Vladislav Nechiporchyuk 
Swept for a loss
April 12, 2018
bondik posted a 27/40 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to FaZe Clan in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
bondik's week started with a painful 6-0 deficit to FaZe Clan, but the rounds began to turn towards his way. Unfortunately, he was unable to claim more than four rounds in the half. The second half wasn't much better as bondik couldn't find his way past the three rounds against, posting a 12/20 KD in the 16-7 loss. Cache put the spotlight on bondik's performance as the 24-year-old earned the first round for HellRaisers with a triple entry kill on the B-bombsite. His efforts began to corral more rounds for his team, despite FaZe continuing to march through the half with nine rounds against; however, bondik secured the sixth round for HellRaisers with a quad kill to close the half. The second half was highly contested, but unfortunately, bondik was unable to break the FaZe economy, and FaZe soon secured the sweep with a 16-12 win on Cache.
Lights out on Cobble for the split
April 4, 2018
bondik earned a 32/29 KD on Tuesday in a 1-1 split against mousesports in Week 5 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
The start on Mirage was a game bondik would want back, as mousesports outlasted bondik and his men for an impressive 16-4 victory. However, the sides hanged and so did the momentum for HellRaisers as the first half on Cobblestone was all bondik leading the way on the T-side, including his Round 9 1-vs-2 clutch in the post-plant to secure the round and the 11-4 half. bondik then pushed onward through the second half, picking up another 1-vs-2 clutch on the B-bombsite with little health to help push his team to the 16-7 series split. bondik led his team through the Cobblestone comeback with a team-leading 23/12 KD, 99.8 ADR, and a 1.65 rating.
Free Agent
Departs HellRaisers
August 11, 2017
bondik has departed HellRaisers' active lineup to be placed on the transfer list, the organization announced.
After parting ways with STYKO -- who went to mousesports -- the organization will now place bondik on the transfer list. bondik was a long-term member of HellRaisers forced to look for new opportunities in the offseason as the organization decided to refresh the roster. bondik has proved his worth as his performance grew over time, serving to pick up for teams currently active in the CIS market with the most recent shuffle.
Late kills in Game 2 can't bring home the win
May 8, 2017
bondik posted a KD of 34/39 in HellRaisers' sweep at the hands of G2 Esports on Monday in the grand finals of DreamHack Tours.
bondik, along with the rest of his team, had an abysmal showing in the opening game of this series. He only registered eight kills in the game, as they were systematically dismantled by G2 in the 16-6 loss. Game 2 was a much better showing from bondik, as his contributions almost gave his team the win to force a Game 3. He started off with a double in Round 2 before notching another in Round 6. He continued this strong play into the second half where they fought valiantly to stop G2's strong run. He did tally a 3k in Round 29 to push things to a 30th round, but G2 secured the round and the DreamHack Tours crown.
Pretty consistent in semifinals win
May 8, 2017
bondik put up an even 38/38 KD in his team's sweep of Misfits on Monday in the semifinals of DreamHack Tours.
bondik got off to a nice starty in this series, posting a 3k in Round 5 that was followed by a quad kill in Round 6. It was plays like these that gave HellRaisers such a strong backbone and allowed them to take the fairly breezy win in this game. If Game 1 was breezy, Game 2 was a cakewalk for HellRaisers. He helped them to a strong start with another Round 5 triple kill. From there, Misfits provided very little answer to the multitude of questions that HellRaisers were posing in the game. Accordingly, HellRaisers won 16-7 and moved on to the grand finals.
No consistency in loss
April 29, 2017
bondik tallied an 11/18 KD in HellRaisers' tough loss to Gambit in the Group A winner's match at DreamHack Austin.
bondik, in what was a harrowing trend for HellRaisers in this match, didn't play to the best of his ability on Friday. Outside of a 3k in Round 7 to try and bring his team back a bit early on, there was just nothing that he was able to do to help his team whatsoever. He only managed a paltry 11 kills, while registering a fairly low ADR of 66.5. He and his teammates will need to provide much more offense on Saturday in order to stick around in this tournament.
Doesn't play up to snuff in tough loss
April 9, 2017
bondik tallied a 35/44 KD in HellRaisers' sweep at the hands of FaZe Clan in the semifinals of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
bondik never posted a positive KD in either game in this semifinals series, but that doesn't mean that he wasn't contributing. He posted a couple of double kills in the first half of Game 1 on Mirage and was a crucial part of their 9-6 halftime lead. He fell off in the second half, though, posting no multi-kills and just some scattered kills here and there as FaZe took the map 16-13. Moving into Game 2, while HellRaisers were getting blown away in the first half, bondik was the only reason they even found a couple round wins. His quad kill in Round 6 broke the 5-0 run FaZe had been on, and although they still ended the half down 3-12, that round gave them confidence for the second half. Opening that second half, HellRaisers went on a 7-0 run to start out, which included a 3k from bondik in Round 17. Once FaZe woke up, it was all over for HellRaisers. bondik put up only four kills in the final 13 rounds of the game after his 3k. Regardless of the outcome, this was a strong overall performance from HellRaisers, and they should hang their heads high going into the next tournament.
