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Teaming with Splyce
October 4, 2018
Accuracy will join Splyce, the organization relayed on Tuesday.
Splyce is dipping its toes in the North American waters, acquiring the since departed Team Kaliber player, Accuracy, in a massive move to kickstart their competitive CoD team. While Team Kaliber didn't win the 2018 Call of Duty World Championship, they did take second place, with Accuracy and current 100 Thieves slayer Kenny leading the charge. It seems entirely plausible that Splyce consulted Accuracy about potential roster moves meaning there should be no concerns about team chemistry issues on this new multi-region roster. However, its worth pointing out that prior to the 2017-18 competitive CoD season, Accuracy had finished no higher than 21st-24th place at an Open event since the start of the Call of Duty World League/Pro League.
Leaves Team Kaliber
August 29, 2018
Accuracy, on Wednesday, announced he would be leaving Team Kaliber.
That means that all four members of the runner ups at the 2018 Call of Duty World Championship will be playing for a new team next year as Enable announced his free agency yesterday while Kenny and Fero officially joined 100 Thieves the same day. Where that leaves Accuracy remains to be seen, but it's no secret the confident slayer has earned his fair share of detractors throughout the previous campaign. That being said given the team's finish at the most recent Champs and his success throughout the entirety of the World War II season, it's likely Accuracy will catch on with a well known organization in due time.
Tries to handle long-range fights
August 19, 2018
Accuracy failed to find momentum in a double Grand Finals loss to Evil Geniuses, winning the first series 3-2 and losing the second series 3-0, on Championship Sunday of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship.
Before Stage 1, Accuracy was known as one of the strongest AR players in the league thanks to his unique assault rifle perks. But as the meta evolved, Accuracy evolved into more of a support player, holding spawns and defending like many other AR players in the league. Accuracy attempted to regain his pre-Stage 1 glory, only to fall slightly short. Accuracy would dominate the first series' Round 5 Search & Destroy on Ardennes Forest, as it was his best map and game mode, by landing a seven killstreak that secured the map and series win. However, the second series saw Accuracy falter as he was unable to contend with Evil Geniuses' double-AR composition, making Accuracy's opponent too strong to attack from long-range. Accuracy and Team Kaliber were unable to adapt to this dilemma in the second series, finding themselves blown out 3-0.
Picks off enemies from across the map
August 19, 2018
Accuracy held his team steady in a 3-1 win over FaZe Clan on Championship Sunday of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship to re-enter the Grand Finals.
Accuracy had a decent match-up against FaZe Clan's frantic playstyle this series. Since both teams played scrappy tactics, flooding objectives with close-range weapons, Accuracy wasn't under much pressure by his opponents. But it also meant he was unable to stand-out for most of it. That changed when the series went to a Round 5 Search & Destroy on Ardennes Forest, Accuracy's best map and game mode. Accuracy was able to secure the win with a seven killstreak as he was able to set-up around mid-map and pick off his opponents.
Falls apart in tough match
August 19, 2018
Accuracy crumbled in a slow-burn 3-1 loss to Evil Geniuses on Championship Sunday of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship, dropping to face FaZe Clan in the Losers Final.
As Team Kaliber's sole AR player, Accuracy struggled to compete against Evil Geniuses two long-range players, Aches and Apathy. Despite this, Accuracy would play a solid game as he attempted to anchor Team Kaliber's spawns. His efforts were somewhat fruitless as Team Kaliber's slayers gave a flat game, meaning his team struggled to put on pressure on his opponents. This put Accuracy constantly on the backfoot even in Hardpoint rounds, Team Kaliber's best game mode.
Sets his team up to swarm
August 19, 2018
Accuracy sat back and anchored his team in a 3-1 win over eUnited, booking their way to the Winners Final, on Day 4 of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championships.
Accuracy, surprisingly, didn't have to pop off against eUnited, a team known for its AR players in Clayster and Arcitys. Instead, Team Kaliber ran a triple-SMG composition in order to rush down eUnited, leaving Accuracy to anchor spawns and hold rotations. Accuracy's strong defense allowed Team Kaliber to play aggressively in Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 4 Hardpoint as he was able to hold spawns near the objective. Thanks to the close spawns, Team Kaliber could flood the objective and slowly overwhelm a nervous eUnited.
