Preston Greiner 
United States
FaZe Clan
Had his moments in loss
January 13, 2018
Priestah had a frustrating performance that was lined with some good, as FaZe clan were swept by Lightning Pandaz on the second day of Pool A play at the CWL New Orleans Open.
Round 1 Hardpoint was a perfect example of Priestah's game in the loss to Lightning Pandaz. He started off terribly slow, as did FaZe, and Lightning Pandaz were dominating. However, he and Attach led an incredible comeback, and nearly won the round. He was solid in Round 2 Search & Destroy, netting the final kills in the only two games they won -- Games 1 and 7. Lightning Pandaz handled the round, though, and waltzed into a 2-0 lead. Round 3 Capture the Flag was inconsistent as well -- he struggled badly to slay in the first half, but he ended up playing well in the second to tie the game. He was a key part in the flag pull that tied it, as well, using his Fighter Pilot to spring a run of his own for the tie. They fell in overtime, however, and were swept.
Surprisingly dominates on rifles
January 13, 2018
Priestah changed his playstyle in a very awkward 3-1 loss to Team Kaliber on Day 1 of CWL New Orleans.
Priestah, stuck on a team of all SMG players, made the personal sacrifice and took up the lone assault rifle. Despite being known traditionally as an SMG player, Priestah did shockingly well on an assault rifle. In Game 6 of Round 2 Search & Destroy, he picked up a very smooth ace on Team Kaliber with a bold flank behind Team Kaliber. He was smart to not engage all at once, instead dipping and diving across the map to find his picks. This would be indicative of his playstyle across the series, either laying back and finding picks or making bold flanks. His assault rifle came out again in Round 4 Hardpoint when he tallied a five killstreak that helped his team get a strong and healthy start.
A strong defense doesn't win the series
December 17, 2017
Priestah clutched up on defense but never on offense in a 1-3 loss to eUnited on Day 2 of the Northern Showdown.
Priestah continues to be FaZe Clan's assault rifle for the general good of the team. The only problem with Priestah's performance was that his greatest plays were always on the defense, never on the offense, meaning he was saving FaZe Clan from defeat rather than helping them succeed. In Round 4 Hardpoint on Ardennes Forest, for example, Preistah was able to clutch a huge set of kills on the third Cave point. This let FaZe Clan to narrowly tie the game. However, Priestah couldn't defend against the second wave from eUnited.
Plays long-range
December 17, 2017
Priestah took on the assault rifle role in a 0-3 loss to Ground Zero on Day 1 of the Northern Showdown.
Priestah was FaZe Clan's only rifle player this series. While this fit with FaZe Clan's strategies, it put them at odds with Ground Zero's traditional two assault rifles and two SMGs line-up. More than that, Priestah's inexperience with assault rifles showed in Round 2 Search & Destroy on London Docks. In Game 8, Priestah whiffed an important gunfight against Studyy after just barely getting the bomb planted at Bomb Site B and having time to set up a defense. It was a fight that Priestah had every advantage and he couldn't clutch it.
Partners well with ZooMa
December 11, 2017
Priestah brought youthful energy in a 3-1 win over eUnited on Day 3 of CWL Dallas.
Priestah gave a strong and aggressive performance that saw him harassing eUnited's defenses on an almost constant basis. While this didn't always result in a break or a kill, it did more than enough to scout out eUnited's defense for ZooMa or Replays. This did wonders against eUnited, a team that largely remains stationary in order to secure spawn and map control. This was best seen in Round 4 Hardpoint on London Docks where Priestah often pushed the opposite lane of ZooMa, meaning him and ZooMa were pinching eUnited from several angles before organizing a coordinated assault.
Officially announced on FaZe roster
November 2, 2017
Priestah will join FaZe Clan, the organization announced on Wednesday.
