Mike Ruiz 
United States
Free Agent
Leaving InControl Gaming
February 15, 2018
MRuiz will no longer play for InControl Gaming according to in-game leader, Nelson.
Shortly after defeating Luminosity Gaming in the CWL Pro League Challenge, it appears as if InControl Gaming have decided to switch things up, with MRuiz reportedly choosing to "not compete anymore." Of course MRuiz famously "retired" from Enigma6 after the team earned a spot in Stage 1 of the CWL Pro League during Infinite Warfare, allegedly pushed out the door by the organization itself. MRuiz would then return for CoD Champs, so it'll be interesting to see whether history repeats itself once more.
Teaming with InControl Gaming
January 29, 2018
MRuiz will team with InControl Gaming, the organization announced over the weekend.
MRuiz has jumped between a number of teams after leaving Enigma6 during the middle portion of the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare season, having recently teamed with Havok Esports before hitting free agency after a dismal performance at CWL New Orleans. He'll join Nelson, Riviction, and Demise on InControl Gaming.
Free Agent
Also becomes free agent
January 21, 2018
MRuiz will become a free agent, the slayer announced on Saturday.
MRuiz will enter free agency with at least 6,000 Pro Points, which should be enough to entice a team looking to take a chance on the player. The former Enigma6 slayer has had a rough go in 2017-18, bouncing between a handful of teams without making many waves with any of his previous rosters.
Free Agent
Aligns with Havok Esports
November 15, 2017
MRuiz will be a part of the Havok Esports banner, Preston Byers of Dot Esports reports.
While we've known about the roster for some time, the former Engima6 slayer and company have finally been linked to a roster, with Havok Esports locking in the intriguing lineup to a reported four-month contract. Should the roster stick together, the timeline would see this iteration of the Havok Esports roster play in multiple major open events in the season.
Free Agent
Changes up roster for new season
October 2, 2017
MRuiz will not be teaming with Tempo, instead bringing on former Enigma6 teammate, Kade, after he was jettisoned from the team earlier this week.
It was announced in a recently deleted tweet that MRuiz would be teaming with Tempo, ExiB, and Holler to begin the new competitive season. That lineup will be the same, with Kade replacing Tempo in an effort to reunite the former Enigma6 teammates. No word yet as to which organization this roster might play under.
Free Agent
Finds new team
September 5, 2017
MRuiz has found his team ahead of Call of Duty: World War II, as he's expected to team with Holler, Exhibit, and Tempo.
It's certainly not a big-name lineup, but MRuiz was a part of arguably one of the highest rising amateur teams in the scene last year in Enigma6, so anything is possible when it comes to success in Call of Duty: World War II. Besides MRuiz, Holler is arguably the most well-known name on this squad, spending time with Team Kaliber last season.
Free agent heading into next season
August 24, 2017
MRuiz is a free agent heading into the next season, the player announced on Wednesday.
MRuiz last played for Echo Fox during the 2017 Call of Duty World Championships, but the team failed to make it out of pool play. However MRuiz did gain notoriety with Enigma6 during the leadup to the Stage 1 playoffs, as he was supposed to "retire" just prior to the pivotal tournament to allow for a new roster addition before the CWL put a squash to the move for "competitive reasons". Still, it's hard to question MRuiz isn't talented enough to play on an up-and-coming team, so it seems likely the former EF slayer will find his way onto another team before the start of the new season.
Carries Enigma6's spirit
August 10, 2017
MRuiz spread his unconventional plays in a loss to OpTic Gaming in Group A on Day 2 of the CWL Championships.
MRuiz may have lost his chance at playoffs, but he certainly made OpTic Gaming work for their victory. This was in part thanks to MRuiz's previous experience with Enigma6. However, MRuiz's scrappy didn't allow him to win the whole series, and this mainly due to OpTic Gaming's strong and consistent slaying. This was exemplified in Round 3 Uplink, where MRuiz helped steal a dunk and throw, but couldn't withstand OpTic Gaming's assault in the final minute of the round. Similarly, OpTic Gaming blasted past MRuiz in round 4 Hardpoint even as he tried to flank and poke his way into Hardpoints.
Qualifies for 2017 CoD World Champs
July 28, 2017
MRuiz and Echo Fox have qualified for the Call of Duty World Championships after beating HavoK Esports at the Last Chance North America Qualifier.
To describe MRuiz's 2017 competitive season as a roller coaster may be an understatement. Having broke out with Enigma6, who made multiple surprise wins throughout the beginning half of the competitive year, it was announced that the three-year veteran would be retiring from competitive Call of Duty. However, that only appeared to be a ruse for Enigma6 to switch up their roster throughout Stage 1, as MRuiz would play with Oxygen Black before signing on with Echo Fox in July. He'll join a roster that could wind up being a dark horse depending on which group they fall in, as Echo Fox boasts a group of veterans and youngsters alike.
