Preston Sanderson 
United States
Low man on the totem pole
August 13, 2017
Prestinni only managed a KD of 53/68 when eUnited took down Allegiance on Saturday for a spot in the winners semifinals of the 2017 Call of Duty World Championship.
Prestinni was a bit rough around the edges in this series against Allegiance on Saturday. Of the four rounds that his team played in this series, he only found himself with a positive KD in two of them. Even then, he was barely a plus-1 in each of those rounds. It just seemed as though he was a bit out of sync with the rest of his teammates, even his twin Arcitys. Still, he was big in the final Hardpoint round, securing plenty of late rotations to give his team the big win that moved them on into the semifinals against Team EnVyUs. Prestinni will need to bring a bit more to that series if eUnited wants to move farther in Orlando.
Juggernaut in Hardpoint
August 13, 2017
Prestinni shatters with a 69/75 KD in a loss to Team EnVyUs on Day 4 of the CWL Championships.
Prestinni has always been overshadowed by his teammates. This series saw him break from those shadows. Sadly, it also saw Prestinni drop to the losers bracket. Round 1 Hardpoint on Breakout was an absolute blowout thanks to Prestinni's insane slaying skills of a 23/15 KD where he scored two separate seven killstreaks. The slaying allowed Prestinni to easily snowball the map's punishing rotations as he continually cut the spawns of Team EnVyUs. However, he couldn't keep up the slaying for long. The first half of Round 3 Uplink looked like a blowout, again thanks to Prestinni. But his inexperience got the better of him in the second half when he struggled to break a spawn trap from Team EnVyUs for close to four minutes.
No slaying in loss
August 12, 2017
Prestinni had trouble slaying, but had good objective play, in the sweep loss to Luminosity on Day 4 of the 2017 Call of Duty World Championship. The loss eliminated eUnited from Champs.
Prestinni did not do much with his gun, and that started in Round 1 Hardpoint. The round was back and forth, with both teams having a very real shot to win. eUnited ended up on the wrong side of a 250-213 score. Prestinni had a poor KD ratio (19/28), but he lapped up 1:33 on the objective. Round 2 Search & Destroy was an awful round for eUnited, as they did not manage to win a single game. Round 3 Uplink saw Prestinni have a huge moment. Down 10-9 with twenty seconds left, he threw the drone in to momentarily keep their hopes alive. It forced overtime, but they would lose it rather easily and get eliminated.
Builds up his teammates
August 11, 2017
Prestinni played a subtle force in a 3-1 win against Luminosity Gaming on Day 3 of the 2017 CWL Championships.
Prestinni stepped back from the spotlight to let his teammates do what they do best: slay. The only rough round was Round 1 Hardpoint on Retaliation which is easily Luminosity Gaming's best map and game mode. Subsequent rounds, however, saw eUnited quickly improve thanks to improved slaying and Prestinni watching his team's flanks. This was prominent in both Round 2 Search & Destroy and Round 3 Uplink where he was able to spot flanks from Luminosity Gaming. In Round 4 Hardpoint, he'd squeeze out a set of Scorestreaks thanks to him constantly challenging Hardpoints. Prestinni's Scorestreaks were absolutely vital in clutching out the third Bike Path point as Trinity Rockets and Bombardments cleaned out the map.
Solid but unremarkable
August 10, 2017
Prestinni gave a solid but forgettable performance in his win over Team Infused in Group C on Day 2 of the CWL Championships.
It was a fairly smooth slide into the playoffs for Prestinni. Unfortunately, this also mean that Prestinni didn't have much to show for his efforts in a standard game. Prestinni and eUnited continue to work well together with Prestinni extremely willing to fill roles for his team. This largely meant he stayed as his team's anchor as SiLLy slayed, Clayster scouted, and Arcitys lagged behind in kills. His flexibility was best seen in Round 3 Uplink where he stacked with the lagging Arcitys to help pad his score line.
Elusiveness puts Lethal on tilt
August 10, 2017
Prestinni put together a 51/41 KD in eUnited's win over Lethal Gaming on Day 1 of Call of Duty Champs 2017.
