Denis Kostin 
Natus Vincere
Joins Gambit
February 6, 2018
Seized has transferred to Gambit Esports, the team announced Tuesday.
Last week it was revealed that seized would be a stand-in for Gambit during the ESEA MDL Season 27 and the IEM Katowice qualifier. Now, seized will be joining Gambit on a three-month trial period, at which point management will determine whether he will remain in the starting lineup. seized will now prepare for StarSeries i-League Season 4 on February 12 when the team will head to Kiev for the boot camp. "I got a second breath while playing in this team. I will do my best to achieve our goals and become the best team in the world," seized told Gambit in an official statement.
Free Agent
Set to stand-in for Gambit
January 30, 2018
Gambit has revealed that former Natus Vincere rifler, seized, will be a stand-in for the upcoming ESEA MDL season 27 and IEM Katowice qualifier.
The PGL Major Krakow champions have added seized to their roster for the upcoming ESEA MDL Season 27 and the IEM Katowice qualifier as fitch will be benched. seized has been a free agent since his contract with Na'Vi expired at the end of December, which he has represented FlipSid3 Tactics at the recent ELEAGUE Major Boston New Challengers stage on loan. Unfortunately for seized, his time was short as FlipSid3 saw the early 0-3 exit. seized is expected to play in the first ESEA MDL match today against aAa.
Joins FlipSid3 on loan
November 6, 2017
After giving up electronic to Natus Vincere, seized will now join FlipSid3 on loan, the organization has revealed.
Last month, the long-term member of Natus Vincere decided to step down from the active lineup after a series of disappointing results. Despite Zeus re-signing, seized struggled to find his place in the team and stepped down, resulting in former FlipSid3 member, electronic, coming in to fill the void. With electronic going to Natus Vincere, part of the trade was for seized to join FlipSid3 on loan. The loan is only valid until the end of 2017 when his contract expires with Na'Vi and becomes a free agent. Although the players and team would expect seized to eventually join the team as they have plans to play together for the Main Qualifier for ELEAGUE Major Boston, should the team qualify.
No longer on Na'Vi starting lineup
October 17, 2017
seized has stepped dowen from the starting lineup of Natus Vincere, the team announced Monday.
After the departure of GuardiaN, Na'Vi haven't had the greatest results. In the last two major tournaments, the ELEAGUE Premier 2017 and ESL New York, the team hasn't lived up to its potential. They didn't make it out of groups in ELEAGUE, and placed 5th-6th at ESL One New York. It was not surprising then to hear that seized decided to step down from the roster. This is the second time in a few months that he has made himself inactive. seized said on Twitter that he will give some reasoning behind this move soon. Until the team finds a new player to fill his spot, 1uke will be standing in.
Seized the day in sweep
October 7, 2017
seized went 45/37 on Wednesday in a 2-0 sweep over Team LDLC in ESL Pro League Season 6.
seized started the series on Inferno with a creative first half for the offense to earn the 5-0 lead early. However, LDLC gained some ground by breaking the economy of Na'Vi to pick up three straight. Although seized adjusted and picked up several entry kills and post-plant holds to win five straight to close out the 10-5 half. LDLC got the better start in the second half but seized still made noise for the defense with a pair of holds on the B-bombsite to end LDLC's three-round streak. From there, rounds went to both sides but seized come out on top to edge with a 16-14 Game 1 win. A slow start to Game 2 of Nuke resulted in a 3-0 deficit early but seized managed to come back and help tie the score with a triple kill to hold the line 3-3. LDLC put up a good fight in the first half but it was seized to hold off and come out on top 9-6. The second half was all entry kills on behalf of seized to pick up seven rounds to close out Game 2 16-10.
Pushes Na'Vi to big win
September 15, 2017
seized finished Natus Vincere's win over Team EnVyUs on Day 1 of ESL New York with a KD 48/31.
seized was ready and waiting for Liquid in this series on Friday. From the very start, he was leading his team with reckless abandon. But that's not to say that he was careless with his play. He was just incredibly on point and able to cut down EnVy at will. He capped off his strong performance with a 3k towards the end of the game to put them on map point. He continued this into the second game where he played spoiler for EnVyUs. Even when SIXER picked up a ridiculous 3k to open a round, seized was right there with a double to shut it down and give his team the win. He once again capped off a game with a big showing, tallying a 4k in the final round to give Na'Vi the 16-8 win.
Falters in sweep loss
August 31, 2017
seized only managed a 21/39 KD in Natus Vincere's loss at the hands of Astralis on Day 2 of DreamHack Malmo.
seized opened up this series by barely winning the pistol round on the back of a nice retake, but then it all went downhill. He couldn't seem to find his footing in the later rounds of the game that his team started to lose. While Na'Vi as a whole looked pretty rough, seized was especially bad. He was incredibly inaccurate with the pistol, which was quite the problem given that their economy was in the tank and seized were stuck on pistols for most of the game. He started a bit better in Game 2, but then ended up right back on the bottom of his team before long.
