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United States
OpTic Gaming
Pressures Team Kaliber's weakpoint
January 23, 2018
Scump slams the weak defenses of Team Kaliber in a 3-1 win on Day 1 of Week 1 of the Stage 1 CWL Pro League.
Scump returns to form. No longer the limping and passive player from CWL New Orleans, Scump simply took an SMG and ran straight into Team Kaliber to do what he does best: slay. Team Kaliber's strength has always been their flexibility and consistency, but against a streaky player like Scump these strengths meant very little. Round 2 Search & Destroy on USS Texas saw Scump tear with a 13/4 KD through pure aggression despite going against some impressive set-ups, like in Game 9 where he clutched a triple kill.
Fails to crack top 8 at CWL New Orleans
January 18, 2018
Scump and his teammates on OpTic Gaming got knocked out of the running in the 9-12th position by renewed European squad Red Reserve, stopping OpTic just short of reaching the top 8 at CWL New Orleans. OpTic still remains a top seed for the Pro League.
Scump and the rest of OpTic Gaming probably didn't expect their CWL New Orleans run to end like this: failing to place even in the top 8 due to a lack of team cohesion against Red Reserve. OpTic Gaming looked like a force to be reckoned with in the transition back to boots on the ground, and they certainly were at CWL Dallas with their 3rd-place finish, but whatever they had working for them at CWL Dallas seemed notably absent at CWL New Orleans. Fans are, of course, asking for a roster change to prevent future losses, but that seems highly unlikely. Scump seems to have taken this loss as a time to improve on his game going into Stage 1.
Tapers off in upset loss to Echo Fox
January 13, 2018
Scump failed to show up when OpTic Gaming needed him to in a 1-3 loss to Echo Fox in the Winners Bracket of CWL New Orleans.
Scump started this series hot with the most kills early on in the series, but before long, he and the rest of OpTic started to falter. It all started in Search & Destroy where they didn't give Formal much help in the rough loss. This rough play continued into Capture the Flag where he started 2/8 in the round where they only managed one capture. While he had a good amount of time on the point in the final Hardpoint round, it was nowhere near enough to stop the Green Wall from crumbling into the Losers Bracket.
Struggles to find footing
December 11, 2017
Scump stumbled out of the running for CWL Dallas in a losers' finals loss to Splyce.
Scump never found a way to rebound from his stunning loss to Team Kaliber moments before this match. While certainly performing better, it was his finer coordination with his teammates that constituted the loss. Scump continued to play his forward-point position the entire series. This meant Scump needed to find early leads in Scorestreaks or spawn manipulation in order to pull ahead of Splyce. He found this small lead in Round 1 Hardpoint, but nowhere else. His somewhat lackluster aim contributed to this problem as he turned him into fodder against Splyce.
Shut down by stuns
December 11, 2017
Scump gives a surprisingly slow performance on Day 3 of CWL Dallas in a loss to Team Kaliber that knocked OpTic Gaming to the losers' bracket.
After firing on all cylinders all weekend long, Scump finally hit a wall this series. Scump was the one to make the least amount of noise in the lobby, a striking example of OpTic Gaming's weakness this series. However, the loss wasn't entirely his fault. Team Kaliber played a long-ranged game against OpTic Gaming. This left Scump, one of the game's best SMG players, unable to make an impact. Team Kaliber had every lane on lockdown even as Scump tried to break through their defenses, such as in Round 1 Hardpoint on Ardennes Forest where Scump struggled to break hills. Combined with Team Kaliber's use of stun and smoke grenades, and Scump simply couldn't show up in an anti-SMG series.
Had good spots in win
December 10, 2017
Scump was a little inconsistent but was good overall, in the 3-2 win over Splyce on Day 3 of CWL Dallas. The win put OpTic Gaming in the winner's bracket final.
