Daniil Teslenko 
Natus Vincere
Leads the sweep on Wednesday
April 15, 2018
Zeus went 50/36 on Wednesday in the 2-0 win over Astralis in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
Zeus had a rather slow start to the series on Train as his offensive side struggled to find rounds against he 3-0 Astralis lead. However, his men began to pick up the rounds with the execute outside and the split into the B-bombsite for three of their own. From there, Zeus still had a hard time finding the economy to break Astralis but in the end, the half would result in a 9-6 finish. The second half was much better as Zeus dominated on the CT-side but Astralis brought the deficit to a minimum and forced overtime. Fortunately enough, Zeus and his men marched through the overtime rounds to take the 19-16 series lead. A contested start to Inferno saw Zeus break the Round 11 tie with a 1-vs-2 clutch on the A-bombsite to secure the defuse, which later granted his team the 9-6 lead. The second half began with Astralis winning three in a row but Zeus broke that streak with three of his own getting the triple entry to secure Round 23. From there, Na'Vi blasted through the Astralis defense to pick up their series sweep, with Zeus' 25/17 KD and 90.3 ADR.
Squeezes for the split
April 7, 2018
Zeus posted a 32/37 KD on Wednesday in a 1-1 split against Heroic in Week 5 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
Zeus had a great start leading his men through the first half of Train o the T-side for six straight. Although Heroic managed to turn things around economically and march through the rest of the half to edge Zeus 8-7 going into the second. Heroic pressed on and never looked back as Zeus had nothing to show when the Danes' won eight straight for the 16-7 win. The series then landed on Cache where Zeus started on the T-side once again but this time around it was a tough affair. The early round went back and forth until Zeus changed the course of play to eventually take the half, 10-5. Heroic then came out swinging as Zeus struggled to respond on the defensive side, until shortly after the teams were neck and neck. Zeus came close to losing his economy but his defensive counterparts played well to hold off for the 16-14 win in the series split.
Picks up another title
December 3, 2017
Zeus earned the 16/29 KD in the grand final win on Sunday 2-0 over mousesports at DreamHack Open Winter.
Zeus got the offense rolling in the first half of Cobblestone with several flawless A-bombsite executes to pick up six straight. Mouz came to contest late but only four rounds could be retrieved as Zeus ran off with the first half 11-4 lead. Zeus continued the dominance in the second half on the defense to shut down the outside rush as well as the quick push through vents to sweep a five-round half to claim Cobblestone 16-4, posting a 7/11 KD and 51.7 ADR. He then had a slow start to Game 2 of Inferno on the defense as mouz pressed early on making it difficult to win rounds. Both teams traded but mouz took the lead 7-3 before Zeus finally snapped back into the game to settle the half with a 9-6 score. Zeus once again controlled the offense to blow mouz out of the water with ten rounds against for the 16-11 win on Inferno, picking up a 9/18 KD and 57.8 ADR in the win.
Powers through Heroic in second half
December 2, 2017
Zeus posted a firm 22/17 KD on Friday with a win over Heroic 16-11 at DreamHack Open Winter.
A struggling start to Overpass on the defense was a bit frustrating for Zeus as he was unable to hold the aggressive offense for a 4-0 deficit. Finally, his Round 5 breakthrough came with a gun-round win on the B-bombsite hold as Heroic's aggression was stopped. The defense picked up two more rounds before Heroic changed things up and played more passive, which conned Zeus into anticipation. Heroic returned with four straight to reset Zeus's team but his quad kill hold in Round 12 sparked life in the team to strike back and settle the half with an 8-7 score. A slow start in the second half eventually lifted as Zeus punished Heroic with his aggressive offense to win nine rounds in the second half to take the 16-11 win, posting a team-leading 96.9 ADR.
Excellent calls bring home the win for Na'Vi
September 15, 2017
Zeus put together a respectable 29/37 KD in his team's win over Team EnVyUs on Day 1 of ESL New York.