Holds his team's fast gameplay together
July 30, 2018
Accuracy pinned down Rise Nation in a double Grand Finals win, losing the first series 3-2 and winning the second series 3-1, at the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.
Both Kenny and Ferocitys threw themselves at objectives in an attempt to deny points and create a scrappy game. This forced Accuracy to protect his team's spawns while still playing aggressively in order to score favorable spawn points. Accuracy was successful in his endeavors in the second Round 3 Capture the Flag and the first Round 4 Hardpoint. In Round 3 Capture the Flag, Accuracy's impeccable defense allowed Enable to hold off on his Scorestreaks until the final moments of the map. In Round 4 Hardpoint, Accuracy's spawn manipulation allowed Team Kaliber to run the clock down in Team Kaliber's favor for a close 201-196 win.
Roller coaster for Accuracy
July 29, 2018
Accuracy had trouble finding stable ground until the last round of the 3-1 win over Rise Nation in the Winner's Bracket Final on Day 3 of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.
Accuracy's first three rounds were a wild ride for Accuracy. He was quite bad in Round 1 Hardpoint, for the most part, but he ended up picking it up late. He ended with a 34/34 KD and 1:07 on the objective, but a lot of that came in the latter portion of the round. He was very solid in Round 2 Search & Destroy, as he, Ferocitys and Kenny were a solid trio that got them to an eleven game win. Round 3 Capture the Flag was the opposite of the previous round - he had just 11 kills in the win. He really struggled to get himself going, even as they took a quick 2-0 lead. The round got dicey, and they almost lost, but Accuracy did not move the needle much. Round 4 Hardpoint saw him play a huge role in the 250-102 drubbing of Rise Nation. They really were in no danger of losing, and Accuracy's crazy start was a big reason why.
Strong play in win
July 27, 2018
Accuracy had a very strong showing in the 3-1 win over UNILAD eSports on Day 1 of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.
Accuracy was very good in this win. Round 1 Hardpoint was a nice start for him. He was the best slayer on Team Kaliber during the opening stages of the round, helping lead Team Kaliber to an early lead. He did not remain their best slayer, as Kenny took that role, but he was a key piece in the easy round win, going 35/27 with 1:29 on the objective, leading them in that category. Round 3 Search & Destroy saw him, Ferocitys and Kenny put together a three-man effort that absolutely stifled UNILAD in the 6-2 win. Round 3 Capture the Flag was their only loss, as they fell 3-2 to UNILAD. They simply could not break through what was an absolutely impenetrable UNILAD defense. Accuracy was excellent despite the loss, netting a team-high 35 kills in the round. Round 4 Hardpoint was similar to Round 1, as they had the round in the bag rather easily, Accuracy did not have as much individual impact, but he was still very good, as he went 19/17 with 1:15 on the objective to finish off the win.
Four great rounds in loss
July 7, 2018
Accuracy had a great showing, but it did not stop Team Kaliber from falling to FaZe Clan 3-2 on Day 3, Week 4 of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Accuracy's only poor round came in Round 3 Capture the Flag, a round in which they lost 7-2 and were never really close to threatening FaZe Clan. He had 13 kills, just like Ferocitys and Enable, and paired that with 22 deaths. It was a rough round for everyone on Team Kaliber. The rest of his performance was strong. Despite losing both Search & Destroy rounds, Accuracy was one of their leading men in each. He sandwiched a six killstreak in Games 6 and 7 of Round 2 Search & Destroy, getting them close to a win - though they would lose in 11 games. Round 5 Search & Destroy was more comfortably in FaZe Clan's pocket, but Accuracy put up a valiant fight to keep in close in the ten game defeat. He also had two strong Hardpoint rounds. Round 1 Hardpoint was a tense, back and forth, 250-217 win, and he was a big part of it, as he went 32/24 with 1:39 on the objective, leading the lobby in both kills and Hardpoint time. His strong two-way game paced Team Kaliber through the ups and downs - he was their rock. Round 4 Hardpoint was an excellent comeback, as they went from a 150-70 deficit to a 250-202 win. Accuracy was a big part of it, as he went off in the second half of the round. He had a gaudy 37/26 KD with 1:58 on the objective, as he was one of their leaders through the comeback and the win in the round.
