Valve Announces Name Changes for ELEAGUE Boston Major
Valve Announces Name Changes for ELEAGUE Boston Major

With less than a month to go until the ELEAGUE Major Boston, Valve has made some changes to the names of each stage to include the qualifying phase as well as giving all 24 teams in-game stickers. After a successful run at The Fox Theater in Atlanta, ELEAGUE is packing its bags to head up to the Northeast for the next Major at the Agganis Arena in Boston.

Starting January 12, the new Major format will kick off “The New Challengers” stage, previously known as the Major Qualifier, that will feature eight teams from the Minors and the bottom eight finishers from the previous Krakow Major. Moving up from the New Challengers stage, the top-eight teams will earn their place in “The New Legends” stage, also known as the group stage, which they will join the top-eight finishers from the Krakow Major.

Before heading off to Boston, the Challengers and Legends stage will take place at the studio in Atlanta. The action will then shift to Boston for the “The New Champions” stage, formally known as the playoffs, culminating the top-eight teams from the previous stage, who will also earn Legends status. The new system will also feature an expanded slate of teams, going from 16 to 24 teams as the qualifier and the Major itself are no longer two separate entities. However, it is unclear whether or not the Major will use the swiss system, which was previously used at both 2017 Majors in Atlanta and Krakow.

ELEAGUE General Manager and Vice President Christina Alejandre revealed that all 24 teams attending the event will have team stickers and player signatures available for fans, “provided they got all their info in on time.” ELEAGUE has also announced to fans that it will create a five-part documentary series on the Major. The series, premiering February 9 on TBS on Fridays, will provide insight from behind the scenes of the bootcamp preparation leading up the to the grand final.

As a result, the Major will last through a span of three weeks with the New Challengers stage starting from January 12-15, with the New Legends stage taking place on January 19-22, and finishing up with the New Champions stage on January 26-28.

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