Michael Said 
United States
Morituri eSports
Free Agent
Joining Morituri eSports
February 21, 2018
Beehzy will join Morituri eSports for CWL Atlanta, the organization reported Tuesday.
Only a couple of days after the organization failed to qualify for CWL Canadian National Circuit Stage 2, Beehzy will join Kade, Holler and FA5TBALLA on a new roster intent on competing at CWL Atlanta. Beehzy, who finished second in the aforementioned National Circuit match, appears to be on a fairly intriguing roster, but it'll be interesting to see whether the team can crack through open bracket play and make a run for CWL Stage 2 contention.
Remaining on Projekt Evil
October 11, 2017
Beehzy will remain on Projekt Evil after it was initially announced he would be replaced by TcM, teammate Glory relayed on Wednesday.
The roster reversal was apparently thanks to the team's lack of cohesion with since fired coach, Fenix, who had previous altercations with 2017 surprise standout roster, Enigma6. It's likely a good move, given the lack of a main assault rifle slayer on the team if TcM were to have joined the roster.
Re-aligning with Projekt Evil
October 5, 2017
Beehzy will be joining Lyric, ProFeeZy and Glory on Projekt Evil, head coach Fenix announced on Wednesday
Beehzy bounced around with a variety of amateur teams throughout the 2017 season, including Lethal Gaming, Most Wanted, eRa Gaming, Projekt Evil and Havok eSports. He'll have a chance to make this one stick alongside Lyric, ProFeeZy and Glory on a new edition of Projekt Evil.
Leaves Lethal Gaming
January 4, 2017
Beehzy will become a free agent after the player announced his leave from Lethal Gaming on Monday.
Beehzy put together a solid KD at the Call of Duty World Championship, finishing with a 1.10 mark, but the team failed to make much of a push at the year-end tournament. Lethal will likely be able to find his way onto another club before many of the major international events take place, but it remains to be seen who Lethal may find to replace him.
Carries Lethal Gaming to victory over Tainted Minds
September 1, 2016
Beehzy earned a massive 82/69 KD in the 3-1 win over Tainted Minds on Thursday.
Beehzy was the bedrock for Lethal Gaming in this series. He grabbed Purifier in Round 1 Hardpoint and used it to control the map extremely well. All of Lethal Gaming had great rotations that kept their lead going. He ended the round with 1:01 of Hardpoint time to go along with his ridiculous 36/22 KD in the round. For Round 2's Search & Destroy, Beehzy used the Kinetic Armor, which certainly came in handy for his game-leading 13/4 KD. He had three kills in the first game, including a final 1-vs-1 to secure it. He was basically the only one to be getting consistent kills early. His play was just incredibly strong and helped overcome the lack of help from Juju. Round 3's Uplink on Evac was a round to forget for all of Lethal Gaming. They seemed completely lost on the map and game mode. Not only were their rotations very off, their normal decision-making skills were off as well. At one point they just let a Cerberus run rampant on the map without even thinking to bring out an EMP to stop it. Accordingly, they lost the round 15-4. For the final round's Capture the Flag, Beehzy wasn't the best. He had the worst KD on his team, as his shots never really rang true and he was caught out many times. His team picked up the slack, though, and snagged the 3-2 victory in OT.
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