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Rushes eUnited, for better or worse
January 13, 2018
Bance started strong before falling off in a 3-2 loss to eUnited on Day 1 of CWL New Orleans.
The change in the meta certainly favored Bance's style of play, evident by his domination in the first half of the series, but he still has some kinks to work out in his gameplay. Namely that Splyce lacks a solid defense. Bance utterly blew apart eUnited in Round 1 Hardpoint on London Docks. The map's long lanes and narrow crosses are almost perfectly tailored to Splyce's strategies of short-range combat and long-range support. But, when eUnited brought the fight to Splyce, such as in the cramped Round 4 Hardpoint on Sainte Marie Du Mont or in Round 5 Search & Destroy, Bance buckled, which led to the tough loss.
Shuts down long-range
January 13, 2018
MadCat tried to cover lanes in a tough 2-3 loss to eUnited on Day 1 of CWL New Orleans.
MadCat and Splyce didn't stray far from their typical two assault rifles and two SMG setup, and for good reason. MadCat's sights on his assault rifle continue to dominate entire maps. Maps like Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 3 Capture the Flag saw him absolutely tear apart eUnited while holding spawns across the map, a critical point that gave Splyce full map control. Problems only occurred later on due to some strange eUnited shenanigans. Round 4 Hardpoint saw Clayster pull out Akimbo pistols to flank Splyce, taking MadCat completely off-guard. From then on, the aggressive hit-and-run tactics of eUnited tore through Splyce's defenses as MadCat struggled to spot out flanks in time to stop them.
Pokes holes in eUnitde's defense
January 13, 2018
Jurd smashed eUnited while on the offense in a 2-3 loss to eUnited on Day 1 of CWL New Orleans.
Jurd continued to do "Jurd things" as his SMG melted eUnited. At least, when Jurd was the one initiating fights. Round 3 Capture the Flag on London Docks was a highlight for Jurd as he pressed eUnited's defense alongside Tommey. The two of them easily able pinched out eUnited with Jurd flying in with his SMG while Tommey secured the final kills before pulling the flag, once in the first half and two more times in the second half. But this all turned around in Round 4 Hardpoint. Quickly, eUnited made sure to start every fight instead of Splyce having a single advantage. This often left Jurd and Tommey out in the cold as their backline was melted by the full weight of eUnited's lineup.
Comfortably rounds out Splyce
January 13, 2018
Tommey gelled smoothly with Splyce despite a disappointing 2-3 loss to eUnited on Day 1 of CWL New Orleans.
Tommey has easily filled the role ex-teammate Zer0 used to fill last season. In fact, Tommey has largely brought more consistency to his team thanks to his steady aim. But more surprising is how Tommey has made Splyce far more mobile than ever before. Partnering with Jurd, Tommey secured plenty of kills before making a grab for the objective in Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 3 Capture the Flag. This freed up MadCat and Bance to make a solid defense to hold spawns. Unfortunately, the thin composition allowed for an exploit. Members of eUnited took Tommey's scouting as an opportunity to hit Splyce's backline before coming for Jurd and Tommey, a kind of divide-and-conquer and hit-and-run strategy that took Splyce completely off-guard in the last half of the series.
Brings the game to Team Kaliber
December 11, 2017
Bance attempted to play Team Kaliber's off-meta game only to lost 2-3 at the CWL Dallas grand finals.
Having been one the few team not to have faced off against Team Kaliber, Splyce were in for a massive surprise. The off-meta Team Kaliber threw a wrench in nearly every one of Bance's plans, but thanks to the versatility of his teammates, he was nearly able to make a comeback. Originally running triple SMGs and one assault rifle in Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 2 Search and Destroy on Ardennes Forest, Bance had the team make a switch to two assault rifles and two SMGs in order to counter Team Kaliber. This switch proved life-saving since it gave Splyce the small advantages needed to take Team Kaliber in Round 4 Hardpoint and Round 3 Capture the Flag. While this won Splyce two rounds, they couldn't win three as the stress of the long weekend got to them in Round 5 Search and Destroy.
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