Leads the way for HellRaisers upset
April 9, 2017
bondik went 60/52 in HellRaisers' win against North in the quarterfinals of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
bondik was on top of his game in this series and was instrumental in helping them upset North on Saturday. Game 1 was a largely forgettable occurrence from him in a loss. He did have a nice 3k in Round 13 that he topped off with a knife kill, but that was about it. His next two games were much better showings and perfectly showcased all of his skills. While he didn't do a ton of damage in Game 2, only registering a 68.1 ADR, he still managed 23 kills, which ended up being higher than all but one person on North. It was a perfect compliment to the strong showings of his teammates as well that led to this big win. The final game of the series is when he brought home the damage in a major way. His KD was third on his team, but his 93.8 ADR was the best in the lobby. It's no wonder that HellRaisers somewhat easily took the game and the series with such strong damage from him.
Consistent during split versus Na'Vi
March 28, 2017
bondik earned a 40/32 KD on Tuesday in a series tie against Na'Vi in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
bondik had a dismal Game 1 play coming off of a tough 16-5 loss posting a second-best 14/16 KD and 69.5 ADR. bondik did have a few entry kills during the first half performance though all shutdown besides one round, down 14-1 at the half. Though the second half started well holding off the offense, however, the B-bombsite gave way for a Game 1 loss. Game 2 bondik earned his marks with a great first half comeback on the defense to even the score down 8-7. However, his performance in the second half was red-hot as bondik opened up a few bombsites to allow the early plants to solidify the economy. From there, bondik closed out the second half posting a 26/16 KD and 88.7 ADR in the game 2 series split, 16-11.
Doesn't show up in loss
December 17, 2016
bondik went 14/21 in HellRaisers' loss to GODSENT on Day 3 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
bondik got out to a quick start in this game, picking up a double in the pistol round, but his team came up just short in the round and lost it. He showed up again in Round 7 with a double kill and defuse to take an early 4-3 lead. He would then go on to disappear for most of the rest of the game, which was a contributing factor to GODSENT's second half surge. But he then came up with doubles in Rounds 24 and 25. They would only win one of those rounds, though, as GODSENT took a 14-11 lead. bondik wasn't able to add in any kills during the final two rounds of the game as GODSENT picked up the win that advanced them to the ELEAGUE Major in January.
Wrecks mousesports in ELEAGUE major qualifiers
December 16, 2016
bondik went 21/11 in a 1-0 win over mousesports on Thursday.
bondik was nearly perfect in the first half on the CT side. He destroyed a denis lurk with a smart molotov in Round 6, gaining control of ladder, before continuing to push through pop dog with another frag. In Round 8, he outdueled NiKo, lurking the A site near sandwich, and ended up with a massive quad kill to shut down the A execute. bondik tied ANGE1 for top-fragger marks.
Puts out two very different games in series loss
October 19, 2016
bondik only managed a 22/37 KD in HellRaisers' sweep at the hands of SK Gaming on Wednesday.
bondik got off to a very poor start to Game 1 on Overpass here against SK. He only managed one kill for the entirety of the first five rounds. He got off to a nice start in the second half, though, with a double in the pistol round to get HellRaisers their third win. He actually managed to have the third-highest ADR (86.0) in the lobby. His teammates just couldn't provide the necessary follow-up damage to secure the win. bondik didn't get his first kill of the first half until Round 5, and it wasn't enough to get a round win. He had a perfect chance to get HellRaisers their first round win of the map, but he couldn't clutch the 1-vs-1 against FalleN. He continued to play poorly throughout the rest of the game and ended with the lowest ADR (53.5) in the lobby during the 16-6 loss. With the loss, HellRaisers are done at EPICENTER.
Monstrous showing on Nuke
October 18, 2016
bondik posted a 44/38 KD against HellRaisers in a 1-1 split Tuesday.
bondik was HellRaisers' only hope on Nuke. His quad kill on the defense was one of the team's only highlights on the second map. bondik's 101 ADR on Nuke was the highest on his team by a mile, and he had the only positive KDA on the second map.
Consistently impressive in 1-1 series against Fnatic
October 18, 2016
bondik had an impressive performance against Fnatic, earning a 44/39 KD across both maps.
To start off the series against Fnatic, bondik had a rather strong performance. He had several impressive kills and his aim was near perfect. The result was multiple triple kills and necessary frags that allowed his team to take an impressive victory on Cache. After the strong win, bondik continued to play well on Overpass but was unable to assist his team enough to pick up a victory. As Fnatic found their footing, HellRaisers struggled to work as a unit. Despite bondik and the rest of his team picking up lone kills, their lack of cohesion cost them the map, allowing Fnatic to split the series 1-1.
Has uneventful performance versus fnatic
August 30, 2016
bondik put up a 46/43 KD in a 1-1 split against fnatic on Tuesday.
bondik was impressively mediocre on Tuesday. It seemed like he won exactly as many trades as he lost, and he finished with a decisively average 71 ADR on both maps. bondik needs to make more plays if he wants to justify a long-term roster spot, and unfortunately, that doesn't look to be a part of his arsenal.
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