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United States
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Joins Mythic
February 5, 2018
Mythic, has announced the recent addition of former OpTic rifler, hazed, to the roster.
hazed will return to the competitive side of CS:GO after being inactive from OpTic Gaming since August 2017. hazed has attended five Majors with CLG between 2015-16 making him one of the most experienced players on the new roster. The news comes as Mythic has had a rather horrific start to the ESEA Premier season, with three losses already in the books. hazed will be replacing LeX in the active lineup, as LeX will now be in charge of Mythic's Battlion1944 squad.
Free Agent
To fill in for CLG at ESL One NY Qualifier
August 17, 2017
Counter Logic Gaming has announced they will use former OpTic member hazed as a stand-in for the North American closed qualifier for ESL One New York.
hazed will be returning to a familiar lineup after departing ways from OpTic Gaming to seek new opportunities. The call came as the active member, koosta, won't be able to play due to family reasons; however, he is set to return in time for EPL S6. hazed spent two years at CLG playing with current active members FNS and Cutler, who played alongside each other reaching the playoffs of the MLG Columbus Major. Now, hazed will stand in for the team in the ESL One New York closed qualifier, set to start this weekend.
Free Agent
Exits OpTic Gaming
August 8, 2017
hazed has stepped down and will now become a free agent, according to OpTic's YouTube weekly-documentary "Vision."
As the player revealed in the YouTube series, hazed has decided to step down from the active roster, taking a break until an offer crosses his path. hazed stepped in from the coaching role to take part in the action after JasonR stepped down to focus on his stream in early June. During that time hazed took the role as an in-game leader but later suggested ImAPet take the coaching role, however, a recent comment made by hazed suggest the team had internal issues.
Still got it in win over Space Soldiers
July 8, 2017
hazed collected a solid 20/15 KD on Wednesday as OpTic defeated Space Soldiers at ESL Cologne.
After some time being away from the competitive scene and more on a coaching role, hazed seemed to not have lost his touch. Although a slow start wasn't in the plans, hazed quickly turned things around by winning duels and closing out rounds in the mid game. He punished his opponents on the early counter-rotations as well as aggressive plays that resulted in a 9-6 lead at the half. The second half was another slow start with the first three rounds going the other way, however, this time the comeback ended up being a consecutive seven rounds to take Mirage 16-9 earning a 79.0 ADR.
Can't break out of the haze
July 6, 2017
hazed managed just an 11/19 KD in OpTic Gaming's loss against Team Liquid on Wednesday at ESL Cologne.
hazed started somewhat well with a double in Round 3, but then started to struggle mightily afterwards. He only had two kills from then until Round 14 when he picked up another double. Unsurprisingly, OpTic were hemorrhaging rounds during this stretch, as Liquid were straight up dominating. He tried to get some rounds for his team in the second half with a couple entry frags, but they just had no followup and were taken down 16-5. All of OpTic needs to dig deep if they want to still make it into the playoffs.
Fails to do much in loss
May 6, 2017
hazed tallied a 13/33 KD in OpTic's lopsided loss to SK Gaming in the semifinals of IEM Sydney.
hazed played much like his team did in this lopsided series against SK on Saturday: extremely poor. OpTic fell flat on their faces coming out the gate, going down 6-1 in the early going. He did have a double in a Round 6 loss, but that was about it, as he only tallied three kills in the entire first half. Moving into the second half, he still did nothing and just simply waited until the second game. Starting off the second game, hazed once again was slow early on, not picking up a kill until Round 6. Even then, it was the only kill he had for quite some time. He managed to pick up some kills here and there as OpTic went on a 4-1 run between the first and second halves. Once SK got back on the horse, though, that was all she wrote for OpTic in this 16-7 loss that eliminated them from the tournament.
Lackluster play almost trips up OpTic
May 3, 2017
hazed registered a somewhat poor 14/15 KD in the 16-8 OpTic win over Vici Gaming at IEM Sydney on Wednesday.
hazed was the low man on the totem pole in this OpTic Gaming win on Wednesday. He has just four kills after the first eight rounds, but his team was still able to take a 7-1 lead after those rounds. He followed this up with a double kill in Round 9 to further OpTic's lead. Another double in Round 12 put OpTic up 10-2 before hazed fell off a bit more. Between Round 12 and Round 22, he picked up just three kills, which is certainly why Vici were able to mount a somewhat futile attempt at a comeback in the second half. While OpTic were able to lock up the win here, they will certainly need more from hazed if they wish to make some stride in the group stages at IEM Sydney.
