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Free Agent
Free Agent
Teaming with Cyclone
October 7, 2017
DraMa will be teaming with FA5TBALLA, TuQuick, and Prophet on Cyclone, the organization announced on Thursday.
The addition of DraMa bounces out xJsano, who didn't even make it two months before getting sent back to free agency. DraMa has certainly lived up to his namesake in recent years, so it's hard to expect continual team chemistry throughout the new competitive season. But there's no questioning his slaying capabilities, and alongside both FA5TBALLA and Prophet, two decent slayers in their own right, should be able to put up relatively decent numbers.
Free agent, teaming with Apox
September 27, 2017
DraMa will be a free agent for Call of Duty: World War II, and is expected to team with Apox to start the new competitive season.
That likely does it for Drama's reign on 3sUP Enterprises, where the team failed to make it out of pool play at the 2017 Call of Duty World Championships. Drama's reputation has taken a hit, and perhaps rightfully so, after a handful of inappropriate comments on social media, but he's still enough of an up-and-coming player that he's still likely to find intriguing teammates to start the new campaign.
Brings little offense in loss
August 9, 2017
DraMa managed just a 39/57 KD when 3sUP were swept by OpTic Gaming on Day 1 of the 2017 Call of Duty World Championship.
DraMa had himself a rough series here to open up their week in Orlando. At no point did they seem to be in control over their play as OpTic ran roughshod across the series. He opened with a nice objective-focused round on Hardpoint, finishing with 37 seconds on the point for the most on his team. The only problem was that the rest of his teammates couldn't do much at all to get anything at all going in the loss. The same could be said for Round 2 Search & Destroy. He managed a plant, but that was about it. They simply looked to be playing on a completely different level from OpTic here. He started Round 3 Uplink well with a throw-in to get his team on the board early, but they faltered majorly as the round went on.
Stuck on Gosu Crew
April 13, 2017
DraMa is still listed as a player for Gosu Crew, the organization announced on Thursday.
Despite rampant speculation that multiple members of Gosu Crew would be leaving for other organizations heading into the start of the CWL Global Pro League, Thursday's announcement certainly put a halt to the conversation as Gosu Crew confirmed Maux, DraMa, Xotic and Priest still remain with the team. Citing a substantial investment in "time, money and effort," Gosu Crew has allegedly placed large buyouts on each of their players, a price that other organizations have been less than willing to accept. Unfortunately for DraMa and the rest of the players, this situation doesn't appear to be resolving anytime soon, despite any unhappiness from the current players.
Below average slaying performance in Day 2 loss to FaZe
March 24, 2017
DraMa only got a positive KD during the second Hardpoint game against FaZe, and ultimately notched only a 69/82 KD and during the 3-2 loss to FaZe Clan at CWL Dallas Day 2.
You can't fault DraMa for bravery, as he certainly tried to put himself out there for his team, which his overall KD indicates. Unfortunately, bravery isn't enough -- his KD was only positive during the second Hardpoint game at 27/22 KD, and barely broke even during the first Search & Destroy with a KD of 4/4. Otherwise, he just couldn't get the kills where it counted -- with KDs of 17/23 during the first Hardpoint, 3/8 during the second Search & Destroy, and 18/25 during Uplink, DraMa simply couldn't deliver more bite behind his bark.
Sank into the background
March 19, 2017
DraMA was invisible in a loss against OpTic Gaming on Day 2 of CWL Dallas.
DraMa came off as weakest player in the series due to a limp performance that saw him steamrolled by OpTic Gaming. Even at Gosu Crew's strongest, the new player wasn't there to his temmates' caliber. Round 1 Hardpoint saw DraMa hold up a decent defense thanks to OpTic Gaming's staggered spawns. Leaking into lanes, DraMa was able to stack up kills. Round 3 Uplink was a disappointing performance as he was outgunned by a monstrous Crimsix and Karma. The two were able to spawn trap Gosu Crew, but DraMa made the smart choice and attempt an unsuccessful pinch.
Uneven first outing
March 19, 2017
DraMa was a weak link in a strong win against Team EnVyUs on Day 2 of CWL Dallas.
Gosu Crew looked confident and strong in a brilliant win against Team EnVyUs, but it was DraMa who proved to be the weakest of his teammates. DraMa started slow with a lackluster performance in Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 2 Search & Destroy. The fast pace of the game made DraMa struggle to keep up in kills those first two rounds. But it was his performance in Round 3 Uplink that was the most glaring. Gosu Crew lost the round due to several whiffed tosses of the drone in both halves. The round was won by EnVyUs by one point. However, DraMa made up for it in Round 4 Hardpoint thanks to his excellent, if not sloppy, slaying.
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