Havard Nygaard 
FaZe Clan
Raining on Liquid's parade
September 18, 2017
rain secured the grand final of ESL One New York on Sunday with a 3-0 win over Team Liquid, to earn a 56/37 KD.
rain started strong on the defense with a 3-0 opening, then in the following round, his anti-eco triple kill hold on the A-bombsite secured the 4-0 lead. His early contributions led the team to a massive 15-0 blowout going into the second. After three rounds were lost, rain finally closed out Game 1 with a 16-3 line. In the next map of Overpass, rain had a blitzing first half on the offense shredding the Liquid defense to an 11-4 lead at the half. rain then picked up a huge triple kill in the second pistol round to set the tone. Although Liquid won 10 rounds, rain remained stout on the defense to close 16-14. Game 3 on Mirage, rain had yet another impressive first half on the defense shutting down Liquid on the retakes to close out the half 11-4. The second half resulted in a five-round blowout thanks to his 1-vs-3 clutch on the B-bombsite in Round 17, taking the grand final 3-0 in the 16-4 Mirage win.
Dominate on both sides in win
September 2, 2017
rain was superb on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a 25/14 KD in the win over mouz 16-9
rain started Day 1 with a triple kill hold on the A-bombsite to shut down the offense to take the 2-0 lead. He then set the score at 3-0 after another triple kill to hold the A-bombsite, stopping the rush from mouz. rain continued to pour over his opponents with multiple rounds with double kills on the A-bombsite and aggressive pushes middle, which helped push the 9-6 lead at the half. After giving up the first two rounds to start the second half, rain finally got on the board securing the 10-8 lead with a double entry-kill on the A-bombsite. rain was all over the map on the offensive side for the remainder of the half with entry-kills from odd angles, which shook the defense of mouz in the 16-9 loss on Mirage.
More of a drizzle
August 30, 2017
rain failed to impress with a 12/18 KD in FaZe Clan's loss to Ninjas in Pyjamas on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo.
rain quite simply limped out the gate in this series on Wednesday. After eight rounds, he only managed to scrounge up two kills in the first eight rounds of the game. Even as the game went on, he never got out of his slump at any points. It was more of a testament to how off FaZe looked as a team in this series. They couldn't seem to win any duels at all, which allowed NiP to do whatever it wanted in the series. FaZe will have to pick up the pieces in a hurry when they face mousesports in the first elimination match later in the day.
Secures split in Game 2
August 26, 2017
rained posted a 24/41 KD on Wednesday in a 1-1 split against mousesports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
rain had a quiet first half of Cache on the defense with not much to show besides a few kills holding off mouz in the late comeback t o settle the half, down 8-7. rain remained in the shadows until Round 24 at match-point, getting an entry-kill into the A-bombsite followed by a bomb plant and a single frag to win the last round in the Game 1 loss 16-9. Game 2 rain had a slow start but managed to pick up Round 8 with a double entry-kill into the A-bombsite and a 2-vs-1 post-plant win to secure the 6-2 lead. After winning two more rounds, mouz came back to even the half 8-7. rain contributed to the 3-0 start by helping win Round 18 with a double-kill on the A-bombsite retake. Mouz won three straight of their own and eventually got to the 14th round, but FaZe quickly came back to tie 14-14. rain then sent Game 2 to match-point with a triple-kill hold on the A-bombsite, which gave FaZe the edge to win Mirage 16-14.
Brings on a heavy sprinkle in series loss
August 24, 2017
rain posted a 41/35 KD in his team's split with BIG in the ESL Pro League on Thursday.
rain was fairly consistent throughout this entire series, playing well enough in both games. His Game 1 performance was much better than the second game, however. He was incredibly consistent with his time in each round, finishing with a plus-10 KD in the game. His biggest round came in the second half where he picked up a big 4k in Round 21 to stabilize a bit of a skid that FaZe was on. That round win woke them up and they powered on to the win. Game 2 was a bit of an odd one. Despite the 16-8 win in Game 1, it took them nine rounds to find a single win on Train. While they ended the half well enough with seven straight and found a few rounds in the second half, he and NiKo were the only members of the team to post double-digit kills after 21 rounds. That's certainly not a recipe for success, and it showed in the 16-10 loss.