Finally! Rumors regarding FaZe Clan's roster were finally confirmed Wednesday after months of speculation. Priestah brings a lot of promise alongside FaZe mainstays Attach and ZooMaa, given his immense slaying ability, which he put on display all throughout Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare season. However, the team as a whole appears to be a downgrade, as they lost two relatively sure players in Gunless and Enable for relatively unknown commodities in Priestah and Replays. While chemistry remains one of the biggest difference makers in any roster, it'll be interesting to see how this team competes against some of the other major organizations in Call of Duty to start this season.
Free Agent
Becomes free agent
August 21, 2017
Priestah will enter free agency, his ex-teammate Assault reported on Sunday.
"Ex" teammate might be an overstatement, as it's odd for another member to announce a player's free agency unless they plan on teaming next season. That being said, it doesn't change the fact that one of the breakout players at the 2017 Call of Duty World Championships is now a free agent, as Priestah could end up being a sneaky good edition for a fringe team looking to buy-low on a slayer. Priestah put together a handful of dominant lines at CoD Champs, including a 100/83 KD in the knockout series against Ghost Gaming, and was also a threat during his time with Gosu Crew. While there's plenty of anxiety when it comes to younger players transitioning back to a boots-on-the-ground mode, given Priestah's potential, it seems likely he'll find a bigger organization before the start of the new season.
Did it all for C9 in defeat
August 12, 2017
Priestah was doing his absolute best to give Cloud9 a win when they were defeated by Ghost Gaming on Friday at Call of Duty Champs 2017, finishing with a 100/83 KD.
Priestah was on top of his game in this series against Ghost Gaming on Friday, but it was a shame that his teammates couldn't match his pace in the series. No matter the round, he was on top of his game to try and get C9 a big win. He had the most kills in both Hardpoint rounds, while even dropping a 40-bomb in Round 4 Hardpoint. While his team couldn't get the win there, his play single handedly brought C9 a win in Round 2 Search & Destroy. He finished with a 13/3 KD in that round as they outpaced Ghost Gaming in the round to lock up the win. He used his Scorestreaks at all the right times to keep them moving right along. Overall, however, C9 just couldn't rally together as a team and dropped the series 3-1.
Ramps up in loss
August 11, 2017
Priestah had a slow start in the sweep loss to Epsilon eSports on Day 3 of the 2017 Call of Duty World Championship. The loss eliminated Cloud9 from the tournament.
Priestah was average in Round 1 Hardpoint, as was Cloud9. They trailed 160-30 early in the round, and never recovered, even as they pushed the lead to 200-111. They made strides, but the hole was far too deep. Priestah went 19/24, with 1:02 on the objective; it was a wholly mediocre performance in the round. Priestah did some good things in Round 2 Search & Destroy, getting the final kill in Game 4 and Game 7. The bad thing, however, is that they only won one more game in the round, losing 6-3. Round 3 Uplink was a disappointing loss for Cloud9, as they led 8-5 with two minutes left, and still blew the round. Priestah played well, going 28/24 with two points, in the loss.
Only a mediocre performance in loss to Enigma6
August 11, 2017
Priestah had a solid Uplink performance that was hamstrung by mediocre plays, notching an overall KD of 70/92 in a 3-1 loss to Enigma6 on Day 2 of the 2017 CWL Championships.
Priestah had nothing to preach to Enigma6, as he was shut down at almost every turn during every round except Uplink. Round 1 Hardpoint saw Cloud9 struggling to keep themselves out of the 100-point club as Priestah faltered with a near double-negative KD of 14/26. Round 2 Search & Destroy didn't see much improvement from Priestah, as he only scored a 6/7 KD while his team would lose the round by a margin of three games. Round 3 Uplink would see Priestah come through at last, for although he only scored one point out of Cloud9's nine points, his KD was the best of his team at 31/25. However, Priestah would ultimately fall again to Enigma6's bullets in Round 4 Hardpoint, where Cloud9 were ultimately put into the 100-point club, Priestah's KD a mere 19/34, the worst of his team that round.
Solid showing in win over Rogue
August 10, 2017
Priestah posted a KD of 84/83 in Cloud9's Wednesday win over Rogue at the Call of Duty World Championship 2017.
