 Search & Destroy, meanwhile, saw SiLLy coordinate well with his new teammates. In Game 5, for example, SiLLy wrapped behind Rise Nation, but in such a way that he kept close to his teammates in case of a bad teamfight. SiLLy closed in Round 3 Uplink with a 24/26 KD and two dunks.
Valiant effort in five-round loss
July 15, 2017
SiLLy posted a 93/85 KD during Saturday's Group Yellow 3-2 series loss against Red Reserve.
SiLLy started things strong with a 6/0 KD to begin Round 1 Hardpoint and notched a triple kill when the hill rotated to Drill on Scorch to take control of the hill. He got to the point of a 13/3 KD on the map, but wound up finishing just 22/20 with 1:27 of hill time as eUnited somewhat surprisingly fell behind 1-0 in the series. He started off hot in Round 2 Search & Destroy as well, going 5/1 early in the match. SiLLy perfectly timed an FTL Jump to cut down Seany just before he defused the bomb and finished off the map with the final kill as he himself was falling off the map to tie up the series at one a piece. He faded in each of the next two rounds, which turned out to be a split betwen the two teams, but returned to the foreground with a 12/5 KD in Round 5 Search & Destroy. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough as eUnited dropped the round 6-4 and the series 3-2.
Tears through Splyce's lines
July 15, 2017
SiLLy finds his stride in a 3-1 win over Splyce on Day 1 of Group Yellow.
Despite his earlier series where he struggled with on the SMG, SiLLy absolutely obliterated Splyce with it this series. The nearly invincible European team melted under SiLLy's sights as he beamed them down an E-Rad. Round 3 Uplink on Precinct was a bloodbath for SiLLY as he posted an absurd 34/19 KD and a dunk that caused Splyce to look utterly limp. While the slaying helped, SiLLy's smart movement is what truly clutched the round. Instead of moving the ball through tickets, he forced the ball through the faster route in the streets.
Painfully limps to the end
July 14, 2017
SiLLy limps with a 64/82 KD in a 3-1 win over Rise Nation on Day 1 of Group Yellow.
Both SiLLy and Arcitys had very slow starts in every round, mainly due to SiLLy's new role as an SMG player. The slow start was most predominately seen in Round 1 Hardpoint on Retaliation. SiLLy would post an absurdly low 0/10 KD by the first Building Hardpoint, giving Rise Nation an early fifty-point lead. While SiLLy evened out his score with a 16/23 KD, the rough start forced eUnited to push themselves. Importantly, Round 3 Uplink saw SiLLy post a poor game with a 16/31 KD. The awful score sacked Prestinni's impressive 39/29 KD and cost eUnited the round.
Can't match OpTic Gaming at their height
June 17, 2017
SiLLy had a particularly weak game against OpTic Gaming in a 0-3 loss on Day 1 of CWL Anaheim.
While all of eUnited had their problems, SiLLy seemed to encapsulate them all. What plagued eUnited this round was weak pushes and even weaker shots that allowed OpTic Gaming to steamroll them. Round 1 Hardpoint on Retaliation saw SiLLy trickle in against FormaL while rotating into Destroyed Building, an important hill to build points. This fed FormaL streaks and OpTic Gaming the hill. While in Round 2 Search & Destroy on Throwback, SiLLy and eUnited kept hitting mid-trains in an odd attempt to win teamfights, even though eUnited couldn't these fights for six straight games. The feeding continued into Round 3 Uplink where FormaL was able to streak 11 kills as eUnited was unable to pinch him off from his goal.
Solid late game in win
May 27, 2017
SiLLy turned up late as eUnited easily knocked Evil Geniuses out of the Stage 1 Playoffs on Day 2 with a 3-1 win.
SiLLy was a background character in Round 1 Hardpoint, but it did not really matter. In a round that was close early, but saw eUnited run away with it after a while, SiLLy only posted a 23/25 KD with 34 seconds on the objective. It hardly stopped his teammates from running to a 250-111 win. It was the same story for SiLLy in Round 2 Search & Destroy, but this time Evil Geniuses turned the tides and tied the series up. However, SiLLy would go off, as would eUnited. They won Round 3 Uplink by a score of 14-1, and SiLLy contributed two points and 34 kills to his team's cause. Round 4 Hardpoint was even less competitive, seeing eUnited win in a 250-64 laughter. SiLLy contributed 17 kills and a gaudy 2:06 on the objective in the round win. eUnited perked up when SiLLy did, and that is unlikely to be a coincidence.
Clutches Round 2 Search & Destroy
May 27, 2017
SiLLY had only one good round with a 76/94 KD in a loss to Enigma6 on Day 1 of the CWL Pro League Playoffs.
SiLLY had a slow game despite a round-winning performance. While eUnited is one of the slower teams in terms of slaying, SiLLY just wasn't pulling his weight, except in Round 2 Search & Destroy on Crusher. After Round 1 Hardpoint, a round eUnited lost due to rotations, SiLLY helped his team roar back with some decisive fighting. Scoring an 11/3 KD in only eight games, SiLLY was there for every engagement and knew when and where to look for Enigma6's flanks. But that same intelligence couldn't be found in Round 5 Search & Destroy where SiLLY seemed like he forgot how to play the game. SiLLY would close Round 5 Search & Destroy with a 2/9 KD.
Rolls out a solid game
May 8, 2017
SiLLy had a stronger game than usual with a 96/88 KD in a loss to Luminosity Gaming on Day 3 of Group Yellow of the CWL Pro League.
