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FaZe Clan
Can't help team overcome C9
January 28, 2018
rain put together a 63/72 KD during FaZe Clan's 2-1 loss to Cloud9 in the ELEAGUE Major: Boston grand finals.
In this hotly contested grand finals, rain managed to have the second highest KD of the bunch, which is indicative of why his team ended up losing the series. While he's no slouch in his own right, he's not necessarily the one to bring the house down. In fact, once the game was on the line, it was GuardiaN and NiKo who were showing up. It was just far too little too late for them to stop the North American's of Cloud9 in this 91-round, three-game grand final.
Quiet in the second half
December 17, 2017
rain went 14/21 on Friday in the 16-13 loss to Astralis at the ECS Season 4 Finals.
rain kicked off the series with a double entry-kill on the B-bombsite to help secure the pistol. His efforts led to a 3-0 start that quickly evened out thanks to Astralis. Both teams contested rounds but the defense of Astralis took the lead late. Shortly after, rain cut the lead in Round 13 with an upgraded pistol to pick up a triple kill on the A-bombsite entry. Going into the second half down 8-7, rain had a hard time finding his place on the defense as not many trade kills went in his favor nor could he find a way to win on the retakes. Earning six rounds, rain couldn't get any more on the board with a broken economy as Astralis took the win.
Breaks Liquid in win
December 17, 2017
rain gathered an even 18/18 KD in the 16-12 win over Team Liquid at the ECS Season 4 Finals.
Team Liquid took the pistol and the following anti-eco round but rain contributed to the quick offense on the A-bombsite to pick up a couple of rounds. In Round 6, rain broke the defense with a quad kill to punish the aggressive defense of Liquid to even the 3-3 score. The early contest began to dwindle away as rain struggled to get the entry-kills needed to stop the defense. Liquid took the 9-6 lead in the first half and picked up the second pistol round to start the second half. Although rain remained composed on the defense for the remainder of the half to shut down the Liquid offense to win 10 of the final 13 rounds to take the win.
Stumped in grand final rematch
December 10, 2017
rain earned an 84/79 KD on Sunday in the grand final loss to SK Gaming 3-1 of the ESL Pro League Season 6 finals.
rain bolted out of the gates on Inferno to help pick up a huge offensive 6-1 lead. However, SK contested to even the score 6-6 but rain got the entry-kills needed on the force buys to close the half with an 8-7 minimum. rain continued to find success with the aggressive force buys that carried over into the second half to pick up the team's first map win. A contested first half on Overpass resulted with rain picking up the 8-7 lead at the half thanks to his 1-vs-2 clutch on the A-bombsite to contribute his efforts in the lead. Unfortunately, rain contested in the second half but it wasn't enough to silence SK. rain seemed to struggle against SK on Mirage, despite shining some light with his hat-trick of frags in the second pistol but still wasn't enough to shake SK. Down 2-1 in the series, Train determined rain's fate, however, SK took up an 8-0 lead before rain shut down the streak with a ladder room hold. Pushing overtime, rain could only rattle SK for one round in the overtime action but could not force Map 5 in the 19-16 loss.
Rained on Fnatic for grand final spot
December 9, 2017
rain posted a 47/32 KD on Saturday in a 2-0 sweep over Fnatic in the semifinals of ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
rain marched back in the first half of Mirage on the Defense to hold the line on the A-bombsite to even the score 5-5 with a quad kill. He then broke the tie in Round 13 with a triple kill hold on the A-bombsite once again. His efforts eventually took the first half with a 9-6 score and went into the second half with resilience as rain dominated the offensive side to win seven out of eight rounds to take Mirage. The first half of Overpass proved to be tough for rain as his entry-kills helped the team edge with an 8-7 lead. He then tapped down three to start the second half, but Fnatic contested until his Round 22 quad kill hold on the A-bombsite helped the team secure the final four rounds to take the sweep, advancing to the grand finals.
When it rains, it pours
December 6, 2017
rain put up a 21/11 KD in FaZe Clan's 16-5 win over Astralis on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
When rain came out the gate with a quad kill in the opening round of this game, it was clear that he was here to play. From there on, he was doing it all in tandem with NiKo to shut Astralis down at every turn. He finished with an ADR of 103.1 and a 1.56 rating. If players like rain are able to back up the other heavy hitters on this team, FaZe will certainly be hard to beat as the week draws on.
