Stephen Cutler 
United States
Signs with Splyce
April 10, 2018
Splyce has now confirmed the addition of reltuC, filling the void created by roca.
The former CLG member signed with RONIN and participated in a handful of ESEA MDL matches following his free agency a month prior. His time in RONIN was rather short, as the 29-year-old had been seen participating with Splyce in the North American qualifiers for DreamHack Masters Marseille and IEM Sydney. reltuC played in his first official match with Splyce on Sunday through the North American closed qualifier for DreamHack Tours 2018, although once again with no success. reltuC will play his first ESL Pro League match Wednesday against a struggling Team Dignitas.
Free Agent
Announces free agency
January 2, 2018
Since the team closed its doors on the male CS:GO squad at the end of November, reltuC has now announced free agency.
Counter-Logic Gaming closed its doors on the male CS:GO team at the end of November, ending the three-year run. During the time of the announcement, the organization vowed to help the players find new homes to represent as the players were still under contract, through the end of the year. Now, the 29-year-old is free to discuss terms with any interested team.
Squeezes by in win
September 28, 2017
reltuC put up a 29/29 KD in Counter Logic Gaming's 2-0 win over Immortals on Wednesday in the ESL Pro League.
reltuC didn't have the greatest of games here against Immortals, but he still managed to come out with an even KD. Still, with Immortals struggling so much and CLG being so on point in this series, you would have expected a bit more from reltuC here. He was at the bottom of his team in terms of damage in the first game and managed just 12 kills to 14 deaths in the second game. If they want to keep climbing the standings in the Pro League, reltuC will need to step it up a bit.
Somewhat inconsistent in loss
May 27, 2017
reltuC finished CLG's 0-2 loss to Immortals in the ECS on Saturday with a 24/32 KD.
reltuC was close to the bottom of his team in the opening game, finishing with just a 7/15 KD. While this was undoubtedly a poor KD, when you look at the rest of his team in this 16-4 loss, his doesn't necessarily standout as any worse than the rest. Moving into Game 2, he was a bit measured to start off. He didn't do anything very impressive in the first half, but did open the second half with a nice double to tie things up at eight. He tied it again late in the second half with a 1-vs-2 clutch, but they ultimately fell short in the 16-13 loss.
Inconsistency in Game 2 leads to loss
May 24, 2017
reltuC posted a 36/34 KD in CLG's sweep at the hands of SK Gaming in the ECS on Tuesday.
reltuC started off this series with an even 14/14 KD in their 16-10 loss in Game 1, as CLG started off nice and faltered late. He picked up an early kill in the pistol round, but then didn't tally until kill until a double in Round 8 helped tie the game at four games apiece. From there on, he was somewhat consistent with his kills in the rest of the game, but they just didn't come with enough volume to stave off the tide of SK Gaming. He certainly picked up the volume in Game 2, but it still wasn't enough in the end. As the game started, he put up out a steady stream of kills to keep CLG close early on. But then all of CLG slipped up a bit and went down 9-6 at the half. reltuC came out swinging in the second half, though. He picked up a double in the second pistol round and followed that up with a 3k in Round 17 to bring them close to the tie CLG picked up in Round 18. He was pretty inconsistent from then on, however, which led to SK eventually forcing overtime to pick up a 19-15 win.
Bottom-frags with an above-average performance
April 6, 2017
reltuC finished with a KD of 14/9 in CLG's win over 5Power on Wednesday.
reltuC might have bottom-fragged for CLG on Cobblestone, but he by no means had a bad performance. reltuC's first half on the CT-side mainly consisted of him picking up individual kills in rounds, rarely ever getting out-aimed. His 86.1 ADR was just what CLG needed: above average, alongside a KD of 14/9 as CLG dominated 5Power for a 16-3 win.
Doesn't do enough in loss
April 4, 2017
reltuC went 18/21 in CLG's loss to Astralis on Day 1 of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
reltuC helped his team get off to a nice start in this game, going 6-0 to start the map, but then it all came apart for the North American hopefuls. Once Astralis started playing like the team we all know them to be, CLG wasn't able to do much at all. Their strategy seemed to be "sit back and let koosta do all the work." Well, we see how well that worked out. CLG needs to bring more to the table as a team in order to come out of the round-robin.
Consistent in series split
March 9, 2017
Cutler earned a 52/42 KD for CLG in a 1-1 split against Misfits at the ESL Pro League on Thursday.
Cutler got the ball rolling during Game 1 leading the team with a 31/23 KD followed by a 99.8 ADR. Cutler developed with the team early for a 5-1 lead before he picked up a triple kill hold on the B bombsite to further extend the lead. However, Misfits rallied back from an 8-7 deficit at the half to go into overtime. Cutler helped his team by playing perfect defense to hold off for a Game 1 win 19-17. Game 2 however, Cutler seemed to have a slow start on the offense only able to claim five rounds at the half. He then contributed to the seven rounds won in the second half, earning his team a 21/19 KD followed by a 77.7 ADR before losing Game 2 16-12.