Scump and OpTic Gaming got off to a terribly slow start in Round 1 Hardpoint. They were blown out 250-63, and OpTic as a whole struggled to do much of anything. Splyce were incredibly impressive. Scump picked it up in Round 2 Search & Destroy, including winning two of the games -- one with a slick slide and kill and Splyce were seconds away from defusing the bomb, and a double kill to secure the last game. He was key to evening up the series. After a Round 3 Capture the Flag performance that was very close to the first round, OpTic and Scump put together a good showing in Round 4 Hardpoint. He was hot and cold in the round, but a four killstreak was big in swinging the Hardpoint time in their favor. Scump was very consistent in Round 5 Search & Destroy, regularly getting first bloods and putting OpTic Gaming on the right foot.
Strong objective game in win
December 10, 2017
Scump did a good job on the objective in the 3-1 win over Red Reserve on Day 3 of CWL Dallas. The win saw OpTic Gaming advance into the winner's bracket semis.
Scump was an objective monster despite his rather pedestrian slaying in Round 1 Hardpoint. The round ultimately went Red Reserve's way, due to OpTic Gaming overall lack of slaying. Scump's strong objective play kept the game rather close, however, and allowed OpTic to start a very late comeback attempt that was for naught. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw Scump lag behind his teammates in the slaying department -- though that was more due to his teammate's strong play and not due to him struggling. He also was the primary bomb carrier in the round. Scump took the lead role in Round 3 Capture the Flag, setting the tone early and being a key reason why they had a quick lead. Round 4 Hardpoint saw OpTic put together a strong team game, winning 250-113.
Overcame slow start in win
December 9, 2017
OpTic Gaming overcame Scump's slow start, cruising to a 3-1 win over rivals Team EnVyUs during group play on Day 2 of CWL Dallas.
Scump had a really slow start to this match, struggling through the first two rounds of the match. OpTic Gaming had enough firepower to overcome his poor play in Round 1 Hardpoint, but they dropped Round 2 Search & Destroy. Scump finally turned it around in Round 3 Capture the Flag, as he and Crimsix paced OpTic Gaming in the first half. He continued to play well in the second half, and OpTic Gaming took a 2-1 lead. Round 4 Hardpoint was all Scump. He led OpTic Gaming against a SlasheR and Temp led Team EnVyUs team. Scump led a very balanced OpTic offensive attack that secured them the win.
Locks up No. 1 spot in North America
November 30, 2017
Scump, along with his OpTic Gaming teammates, have earned a pool play spot at CWL Dallas.
The reigning world champions have done nothing to dissuade their status as one of the best teams, if not the best team, in the world. Multiple first-place finishes in recent online North American 2Ks have OpTic Gaming sitting as the top seed from the aforementioned region.
Still the star of OpTic despite some stumbles
August 19, 2017
Scump made some mistakes during his Day 4 match against Splyce at the 2017 CWL Championships, but he easily made up for them to help OpTic Gaming win the series and get an overall KD of 81/81.
Scump wasn't firing on all cylinders 100 percent of the time against Splyce, but thankfully, he fixed his misfires with even greater fury. He came out swinging in Round 1 Hardpoint with a KD of 25/20, a total bolstered by his effective use of Reactive Armor. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw Scump floundering, however, as he made some costly mistakes such as exposing himself too much when trying to stop a bomb defuse in Game 1, and Scump ended up with a KD of 6/9 that round. Scump didn't have the best game in Round 3 Uplink either, only scoring a KD of 17/26, but he surprisingly put a toss and a dunk on the board to contribute to OpTic Gaming's score that round. Scump got his groove back in spades in Round 4 Hardpoint, easily notching a 25/19 KD and tying with FormaL for the most Hardpoint control time. Scump closed out the series in dramatic fashion by getting an 8/7 KD in Round 5 Search & Destroy, even if he let his teammates get some of the glory that round.
Beams with SMG to win CWL Championships
August 14, 2017
Scump conquers Team EnVyUs, with a 80/70 KD in the first series and a 49/58 KD in the second series, at the 2017 CWL Championships double-series Grand Finals.
