Alec Sanderson 
United States
Anchors his team together
July 17, 2017
Arcitys holds the line with a 54/58 KD in a victory over Splyce on Day 3 of Group Yellow.
Arcitys continues to be eUnited's main anchor, emulating his role from earlier in the season. While Clayster and Prestinni pushed out, Arcitys and SiLLy held rotations and spawns. His defense was a subtle force in Round 1 Hardpoint on Throwback. Mainly, he made sure to keep spawns in eUnited's favor, especially in the second set of rotation. His best round was in Round 3 Uplink where he made some outstanding plays. In the second half, Arcitys was able to make two clutch intercepts from Splyce, preventing the Europeans from sending the game into overtime.
Poor Uplink in win
July 16, 2017
Arcitys had a nice game outside of the final round of the sweep victory over Red Reserve on Day 3 of Group Yellow.
Arcitys came out strong in Round 1 Hardpoint. eUnited had it rather easy, winning 250-143, and were comfortably ahead of Red Reserve throughout the round. Arcitys had a rock-solid 22/12 KD, and paired that with a dominant 1:59 on the objective. Arcitys had the final kill in Game 6 of Round 2 Search & Destroy. Prestinni dominated the round, but Arcitys provided invaluable support. Round 3 Uplink was an incredible, dramatic, round. Arcitys had a poor 17/29 KD ratio, but he provided something important. He started a late comeback that saw them overcome a 6-3 deficit with less than a minute left in the game. His throw made it 6-4, and he stayed alive just long enough to distract Red Reserve, and put the comeback in motion.
Falls back to protect spawns
July 15, 2017
Arcitys holds the lines with a 56/44 KD in a 3-0 sweep against Rise Nation on Day 2 of Group Yellow.
Arcitys once again let his team kill everything while just holding spawns. This doesn't mean Arcitys didn't pull his own weight, though. He was excellent in Round 1Harpdoint on Scorch on defense, constantly checking flanks with SiLLy while also securing rotations. The duo showed no fear in just blowing past Rise Nation while Clayster and Prestinni pushed out to cut spawns. In the first Bridge point even saw Arcitys flip the spawns in the very first teamfight. Meanwhile, Arcitys kept sight over his teammates, allowing him to trade out kills in an instant, such as in Game 7 when eUnited was a man down but still won a teamfight against Rise Nation.
Makes nice plays but struggles against Red Reserve
July 15, 2017
Arcitys collected just a 76/82 KD in Saturday's 3-2 Group Yellow loss to Red Reserve.
Arcitys made some nice plays in the series, including a nice double kill (both headshots) on Round 1 Hardpoint. eUnited led the slays in the round, but it wasn't enough as the team fell behind 1-0. He finished just 2/9 during Round 2 Search & Destroy, but did execute four bomb plants as eUnited evened the series. He added another few highlight plays in Round 3 Uplink. Among them were a one-point toss just before dying, an amazing body block and slay of Joee to keep the round a 4-2 contest and a double kill with a trinity rocket. The effort wasn't enough, but a huge three-piece late in Round 4 Hardpoint on Retaliation that held down Hotel Hallway secured a series tie heading into the last round. Arcitys played decently well in Round 5 Search & Destroy, posting a 7/8 KD with three bomb plants, but it wasn't enough as eUnited dropped their first match of Group Yellow to fall to 2-1.
Controls the rotations and spawns
July 15, 2017
Arcitys handles the map for his team in a 3-1 win over Splyce on Day 1 of Group Yellow.
Arcitys had no need to slay heavily thanks to the absurd amount of kills his teammates were posting. However, despite doing great in respawn, eUnited still needs to work on their Search & Destroy game. Arcitys swung the map in his team's favor in Round 1 Hardpoint on Breakout by making a break in the first Cell Block to Graveyard rotation, snapping two kills as Splyce tickled off spawn. This allowed Arcitys to gain map control, which helped them lock up the win. Round 2 Search & Destroy on Throwback saw Arcitys struggle slightly due Splyce's better gameplay. Games 8-10 saw Splyce slow down the game to a crawl, forcing the obscenely aggressive Arcitys to force plays and make mistakes. In Game 8, Arcitys played straight into an ambush from Splyce.
Lags behinds his slayers
July 14, 2017
Arcitys readjusts to new roles with a 76/78 KD in a 3-1 win over Rise Nation on Day 1 of Group Yellow.