Fatigued in Game 5 loss
November 19, 2017
rain posted a solid 103/82 KD on Sunday in a 3-2 loss to the Ninjas in Pyjamas in the grand finals of IEM Oakland.
rain picked up a few offensive rounds early on Cobblestone but the NiP defense was quick to reply and held the line for a lead at the half. rain then opened up the second half with a defense standpoint but the quick and aggressive offense of NiP stole the show. Going into FaZe's Inferno pick, the team shut down NiP on one of their less-confident maps in the map pool for an easy 16-7 affair. Going into Train, rain held off the NiP offense on the A-bombsite for several rounds but once the economy of NiP got stable, the rounds began to turn sides. rain went into the second half with an 8-7 deficit and couldn't break NiP for more than three rounds in the Game 3 loss. However, rain reigned supreme in Game 4 of Overpass with a perfect defensive first half for a 13-2 score. Although the second half was a bit more contested, he managed to force the extra rounds. Game 5 was a bit of a drag to the start as both teams were contested early on keeping the score close. However, NiP came out on top and then stole the show as rain couldn't win his trade kills or pick up more entry frags in the 16-10 loss on Cache.
Rain and thunder over OpTic
November 15, 2017
rain posted a firm 16/9 KD on Tuesday with a staggering 16-3 win over OpTic Gaming in Group B of IEM Oakland.
rain started Overpass with an aggressive approach as he picked up a quick 3-0 start. In Round 4, OpTic managed to hold out on the B-bombsite to earn their first round of the half; however, rain then responded with a seven-round streak. Finally, OpTic broke out for a few rounds, but rain would sustain the lead going into the second half with a 12-3 score. A smooth start on the defense would eventually coast through the second half as rain picked up map point with a triple kill hold on the aggressive push in middle. From there, rain would tally up a team-leading 108.0 ADR in the 16-3 win.
Remains perfect in 2-0 grand final win
October 15, 2017
rain went 43/33 Friday with a 2-0 win over Astralis in the ELEAGUE Premier grand finals.
rain started the series on Cache with a rather slow and dismal performance for the offense in the 12-3 first-half deficit. Although he came rallying back in the second half on the defense, including his Round 20 2-vs-1 clutch trade to save the round with a 13-7 score. He then went on in Round 27 to break the tie with his triple kill hold on the B-bombsite to earn the 14-13 lead. From there he would take Game 1 with an edging 16-14 win. He then went into Game 2 with a dominating display on the defense of Overpass, including his Round 7 triple spray down on the A-bombsite hold to take the 6-1 lead. He would then move on to take down Astralis in the first half with a 12-3 lead. Going into the second, a slow start resulted in Astralis winning a 3-0 opening on the defense but then rain ripped open the bomb site like a can to pull out a 16-7 win for the sweep.
Composed in 2-0 sweep
October 15, 2017
rain posted a firm 45/32 KD on Wednesday in the 2-0 win over Team EnVyUs of the ELEAGUE Premier quarterfinals.
rain started the series on Nuke where he and his team had a highly contested first half on the defense as nV kept close. The rounds traded as rain was strong in some rounds with the defensive hold on the B-bombsite and late rotations outside. Although the rounds were close, rain managed to take the first half with an 8-7 score. rain broke out of his shell in the second half picking apart the nV defense for seven offensive rounds to take mappoint. However, nV did come back with five-rounds as rain still rattled their cages with the pistol. Finally, rain closes Nuke with a 23/20 KD and 97.5 ADR in the 16-12 win. Despite losing the pistol round on Overpass, rain came firing back on the defense with a few massive B-bombsite holds to take the lead 5-1. He continued his consistency on the defense to pick up four more rounds before nV finally tallied their second for the half. From there, rain shut down the nV offense for a 13-2 half. Rain then ripped through the second half on the offense as nV could only hold off one round in the 16-3 loss as rain picked up a team-leading 22/12 KD and 136.3 ADR.
Returning the favor in Game 2
October 7, 2017
rain went 43/33 on Wednesday in a 1-1 split with North in ESL Pro League Season 6.
