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New team for 2018
September 6, 2017
Twizz will be teaming with LegaL, Nelson, and Fears to start the new competitive season.
Each player brings a bit of name recognition, with Nelson and Twizz making it to the 2016 Call of Duty World Championships before failing to qualify this past year. As of now, the team does not have an organization, but that should be remedied before the start of Call of Duty: World War II.
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Brought into Denial eSports
June 12, 2017
Twizz joins Denial eSports alongside Killa, Prophet and MiRx, Prophet announced on his Twitter.
A newer player to join the CWL, Twizz was recently brought on with the likes of Killa and MiRx, long-time Call of Duty veterans. The new team was announced just after the cut-off date for CWL Anaheim, but the new Denial eSports will be competing in Anaheim. With a nice mix of veterans and new-comers, Denial eSports should make a decent splash at Anaheim.
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