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United Kingdom
Likely to join HyperGames Team
October 28, 2016
Watson was shown in what appears to be a team picture for HyperGames Team, a photo which was posted on Friday.
One of the better members on Team LDLC, Watson will likely join a HyperGames Team squad that was one of the better teams in the European region throughout Stage 1 and 2. That success during the regular season didn't translate to tournament success, as the group earned the dubious distinction of being considered online warriors while faltering in LAN competition. This new unit seems to have the same sort of promise as previous HyperGames Team rosters, especially considering the addition of Reedy to the young unit. Given the new rule changes which will be implemented during the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare season, it will be interesting to see how this team develops when competition officially kicks off.
Expected to join HyperGames Team
October 28, 2016
Reedy is expected to join HyperGames Team, as evidenced by the team picture posted on Twiter on Friday.
Reedy was a part of the massive group of European players that were released from their respective teams following Call of Duty XP. While the tweet doesn't necessarily confirm Reedy's slot on HyperGames Team, it seems unlikely the organization would post what amounts to a team picture if Reedy was not on the team. This new lineup figures to perform well given the collection of talent, but it remains to be seen if this group can compete with some of the upper-echelon teams in the European scene, such as Splyce.
Has a rough time in loss to Splyce
September 2, 2016
QwiKeR had a 63/73 KD against Splyce.
HyperGames had a rough go of it against Splyce, and QwiKeR was no exception. He had a rough start, ending Round 1 Hardpoint with a lobby-low 50 seconds of Hardpoint time, as well as going 32/38; it was a round to forget, mostly. QwiKeR had a nice double kill in Round 2 Search & Destroy, which saw him team get a little run of momentum afterwards; however, it would not last, and they would go on to lose the round. He had a better performance in Round 3 Uplink, although the round was over within the first two minutes, when Splyce went up by double digits. Although HyperGames was sent to the losers bracket, QwiKeR put up a respectable 24 kills and two throw-ins. Overall, the entire match was unmemorable for QwiKeR and HyperGames, and they will look to bounce back in the losers bracket.
Bright spot in loss to Splyce
September 2, 2016
Nolson led his team in slays, ending the match with a 67/70 KD.
Nolson was one of the lone bright spots for HyperGames when they were swept by Splyce to get sent to the losers bracket. Nolson was an offensive dynamo in Round 1 Hardpoint, ending the round with a lobby-leading 40 kills. He was all over the map, and showed how good of a slayer he can be, but they struggled to hold off Splyce's four-pronged attack. Nolson continued his hot slaying hand in Round 2 Search & Destroy, ending with six kills, as well as the final kill of game four. Nolson started the (futile) comeback effort for HyperGames after going down by double digits in the opening minutes of Round 3 Uplink, capping off an impressive eight-killstreak. He gave HyperGames a life, and momentum, when they needed it, but it was far too little too late. Nolson will hope to continue his slaying powers to push HyperGames through the losers bracket.
Struggles early in loss to Splyce
September 2, 2016
Zed ended the match with a rough 56/66 KD.
Zed was mostly poor as HyperGames suffered a 3-0 defeat to Splyce that will send the team down to the losers bracket. Splyce, who had an incredible team performance throughout the match, suffocated much of HyperGames, and Zed fell victim to Splyce's strong play more often than not. He ended Round 1 Hardpoint with a nice 1:25 of Hardpoint time, but really struggled offensively, ending with a lobby-low 27 kills. He was constantly pushing to the Hardpoint, but he could not win any firefights. His inability to win firefights kept up in Round 2 Search & Destroy, as he went a paltry 4/7. Zed can take some solace in his Round 3 Uplink performance, as he was the only HyperGames member to end with a positive KD (25/22) and he tacked on two of his team's four throw-ins. Zed will need to find his Round 3 form if his team are to make noise in the losers bracket.
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Team News
Call of Duty
HyperGames Team dropping out of Call of Duty
November 10, 2016
The European team, HyperGames, is dropping out of the Call of Duty World League.
Despite announcing a new line-up two weeks ago, the organization behind HyperGames is dropping their Call of Duty team. The move was due to a series of budget cuts after HyperGames was bought out by Webedia, a French media company. This was likely due to Webedia already operating Millenium and PSG eSports, two large teams that compete in multiple games, while HyperGames was a much smaller team that only competed in CoD. The fate of the former members of HyperGames is unknown. However, it's speculated that they will be free agents in search of a new sponsor.