Martin Styk 
Officially joins mousesports
August 8, 2017
The organization has officially signed the former HellRaisers star, mouz announced.
After being on the HellRaisers roster for almost two years, the Slovakian has now decided to join mousesports. The 23-year-old played a big role for HellRaisers, despite he mixed results from the PGL Major Krakow qualifier and 3-4th place at DreamHack Open Atlanta. However, mouz has had a complete list of mixed results throughout the 2017 year and hopes the leadership of STYKO will help chrisJ and company get back on track. STYKO will play his first official match on August 22nd in the first week of ESL Pro League Season 6.
Set to join mousesports
August 6, 2017
STYKO is set to join mousesports after plans fell through with OpTic's mixwell to fill in the void of denis on the active roster, reports of Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Slingshot Esports.
STYKO has been active on the market of late with the speculation of joining mousesports, but those speculations are now becoming clear as mouz no longer plans to sign mixwell. STYKO has served HellRaisers well with his individual skill and ability to open the bombsites, despite the teams recent struggles missing the PGL Major and finishing 3-4 at DreamHack Atlanta 2017. As reported, STYKO could sign with the team early as Monday as he has apparently accepted the transfer.
Strong Game 2 not enough to prevent sweep
May 8, 2017
STYKO posted a poor 28/37 KD in HellRaisers' 0-2 loss to G2 Esports on Monday in the grand finals of DreamHack Tours.
After the terrible final game that HellRaisers had against Misfits earlier in the day, one may have thought that STYKO would have came out the gate strong in this opening game of the grand finals. That didn't happen in the least bit, though. He had no kills until Round 11 where he picked up a 3k for his only kills of the half. He tallied five kills in the second half, but they were destroyed 16-6 by G2. He came out much stronger in Game 2, getting a 3k in Round 5 as his team rushed out to a 7-0 lead. After that they all fell apart, though. This was perhaps no more evident than in the final round of the game where he tallied a quad kill and still lost the round. HellRaisers certainly have some room to grow before they can be consistently great.
Disappears completely in Game 2 of series win
May 8, 2017
STYKO tallied a KD of 26/35 in HellRaisers' 2-0 sweep of Misfits in the semifinals of DreamHack Tours on Monday.
STYKO started the opening game of this series strong, posting an entry frag in a Round 2 loss and 3k in his team's first win of the game in Round 4. He continued to be consistent in the rest of the game, before notching late doubles in Rounds 23 and 25 to give his team late leads. He closed the map with the final kill to secure the 16-14 win. For all intents and purposes, STYKO was asleep for the second game of this series. He somehow only had one kill in the first half and ended with just three in the whole game. The fact that they were able to win this game by a pretty one-sided score of 16-7 is all the more impressive when his performance is considered. This may have been okay here, he will certainly need much more in the grand finals.
Falls short in semifinals loss
April 9, 2017
STYKO went 34/39 in HellRaisers' close loss to FaZe Clan in the semifinals of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
In what is becoming a harrowing trend, STYKO failed to show up for his team when they needed him to. He put up a lackluster 15/22 KD in the first game on Mirage, as he never got into much of a groove at any moment. He also only managed a 57.8 ADR, which was second-lowest on his team. Not much changed when the action switched to Train for Game 2. While he did go positive with a 19/17 KD, he still output a low amount of damage. His biggest moment came in Round 26 when he picked up a big defuse under the cover of smoke to keep his team moving towards overtime. Unfortunately, they couldn't come up with the final win needed to force overtime, losing in Round 30, which is where his lack of damage certainly came into play. Still, this was a strong showing from HellRaisers as a team, and they should hopefully build upon this showing for future tournaments.
Rough showing despite win
April 9, 2017
STYKO finished HellRaisers' 2-1 win against North in the quarterfinals of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals with a 55/57 KD.
STYKO didn't manage to keep up with his team much at all in this series as a whole. He had one strong showing on Cache in Game 2, which proved to be the biggest deal since it was a game that came down to the wire. He was very consistent in the second half of that game, which is where HellRaisers managed to hold off North in a 16-14 thriller. In the other two games, though, he was a bit of an afterthought. He had a nice quad kill to start the second pistol round in Game 1, but fell failed to show up much in any other rounds. Game 3 was another poor showing from STYKO, but his teammates played strong enough to make up for his shortcomings and finished up the series with a 16-11 win.