Priestah was, simply put, a solid role player in C9's win over Rogue. From an even KD in Game 1 on Scorch to a 9/8 KD with two bomb defuses in Game 2 on Breakout, Priestah didn't wow, but he managed to consistently make an impact. Priestah found himself picking up his production slightly in Game 3, helping C9 dominate Uplink on Throwback with a point and a KD of 27/25, before coming back down to Earth in Game 4. The final map wasn't as good for Priestah, but a solid afternoon led to a comfortable 3-1 win for Cloud9.
Slays in a bomb of a series
July 24, 2017
Priestah shows up with a 102/82 KD in a loss to Team EnVyUs on Day 3 of Group Green.
Priestah finally showed up with his slaying skills in an attempt to play spoiler. However, Priestah built leads only to lose it in the final seconds. Round 1 Hardpoint on Breakout was a prime example of this. Priestah dropped a 25/21 KD after a strong seven killstreak in the third set of rotations, a play that gave him a full suite of Scorestreaks. On the rotation to the third Graveyard point, Team EnVyUs took the early rotation. Priestah used his Bombardment Scorestreak on the Graveyard a little too early, far before Team EnVyUs could fully set up on the point thus allowing the Boys in Blue a clear defense. Priestah easily redeemed himself with an unbelievable 13/4 KD in Round 2 Search & Destroy, easily clutching the round by himself with insane slaying.
Slumps in tight game
July 23, 2017
Priestah fails to show up with a 62/83 KD in a loss to OpTic Gaming on Day 2 of Group Green.
Priestah was brought onto Cloud9 to bring a consistent slaying force on par with ex-teammate Lacefield. But in this series, Priestah couldn't show up in a strong fashion. While Xotic and Assault was able to pick up the slack in early rounds, it became too much late into the series. Round 4 Hardpoint, for example, saw Priestah score a 14/21 KD and saw OpTic Gaming controlling most of the map. Round 3 Uplink unfolded in a similar fashion with Priestah scoring a 22/29 KD. While KDs aren't everything, Priestah failed to control objectives in a meaningful if he couldn't slay. This culminated humorously in Round 1 Hardpoint when Priestah simply laid down and hid in the hills while his team melted their rivals.
Ramps up late in loss
July 22, 2017
Priestah got better as the match went on, but Cloud9 were still swept by Team EnVyUs on Day 2 of Group Yellow.
Priestah had an incredibly slow start to this match, putting in a poor Round 1 Hardpoint. The round was very close, with the two teams trading leads up until the very end, where SlasheR and John pulled it out, handing Cloud9 a 250-237 defeat. Priestah could not slay at all, going 16/26, though he made himself useful by plastering himself on the objective, notching 1:37 there. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him get the final kill in Game 1, as well as Game 8, in the 6-3 defeat. Round 3 Uplink was his best round. He went 28/26, and scored all four of his team's points --but two JKap dunks would give Cloud9 a 8-4 loss.
Inconsistent, but shows up late in victory
July 22, 2017
Priestah ended Friday's 3-2 Stage 2 Group Green victory over Epsilon with an 84/89 KD.
Priestah really struggled on the Hardpoint maps during the series, notching just a 20/27 KD with 43 seconds on Round 1 Hardpoint on Breakout and just a 22/26 KD with 1:09 of hill time on Round 4 Hardpoint on Scorch -- considered one of Cloud9's better maps. He shined most during the two Search & Destroy rounds, completing Round 2 with an 11/9 KD including a bomb plant and Round 5 with a 7/5 KD and another bomb plant. He also came up huge for the team in the final map of the series, notching a three-kill round to earn the team a 3-2 lead in the deciding round of the night. Priestah added a solid effort in the middle round -- and the team's first victory of the night -- in Round 4 Uplink, finishing 24/22 with three points to start Cloud9 on the path back from a 2-0 deficit to take the 3-2 series victory.
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