100 Thieves
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Likely joining 100 Thieves
November 22, 2017
Ssumday is expected to join 100 Thieves in the coming days, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports.
Ssumday certainly didn't wallow in free agency for long, as the former Team Dignitas top laner only announced his availability a day prior. While it's not necessarily a formality, 100 Thieves appear to be building the rest of their roster with available North American talent, hinting that Ssumday is expected to occupy the team's second import slot, having signed Ryu to open free agency.
Nelson: Listed as starter despite controversy
May 24, 2016
After reportedly walking away from 100 Thieves, Nelson is expected to rejoin the team, team owner Nadeshot reported Monday.
While the situation surrounding the 100 Thieves roster seems to get more bizarre by the minute, it appears at the very least that Nelson will likely keep his spot on the team, if only because the team burned through both of its allotted transaction moves, picking up both Aches and Remy in the last two weeks. Nelson's struggles are well documented at this point, but he could be a candidate to rebound upon his poor numbers with the leadership of the aforementioned Aches and Remy.
Aches: Jettisons from CLG to 100 Thieves
May 20, 2016
Aches will forego his contract with Counter Logic Gaming to sign with 100 Thieves, the team reported Thursday.
After former 100 Thieves member, Nelson, announced that he would leave the organization Wednesday, the team appeared to be in desperate need of a capable slayer. However it seemed as if most of the free agent market had dried up thanks to multiple pros signing with organizations in an effort to compete in the upcoming MLG Anaheim tournament, making the Aches signing a truly shocking move. What's more, despite rumors that the 19-time champion was considered a nuisance to team chemistry, 100 Thieves went out of their way to buy out his contract from Counter Logic Gaming, despite the fact that Aches and 100 Thieves owner, Nadeshot, have had issues with one another in the past. While the angst with Nadeshot appears to be resolved, it remains to be seen whether Aches will be able to co-exist with his current team during Stage 2. If he can make it work, the slayer could regain his footing among the top CoD players in the world, and will be in a pristine situation moving forward, working with one of the most popular CoD owners of all-time.
Nelson: Struggles during loss
May 11, 2016
Nelson struggled during Tuesday's loss to Dream Team, finishing with a 59/79 KD.
Not much has went right for the newest team to join Stage Two, as 100 Thieves has rarely been able to put up much of a fight, only winning their first contest of the season. The trend certainly continued on Tuesday, with Nelson in particular failing to make the necessary plays. In the deciding Round 4 Capture the Flag, Nelson tried to turn the contest around, scoring the second flag capture for his team, a pivotal move considering time was beginning to tick down in the game. However, a poor use of his Heat Wave specialist during a failed flag steal set the stage for a productive Dream Team counterattack, as 100 Thieves would drop Round 4 and game.
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