LDLC severely outclassed in series loss to OpTic
September 2, 2016
Watson earned a KD of 48/67 in LDLC's loss to OpTic on Friday.
Watson was one of the worst members of LDLC in this series against OpTic. You really just got the feeling that they were completely outmatched in the series. In Round 1 Hardpoint, he started off pretty bad with no Hardpoint time and not many kills, either. He ended up having the best KD on his team in the round, but that wasn't really saying much. In Round 2 Search & Destroy, he was frequently left alone and caught out a bit. He tried to use his sniper at the start of rounds, but was never able to find a kill with it. LDLC were really picked apart in the 6-0 loss. Round 3 Uplink was his worst round by far. He started off with the worse KD in the first half, and it didn't get better from there. The one moment that encapsulated his series was when he played extremely scared with his Tempest, got no kills with it ,and ended up jumping off the map. There was just nothing that LDLC could do in this series against OpTic.
Provides no opposition to OpTic in loss
September 2, 2016
Zerg nabbed a poor 42/54 KD in LDLC's lopsided loss to OpTic on Friday.
Zerg tried his best to get his team going at the beginning of Round 1 Hardpoint, as he was the basically the only one trying to get the Hardpoints early on. He ended with the least amount of kills, but the highest time on the hill (1:13). Round 2 Search & Destroy didn't start off very well, as he played a bit too scared in a 1-vs-2 in game three. It wasn't as if he was going to win it, but his hesitation really hurt him. Round 3 Uplink was more of the same, with LDLC getting completely ripped to shreds. He did manage to get a really nice throw-in from pretty far away, but it turned out to be their only score of the game. LDLC were just completely overpowered in this series against OpTic.
Outgunned by OpTic
September 2, 2016
Niall ended LDLC's 3-0 loss to OpTic on Friday with a 47/62 KD.
Niall was extremely outmatched and outgunned in this series against OpTic. His main highlight in the opening game of the series was when he ended with a couple team kills, which just shows what kind of game he and his teammates had in this round. They looked lost and completely out of sorts. Round 2 Search & Destroy was even worse for him. He had no kills in the Round 2 Search & Destroy at all, as they got dismantled 6-0. He started off Round 3 Uplink a bit stronger with a couple quick kills to throw off the early strategy of OpTic. After that, though, LDLC just continued to get beat down and lost the last round 14-1.
Has most kills on his team, but just poor play overall
September 2, 2016
ShAnE put up a lowly 56/68 KD in LDLC's 3-0 trouncing at the hands of OpTic.
ShAnE had the most kills for his team in the really lopsided loss to OpTic, but that wasn't saying much, since his KD was still pretty substandard. He only had 22 seconds of time on the hill in Round 1 Hardpoint and was never able to rotate with the best of them. They ended up losing 250-98. He started off Search & Destroy with no kills in the first three games. He did pick up a couple kills in games four and five, but it was too little too late, as they were taken down 6-0. Round 3 Uplink was another complete trouncing at the hands of OpTic. He had a subpar first half before picking up the first blood of the second half to try and secure the drone, but it didn't really work out for him. LDLC have a lot of work ahead of them before they will ever be able to compete with the big boys of the Call of Duty scene.
Tries his best to help team despite their deficiencies
July 15, 2016
Zayrox was unable to compete during Thursday's playoff loss against Splyce.
Zayrox had problems matching Splyce's skill level this series thanks to an endless parade of poor calls from his team. While Zayrox started out strong in Round 1 Hardpoint, it became clear as the series dragged on that Supremacy just couldn't match Splyce. The skill gap was clear in every other round besides Round 1 Hardpoint. In Round 2 Uplink, Zayrox was never able to touch the ball. In Round 3 Search & Destroy, Zayrox would either stack too heavily with his team or split too far from his team. The former was seen in game 2 of Round 3 where all of Supremacy was pinned down on a single point, while the latter was seen in Game 8 where Zayrox used his Overdrive to push ahead only for his team to get caught in a 4-vs-3 gunfight. Round 4 Capture the Flag was a pretty clear victory in favor of Splyce, with Zayrox only grabbing the flag once before it was quickly returned in a matter of seconds.
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Call of Duty
Leaves Call of Duty scene
January 4, 2017
Team LDLC announced on Monday they will leave the Call of Duty scene effective immediately.
Citing a lack of investment from Activision, LDLC will step away from the Call of Duty scene after a brief entry, most notably managing to qualify for Call of Duty XP in their first season in the CWL.