Jordan Gilbert 
United States
Big in Game 3 but not enough to close
July 9, 2017
n0thing posted a firm 49/66 KD on Sunday in a 3-0 grand final loss to SK Gaming at ESL Cologne.
n0thing struggled during the first half of Cobblestone by only winning a few scattered rounds for a 10-5 deficit at the half. He then went on to the second half with little success on the offense in the 16-9 Game 1 loss. In Game 2, n0thing had a fair first half performance opening up the sites and holding the post-plant that got him to a 10-5 lead at the half. However, his performance in the second half was poor only winning two rounds, but giving up eleven in the 16-12 Train loss. He then came up big in Game 3 leading the team with a 25/20 KD and 98.6 ADR with a hefty first half up 10-5. Unfortunately for n0thing the second half belonged to SK. He still didn't give up a fight as he won Round 24 with a quad kill to secure the round. Shortly after SK won the remaining rounds to close out Inferno 16-14.
Nothing but headshots
July 9, 2017
n0thing posted a 32/39 KD on Saturday in a semifinal win over Natus Vincere at ESL Cologne.
n0thing's first half performance on Mirage was slow, but picked up quickly. His ability to get the entries as well as hold on the post plant allowed his team to win seven straight and come out of the half up 10-5. The second half started smooth with a flawless pistol followed by an anti-eco win, however, he was stumped as he struggled to hold off the offense which led to a tie in the late game. n0thing then came up big getting multiple kills during a half buy that propelled his team to take Mirage 16-13, posting an 18/20 KD and 68.5 ADR. In Game 2, n0thing had a solid defensive hold for six rounds until the fury of his opponents came charging back to contest in the mid-game, however, staying focused and making the right called to squeeze out a 9-6 lead. The second half was slow, but he picked right back up as n0thing closed out the series winning a 1-vs-1 on the A-bombsite to advance into the grand final, earning a 14/19 KD and 62.4 ADR.
Barely breaks even in win
July 8, 2017
n0thing found a 51/49 KD in Cloud9's win over Ninjas in Pyjamas on Friday at ESL Cologne.
n0thing lived up to his namesake in the early rounds of Games 1 and 2, as he seemed to always take a bit to get into a groove. You could always count on him to end up finding some consistent kills as the game progressed, however. His late quad kill in Round 19 of Game 1 was a big part of their comeback win. Even though they lost Game 2, he did his best to try and get the win. Game 3 was one where he actually was on his game from the start. He grabbed a double in the pistol round to set the tone for the eventual 16-6 win that locked up the series.
Only member of C9 with negative KD in win
July 6, 2017
n0thing posted a 17/21 KD in Cloud9's win over Immortals on Thursday at ESL Cologne.
Despite going off in the last game, n0thing had a bit of a slow outing here against Immortals. He found an early double kill in Round 3 that locked things down, but ended up with the lowest amount of kills for most of the first half. This downward spiral continued on into the second half, as well. He did find a nice 1-vs-2 clutch in Round 23 to keep his team moving towards the win, however. Another two kills in the final round was all the Cloud9 then needed to secure the 16-11 win and stave off elimination.
Lights up the scoreboard in win
July 5, 2017
n0thing came up big with an impressive 24/15 KD in Cloud9's win against TyLoo on Wednesday at ESL Cologne.
n0thing chose the perfect time to be on top of his game at this tournament. After going negative in both of his team's games yesterday, n0thing absolutely went off against TyLoo. While he had no kills in the first three rounds, he more than made up for it as the game progressed. His first half ended up not being the best, but once the second half opened, he was electric. He picked up a huge ace in Round 18 with his UMP to put C9 in a perfect groove in this half. He added in another 3k in Round 24 to just keep on pushing. While it will certainly be quite the feat if C9 manages to get into the playoffs after starting 0-2, n0thing continuing this play could make it a reality.
Hard fought loss to Immortals
May 31, 2017
n0thing posted a 15/20 KD on Wednesday in a 1-0 loss to Immortals in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
n0thing had a firm start winning the first pistol round but quickly fell as the Immortals offense rallied back to win three straight to even out the deficit 4-2. n0thing struggled to hold off the offense as Immortals racked up the rounds for a massive late lead. However, n0thing managed to pick up a few more frags to help close out the half down 10-5. n0thing had another quick startm contributing to the second pistol round won until Immortals overran the half on the defense to hold off n0thing as he struggled offensively for the 16-8 loss on Mirage, averaging a 58.2 ADR along the way.
First half consistency proves to not be enough
May 31, 2017
n0thing picked up a 15/16 KD in Cloud9's loss to Fnatic on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
n0thing started off a bit rough with just one kill in the first four rounds of the game while Cloud9 were getting bossed around the map. He was unable to provide much consistency in these early rounds. He came on pretty strong in the late rounds of the first half with a bit of measured consistency, but his team still didn't have much of a strategy. This ultimately undid any good that he did in the late rounds, and led to the 13-2 halftime deficit. Cloud9 tried to get a bit going in the second half, bu they were still downed 16-6.
Nothing to show in loss
May 30, 2017
n0thing posted a frail 8/23 KD for Cloud9 on Tuesday in a loss to EnVyUs in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
n0thing had a slow start to the first half of Cobblestone giving up the pistol round for the early deficit. n0thing came back to help overrun the offense for three rounds before being blown out for a five straight rounds lost to go down 6-3. Struggling to get the defense to hold off the offense of EnVyUs, n0thing took a 9-6 deficit at the half. The second half was another slow start especially for n0thing as he was unable to find many kills during the offensive run only contributing a 37.8 ADR. n0thing was unable to apply as much effort as hoped in the second half for a late 16-11 loss.