Even eUnited couldn't clutch a record-breaking 6-0 weekend despite SiLLy's leadership skills. The unselfish tactics he put forth carried the team far, but SiLLy's teammates just found themselves having a weaker game than usual. Surprisingly, it was SiLLy and Arcitys, the two least slay-conscious members, that helped carry the game. SiLLy had an excellent Round 2 Serach & Destroy on Breakout thanks to a level-head and unending patience. In Game 3, SiLLy camped by the Bomb A to set-up a pinch, never engaging until his teammates took the first shots. The play saw him sweep two kills before popping his FTL Jump to fly behind cover, gain back some health, and then melt a third player. SiLLy closed Round 2 Search & Destroy with a 10/2 KD.
Solid and under the radar in reverse sweep
May 7, 2017
SiLLy had a nice game as eUnited pulled off a reverse sweep again Epsilon eSports to open Day 3 of the Global Pro League's Group Yellow play.
SiLLy was no stranger to eUnited's struggled in Round 1 Hardpoint. They were thrashed to the tune of 250-81, and SiLLy went 12/23. It was a nightmare scenario for eUnited to open the final day of Group Yellow. Round 2 Search & Destroy was better, in that they did not get blown out, but they still lost, this time in 10 games. SiLLy got them off to a good start with the final kill in Game 1, but they could not parlay it into a win. Round 3 Uplink was a controlling performance by them, coming when eUnited's back was up to the wall. SiLLy's only point was a throw-in to make it 2-0, but his big contribution came by way of his 31 kills -- he led his team in that category, and was a nightmare for Epsilon eSports to defend. They had no answer for him in the round. Round 4 Hardpoint was a little slower for him, where he dipped into a support role and went 20/18, with 33 seconds on the hill. Arcitys struggled, SiLLY and the other two members of eUnited were strong enough as a team to cruise to a decisive Round 5 Search & Destroy. SiLLy did not move the needle much in that round, but his three teammates were strong enough to cap off the reverse sweep.
Continues breakthrough performances
May 6, 2017
SiLLy leads and slays with an 81/76 KD in a win against Millenium on Day 2 of Group Yellow of the CWL Pro League.
Once again, eUnited finds fortune in disaster thanks to SiLLy. A peak into the team's comms during Round 4 Hardpoint revealed that they always keep a level-head with SiLLy at the helm whether they are winning or losing. This allowed SiLLy to close out win maps with a razor-thin margin like Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 4 Retaliation. Round 3 Uplink and Round 4 Hardpoint saw consistently good shots from SiLLy as he won teamfights by stacking with teammates. SiLLy closed Round 4 Hardpoint with a 28/22 KD.
Dominates the early game
May 6, 2017
SiLLy conquered Round 2 Search & Destroy with a 105/87 KD in a win against Epsilon eSports on Day 2 of Gorup Yellow at the CWL Pro League.
When eUnited streaks, they streak hard. SiLLy, the leader of eUnited, blew open Round 2 Search & Destroy in a swift seven games thanks to an extraordinarily early lead. In Game 1, SiLLy wiped Epsilon eSports in three quick kills before ending Game 2 with a 6/0 KD. Within two games, SiLLy had full Scorestreaks and half of his Payload. SiLLy didn't need the vast amount of utility thanks to his continuous slaying that round, only popping his Bombardment in Game 7. Then, in Round 4 Hardpoint on Throwback, SiLLy got over 40 kills with an absolutely monstrous 43/31 KD. While Epsilon eSports kept the round very close, it simply couldn't compare to SiLLy's streaks.
Clutches in the end against Luminosity
May 6, 2017
SiLLy, along with the rest of eUnited, had a rough start against Luminosity during Day 1 of Group Yellow of the CWL Global Pro League. However, like the rest of his team, he clutched up just in time with an overall KD of 76/84 indicative of a late-series improvement.
Although SiLLy wound up with an overall negative KD for the series against Luminosity, his performance would improve just in time to help his team get a reverse sweep. Round 1 Hardpoint saw a slow start for SiLLy, with a KD of 18/24 and only 0:32 of objective control time. Round 2 Search & Destroy was slightly better for SiLLy, as he'd get a KD of 5/6, but still negative. Round 3 Uplink saw the reverse momentum start for eUnited but SiLLy still lagged behind with a 22/28 KD. Finally, Round 4 Hardpoint would see SiLLy start his comeback where he'd finally go positive with a KD of 25/21. Round 5 Search & Destroy saw eUnited play at their best this series, and SiLLy was no exception with a KD of 6/5.
Disappointing in win
May 5, 2017
SiLLy was mostly a non-factor in the 3-1 win over Millenium on the Day 1 match at the Global Pro League's Group Yellow play.
SiLLy was disappointing in the match, but in reality eUnited won the match rather easily -- which shows how deeply talented the team is. SiLLy's best round came in Round 1 Hardpoint, where he put together a solid 20/18 KD, and made a lot of solid plays in the round win. However, he fell downhill in the last three rounds. Round 2 Search & Destroy, he barely had any kills -- though that was mostly because his teammates had strong slaying games, and there just were not a lot of bodies left for him. Round 3 Uplink was rough for eUnited, and SiLLy got the worst of it. He posted a paltry 15/26 KD, and zero of his team's four points -- it was a forgettable round. He followed that up with a similarly forgettable Round 4 Hardpoint, where he posted a 21/30 KD and 1:11 on the objective -- his team had a great round, but SiLLy was not a huge part of the win.