Arcitys had a surprisingly rough start even with a fresh line-up. Thankfully, both Clayster and Prestinni were able to hold the team together until Arcitys and SiLLy warmed-up and slayed out. Arcitys largely sat back to hold points while Clayster and Prestinni fanned out to press flanks and spawns. Arcitys would perform better in Round 2 Search & Destroy thanks to risky strategies. In Game 8, Arcitys planted at Bomb A and acted as bait, challenging a risky fight just to spot for his team before they flank. Game 11 also saw Arcitys clutch the round thanks to a great double kills from his Trinity Rockets.
Acknowledges a poor performance
June 17, 2017
Arcitys can't find ground in a devastating 0-3 loss to OpTic Gaming on Day 1 of CWL Anaheim.
Arcitys later went on Twitter to call his performance "pathetic". He's being rough on himself, but this series wasn't a pretty display for eUnited, a team that's been marred in controversy recently. Round 1 Hardpoint started well enough where eUnited was able to get an early lead thanks to a slower game. With OpTic Gaming warming up, eUnited was able to push forward. But when OpTic Gaming woke up, Arcitys couldn't match their speed. After Scump dropped a six killstreak in the second set of hill rotations, the game was out of eUnited's control for the rest of the series. Round 2 Search & Destroy was a 6-0 sweep while Round 3 Uplink ended with a score of 4-16 both in favor of OpTic Gaming.
Mostly good in easy win
May 27, 2017
Arcitys was solid as eUnited eliminated Evil Geniuses 3-1 on Day 2 of the Stage 1 Playoffs.
Arcitys had an interesting game again Evil Geniuses on Day 2 of the Stage 1 Playoffs. Round 1 Hardpoint was utterly dominant performance by eUnited. It was rather close up until both teams were in the 50-point range, and then eUnited ran away with it -- they ended up taking the round 250-111. Arcitys had a 27/18 KD and 1:23 on the objective -- it was a solid game in a great performance by the team. He was rather quiet in a tight Round 2 Search & Destroy that saw eUnited fall in the final Game 11. The next two rounds were carbon copies of the first round -- total domination by eUnited. Round 3 Uplink saw them win 14-1, while Arcitys personally had a weird game. He went 14/27, but still managed to score five points. It was a testament to how strong a game eUnited played -- even with his minimal slaying output, Arcitys scored the second most on his team. There was plenty of room for eUnited offense. Round 4 Hardpoint was perhaps the biggest blowout of the match -- eUnited had leads of 42-0 and 100-9 before finishing off the round and match with a 250-64 win. Arcitys went 20/12 with 1:22 on the objective, finishing off Evil Geniuses in impressive fashion.
Can't find spawns
May 27, 2017
Arcitys stepped up as a slayer with a 76/94 KD in a loss to Enigma6 on Day 1 of the CWL Pro League Playoffs.
Surprisingly, Arcitys shifted off his spawn-focused gameplay and became much more aggressive in this series. This change was both good and bad. The good was that Arcitys was able to keep up the slaying as his other teammates, mainly Prestinni and SiLLY, had slower games. Round 3 Uplink on Frost saw Arcitys spawn-trap Enigma6 with Trinity Rockets alongside Gunless' Scorestreaks. The only problem was that Prestinni and SiLLY weren't as knowledgeable of spawns as Acritys is. This was evident in Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 4 Hardpoint, where hill rotations and spawns were simply given up. Enigma6 only had to rotate early to win a hill, which was painfully obvious in Round 4 Hardpoint. Arcitys closed Round 5 Search & Destroy with a 9/6 KD.
Tries some strange plays
May 8, 2017
Arcitys dabbles in the off-meta with a 93/73 KD in a loss to Luminosity Gaming on Day 3 of Group Yellow of the CWL Pro League.
Arcitys tried some new tricks in a strong series for him. Normally, Arictys doesn't slay very hard, but he found himself topping the leaderboards in almost every round. In Round 1 Hardpoint on Throwback, Arcitys also experimented with his normal style of play by picking up the Gravity Gun Payload instead of the standard Overdrive. Despite scoring a 34/28 KD and several killstreaks mid-game, Arcitys only got his Payload once. But it found some outstanding use in the third Barn hill where he fired two gravity wells into the cramped hill. Surprisingly, the wells clumped all of Luminosity Gaming for some easy kills to break the hill. Arcitys closed his weekend in Round 5 Search & Destroy with a 7/6 KD.
Big late game to cap off reverse sweep
May 7, 2017
Arcitys had a big final round performance as eUnited capped off an improbable reverse sweep of Epsilon eSports to open Day of Group Yellow of the Global Pro league.