Free Agent
Will not be retiring
June 1, 2017
MRuiz will compete at CWL Anaheim with Oxygen Supremacy, likely meaning the player will not be retiring from competitive Call of Duty.
While it's unlikely that MRuiz's team will make any waves at CWL Anaheim, it's important to note that he will be participating in competitive CoD, something his former team, Enigma6, announced just a day earlier would not happen. The organization quickly backpedaled from there, saying MRuiz simply changed his mind. Regardless of whether it was misinformation or not, Enigma6 always appeared set to make a roster change following the end of Stage 1, while MRuiz seems content to compete on a different team. Whether he makes it back into the Global Pro League remains to be seen.
Retiring from competitive CoD
May 31, 2017
MRuiz has retired from competitive Call of Duty, the organization announced on Tuesday.
It still remains to be seen whether MRuiz will actually be retiring from competitive Call of Duty, but it's safe to say the slayer will leave Enigma6 after the organization announced the addition of Royalty. More information regarding MRuiz's future may start to trickle out after CWL Anaheim.
Still expected to leave Enigma6
May 29, 2017
MRuiz is expected to leave Enigma6 Group, the organization announced earlier this weekend.
MRuiz was always expected to leave Enigma6 following the Stage 1 Playoffs ever since rumors leaked the organization was planning a lineup switch. While the CWL squashed the supposed lineup changes because teams are now allowed via rule to change lineups during a particular stage, Enigma6 appears to be holding through with the changes, swapping out MRuiz for a new member. Whether MRuiz is leaving via retirement or just set to join another team remains to be seen, but more information should trickle out in between the end of Stage 1 and the start of CWL Anaheim.
Solid S&D performance just wasn't enough to stop OpTic Gaming
May 29, 2017
MRuiz contributed for his team during Search & Destroy, but ultimately his other mode performances were lackluster with an overall KD of 49/60, unable to stop OpTic Gaming winning over Enigma6 Group in Losers Round 2 of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 1 Playoffs.
MRuiz needs to put some time in on the respawn game modes if he ever hopes to help his team secure victories in future tournaments. Round 1 Hardpoint left something to be desired as he only scored a 21/24 and 46 seconds of objective control time. MRuiz's Round 2 Search & Destroy was pretty solid, with a break-even KD of 9/9, three bomb plants and a defusal, so no major complaints there. But Round 3 Uplink saw MRuiz's KD get stomped upon, with only 19/27, and of course his scoring three of Enigma6 Group's 10 points just wasn't enough to stop another OpTic Gaming victory, as OpTic swept them 3-0, eliminating Enigma6 from the Stage 1 Playoffs.
Steady, but can't win
May 27, 2017
MRuiz was a consistent force with a 92/80 KD in a loss to Splyce on Day 2 of the CWL Pro League Playoffs.
MRuiz just couldn't make the most of his kills. Even with a decent KD, problems cropped up as early as Round 1 Hardpoint on Throwback. Splyce's tight map control forced MRuiz and Enigma6 to take risky plays of pinching and flanking. While this worked at times, with MRuiz often leading the charge for a three-stack engagement while Proto flanked Splyce's rear, it wasn't enough to win spawn control. Enigma6's "risky" tactics found the most success in Round 3 Uplink thanks to MRuiz. Several times, he simply found one-point throws by roaming around. By Round 5 Search & Destroy, MRuiz was attempting to pick up the slack. Unfortunately, the smarter plays from Splyce forced Enigma6 out of the winner's bracket. MRuiz closed Round 5 Search & Destroy with a 10/9 KD.
Steady, but not game-changing
May 27, 2017
MRuiz was a solid center for his team with a 77/79 KD in a win over eUnited on Day 1 of the CWL Pro League Playoffs.
MRuiz, unlike the rest of his team, didn't have a spotlight moment in this series. Instead, MRuiz was a patient player that helped hold his team's defenses and points instead of hunting for kills. The only round where MRuiz was aggressive was Round 1 Hardpoint when he was able to swing the game into Enigma6's favor. Scoring a five killstreak, MRuiz suddenly gave his team the space to perform with General soon going off and scoring his full suite of Scorestreaks. Later rounds would see MRuiz disappear into the background, but it was something Enigma6 needed. With three members playing absurdly aggressive, MRuiz became that one player who sat back to hold spawns. MRuiz closed out Round 5 Search & Destroy with a 5/5 KD.
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