Consistency in 2-0 win over G2
August 23, 2017
rain earned a 40/22 KD on Tuesday following a 2-0 win over G2 Esports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
rain opened the series on Cache with a dominating showing on the defense, racking up frags and holding off everything G2 threw at him. After a 12-3 first half, rain continued to crush G2 in the second half on the offense, including his 1-vs-2 clutch on the post-plant to send FaZe to match point. After taking down G2 16-3, rain opened Game 2 on Overpass with a 1-vs-2 clutch on the post-plant to secure the pistol-round win for the offense. From there, a 3-0 lead developed before G2 fought back and put up a tremendous first-half showing to take the lead at the half 8-7. However, the second half belonged to rain as he schooled G2 with a 22/17 KD and 101.8 ADR in the 16-12 win.
Not enough firepower to win over BIG
July 19, 2017
rain earned a 16/19 KD on Sunday with the loss on Inferno to BIG at the PGL Major.
rain had a solid start over BIG with a 4-0 lead, including his Round 2 triple-kill hold on the A-bombsite as well as his Round 3 double-kill hold once again on the A-bombsite. However, rain began to dwindle in the mid game of the first half as BIG came rallying back on the offense. rain came close to a Round 11 win starting with a triple-kill hold on the A-bombsite, but a late comeback spoiled the fun. With rounds going back and forth, rain finally closed out the half with a triple-kill hold on the A-bombsite to save the round, despite taking an 8-7 deficit at the half. The second half was a dismal display as rain only picked up a handful of kills along with the lone round won for a 16-8 loss, earning the team an 87.3 ADR.
Unable to rain on SK's parade
July 9, 2017
rain earned a 44/38 KD on Saturday in the semifinal loss to SK Gaming at ESL Cologne.
rain had a slow start during an early 4-0 deficit on Overpass, but managed to get into the A-bombsite with ease over an SK mishap on the rotation for the first round. But his performance remained quiet as FaZe took a massive 13-2 loss at the half. The second half was nothing better as he and FaZe couldn't hold off the offense of SK for a tough 16-4 loss, earning a dismal 5/17 KD and 30.8 ADR. In Game 2, FaZe faced another slow start with a 3-0 deficit, but he got his team back in the game in a Round 4 triple kill hold on the B-bombsite for a win. Then in Round 6 rain saved the round with a quad kill hold on the A-bombsite to tie the game 3-3. rain and FaZe could only gather three more rounds for the 9-6 deficit at the half, but the second half wasn't a great start either giving up three rounds early. Finally in Round 19, rain's triple opening frag put the team back in the competitive picture along with his opening frags and perfectly timed flanks to force overtime. However, the extra rounds didn't go in his team's favor as he only helped win one round in the 19-16 Cache loss, posting a team-leading 39/21 KD and 108.1 ADR.
Not his usual self in loss
July 4, 2017
rain only managed a 10/22 KD in FaZe Clan's tough loss to mousesports on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
When FaZe needed him most, rain came up incredibly short. Whether it was lack of preparation for mouz, or waiting for the Cloud9/Na'Vi marathon game to end, something was off with rain and all of FaZe here. He started off somewhat consistent with strong rotations outside to try and stop mouz's roll, but then his play fell off a cliff. He had nothing to show for Rounds 13 to 23. While he came up with a 3k in Round 24 to inch them closer to a tie, FaZe simply faltered from then on and lost 16-12. The early deficits in the first half were simply too much to overcome.
Comes up with uncharacteristically off performance in tough loss
June 26, 2017
rain came up short with a 55/63 KD in FaZe Clan's 1-2 loss to SK Gaming in the grand final of the ECS Season 3 Finals.
rain picked the worst time to have his performance dip. Whereas he had been playing very strong up until this point in the tournament, he came up short in this series against SK in the grand final. He started off well enough with a 27/20 KD in Game 1, but then disappeared for most of the rest of the game. He showed splashes of greatness in Game 2 with some disgusting angles on the A-bombsite of Inferno, but his contributions simply weren't consistent enough to get the win. NiKo couldn't carry the team by himself. Had rain been at the same high level of FaZe earlier performances during the weekend, the outcome likely would have been very different.