OpTic Gaming name hazed as coach
April 11, 2017
The former CLG player will be joining OpTic Gaming on a trial run as the coach, but will also stand in at IEM Sydney as a player according to his teammate RUSH on Twitter.
OpTic Gaming is still trying to rebuild the team after their in-game leader stanislaw left the team to sign with Liquid. Since then OpTic have trailed former Cloud9 star Hiko at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas and IEM Katowice, but both ended with group stage exits. OpTic has also tried out JasonR as a stand-in, however, he will not be able to attend IEM Sydney which means hazed will take his place.
Free Agent
Hazed to sub in for Liquid
March 31, 2017
Former CLG member Hazed will serve as a substitute for Team Liquid with the transfer of Pimp after Wednesday's matches, according to HLTV.org.
The 27-year-old former CLG member will step in to fill the gap after Pimp's final match was played Wednesday before his transfer papers were made final. Hazed has been without a team since stepping down from the active CLG roster after two years of work had ended his competitive association. Team Liquid have registered Hazed for the upcoming iBUYPOWER Spring Invitational Cup set to start April 1-2 featuring the top eight North American teams. Neither Hazed nor Liquid have had any comments about the recent changes to the roster.
Quiet in series tie
February 23, 2017
hazed earned his team a 22/40 KD in a 1-1 split versus Luminosity on Tuesday at the ESL Pro League.
hazed had a rather dismal day across both maps unable to find his groove. Though he served well in a few rounds on Cache during their early winning streak, hazed seemed to be denied in most of his attempts to engage with the opponent, only earning his team a 7/19 KD followed by a low 40.0 ADR. hazed looked to improve on Map 2 but was immediately stifled to an early deficit. However, hazed was able to rally his team late in the first half on defense to hold off Luminosity for an 8-7 lead. hazed also contributed to the four-round win streak to take Map 2 16-14 with his 15/21 KD and 64.0 ADR.
Comes back to CLG temporarily
February 14, 2017
hazed will come back as a stand-in for Counter Logic Gaming, reports Preston Dozsa of theScore esports.
With Subroza leaving the team this week due to personal reasons, CLG needed someone to take his place. While they search for a permanent replacement, they have turned to former team captain hazed to fill that role. hazed left the team at the beginning of the year, but has yet to find a new home, making him an easy choice to fill in.
Leaves CLG
January 1, 2017
hazed has moved on from Counter Logic Gaming, reports Gabriel Zoltan-Johan of theScore esports.
Despite being a major piece of CLG's puzzle, hazed has decided to leave the North American organization that he helped established back in 2015. In the announcement on the team's website, the decision was said to be made mutually between both parties. hazed also made it clear in a comment on Reddit that his departure was completely unrelated to the ongoing situation stemming from the Professional eSports Association's attempt at preventing North American teams from playing in the ESL Pro League. There's no word yet as to who will be hazed's replacement or what hazed next move will be.
Consistent for CLG despite loss
December 19, 2016
hazed remained composed in CLG's loss to Vega Squadron posting a 17/22 KD on Day 1 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
hazed started the best-of-one series with a double kill in the second round for taking a quick 2-0 lead. He then cleaned up the ninth round with a bomb plant on the A-bombsite followed up by a kill to close it out. hazed solidified the lead for CLG in the 12th round with a double kill to an 8-4 lead. However, Vega Squadron came back late in the first to a three round streak for an 8-7 record at the half. hazed remained poised in the second half after giving up four straight at the start to pick up two rounds for CLG, shifting the momentum. He also kept CLG in the game after a quad kill hold on the A-bombsite to a 12-12 scoreline. However, CLG only managed two more rounds before being shutout 16-14 to Vega.
Still can't play consistent enough
December 19, 2016
hazed only put up a KD of 10/17 in CLG's loss to Cloud9 on Day 4 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
hazed helped his team finally get on the board in Round 3 with a 1-vs-2 clutch. Throughout the rest of the first half, hazed added in some kills here and there, but was never very consistent. That was more a testament to the prowess of C9 than anything, though. CLG just looked completely flatfooted all game long. Their deficiencies were on full display in this 16-8 loss.
Can't see through haze in lopsided loss
November 10, 2016
hazed only managed a 6/18 KD in CLG's loss to Team EnVyUs in Group B of Northern Arena Montreal on Thursday.
hazed was the only CLG player to grab consistent kills in the first few rounds of this game. CLG was forced onto far too many pistol rounds to actually do much of anything in the first half. They tried to slow things down with a pause, but they came out of the pause with no economy and were still steamrolled. hazed's game was littered with miscues and overaggression, including when he tried to push Ramp by himself and was easily picked off by kennyS. These plays happened so often that CLG never gained traction, which led to their loss.
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