Slow start with big finish over Na'Vi
March 28, 2017
STYKO earned a 34/36 KD on Tuesday in a series tie versus Na'Vi in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
STYKO's performance during Game 1 was a dismal display. The first half, STYKO was unable to find the pixel's to take down the defense of Natus Vincere, posting a team-low 9/20 KD and 79.5 ADR. STYKO gave up 14 rounds in the first half for a 14-1 deficit, though a better start to the second half ended after Na'Vi closed Game 1 16-5. However, after a slow start to Game 2 on Mirage, STYKO began to punish the offense late in the first half for a comeback down 8-7. Though the second half went in the hands of the high-powered offense by STYKO and team closing out the map with a triple kill on the B-bombsite to even the series against Na'Vi 16-11. STYKO earned a team-leading 25/16 KD followed by an impressive 108.7 ADR.
Explodes on second map against EnVyUs
February 21, 2017
STYKO put up 40/33 during a 1-1 split at the ESL Pro League against EnVyUs.
Having just committed to a full-time Counter-Strike career, STYKO came into the match ready to devote himself fully to destroying EnVyUs. He was completely overwhelmed on the first map, Train, where he constantly lost aim duels and was punished for being out of position. When the series moved to Cobblestone, however, STYKO took it to another level. He demolished riflers with more notoriety like ScreaM and Happy en route to a 24/13 KD. His double kill with the P250 at B Main in Round 7 was a pivotal turning point for HellRaisers.
Only puts up four kills in second half
December 17, 2016
STYKO put up a 17/20 KD in HellRaisers' loss at the hands of GODSENT on Day 3 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
STYKO took a couple rounds to make a big contribution to the game, but once he did, he made his presence felt. His 3k in Round 3 and double in Round 4 was enough to get his team two wins and a 3-1 lead early. He came up big once again in Round 9 with a massive quad kill to shut down GODSENT and push HellRaisers' lead to 6-3. He tried to get his team going in the second half with a kill and bomb plant in Round 18, but his team was still decimated as they fell to 8-10. He couldn't seem to keep himself together in the late stages of this game, as he only picked up a measly four kills in the second half. This left his team at a big disadvantage, which certainly contributed to this loss.
Continues to impress against elite competition
December 16, 2016
STYKO put up 25/25 on Friday in a best-of-one win over NiP during the ELEAGUE Major Qualifiers.
STYKO looked three steps above mouz on Thursday, and more than held his own against an NiP team in solid form. He went toe-to-toe as a fragger with f0rest, friberg, and GeT_RiGhT, and his triple kill in overtime closed the map. STYKO is on a roll right now.
Toys with mousesports in blowout win
December 16, 2016
STYKO put up 20/13 in a 1-0 win over mousesports on Thursday in the ELEAGUE major qualifiers.
STYKO was part of an all-around dominant win from HellRaisers, in which none of their team members finished with a sub-1.00 Rating. In Round 7, he picked off the final T-side member on mouz , loWel, to secure the B-site defuse, and finished with a healthy 82.2 ADR.
Even the AWP can't stop SK in series loss
October 19, 2016
STYKO ended HellRaisers' 0-2 sweep to SK Gaming on Wednesday with a KD of 21/32.
STYKO was pretty poor to start off Game 1 on Overpass here against SK. His most notable play of the first half came when he couldn't pull out a round win despite having a three-on-two. The poor sequence ended with him getting killed by a headshot on a crazy jump shot by fer. He tried to run with the AWP late in the half, but it was far too late to stop SK in the 16-5 win. STYKO got off to a slow start to Game 2 on Cobble, and never really got into a groove in the extremely lopsided loss. The problems certainly weren't limited to STYKO, as his whole team really fell apart in this series that saw SK seemingly get back up on its horse.
Struggles in split series against Fnatic
October 18, 2016
STYKO earned a combined KD of 30/40 in his team's 1-1 series against Fnatic.
Although STYKO started off decently on Map 1, he was unable to transition his performance into the remainder of the match. His aim was impressive throughout Cache and he was playing rather well. He was even able to bait Fnatic at one point to pick up a triple kill that solidified his team's much-needed comeback bringing the round score 13-13. As a result, he was able to help his team claim the remaining rounds to take the map victory. Unfortunately, Overpass was not nearly the same story for STYKO. He struggled from the start, earning a miserable 36 ADR and a 9/21 KD. The change in play hurt his team and allowed Fnatic to bounce back, picking up the victory on Map Two, bringing the series score 1-1.
Wreaks havoc on Cache
August 30, 2016
STYKO posted a 59/54 KD in Tuesday's 1-1 split versus fnatic.
STYKO took it to fnatic on Cache. His spray fire was lethal, and he played around smoke very well, netting him a monstrous 109.6 ADR. He was the biggest reason HR was able to adjust and beat fnatic after losing on Cobblestone. When he's rolling like this, it seems all HR is missing is a lethal AWPer.