Falters late in Game 2 of loss
June 7, 2017
rain went 38/34 in FaZe Clan's 1-1 split with GODSENT in the ECS on Wednesday.
rain was a strong contributing member of the first game in this series, as FaZe Clan took a huge win over GODSENT. He didn't get his first kill until Round 3, but from then on, he was incredibly consistent and able to pick up kills consistently to help his team to a big early lead. He even closed the half with a nice 1-vs-1 clutch to keep the ball rolling. The second half was more of the same as they secure the 16-3 win. Game 2 started off much the same, with rain being all over the place early on to help his team to a big 10-2 lead in the first half. From then on though, they were nowhere to be found as GODSENT went on a huge run to bring the game all the way back. FaZe lost 14 straight rounds as GODSENT took the map 16-10.
More on the lighter side in 2-0 sweep
May 20, 2017
rain posted a 30/29 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 series win over Team EnVyUs in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
After a slow 3-0 deficit to start the half, rain quickly began to rack up the frags in the first half on the defense. rain picked up a few double kills along his journey through the first half with great pride while holding off the offense for a strong 11-4 lead at the half. However, rain was silenced in the second half early as nV won ten rounds on the defense. rain fragged his way through the remainder of the second half to win the final round to close out Inferno 16-14. In Game 2, rain contributed to the monstrous first half with a 12-3 lead going into the second. Although rain had a big offensive first half, he didn't accumulate as many kills during the dominate run. rain then closed out the second half with a perfect defensive hold to take Game 2 16-3, posting a team-low 13/11 KD and 71.5 ADR on Train.
Game 1 surge helps lift team over G2
May 19, 2017
rain earned an impressive 44/33 KD on Thursday in a 2-0 series win over G2 in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
rain got the series started on Nuke taking the first pistol round by storm with a triple kill hold on the B-bombsite on the post-plant. rain then dominated throughout the first half, leading the team to an 11-4 lead at the half. rain continued to show no mercy in the second half, only giving one offensive round up to G2 and sending Game 1 to map point after a quad kill in Round 19. rain closed out Game 1 with an impressive 16-5 run, posting an alarming 29/9 KD and 129.6 ADR. rain had a big start in Game 2 of Overpass, opening the bombsite and pouncing on the defense for a massive 12-3 lead at the half. rain contributed to a few force-buys that allowed FaZe to continue their dominance. However, G2 had a better second half, winning eleven rounds as rain played a more conservative defensive half. FaZe still managed to close out Game 2 16-14, with rain posting a team-low 15/24 KD and 56.5 ADR.
Leads team to easy Game 1 victory
May 18, 2017
rain finished FaZe Clan's 2-0 sweep of G2 on Thursday in the ECS with a KD of 44/33.
rain was strong throughout the series, but his best performance came in the lopsided Game 1 win. From the very start, he was on fire. He started with a 3k in the opening round, and followed with a double in Round 2 and another 3k in Round 3. From then on, he was all over the place with kills in most rounds as FaZe took the map 16-5. Game 2 was nowhere near as strong for him, as he fell down to the bottom of the team with just a 15/24 KD after going 29/9 in the first. He found himself dead far too many times to actually get into a rhythm. Still, his team picked up the 16-14 win after a hard-fought 30 rounds.
Second half dominance in draw
May 13, 2017
rain earned a 44/42 KD on Wednesday draw with HellRaisers in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
After a slow start to Game 1 and a tough first half loss on Train to go down 12-3, rain excelled in the second half picking up kills that closed out the rounds needed for FaZe to start a comeback. rain won the last round for FaZe Clan in the second half with a triple kill retake on the B-bombsite to bring the Game 1 to a close 16-14, posting a 16/23 KD and 58.8 ADR. In Game 2, rain exploded in the second half again after a tough first half loss 12-3. rain became an expert at entry kills into the bombsite as well as taking the mid control with ease to enable the team's recovery. His Round 21 triple entry kill into the B-bombsite continued to fuel the fire in the comeback to force overtime. rain earned a solid 28/19 KD and 84.9 ADR in the 4-0 shutout in overtime to take Game 2 19-15 to even the series 1-1.