Denis Kostin 
Natus Vincere
Returns to active lineup
August 9, 2017
seized has returned to the active lineup following the return of Zeus, the organization has announced.
After departing from the active lineup with GuardiaN in late July following an early PGL Major Krakow exit, the former in-game leader returns. seized faced a great fate just under a year ago, becoming the in-game leader when Zeus and starrix both left the active lineup due to the team having internal complications, as well as Valve's new coaching rule. seized led the team to the ESL One New York title, but since then there have been multiple disappointing finishes in the group stages as well as the early outing of the playoffs, most notably the PGL Major Krakow. Now, seized will travel with the team to the gaming house to prepare for the ESL Pro League Season 6 as well as DreamHack Masters Malmo.
To exit Natus Vincere
July 27, 2017
seized is set to leave the active roster of Natus Vincere, reports Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Slingshot esports.
Since the exit of Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko last year and the rule changes on coaches implemented by Valve that sent coach Sergey "starix" Ischuk looking for another job, seized has taken as the in-game leader, restricting production from his behalf. The in-game leader struggled, although remaining legend status at both past Majors this year, it failed to show as seized fell short of the playoffs. Team member Oleskandr "s1mple" Kostyliev openly admitted change would be coming. Neither player nor organization has made an official comment.
Rollercoaster ride in 2-0 loss to C9
July 9, 2017
seized gathered a 35/44 KD on Saturday in a loss to Cloud9 in the semifinals at ESL Cologne.
seized had a great start to Mirage picking up the first three rounds, including his Round 2 anti-eco triple kill on the B-bombsite that added fuel to the fire. Although his performance remained stern in the first half, many rounds were lost as Cloud9 took the 7-3 lead. seized only could catch a couple of rounds before being stopped in his tracks for a 10-5 deficit at the half. The second half started slow as he quickly turned things around in the second anti-eco which led to seven rounds over Cloud9 to tie the game at 13-13. His explosive offense allowed him to entry as well as win his duels to stay in the game. However, Cloud9 edged away for the 16-13 win, posting an 18/22 KD and 81.3 ADR. Game 2 seized had a poor start facing a 6-0 deficit early on, but contributed to the short comeback down 9-6. The second half was highly contested, but seized helped the team stay alive in Round 28 at map point with a triple kill on the B-bombsite, unfortunately, Cloud9 got the one round needed for the 2-0 series taking Overpass 16-14.
Fails to show up to the table
July 4, 2017
seized only put up a 9/16 KD in Natus Vincere's loss to Team Liquid on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
seized started off somewhat strong, but only compared to his teammates who were floundering in the first half against the North Americans. He came off a bit stronger as the game progressed and Na'Vi tried to get back in it. Unfortunately, this run of play didn't last too long, as Na'Vi still never managed to string together a set of rounds to stop the Liquid onslaught. They will certainly need to change some things here if they wish to bounce back from the loss.
Fails to impress with AWP
June 1, 2017
seized put up a 10/20KD in Natus Vincere's loss to OpTic Gaming on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
seized played pretty much at an equal level of his teammates in this game, which is to say that he didn't play very well at all. He didn't get anything at all until Round 4, but he did get a double in that round to tie things up. Soon after, he picked up an AWP to try and give his team some space, but that didn't really work out very well. He didn't exactly light things up with his play on the sniper rifle. Without much cohesion as a team, Na'Vi were easily taken down 16-8 by OpTic Gaming.
Excellent on the offense
May 30, 2017
seized posted a firm 16/11 KD for Na'Vi on Tuesday, Day 1 in a win over Team Liquid in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
seized had a slow start, taking a 2-0 deficit early. But in the third round he managed to deny the retake with a triple kill on the B-bombsite in a post-plant scenario to win the first round of the half. This started the massive streak until eventually controlling the first half on the offense for an 11-4 lead at the half. Opening up the bombsites and holding the post-plant scenarios helped in the long run with the strong economy to take the massive lead at the half. seized surged with his 91.0 ADR to shut out the second half in five rounds for a 16-4 win on Train.
Quiet in big Na'Vi win
April 7, 2017
seized finished Na'Vi's win over Fnatic on Wednesday with a KD of 16/15.
seized had a pretty quiet showing on Overpass, bottom-fragging while the rest of Na'Vi popped off. seized struggled to pick up near a kill per round, largely due to the rest of his team fragging extremely efficiently. From a quiet first half on rifles to an inconsistent sporadic showing in the second, seized finished the Na'Vi win with only a KD of 16/15, but a win's a win regardless.
Late performance in Game 2, too late
March 29, 2017
seized posted a 33/40 KD on Wednesday in a series split against NiP in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
seized had a rather slow start to his campaign during Game 1, posting a team-low 14/19 KD followed by a 57.3 ADR. seized contributed to the early lead with some early trade kills on the B and A bombsites, however, NiP came back for vengeance, evening the score 8-7 at the half. The second half was controlled by seized and his offense to split the defense for eight rounds in a Game 16-12 win. Game 2 didn't go so well for seized in the first half, down 11-4 and unable to convert his odd =0man situations to rounds won during the first half of play. NiP controlled the second half, allowing the offense to win four rounds before being stopped 16-8 in Game 2. seized earned a team-leading 19/21 KD and 106.4 ADR in the series split against NiP.
