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Returns to Projekt Evil
October 7, 2017
ProFeeZy will return to Projekt Evil alongside his new team consisting of Glory, Lyric, and Beehzy.
There was some thought ProFeeZy might wind up leaving Projekt Evil, who he teamed with during the 2017 World Championships, but that evidently will not be the case as the new unit has signed on with the organization to start the season. They'll need to get off to a fast start if they hope to qualify for the Call of Duty Global Pro League.
Leaves Projekt Evil
August 17, 2017
ProFeeZy has left Projekt Evil and is expected to form a new team with Glory and Lyric, the organization announced on Wednesday.
It was a difficult season for ProFeeZy and company, with the team failing to win a single game during in their respective pool at the Call of Duty World Championships. ProFeeZy and the rest of the team will look to change their fortunes in the next game, Call of Duty: World War II.
Joins Most Wanted
April 14, 2017
ProFeeZy will join FA5TBALLA's new team on Most Wanted, Dexerto's Mike Kent reported on Wednesday.
ProFeeZy was with PNDA Gaming before the team split apart, rejoining with FA5TBALLA's new team, Most Wanted. The team appears to be very confident and could certainly make a push to qualify for CWL Pro League Stage 2, but that decision won't come until the conclusion of Stage 1.
Breaks off of PNDA Gaming
March 22, 2017
ProFeeZy will be looking for two players to comprise his new roster after both he and Pemby broke away from PNDA Gaming on Thursday.
PNDA's fall from upset-darlings at CWL Atlanta to disappointing performers at CWL Dallas was dramatic, as the team missed out on qualifying for the CWL Global Pro League. That prompted a complete roster upheaval, as ProFeezy and Pemby will go their separate ways while FA5TBALLA and Prophet will head up another team. While it hasn't been ruled out that either of these two rosters will stay with PNDA, for the moment it looks like ProFeeZy won't be panda for much longer.
Big Round 3 Uplink pushes PNDA despite loss
February 12, 2017
ProFeeZy started slow, but helped PNDA Gaming take OpTic Gaming to five games in a loss to OpTic Gaming on Saturday in Day 2 of Pool Play at MLG Atlanta.
ProFeeZy began pretty poorly in Round 2 Search & Destroy, as he had no kills in the early rounds. The later rounds were his time to shine, though, where he picked up a big ace to take a 5-4 lead. But they couldn't finish strong and OpTic got the 6-5 win to tie things up. Round 3 Uplink saw ProFeeZy rack up an immense amount of kills in the round, but that didn't translate into points in the first half. They finally did break into the game during the second half to take the round 8-3. Round 4 Hardpoint was a poor showing from all of PNDA, as they were no match for OpTic in the round. OpTic took all of the early Hardpoints and made it so that PNDA had no chance at anything in the game. Round 5 Search & Destroy was more of the same; they only picked up a single win the entire round.
Up and down in loss
February 12, 2017
ProFeeZy had an up and down showing as PNDA Gaming nearly slayed OpTic Gaming, but were eliminated 3-2 on MLG Atlanta's championship Sunday.
ProFeeZy had a great objective game in Round 1 Hardpoint, and was key in the round win. He had 1:45 on the objective, as well as some clutch kills on the hill to keep them in PNDA possession. He stopped the bleeding in Round 2 Search & Destroy, notching the final kill in Game 3 -- the first game PNDA won in the round. The bleeding would continue, though, as OpTic took the round. His Round 3 Uplink performance was defense based. He had a very hot and cold Round 4 Hardpoint showing, struggling really bad early on, but holding the hill for a long time to give a lead. He popped off a seven streak in that stretch, and notched the final kill in force a Round 5. He was the main bomb planter in Round 5 Search & Destroy, and had the final kills in game three, and game seven, a one on one with Scump with the health of Reactive Armor. Despite his solid last round performance, PNDA would lose a decisive Game 11 to OpTic.
Held strong with his team
February 12, 2017
ProFeeZy sticks to his guns in a win against Allegiance on Day 2 of MLG Atlanta.
ProFeeZy seemed to struggle a bit against a smarter opponent in Allegiance, but ProFeeZy clutched out in the end alongside FA5TBALLA. Nothing changed drastically for ProFeeZy throughout the series, only Allegiance changed. For example, Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 4 Hardpoint saw ProFeeZy stack heavily with FA5TBALLA on the Hardpoint. Both handled the objective well as they covered each other's flanks closely. But, the same stacking tactics failed in Round 2 Search & Destroy and Round 3 Uplink. Allegiance played around the clustered PNDA Gaming and out-maneuvered them. In Round 5 Search & Destroy, ProFeeZy's stacking suddenly saw a massive success despite FA5TBALLA and ProFeeZy not changing a single thing in their tactics. ProFeeZy was able to wipe Allegiance in a breezy seven-game Round 5 Search & Destroy by simple running and blasting Allegiance in the face.
Supported FA5TBALLA with his own kills
February 11, 2017
ProFreeZy assisted his team's core players with a 98/88 KD in a win over Evil Geniuses on Day 2 of MLG Atlanta.
ProFreeZy, a new player to Call of Duty, has found a comfortable home in PNDA Gaming. ProFreeZy has been shocking the pro-scene with his debut on stream today with his aggressive and in-your-face strategy. Part of the newcomer's success has to be attributed to his team since ProFreeZy barely left their side. Stacking with forward with FA5TBALLA, Prophet and Pemby held up his rear flank while all four slammed Evil Geniuses. The lightning-fast Round 5 Search & Destroy was proof that ProFreeZy's playstyle worked with him taking the round in only six games. However, ProFreeZy still needs some practice. Round 3 Uplink saw ProFreeZy fumble with the ball several times, such as missing throws, screwing up wall movements, and missing passes to teammates. However, ProFreeZy was able to clutch out Round 3 Uplink thanks to a last second throw that put PNDA Gaming in the lead.
Up and down in the loss
February 11, 2017
ProFeeZy had a hot and cold showing in the 3-1 loss to Splyce on day two of MLG Atlanta. He posted a KD ratio of 78/78 KD in the match.
ProFeeZy failed to find any consistency in the loss to Splyce on Saturday, PNDA's second loss in two matches. He had a strong objective game in Round 1 Hardpoint, and managed 20 kills, but it was a up and down round for him -- he went on streaks of playing well to streaks of struggling. He had a poor 5/9 KD in Round 2 Search & Destroy, a round that was really carried by his teammates. His best two performances came in the last two rounds, especially in Round 3 Uplink -- their only round win. He was a defensive dynamo in the round, notching 34 kills as well as a key interception. He was key to the win. He was one of two PNDA members, alongside Pemby, who had a solid Round 4 Hardpoint performance, but they needed a strong game from everyone to pull off the upset.
Joins PNDA Gaming
September 26, 2016
ProFeeZy will join PNDA Gaming as the organization plans to participate at UMG Orlando.
While PNDA Gaming admirably managed to qualify for Call of Duty XP, the team failed to make much of a difference, getting knocked out during the group stage of the event. The disappointing finish left a lasting mark on the group, as both Nelson and TuQuick (retirement) opted to leave the team. In to replace the duo will be two members from i2, ProFeeZy and Pemby. Neither player has contributed much in upper-echelon competitive tournaments, but the duo has had some success during Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and could make for an intriguing roster alongside FA5TBALLA and Priest.
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