Strong once again
May 30, 2017
n0thing posted a 16/9 KD in Cloud9's win over G2 Esports on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
n0thing followed up his strong performance in Cloud9's loss against SK to open the day with another strong one against G2. He only had three kills in the first four rounds, but he did pick up a double in that Round 4 to push Cloud9 to an early lead. He followed this up with a 3k in Round 8 to allow them to keep moving right along. Once things move into the second half, he didn't let up, picking up a double kill in the second pistol round to kick off another strong set of rounds to allow C9 to pick up the 16-4 win.
Only positive KD on Cloud9 in loss
May 30, 2017
n0thing finished Cloud9's loss to SK Gaming on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals with a 20/19 KD.
n0thing was the only one to put up consistent kills from C9 early on in this game, and it started in the pistol round. There, he tallied a double kill even as his team lost the round. He grabbed another double kill in the next round, but was getting no help at all from his teammates early on. While Cloud9 did make a bit of a run to take a 6-5 lead after being down 5-0 early, this didn't last very long. SK showed why they're one of the best ever and locked up the 16-7 win.
Slow start with crushing finish in draw
May 18, 2017
n0thing posted a 35/25 KD on Tuesday in a 1-1 draw versus OpTic Gaming in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
n0thing had a slow start to Train until Round 3, where he contributed to an entry kill on the buy round that won the first round of the half. He then won a 2-vs-1 in Round 4 to tie the game 2-2 on the A-bombsite. n0thing then picked up a few more entry kills as well as a hold on a post-plant situation in Round 5. Although n0thing was winning rounds, he, unfortunately, ran out of firepower in the first half for an 11-4 deficit. His second-half performance was unbearable as n0thing was shut out 5-0 for the 16-4 Game 1 loss, posting a team-leading 18/16 KD and 88.1 ADR. Game 2 n0thing contributed to a dominating performance in the first half to hold off OpTic for a 13-2 lead. A slow start for n0thing in the second half gave OpTic three rounds won before his 17/9 KD and 79.1 ADR closed Cobblestone 16-5.
Disappears in second half of Game 1 loss
May 10, 2017
n0thing ended with a 32/32 KD in Cloud9's 1-1 split with NRG in the ECS on Tuesday.
n0thing was on top of his game to start off in the first game of this series. He opened with a double in the pistol round before being very consistent in the first half to give his team a lead. They did lose the final round of the half, though, which ended up being a sign of things to come. NRG dominated the late rounds of the second half, with n0thing not doing much to stop his opponent with just five kills in the second half. Going into the second game, he started off much slower than he did in the first game. He had nothing in the first five rounds before notching a double in Round 6. This allowed Cloud9 to continue their strong first half showing in this game with a 10-5 lead at the half. He continued to play well into the second half that saw Cloud9 go 6-2 to finish up the 16-7 win to split the series.
Only shows up in Game 2
April 30, 2017
n0thing finished Cloud9's 1-2 loss to G2 in the Group B decider match at DreamHack Austin with a 48/60 KD.
n0thing got off to a bit of a slow start in this series, only tallying 12 kills in the entirety of the game. The fact that six of his kills came from two triple kills in Rounds 2 and 3 make his KD in this game all the more off-putting. Come Game 2, though, n0thing was on top of his game to push his team into a third game. He was consistent round after round with strong rotations and executes to fuel this massive comeback. His best moments came in Round 24 where he picked up a 3k and then in the final round when he picked up an AWP to shut down G2 while he was securing the defuse. The final game was a major regression as compared to the team's performance in Game 2. He actually ended up with a worse KD than he had in the first game, while again only posting 12 kills in the game. With no one on C9 really stepping up to the plate, G2 easily took the final map by a score of 16-10 to eliminate C9 from the tournament.
A bit off in series split
April 13, 2017
n0thing posted a 25/34 KD in Cloud9's 1-1 split with SK Gaming in the ESL Pro League on Wednesday.
n0thing started off pretty poor in this series against SK on Wednesday. He only managed a 10/20 KD in the first game. Most of this is certainly due to the fact that his team faltered majorly in the second half, but it was still a lackluster showing nonetheless. He was especially poor when faced against FalleN or coldzera, going 0/4 and 0/5 against those two, respectively. When the action switched over to Cache for Game 2, he was a bit better. He actually went positive with a 15/14 KD. His damage was third on the team, which was much better than in Game 1. He did go just 2/3 in entry kills, but his team was still able to dominate in the second half to get the big win here.
Overtime finish for 2-0 sweep
March 26, 2017
n0thing posted a 48/39 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 series win over compLexity in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
n0thing started the day Wednesday with a slow start in Game 1 of Train. Although he finished big by posting a solid 20/17 KD followed by a 93.9 ADR. Down 4-0 early in the first half, n0thing rallied back for a scrappy pistol round win in the fifth round to put his team on the board. The round win sparked the team to comeback late in the first shutting down the offense of compLexity for a 9-6 lead at the half. However, the second half went well for n0thing as his offense picked apart the defense, winning a majority of his trade kills for the seven rounds needed to close Game 1. n0thing allowed just one round against in the second half for a 16-7 win on Train. Game 2 compLexity once again to the early lead over n0thing and team though n0thing came out huge in Round 10 with a triple kill on the B-bombsite post-plant situation. n0thing then won a 1-vs-2 clutch situation in Round 12 to secure a mostly upgraded pistol buy round win for Cloud9. n0thing's efforts in the first half ended with a 10-5 deficit going into the second. n0thing contributed to the late comeback in the second half thanks to n0thing resolving a 2-vs-2 preplant situation on the A-bombsite to get one round away from tying the game. Cloud9 did, however, tie the game and force overtime, closing the series out with four straight for a 19-15 Game 2 win. n0thing contributed with the late win with a 28/22 KD followed by a team-leading 95.1 ADR.