Lots of good in win
July 4, 2018
Accuracy had a good match, for the most part, as Team Kaliber reverse swept Red Reserve on Day 1, Week 4 of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Round 1 Hardpoint saw Accuracy put together a solid game on the objective, leading his team in Hardpoint time with 1:03. Despite that, he really struggled to slay (16/23 KD), and Team Kaliber lost the round rather handily. Round 2 Search & Destroy was a similarly tough round for Team Kaliber, as they lost five games in a row before winning Games 6, 7, and 8, though they still lost the round after losing Game 9. Accuracy was solid for the entirety of the round; he was their best player in the losses, and was key in each of the three wins. He led the lobby in kills in their overtime Round 3 Capture the Flag win, netting 38 kills. He and Enable were dominating slayers, as the duo were excellent on both ends of the map, helping create offense and maintain staunch defense with their slaying. Round 4 Hardpoint was a closely contested win, and Accuracy was a big part of it. He netted 30 kills and a whopping 2:13 on the objective. He was a consistent player in this round, and he kept them afloat until his teammates perked up. Round 5 Search & Destroy saw him play quality support behind a dominant Enable in the eight-game win.
Devestates with his asssault rifle
July 3, 2018
Accuracy tore apart Team EnVyUs in a 3-0 sweep on Tuesday of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
The series came down to a battle of ARs as Accuracy had to take down Chino to secure the win. While this was easy in Round 1 Hardpoint, as Chino had a slow start, the battle heated up by Round 2 Search & Destroy on Ardennes Forest. Both Chino and Accuracy were playing at the top of their game, however, Accuracy's aggression allowed him to win the map. For example, Game 4 saw Accuracy win a 1-vs-3 by rushing the Bomb A site, getting a kill in the cabin before ripping two kills off players behind cover. That sheer aggression of challenging his covered opponents allowed him to take them off-guard.
Holds down Rise Nation's most important player
June 15, 2018
Accuracy pinned down Rise Nation in a 3-0 win on Friday of CWL Anaheim.
While Kenny secured the close-range, Accuracy locked down the long-range battles. This was extremely important against the titanic Rise Nation, a team that employs SlasheR, one of the best ARs in the game. But Accuracy was able to go toe-to-toe with a flat SlasheR thanks to his clam and level head. On Round 2 Search & Destroy and Round 3 Capture the Flag on Ardennes Forest, Accuracy was able to secure lanes and pin down Rise Nation. In the final seconds of the second half, Accuracy was able to secure the map thanks to some key kills onto Rise Nation.
Plays the objectives to no avail
May 26, 2018
Accuracy valiantly attempted to secure objectives for Team Kaliber but ended up failing, as Evil Geniuses stole the series from Team Kaliber in a surprisingly close 3-0 sweep on Thursday of Week 2 of the CWL Pro League Stage 2.
Accuracy was being counted on as the objective player for much of Team Kaliber's series against Evil Geniuses, but he was essentially outplayed by his Team Kaliber counterparts. Case in point was Round 1 Hardpoint, where he got the most hardpoint control time of his team at 1:21, but his lackluster KD of 26/30 probably contributed to Team Kaliber's heartbreaking loss, where they lost the round by a mere five seconds. Accuracy did better in KD during Round 2 Search & Destroy, where he nearly went double positive with 9/6, but a heroic last stand against Evil Geniuses' Assault went horribly wrong, resulting in yet another close loss for Team Kaliber. In Round 3 Capture the Flag, Accuracy was the only one who scored a flag capture, but this turned out to be too little, too late, as Team Kaliber was unable to tie up the round in time, resulting in Accuracy notching up another lukewarm KD of 14/21, and Evil Geniuses sweeping Team Kaliber 3-0.
Struggles to run with Team EnVyUs
May 24, 2018
Accuracy had a hard time keeping up with the strong Team EnVyus slaying in the sweep loss to them on Day 2, Week 2 of CWL Global Pro League, Stage 2.
Accuracy had trouble breaking through the defenses of Team EnVyUs in this match. His performance was similar in both respawn rounds, going 25/27 in Round 1 Hardpoint and 16/19 in Round 3 Capture the Flag. He had a hard time overcoming the strong slaying performances from Team EnVyUs in these rounds, though he did put together a strong 1:18 on the objective in the first round. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him play a support role behind Fero and Kenny, though that was not enough to outlast a scrappy Team EnVyUs performance. He simply had a hard time slaying consistently in this match.
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