While Zeus didn't really do much on the scoreboard in this series, but he didn't have to since he led his team in terms of strategies. It didn't hurt that seized and s1mple were playing some top-level CS:GO to give the team plenty of firepower. Zeus was still no slouch at times, however. He came up with a couple big clutches late in the second half of Game 1 to lock up the 16-11 win. He was a bit more inconsistent in the second game, but Na'Vi was a whole was playing like a well-oiled machine in this game. Na'Vi certainly look to be primed to make a run in New York with Zeus at the helm.
Still struggling
August 31, 2017
Zeus tallied a 26/38 KD in Natus Vincere's loss at the hands of Astralis on Day 2 of DreamHack Malmo.
Zeus is still taking a bit of time to adjust to his new team here at DreamHack. He had a couple kills in the opening pistol round of Game 1, but then faded into the background as the game progressed. He then ended the map with just two kills in the second half of the loss. He had some better moments in Game 2 where he was shutting down rotations and putting up aggressive pushes in winning rounds, but they came too far and between. He'll need to figure out his problems in a hurry as they are facing elimination on Friday.
Nice showing with his new (old) team
August 30, 2017
Zeus finished Natus Vincere's win over Virtus.pro on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo with a 15/10 KD.
Although Zeus started off a bit slow in this game, that's perhaps to be expected since this is his first time back with his old team after years away. He was at the bottom of the team in the first half, but they didn't seem to miss a beat one bit. This made it all the more easy for him to slot right back into the spotlight with a strong second half. He started rotating much better in that half, which gave his team yet another weapon in which to utilize on their way to a massive 16-4 victory.
Back to his roots
August 9, 2017
Natus Vincere has gained a familiar face today after much speculation surrounding Zeus, who will return to the roster, the organization announced.
Since departing from the lineup nearly a year ago, Zeus has returned to the black and gold jersey once more. Zeus joined the Gambit Esports roster under a year ago and led the team to two DreamHack Open titles and the most-notable PGL Major Krakow. Zeus explained in a Twitlonger post that the team has internal issues regarding the coach, Kane, and other members of the team, which pushed Zeus and Kane from the active roster. The team will now prepare for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 6 as well as DreamHack Masters Malmo, which is set to start at the end of August.
Finally wins a Major
July 24, 2017
Zeus' in-game guidance led Gambit Esports to a 2-1 grand finals victory at the PGL Major Krakow, finishing 40/45 KD.
After 10 trips to a Major, Zeus has finally managed to win one. He tried for a long time to get there with Natus Vincere, but they were never able to get over the hump with his leadership. After coming to Gambit in the fall of last year, he got his first crack at it during the ELEAGUE Major in January, but they were cut down by Fnatic in the quarterfinals. The PGL Major Krakow was a whole different story, however. Zeus led the team to a 3-0 group stage before only dropping two games during the playoffs to secure this title. He may have bottom fragged for the team in the grand finals, but there was no doubt that his leadership was what got the team over the hump in Poland. Whether they will be able to continue this level of play in the future remains to be seen, but Zeus will no doubt cherish this win for a long time.
Leading to victory in Day 1 over mouz
July 18, 2017
Zeus posted a comfortable 20/17 KD with a win over mousesports at the PGL Major on Sunday.
Zeus started the game on Inferno with an explosive offensive pistol round getting the entry and the bomb plant on the B-bombsite, however, mouz had a different plan to spoil the surprise. After five rounds were given up early, Zeus came raging back with another B-bombsite entry kill and plant, forcing the opposition to save their weapons and to win their first round for Gambit. During the comeback on the offense, Zeus picked up a double entry kill on the B-bombsite including a post-plant hold in Round 8. He then got a double entry kill on the A-bombsite which led to the score being cut down 5-4. He continued to march his way late in the second half winning Round 13 with a bomb plant on the A-bombsite, including his entry and post-plant hold to win the last round of the half for Gambit, down 8-7. Zeus then had a strong second half picking up a few stragglers and holding off the opposition in Round 22 with a double kill hold on the A-bombsite. A smooth defensive second half led to a 16-10 win, despite only inflicting a 64.5 ADR.