Prestinni was one of the main catalysts for eUnited in this big win on the first day of Champs. He started off with a multi-faceted performance in Round 1 Hardpoint, as he was not only the top slayer (27/13), but he had the most time on the point (1:44) too. Despite his strong performance in that round, he was probably one of the main reasons why eUnited struggled so much in Round 2 Search & Destroy, as it took him nine games to get a single kill. Luckily for him and eUnited, he chose that round to absolutely go off. Not only did he pick up an ace by the game's end, he made one of the slipperiest plays ever seen in Call of Duty. He somehow managed to evade for JuJu for almost a full minute while the Lethal player unloaded almost three full clips in his direction. JuJu even landed a good amount of shots, but couldn't get that elusive kill. Perstinni clutched the 1-vs-1 and then eUnited pushed on to the 6-5 win. He continued to play well in Round 3 Uplink, mainly choosing to focus on the objective. He finished the round with seven of his team's 13 points in the 13-6 win.
Links with his teammates to slay
August 9, 2017
Prestinni synced up with Arcitys to deliver a clean 3-0 win against Mindfreak on Day 1 of the CWL Championships.
Not only is Prestinni a team player, but he's has also become a consistently solid slayer, seen best in Round 1 Hardpoint. There, Prestinni stuck close to Clayster to help secure pushes and hills with their aggressive challenges. Round 3 Uplink on Precinct saw him make two important dunks by coordinating with his brother Arcitys. In the first half, it was a tough pass from Arcitys that allowed Prestinni to get a clean dunk that immediately swung the game in eUnited's favor. Then in the second half, Prestinni dropped a game-winning dunk thanks to Arcitys' excellent blocking through back alley.
Not his usual slaying self
August 3, 2017
Prestinni was simply off his game as he fell to Team EnVyUs's assault in the Winner's Finals match of the Stage 2 Playoffs, only notching an overall KD of 47/65.
Prestinni usually is one of the slaying stars of eUnited, but today just wasn't his day. Round 1 Hardpoint was especially difficult for Prestinni, as he only scored a KD of 17/27 and got a mere 10 seconds of Hardpoint control time, while Team EnVyUs beat them by almost 100 points. Prestinni managed to fare slightly better in Round 2 Search & Destroy, where he broke even with a 6/6 KD, but again Team EnVyUs would handily trounce them by a four-game lead by the end of the round. Round 3 Uplink was a situation where Prestinni simply could not keep himself alive, as he only notched a KD of 24/32 in a surprisingly low-scoring game, a game in which Team EnVyUs would barely win, shunting eUnited to the Losers Bracket.
Forces some aggressive plays
July 29, 2017
Prestinni plays a little too aggressively with a 79/84 KD in a win over Enigma6 on Day 1 of the Stage 2 CWL Playoffs.
Prestinni was the forward point player for eUnited, helping them in some rounds and hurting them in others. Round 1 Hardpoint saw Prestinni's aggression hurt eUnited when he made an over-eager push onto the third Hangar hill by himself, forcing eUnited to trickle in at a critical point and losing them the map. Round 3 Uplink was a better example of Prestinni's aggression paying off. At the top of the second half, Prestinni made an obscene dunk by simply gunning for the drone and immediately running it for a dunk. He and his teammates didn't bother to slay out, allowing for a quick dunk that pushed the map into his team's favor.
Scores low but clutches up
July 17, 2017
Prestinni scores low with a 56/59 KD, but still finds the plays to beat Splyce on Day 3 of Group Yellow.
Prestinni may have been the weak link of eUnited, but he didn't have to do much against a weak Splyce while Clayster dominated the game. Despite essentially replacing Gunless in the new lineup, playing forward positions, Prestinni still needs to work on his consistency in KD scores. Round 1 Hardpoint on Throwback did see Prestinni make an important play with his Active Camo. On the last Baseball hill, he popped his Active Camo and straight for Zer0, Splyce's main slayer. When he scored the kill on Zer0, he flipped Splyce out of the hill. Prestinni closed Round 1 Hardpoint with a KD.
Big Search & Destroy in win
July 16, 2017
Prestinni played well in the second round of the sweep win over Red Reserve on Day 3 of Group Yellow.
