Misfits and Cloud9 Hold Serve on Day 1 of The New Challengers Stage
Misfits and Cloud9 Hold Serve on Day 1 of The New Challengers Stage

The ELEAGUE Major Boston is now underway as 16 teams make a stop at the ELEAGUE Arena in Atlanta. Flash Gaming turned heads as the Chinese nearly dominated G2 Esports and FaZe Clan just edged out Team Liquid, who was playing with their coach “Wilton “zews” Prado acting as a stand-in. There were some interesting tales coming out of Day 1 so let’s dig right into it.

Misfits (1-0) vs. Flipsid3 Tactics (0-1): The North Americans of Misfits went head-to-head against FlipSid3 Tactics, who have shown in previous Majors to become a conflict to even some of the best in the circuit. Although this time that theory was all smoke and mirrors and captain and in-game leader Sean “sgares” Gares led his team to a dominating 16-4 win on Overpass.

Vega Squadron (1-0) vs. Renegades (0-1): The first match of The New Challenger stage kicked off with Renegades on Mirage. Neither team had ever played each other in any official tournament, and had similar win percentages on Mirage. Given the match up in similarity, each team had their share of a dominating half but a furry of force buys late allowed Vega Squadron to edge Renegades 16-14.

mousesports (1-0) vs. AVANGAR (0-1): mouz began the series on Mirage where AVANGAR made their mark with dominance early on. While it took mouz a minute to warm up against an unfamiliar playstyle from the CIS-region, mouz slowly began their march in the second half to secure the 16-12 win on Mirage.

FaZe Clan (1-0) vs. Team Liquid (0-1): FaZe Clan had one of the most bizarre matchups as of recent. Team Liquid, with a stand-in, managed to put FaZe on edge throughout the series, opening up with dominance early. FaZe brought it back at the half and continued in the second half, returning the dominance on the other side. However, Liquid retaliated and came close to forcing the events first overtime, but fell short of a win with a 16-14 finish.

Sprout Gaming (1-0) vs. Space Soldiers (0-1): In one of the more interesting matchups of the day went down between Space Soldiers. Sprout is comprised of the former PENTA Sports team that was released from the organization in late 2017. A slow start quickly turned tides later in the game as Sprout seemed more confident on the offensive side to close out the second half winning 10 out of 12 rounds in the 16-11 win.

Natus Vincere (1-0) vs. Quantum Bellator Fire (0-1): Considering the outcome of the matchup with another CIS-based team, Na’Vi had a rather sloppy game against Quantum Bellator Fire throughout the first-half. Tempers began to flare on the Na’Vi side but they still managed to turn things around in the second half with a brilliant display of defense to secure Inferno 16-8.

G2 Esports (1-0) vs. Flash Gaming (0-1): G2 Esports held their breath throughout the first half as Flashing Gaming came out with fire to take a huge 5-0 lead on the offensive side of Inferno. G2 managed to whittle down the Flash economy a little more and brought the deficit to just three rounds. Unfortunately for Flash, the second half was all G2 dominance on the offensive side to win ten out of twelve rounds to take the 16-11 win.

Cloud9 (1-0) vs. Team EnVyUs (0-1): The final match of Day 1 brought upon the other French squad EnVyUs, who didn’t show up to the game under after the second half. It was all Cloud9 in the first half with a dominating defensive showing on Cache to settle he first half with an 11-4 score. EnVyUs did bring back a game in the second half, contesting for the lead late in the second half, but the North Americans still prevailed and took the 16-11 win to go up 1-0.

Day 2 action will begin Saturday at 10 a.m. ET with FlipSid3 Tactics taking on Team Liquid.

Below is the full list of Day 2 matches:

0-1 Pool

FlipSid3 Tactic vs. Team Liquid

Flash Gaming vs. Quantum Bellator Fire

Team EnVyUs vs. Renegades

Space Soldiers vs. AVANGAR

1-0 Pool

FaZe Clan vs. Vega Squadron

Sprout Gaming vs. Cloud9

mousesports vs. Natus Vincere

Misfits vs. G2 Esports

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