Mastermind in series win over G2
May 2, 2017
Zeus posted a 63/80 KD in a 2-1 series win over G2 on Sunday in the semifinal of DreamHack Open Austin.
Zeus led the defense to a quick start on Nuke with a strong economy early with the 4-0 lead. Although Zeus remained in control throughout the first half, G2 came back to equalize the score at 8-7 to go into the half. G2 continued the pressure as Gambit struggled to keep up until Zeus picked up a quad kill to force overtime. However, his overtime heroics came up short of a win to go down in the series 0-1 after a 25-22 Game 1 loss while posting a 31/36 KD and 77.4 ADR. However, Zeus had a dismal Game 2 performance on Train taking a tough loss in the first half to go down 10-5 after they were unable to get the offense to open up the sites or exploit the rotations. But the defense in the second half pounced for eleven rounds to close out Game 2 at a 16-12 scoreline. Thanks to Zeus contributing to a 17/22 KD and 86.6 ADR. Game 3 on Cobblestone came down to a close series as Zeus struggled early, but managed to get his wits together late in the half to take the 8-7 lead into the half. Zeus then switched over to the offense where he came back late to clean up the series for a 2-1 win after taking Cobblestone, earning a 15/22 KD and 62.0 ADR.
Does just enough to give Gambit grand finals win at DreamHack Austin
May 1, 2017
Zeus went 33/35 in Gambit Esports' surprising sweep over Immortals on Sunday in the grand finals of DreamHack Austin.
Zeus, despite the Gambit win in Game 1, came up very short in the opening game of this grand finals series. He only managed to pick up 13 kills in the game to put himself at the bottom of his team in the win. He still managed to show up for his team in key moments, though, picking up a 3k in Round 14. That round tied things up and put Gambit on the road to a 16-12 win. He was much better in Game 2, posting a 20/17 KD and an 83.1 ADR. He didn't really need to do a ton with HObbit being on the top of his game, but it was still more than enough to pick up the win for Gambit and give them the DreamHack Austin crown.
Leading to Day 2 win
April 6, 2017
Zeus earned a 20/18 KD on Wednesday in a single-game win over TyLoo in the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
Unable to hold off the early pushes from TyLoo, Zeus flared the defense, contributing to a few clutch rounds to get Gambit off their feet and back into competition. Zeus picked up a few double kills and created some early odd-man situations that led to a string of rounds won. TyLoo came back and tied against Gambit twice in the first half but Zeus came out on top 8-7. Zeus led the second half off to a great start, taking up three rounds to get the early lead over TyLoo, but Zeus' quick offense was stopped for three rounds. It took Zeus a while to find a way around the Chinese defense, though he managed to break the tie and send the game to match point where Zeus captured the first win of the tournament 16-13.
Forgettable showing in close loss
April 6, 2017
Zeus posted a paltry 8/20 KD in Gambit's loss to FaZe Clan on Day 3 of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
Zeus had a particularly poor outing against FaZe on Thursday and was a big reason why they were somewhat narrowly edged out. He fell flat on his face coming out the gate, not registering a single kill until Round 6. Even once he did get that kill, it proved to be the only one he had for quite some time; his next kill didn't come until Round 14. While he did post five kills in the second half, three of them came in a single round, when he picked up a 3k in Round 27. By then, FaZe Clan had way too much momentum, so it ended up being all for naught. It was actually a wonder that Gambit were able to keep things even somewhat close in light of the poor performance from Zeus here.
Takes over as team captain
October 12, 2016
Gambit Esports announced Wednesday that Zeus will join the roster and take over as the team's captain.
Citing a need for a new captain and in-game leader, Gambit Esports turned to former Natus Vincere leader Zeus, who was let go after the team brought in s1mple. The move could pay dividends for a Gambit Esports roster that has struggled to make much of a dent in the professional scene, finishing in 5th-8th place at ESL One: Cologne and 11-14th place at ELEAGUE Season 1. In a less heralded move, Gambit Esports also announced the addition of H0bbit, who will act as a sub during the ELEAGUE Major in January.
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