After two years of being "the best player to never win a Championship", Scump has finally won one by tearing through Team EnVyUs. Aggression was the name of the game with Scump and Crimsix sticking their usual strategies of high-flying flanks and teamfights. Scump was much more present in the first set than the second set. Round 3 Uplink on Throwback was easily Scump's best round in both sets, scoring an impressive 36/21 KD. Scump used the map's jagged corners to pinch Team EnVyUs alongside Crimsix as Karma and FormaL moved the drone. A seven killstreak at the start of the half from Scump essentially secured OpTic Gaming the map as it landed Scump his full suite of Scoresteaks that clutched plays. He'd his Bombardment to stop Team EnVyUs from winning a potentially disastrous teamfight and his Trinity Rockets would clear the way fro Crimsix.
Laid back in win
August 13, 2017
Scump played a support role in the sweep win over Luminosity Gaming. The match secured OpTic Gaming's spot in the 2017 Call of Duty World League Championship Grand Finals through the Losers Bracket on Day 5 of the tournament.
Scump did not light the world on fire with this performance -- he simply laid back and let his teammates do the talking. Round 1 Hardpoint was an easy win for OpTic Gaming. They coasted to a 250-107 win after leading the whole time. Scump went 21/20 with 58 seconds on the objective in the win. It was a background performance, and he did the same in the next two rounds. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him get the final kill in Game 4, en route to a 6-3 win. Round 3 Uplink was an easy 11-2 win, and Scump went 25/23 with two points. He was pretty laid back in the round, and really opted to support his teammates.
Scorches at a blistering pace
August 13, 2017
Scump blazes with a 41/38 KD in a victory over FaZe Clan on Day 4 of the CWL Championships.
Scump played fast and hot to dismantle FaZe Clan. In Round 1 Hardpoint, this meant he was front and center with Crimsix, slaying out FaZe Clan with dual SMGs. The map turned into an absolute stomp. Scump's sights and aggression were simply too much and on a map like Breakout, where you can chain hills easily, early victories won the game. The only time Scump ever looked like he was in trouble was in Round 3 Uplink. FaZe Clan was able to take control of the first half thanks to some streaks. In return, Scump blew out the second half with a triple kill by drone spawn that gave OpTic Gaming total map control. With just three kills, Scump handed his team a decisive series win.
Outperforms everyone in sweep win
August 11, 2017
Scump finished OpTic Gaming's sweep of Mindfreak Black in the Round of 16 at the 2017 Call of Duty World Championship with an impressive 72/35 KD.
While FormaL has been the one turning heads all weekend long for OpTic, Scump is doing his best to keep pace and keep his name in the narrative. He certainly did that with a sweltering performance in their first series on Friday. No matter the round, he was showing great positioning and accuracy to rack up kill after kill. There was just nothing at all that Mindfreak could do to stop him or FormaL in this series. Quite frankly, Scump is probably just fine with FormaL topping all the KD charts since it leaves him a bit more free to slay with the best of them. When a player goes 39/18 in a single round, what do you do? Clearly Mindfreak had no answer and Scump led OpTic to the easy win.
Plays an uncharacteristic and rocky game
August 10, 2017
Scumps showed weakness in a dominant win over Echo Fox in Group A on Day 2 of the CWL Championships.
Scump, unsurprisingly, qualified for playoffs thanks to this game. However, Scump's performance was lackluster towards the end of the series due to a poor round. Round 1 Hardpoint on Scorch was a quick stomp for Scump thanks to his and Karma's teamwork. Both slayed excellently as their sights blasted Echo Fox apart, giving them Scorestreaks by the second set of rotations to easily close out the game. Scump then gave an abysmal performance in Round 4 Hardpoint, where he scored an unthinkable 9/24 KD, easily sacking his team. Echo Fox was able to keep the game close due to Scump's poor shots even off as Karma went off.
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