Slow start and big finishes
February 23, 2017
reltuC put up 34/35 KD in a 1-1 split at the ESL Pro League versus Luminosity on Tuesday.
reltuC was off to a slow start despite the quick early lead on Luminosity. reltuC seemed to unable win his 1-vs-1 battles, however, his team had his back. Although reltuC started to come alive late in the first, it was during Luminosity's five-round streak for an even score at the half. reltuC started strong in the second half on defense, able to hold his opponents early in the half but falling 16-10. reltuC started Map 2 with a stronger showing in the comeback to take the lead in the first half holding off the offense, mainly on the B bombsite. The second half proved challenging as reltuC struggled to find an entry kill when needed though he contributed to the four-round win streak to close Map 2 16-14.
Short of a win on Day 1
December 19, 2016
reltuC earned a 15/21 KD in their loss to Vega Squadron on Day 1 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
reltuC started the match off with a great start in the pistol round picking up a double kill to secure the round as well as a late bomb plant. He then planted another bomb in the following round, but secured the round with a single kill. He contributed the rest of the first half with important trade-kills that helped his team win in the tie-breakers, ultimately taking the half 8-7. Cutler rallied his team back after four straight rounds were given up at the start to find themselves fighting for yet another tie-breaker. However, Vega Squadron came out on top after Culter picked up a double kill on the A-retake, but his teammate loses the 1-vs-1. CLG only managed to secure a 16-14 loss after a strong comeback.
Strongest member on losing team
December 19, 2016
reltuC posted an 18/19 KD in CLG's loss to Cloud9 on Day 4 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
reltuC did well enough to get the bomb plant in the opening pistol round, which made sure that CLG weren't too bogged down early in this game. That didn't last very long, though, as CLG would start to crumble in the first half and into the second. He finally came up to stop C9's big roll in the second half with a double in Round 19 to bring the score to 7-12. He had another nice round in Round 21 with a double on a long-range double tap with the CZ75-A. Without much support from his entire time, there was simply no way for CLG to get anything going in this game.
Never gets going in loss
November 10, 2016
reltuC posted a 7/19 KD in CLG's poor loss to EnVyUs in Group B of Northern Arena Montreal on Thursday.
reltuC got the first kill of Round 4 and tried to set CLG on the right path to get their first win, but his team just couldn't follow up with the necessary kills to grab the round. He wasn't seen much on the kill feed in the first half, but he did pick up a kill with his AK in Round 13 that gave his team their second win of the half. Overall, there was just no real cohesion from this team in the lopsided, 3-16 loss.
Uses AWP to great affect in win
November 8, 2016
reltuC put up a 38/30 KD in CLG's sweep of TSM on Tuesday.
reltuC began the series by getting the only kill on CLG in the opening pistol round, but once the gun rounds started, CLG was able to recover despite the early 0-3 deficit. He grabbed an AWP early on and began what would be a theme for the entire match: reltuC getting kill after kill with the AWP. He and koosta's play with the sniper rifles was enough to keep TSM zoned off and shut down throughout the game. He continued this into Game 2 where he grabbed three early kills before once again getting on his AWP and dominating. He not only did work on the AWP, but also grabbed some key kills with his pistol throughout the game.
Bad rotations doom CLG
August 31, 2016
reltuC put up a 30/37 KD in CLG's 1-1 split with Selfless on Tuesday.
reltuC ran with AWP and did so-so early on in the game. He was much better towards the end of the half, but pretty quiet at the start of the second half. His rotations were just not the strongest. While he wasn't as bad overall as Subroza was in the game in terms of final KD, he was still not strong enough to change the course of the game. Thankfully for CLG, hazed and Subroza found some clutch kills late in the second half to force OT and eventually take the win 19-15. reltuC and the rest of CLG started off pretty bad on Dust 2 for the second game. At no point was that more apparent than when he and his teammates had the terrible idea to drop down into the middle of the map without any vision. They were subsequently mowed down to get off to a horrible start in that round, which they of course lost. He had one nice sequence where he grabbed a 3k in Round 14 to halt the crazy roll that Selfless were on in the first half. It wouldn't be halted for long, though, as they eventually were dismantled 16-5.
Non-factor in CLG loss
August 26, 2016
retluC went 35/39 in a 0-2 loss to C9 on Friday.
The artist formerly known as Cutler found zero ways to impact the match on Friday. His ADR was a pitiful 56.6 on Mirage, and his AWP hit mostly air. His double AWP compositions with Subroza looked especially pitiful.
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