Mirage wasn't a smooth start for rain and his offense with a 2-0 deficit early on but a force buy in Round 4 shined some light early on. However, North's defense proved to be stubborn but rain got the frags and a few anti-eco round wins to pick up five rounds in the 10-5 deficit going into the second. The second half wasn't a start rain needed as North plowed through the defense to pick up a 14-5 lead. With rain's 20/23 KD and 79.6 ADR helped FaZe pick up seven straight for the defense, putting up a strong hold on the A-bombsite and late rotations to the B-bombsite to cut the lead within two rounds. Unfortunately, North come out on top to close out Game 1 16-12. In Game 2, rain picked up the first pistol round with a flawless B-bombsite hold to secure the pistol. From there, rain picked up a handful of rounds, including his Round 7 quad kill hold on the A-bombsite to secure the 6-1 lead. Rain kept hammering North on the defense getting another quad kill hold in Round 13 to shut down North for a 13-2 half. The second half was all offense by rain who earned a team-leading 23/10 KD and 121.7 ADR to close Inferno 16-4.
Big comeback in Game 2
September 30, 2017
rain posted a 31/30 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split with Ninjas in Pyjamas in ESL Pro League Season 6.
rain had a rough start to the series on Cobblestone posting a team-leading 14/16 KD and 76.5 ADR. Early on, rain met a contested defense but NiP shut them down for a dominating first half with an 11-4 lead. Again, rain had a better start early on in the second half but once his economy was broken, NiP took off with the map in a 16-6 win. In Game 2, rain controlled the first half on the offense starting with his triple kill to secure the pistol round win on Mirage. From there the offense held a strong lead that eventually gave them a 9-6 lead going into the second. rain's defense in the second half was too much for NiP to penetrate as he picked up a 17/14 KD and 73.6 ADR, winning seven out of eight rounds to earn the split in a 16-7 win.
Raining on Liquid's parade
September 18, 2017
rain secured the grand final of ESL One New York on Sunday with a 3-0 win over Team Liquid, to earn a 56/37 KD.
rain started strong on the defense with a 3-0 opening, then in the following round, his anti-eco triple kill hold on the A-bombsite secured the 4-0 lead. His early contributions led the team to a massive 15-0 blowout going into the second. After three rounds were lost, rain finally closed out Game 1 with a 16-3 line. In the next map of Overpass, rain had a blitzing first half on the offense shredding the Liquid defense to an 11-4 lead at the half. rain then picked up a huge triple kill in the second pistol round to set the tone. Although Liquid won 10 rounds, rain remained stout on the defense to close 16-14. Game 3 on Mirage, rain had yet another impressive first half on the defense shutting down Liquid on the retakes to close out the half 11-4. The second half resulted in a five-round blowout thanks to his 1-vs-3 clutch on the B-bombsite in Round 17, taking the grand final 3-0 in the 16-4 Mirage win.
Dominate on both sides in win
September 2, 2017
rain was superb on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a 25/14 KD in the win over mouz 16-9
rain started Day 1 with a triple kill hold on the A-bombsite to shut down the offense to take the 2-0 lead. He then set the score at 3-0 after another triple kill to hold the A-bombsite, stopping the rush from mouz. rain continued to pour over his opponents with multiple rounds with double kills on the A-bombsite and aggressive pushes middle, which helped push the 9-6 lead at the half. After giving up the first two rounds to start the second half, rain finally got on the board securing the 10-8 lead with a double entry-kill on the A-bombsite. rain was all over the map on the offensive side for the remainder of the half with entry-kills from odd angles, which shook the defense of mouz in the 16-9 loss on Mirage.
More of a drizzle
August 30, 2017
rain failed to impress with a 12/18 KD in FaZe Clan's loss to Ninjas in Pyjamas on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo.
rain quite simply limped out the gate in this series on Wednesday. After eight rounds, he only managed to scrounge up two kills in the first eight rounds of the game. Even as the game went on, he never got out of his slump at any points. It was more of a testament to how off FaZe looked as a team in this series. They couldn't seem to win any duels at all, which allowed NiP to do whatever it wanted in the series. FaZe will have to pick up the pieces in a hurry when they face mousesports in the first elimination match later in the day.
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