Short of series sweep versus HR
March 28, 2017
seized earned a 33/35 KD on Tuesday in the series split versus HellRaisers in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
seized started the day off well with a grand performance in Game 1 contributing to the massive lead in the first half 14-1, posting a 15/12 KD and 87.4 ADR. seized had a strong showing on the defense holding down the A-bombsite. Though the second half was a bit slower on the offense, seized picked up a couple entry kills to help close Game 1 16-5. Game 2 seized had a great start on the offense on Mirage opening up the A-bombsite as well as taking control of mid for a 6-1 lead. However, seized was shut down for the remainder of the half until the team finished with an 8-7 lead. Though seized's performance in the second half was dismal as the team only contributed to three rounds won in the 16-11 Game 2 loss. seized earned an 18/23 KD following a 77.1 ADR.
Quiet in 2-0 series win versus FaZe Clan
March 22, 2017
seized posted a 26/26 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 series win over FaZe Clan in ESL Pro League Season 5.
seized was another Natus Vincere member who had a rather quiet day during both games averaging a 12/15 KD following a 65.1 ADR in Game 1. seized contributed to his team's big early lead on the offense opening up the bombsites to allow his team to take control early. FaZe Clan had a comeback of their own, evening the first half 8-7; however, the momentum was shot down in the second. seized helped his team win eight rounds in the second half for a 16-9 on Train. Game 2 seized was off to a better start on defense, contributing to the massive 11-4 lead at the half. seized defense wasn't the only one consistent in Game 1, as the second half brought much success for five rounds to take Game 2 16-6. seized earned a healthy 14/11 KD and 62.7 ADR in the series sweep 2-0 over FaZe Clan.
Quiet in dominant Na'Vi win
January 25, 2017
seized finished Na'Vi's win against SK Gaming on Tuesday with a KD of 9/11.
seized didn't have a great performance on Dust2, but didn't need to as the rest of Na'Vi were firing on all cylinders. With solid rifle play whenever SK tried to take the B-site, seized went relatively unchallenged throughout the first half. In the second half, seized would trade kill effectively to give Na'Vi openings into the SK defense, finishing with a KD of 9/11. While his ADR of 53.1 was the lowest on his team, monster performances from flamie and s1mple ensured that Na'Vi took the game by a score of 16-3.
Caught over and over again
November 17, 2016
seized put up a 13/14 KD Wednesday in a 1-0 victory over G2 at IEM Oakland.
G2 caught seized in an awkward position several times on Overpass. In Round 11, with seized guarding Monster, he switched weapons at the wrong time and G2 pushed at that exact moment. seized came away with a kill, but should have done much more damage all things considered. In Round 13, seized camped Connector doors and got the jump onto ScreaM, but couldn't capitalize on the kill. In Round 20, seized was caught with a grenade in hand, and bodyy punished him immediately. Not the smoothest day at the office for seized.
Slow Start, strong finish
November 17, 2016
seized posted a 14/20 KD in Na'Vi's close win over TyLoo at IEM Oakland on Wednesday.
seized had a rather good performance on Overpass. He picked up the second round for Na'Vi with a double kill using SMG's to secure the round. After being down 3-6 in the first half, seized contributed to a 13th round won with a double kill on the A-hold to extend the lead to 7-6. He also came out late in the second half with a 23rd round victory against a TyLoo's aggressive pushes which result in a double kill round won. Seized also cleaned up the final round of the evening with a kill and a last minute bomb-plant.
Never comes back from slow start
November 17, 2016
seized earned just a 11/18 KD in Natus Vincere's loss to Team Liquid in Group A of IEM Oakland on Wednesday.
seized started off really slow in this game, as he didn't get on the board until Round 7. Even when he did get on the board, he never really was able to do much at all. He made some attempts to grab a lead for his team, like when he got a double entry kill in Round 13, but his team wasn't able to capitalize on the advantage in those rounds. These kinds of plays where his teammates couldn't work cohesively as a team to steal rounds were the driving force of this poor loss to Liquid.
Bottom-frags in impressive fashion
November 17, 2016
seized stayed in single-digit frags during the entirety of Na'Vi's loss to Astralis in Group A of IEM Oakland on Wednesday, finishing with an 8/20 KD.
There's just no way around it; seized was terrible in this game. Even the early timeout in the first half couldn't seem to snap him out of whatever funk he was in here. No matter what his team did, he managed to never be in the conversation. It took him 11 rounds to finally find a kill, and he only managed a total of two kills in the first 18 rounds. This would certainly explain some of Na'Vi's poor performance as a team here, since it's a bit hard to do much as a team when you're almost constantly in a 4-vs-5 situation. His team will need more from him if they wish to do much of anything at the tournament this week.