The match up started off terribly for eUnited and Arcitys. Round 1 Hardpoint was an absolute drubbing, as they lost 250-81. It was not even close, as the score suggested, and Epsilon eSports looked to be unstoppable. Arcitys was tied with the team-high in kills with 12, which is more evidence to Epsilon eSports' domination. Round 2 Search & Destroy was closer, but Arcitys was not all that involved in the 10-game affair that saw eUnited look like they were to be swept. Round 3 Uplink saw eUnited wake up in a big way. Arcitys opened up the scoring with a throw, and they would never lose the lead from there. He ended up with 26 kills in the round, and eUnited picked up steam from then on. Arcitys struggled a bit in Round 4 Hardpoint, going 17/20 with 46 seconds on the objective, but his teammates had rock solid games, and eUnited got payback for round one with a rather easy Hardpoint win. Round 5 Search & Destroy was big for Arcitys -- he had the final kill in Games 2, 8 and 9, the last one secured the reverse sweep for eUnited.
Wins game despite low KD
May 6, 2017
Arcitys just holds the defense with a 77/83 KD in a win against Millenium on Day 2 of Group Yellow of the CWL Pro League.
Arcitys, once again, proves that slaying isn't everything. Round 1 Hardpoint on Scorch saw a solid performance, but it was really his defense that saved the team. On the third Turbine, Arcitys hold a corner while he peppered shots at Millenium. Millenium couldn't land their shot on Arcitys while he refused to challenged, staying alive long enough for his team to spawn in by Drill. This allowed eUnited to just flood the tough point with overwhelming numbers. Then, in Round 4 Hardpoint on Retaliation, Arcitys won his team spawn again on the fourth and final bridge point by just snaking behind a car. Again, Millenium couldn't flush Arcitys off the map and push eUnited's spawns out. Arcitys closed with a 26/25 KD in Round 4 Hardpoint.
Holds the spawns for his team in tough places
May 6, 2017
Acritys continued to be the iron core of his team with an 81/80 KD in a win against Epsilon eSports on Day 2 of Group Yellow of the CWL Pro League.
"My teammates do everything and all I have to do is kill people," Arcitys perfectly explains his role in a simple post-game interview after his win over Epsilon eSports. Of course, there's more to Arcitys' role than simply killing people while his teammates do "everything." Arcitys holds the spawns for his team, holds the objective and covers his teammates' flanks in difficult gunfight this series. Respawn rounds saw the full force of eUnited's strategies, especially in Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 4 Hardpoint. Round 4 Hardpoint on Throwback pushed Arcitys to the limit with explosive teamfights. But thanks to Arcitys, eUnited hardly ever had to struggle to find favorable spawn rotations. Arcitys closed Round 4 Hardpoint with a 26/33 KD.
Still able to win despite inconsistent performance
May 6, 2017
Arcitys had an inconsistent day during his Group Yellow Day 1 Game of the CWL Global Pro League against Luminosity Gaming, as his overall KD of 88/85 demonstrated.
Arcitys can't let up on his slaying skill for eUnited for even a second, and his lukewarm performance for his team demonstrated that fact. The KD for his first two games, 23/24 for Round 1 Hardpoint and 5/7 for Round 2 Search & Destroy, wouldn't help in eUnited's first two games against Luminosity, which Luminosity won. When Arcitys finally got in gear for Round 3 Uplink, where he scored a nasty 33/23 KD and put three of eUnited's four points on the board, that's when the team's fortunes would change as well. Although he slumped again in Round 4 Hardpoint with a 19/27 KD, the reverse momentum was effectively started. This allowed Arcitys to peak again during Round 5 Search & Destroy, scoring an 8/4 KD and ending a tense match where eUnited would win 3-2.
Strong beginning and end in win
May 5, 2017
Arcitys started and ended the 3-1 win over Millenium very strong in Day 1 of the Global Pro League's Group Yellow play.
Arcitys best games came at the beginning and at the end of the match. He opened up the match with a 26 kill performance in Round 1 Hardpoint that was a solid team game -- he led eUnited in kills, but everyone did their part to win the round rather easily. Round 2 Search & Destroy was also an easy win, as Arcitys was a strong slayer and eUnited only dropped one game in the round. Round 3 Uplink was a wake up call for all of eUnited. Arcitys was okay, going 23/23 (which, in reality was much better than half of his team) and scoring one point. However, Millenium went totally off in the round, and dropped 15 points on eUnited -- they totally dominated the map, and stifled all of eUnited's offense. Arcitys stepped it up for Round 4 Hardpoint, playing a key role in the win. He had two big kills when Millenium was up 114-112, and went of a big hold of the objective to give them a lead that would hold up. He also got the last kill and the final few seconds on the objective to secure the win.