Unable to seize the moment in win
August 30, 2017
seized put together a 11/13 KD in Natus Vincere's win over on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo.
While Na'Vi played well as a whole, seized never really managed to get into much of a groove at any point. He mainly stuck to the shadows while bringing in kills here and there. Granted, with s1mple and flamie playing as well as they were, seized didn't really need to bring a whole lot to the table. Still, he will likely need to step it up a bit as the tournament draws on.
Returns to active lineup
August 9, 2017
seized has returned to the active lineup following the return of Zeus, the organization has announced.
After departing from the active lineup with GuardiaN in late July following an early PGL Major Krakow exit, the former in-game leader returns. seized faced a great fate just under a year ago, becoming the in-game leader when Zeus and starrix both left the active lineup due to the team having internal complications, as well as Valve's new coaching rule. seized led the team to the ESL One New York title, but since then there have been multiple disappointing finishes in the group stages as well as the early outing of the playoffs, most notably the PGL Major Krakow. Now, seized will travel with the team to the gaming house to prepare for the ESL Pro League Season 6 as well as DreamHack Masters Malmo.
To exit Natus Vincere
July 27, 2017
seized is set to leave the active roster of Natus Vincere, reports Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Slingshot esports.
Since the exit of Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko last year and the rule changes on coaches implemented by Valve that sent coach Sergey "starix" Ischuk looking for another job, seized has taken as the in-game leader, restricting production from his behalf. The in-game leader struggled, although remaining legend status at both past Majors this year, it failed to show as seized fell short of the playoffs. Team member Oleskandr "s1mple" Kostyliev openly admitted change would be coming. Neither player nor organization has made an official comment.
Rollercoaster ride in 2-0 loss to C9
July 9, 2017
seized gathered a 35/44 KD on Saturday in a loss to Cloud9 in the semifinals at ESL Cologne.
seized had a great start to Mirage picking up the first three rounds, including his Round 2 anti-eco triple kill on the B-bombsite that added fuel to the fire. Although his performance remained stern in the first half, many rounds were lost as Cloud9 took the 7-3 lead. seized only could catch a couple of rounds before being stopped in his tracks for a 10-5 deficit at the half. The second half started slow as he quickly turned things around in the second anti-eco which led to seven rounds over Cloud9 to tie the game at 13-13. His explosive offense allowed him to entry as well as win his duels to stay in the game. However, Cloud9 edged away for the 16-13 win, posting an 18/22 KD and 81.3 ADR. Game 2 seized had a poor start facing a 6-0 deficit early on, but contributed to the short comeback down 9-6. The second half was highly contested, but seized helped the team stay alive in Round 28 at map point with a triple kill on the B-bombsite, unfortunately, Cloud9 got the one round needed for the 2-0 series taking Overpass 16-14.
Fails to show up to the table
July 4, 2017
seized only put up a 9/16 KD in Natus Vincere's loss to Team Liquid on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
seized started off somewhat strong, but only compared to his teammates who were floundering in the first half against the North Americans. He came off a bit stronger as the game progressed and Na'Vi tried to get back in it. Unfortunately, this run of play didn't last too long, as Na'Vi still never managed to string together a set of rounds to stop the Liquid onslaught. They will certainly need to change some things here if they wish to bounce back from the loss.
Fails to impress with AWP
June 1, 2017
seized put up a 10/20KD in Natus Vincere's loss to OpTic Gaming on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
seized played pretty much at an equal level of his teammates in this game, which is to say that he didn't play very well at all. He didn't get anything at all until Round 4, but he did get a double in that round to tie things up. Soon after, he picked up an AWP to try and give his team some space, but that didn't really work out very well. He didn't exactly light things up with his play on the sniper rifle. Without much cohesion as a team, Na'Vi were easily taken down 16-8 by OpTic Gaming.
Excellent on the offense
May 30, 2017
seized posted a firm 16/11 KD for Na'Vi on Tuesday, Day 1 in a win over Team Liquid in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
seized had a slow start, taking a 2-0 deficit early. But in the third round he managed to deny the retake with a triple kill on the B-bombsite in a post-plant scenario to win the first round of the half. This started the massive streak until eventually controlling the first half on the offense for an 11-4 lead at the half. Opening up the bombsites and holding the post-plant scenarios helped in the long run with the strong economy to take the massive lead at the half. seized surged with his 91.0 ADR to shut out the second half in five rounds for a 16-4 win on Train.
Quiet in big Na'Vi win
April 7, 2017
seized finished Na'Vi's win over Fnatic on Wednesday with a KD of 16/15.
seized had a pretty quiet showing on Overpass, bottom-fragging while the rest of Na'Vi popped off. seized struggled to pick up near a kill per round, largely due to the rest of his team fragging extremely efficiently. From a quiet first half on rifles to an inconsistent sporadic showing in the second, seized finished the Na'Vi win with only a KD of 16/15, but a win's a win regardless.
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