Prestinni had a slow start to this one. In a strong Round 1 Hardpoint performance for eUnited that saw them win 250-143, Prestinni was largely ineffective. He went 15/23, with 38 seconds on the objective, not doing much to contribute to the win. He turned it around in Round 2 Search & Destroy, notching the final kill in Games 4, 5, and 8, giving them to a 2-0 lead. Round 3 Uplink saw Prestinni have a middling 20/26 KD ratio, but he did contribute four points. Two of them came at the biggest possible moment, netting them the game winning points in an 8-6 victory with seconds left on the clock. It capped off an incredible comeback from being down 6-3 with around 45 seconds left.
Continues to be the new Gunless
July 15, 2017
Prestinni melts with a 65/51 KD in a 3-0 sweep of Rise Nation on Day 2 of Group Yellow.
Prestinni stomped Rise Nation. There's no other way to put it. But surprisingly, he never scored huge Scorestreaks, instead making some impressive plays with his Active Camo. Prestinni clutched the Round 1 Hardpoint with a seven killstreak on the last Hardpoint, using his Active Camo to punish Rise Nation's spawns form the hill. Round 3 Uplink on Precinct was a better display of Prestinni's skills as he made a risky play with his Active Camo. He ran across the billboard sign with his Active Camo up, casting a shadow and a dangerous target on his back, but Clayster was able to clean out the lane as Prestinni pushed the dunk. The dunk secured eUnited's victory despite the risks.
Dissolves late in loss to Red Reserve
July 15, 2017
Prestinni compiled an 83/89 KD during Saturday's 3-2 Group Yellow series loss to Red Reserve.
Prestinni started off strong with a five killstreak early in Round 1 Hardpoint and later added another four killstreak to his resume, but finished just 22/21 with 1:07 of hill time as eUnited dropped the first round of the series. He finished with a mediocre 8/8 KD during Round 2 Search & Destroy, but had a key kill of Joee as he attempted to ninja defuse the bomb and later notched a two-kill round to take a 3-1 lead en route to eUnited knotting things up. Prestinni's Round 3 Uplink and Round 4 Hardpoint (combined 46/52 KD) left much to be desired, he did have a nice couple of kills to assist in eUnited taking control of the Cathedral hill on Retaliation as the teams split the pair of maps to force a Round 5. Unfortunately, Prestinni fell below even again on the KD scale to the tune of a 7/8 mark as eUnited dropped their first series of Group Yellow with a 6-4 Round 5 Search & Destroy loss to fall to 2-1 overall.
Snaps down Splyce from afar
July 15, 2017
Prestinni annihilates with his long-range in a 3-1 win over Splyce on Day 1 of Group Yellow.
Prestinni didn't impress as much as Clayster or SiLLy, but he was still more than great. Instead of attempting to slay, like in his earlier series against Rise Nation, he handled the objective and defense alongside Arcitys. His best round was in Round 3 Uplink on Precinct where he was able to get three dunks and a throw with a 20/26 KD. The huge set of points was thanks to SiLLy blocking for him as he glided across the map with the drone in the second half. Prestinni didn't waste time hitting safest routes and instead hit the fastest route possible through the street instead of ticket side. Prestinni then exploded in Round 4 Hardpoint with 22/10 KD, just obliterating with an assault rifle.
Matches Clayster's shots
July 14, 2017
Prestinni burns through Rise Nation with a 91/83 KD in a 3-1 win on Day 1 of Group Yellow.
Prestinni, alongside Clayster, was eUnited's core slayer in this series. In eUnited's premiere series after a dramatic roster change, Prestinni has filled the role Gunless left by taking both the SMG role and the important Active Camo Payload. Round 1 Hardpoint on Retaliation saw Prestinni clutch up a very close round by using his Active Camo to get two kills on the last Bridge hill. Prestinni also posted strong numbers in Round 3 Uplink on Frost thanks to the map favoring SMGs. However, even when Prestinni posted a 39/29 KD, his teammates couldn't slay out enough to capitalize on his kills. Again, this was due to the map design with both Clayster and Arctiys struggling to snap kills with their assault rifles.