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Joins Splyce
September 19, 2017
Tommey joins Bance, MadCat and Jurd on Splyce, according to the organization's Twitter.
After Zer0's surprising departure, Splyce have quickly found their replacement in Tommey, formally of Fnatic. Fnatic had a roller-coaster season last year as the team struggled to break past Splyce and Epsilon eSports. However, Tommey was easily the most stable element on the team, but it's a questionable decision to replace Zer0, a top-tier slayer in the first half of last year's season, with Tommey, a consistent, yet unspectacular player. However, Tommey seems set to bring an element of stability to Splyce, a team that was plagued with inconsistent slaying.
Released from Splyce
September 6, 2017
Zer0 has been released from Splyce, the player announced on Wednesday.
It wasn't necessarily a surprise to see Zer0 announce his free agency, with rumors swirling that he could join a North American team in the near future. If that were the case, it would be the biggest case of European talent leaving the region in likely the history of Call of Duty, as Zer0 is a proven slayer with a championship-winning pedigree. While it's all speculation at this point, one thing is for certain: Splyce will have a hard time replacing their embattled slayer with the current crop of European free agents.
Utterly destroys the competition during Uplink
August 19, 2017
Zer0 dropped a massive KD onto Epsilon during Uplink and score an overall KD of 81/77, helping his team Splyce knock out Epsilon from the 2017 CWL Championships on Day 4.
Zer0 started out in Round 1 Hardpoint with a modest KD of 22/21, which was still positive, but his time was yet to come. Round 2 Search & Destroy was clearly Zer0's worst round with a KD of 3/8. However, Zer0's time to shine was clearly in Round 3 Uplink, where he dominated in KD with a massive number of 39/21, only three kills from being double positive that round. He'd also get a dunk onto the scoreboard that round to boot. Round 4 Hardpoint was anticlimactic in comparison, where he'd only be able to score a 13/20, a sharp contrast to Round 3. Round 5 Search & Destroy ended up being a whimper of a round for Zer0 with only a KD of 4/7, but at least his team Splyce drove those nails into the coffin of Epsilon 3-2, eliminating them from the championship running.
Dominates Round 1 Hardpoint, but runs out of steam
August 19, 2017
Bance came out swinging against Epsilon eSports on Day 4 of the CWL Championships, but his lack of endurance got the better of him as he only posted an overall KD of 82/92.
Bance was like the Clubber Lang of Splyce - delivering a beating early on, but didn't have the endurance for the long game. Round 1 Hardpoint was clearly Bance's best round, where he'd drop a KD of 29/26 and easily keep Epsilon off the Hardpoints. Bance's downfall started in Round 2 Search & Destroy, where despite his planting of the bomb a couple of times, he'd only notch a KD of 5/8. Even though Bance was showing early signs of exhaustion, he did manage to score the game-winning dunk during the overtime of Round 3 Uplink, while notching a barely negative KD of 26/27. However, this was the last major play of Bance for the series, because in Round 4 Hardpoint he'd go negative once again with a 16/21 KD, and again in Round 5 Search & Destroy with 6/10.
Goes big on the Search & Destroy rounds
August 19, 2017
Jurd had tough rounds, but his solid Search & Destroy gameplay with an overall KD of 72/82 clutched a victory for Splyce on Day 4 of the 2017 CWL Championships, knocking Epsilon eSports out of the brackets.
Jurd had a tough time against Epsilon eSports, but he'd clutch up at the end to be the one nailing Epsilon eSports' coffin shut. Round 1 Hardpoint saw Jurd floundering at the start, for while Splyce won that round, Jurd notched a negative KD of 17/21. Jurd fared slightly better in Round 2 Search & Destroy, a round which saw Jurd notch a break-even KD of 8/8 despite Splyce ultimately losing that round. Round 3 Uplink saw Jurd notch a KD of 18/24, but he also scored an early dunk, a score that helped Splyce ultimately win as the round went into overtime. Round 4 Hardpoint wasn't a pleasant round for Jurd, where he'd only get a 17/23 KD and the least Hardpoint control time of his team at twenty-seven seconds. But Jurd was the difference maker in a super-tense Round 5 Search & Destroy, where he'd drop a KD bomb of 12/6, using FTL Jump to score the final kill in a heart-pounding Game 11 and sealing Epsilon eSport's fate.
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