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Departs Cloud9; Retires from competitive CS:GO
April 18, 2018
shroud announced Wednesday that he has officially retired from CS:GO.
Despite taking a step back from Cloud9's CS:GO team last August, shroud has still been on the team as a full-time streamer. He's since found major success as one of the top PUBG streamers on Twitch and now it seems that this has finally given him the push to retire from CS:GO and depart from the team. It's unknown what his next move will be, but you can bet that many teams will want to lock him down as part of their stream team given the amount of exposure that he can bring.
Put on the bench by Cloud9
August 15, 2017
shroud will be benched by Cloud9, reports Daniel Rosen of theScore esports.
Being one of the original members of Cloud9 has not stopped the team from putting him on the bench in favor of new blood in the form of RUSH and tarik from OpTic Gaming. The news is coming on the eve of CS:GO coming back into full swing after a month-long break following the PGL Major. With Cloud9 finishing just 9th-11th at the event, it's not the most surprising development to see the team making some major changes. Ever since winning Season 4 of the ESL Pro League last fall, the NA squad has been in quite the freefall. They'll now look to move forward without their oldest members. While it's unknown what shroud will do in the wake of this move, but he's said before that he'd be retiring in 2018, so this could certainly speed up that timeline.
King of clutch despite loss to SK
July 9, 2017
shroud gathered a 49/58 KD on Sunday in the 3-0 grand final loss to SK Gaming at ESL Cologne.
shroud had a rough performance in the first half of Cobblestone, as he was unable to win many rounds in the early stages, but he finally got the ball rolling towards the end despite the 10-5 deficit. The second half saw shroud start to rack up the kills and create some opportunities, but the team could muster their fate and took a 16-9 loss. shroud had an impactful first half of Game 2, but it was still a quiet one that led to a 10-5 lead at the half. The second half could have gone better, but two rounds was all C9 could muster in the 16-12 loss on Train. shroud popped off early in Game 3 with a triple kill hold on the A-bombsite in Round 6. shroud continued his defensive dominance for a 10-5 lead going into the second half. However, once again the second half was all SK besides the late rounds where shroud just didn't have enough in him to close out Inferno with a 16-14 loss.
Monster performance to down Na'Vi
July 9, 2017
shroud picked up a solid 40/32 KD on Saturday with a semifinal win over Natus Vincere at ESL Cologne.
shroud picked up the pace after a 3-0 deficit to start Mirage by opening up the B-bombsite as well as getting the first pick to take control of mid. With a 7-3 lead, shroud began to fall off his high horse due to Natus Vincere building back their economy and earning rounds along the way, but shroud still contributed to the 10-5 lead at the half. The second half started with a clean pistol and an aggressive defensive approach that earned them the two rounds, but his opponents came back to split the defense to tie the game at 13 a piece. shroud didn't give up the fight as he came up big with a half buy to hold off for three rounds to take Mirage 16-13 earning a 14/17 KD and 59.8 ADR. In Game 2, shroud had an explosive first half picking up a triple kill on the A-bombsite to hold off for the pistol round win. He then went on to pick up an anti-eco ace in Round 2 which propelled the team to reach a 6-0 lead. Once again, shroud lost his touch, but came back just in time to help his team hold off the lead 9-6 at the half. A slow start to the second half quickly turned as he bolted for a Round 21 win with a miraculous 1-vs-3 clutch on the B-bombsite. He remained consistent despite the late rounds lost, but managed to pull out a 16-14 win earning a team-leading 26/15 KD and 76.1 ADR on Overpass.
Clutches C9 to victory
July 8, 2017
shroud put together a 52/49 KD in Cloud9's win over Ninjas in Pyjamas on Friday at ESL Cologne.
While shroud didn't have the highest amount of kills in this series, his clutches early on were the difference maker. While NiP took a big lead going into the second half of Game 1, he powered a huge 11-0 run in the second half to take the win. His highlight reel play was the 1-vs-3 in Round 24 to completely broke the will of NiP. Game 2 was a rough showing for all of C9, and he was included as he only had four kills in the first half. He was much better overall in the final game to help C9 take the series.
Measured play in big win
July 6, 2017
shroud put together a 19/17 KD in Cloud9's win over Immortals on Thursday at ESL Cologne.
shroud was a bit lackluster in this elimination game on Thursday. For most of the first half, he had the lowest kills and ADR on his team. That doesn't mean that he never landed kills, however. He picked up two in Round 14 to sort of salvage his slow first half. He was a bit off at the start of the second half as well, but did find another double in Round 21 to give his team an 11-10 lead. That round was a part of their 6-1 run to end the game and prevent elimination.
Slow first half in big win
July 5, 2017
shroud managed a 15/11 KD in Cloud9's win against TyLoo on Wednesday at ESL Cologne.
shroud didn't have the best first half here against TyLoo, but then again, not many of his teammates did, either. Cloud9 sort of stumbled coming out of the gate in this game, as TyLoo's aggressive style seemed to catch C9 unawares. shroud always seemed to get picked off without finding a trade kill, which left C9 in a bit of a hole early on. Even when C9 brought things back a bit towards the end of the half, shroud still came up short. Despite only posting five kills in the entire first half though, shroud found five in the first five rounds of the second half. He just popped in consistently with kills here and there to help C9 pick up the 16-9 win to stay alive in Cologne.
Late heroics not enough to stave off Fnatic
May 31, 2017
shroud tallied a 14/20 KD in Cloud9's rough loss to Fnatic on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
shroud took a few rounds to get going in the first half, but this was more of a product of Cloud9's clear lack of cohesion early on. They looked completely confused and disjointed in the early rounds. shroud showed up with a 3k on the AK in the later rounds of the first half to get his team their first win. He added in another 3k in Round 10, but they still couldn't win the round. In the second half, he secured a double in the pistol round to kick off a nice string of runs to try and get back into the swing of things. He had another big round in Round 17 where he picked up a quad kill, but that was about all she wrote for Cloud9 in this 16-6 loss.
Shutdown late in match loss
May 30, 2017
shroud posted a 17/19 KD for Cloud9 on Tuesday in a loss to EnVyUs in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
shroud strung together a few rounds in the early stages of the first half after a pistol round loss to the French went sour. With a 3-1 lead, EnVyUs managed to come back and settled things with a 6-3 lead and a much controlled first half for a 9-6 score at the half. shroud had a much better run in the second half during the five-round streak on the offense with the 70.0 ADR contributed. EnVyUs managed to close out the match in the last two rounds that shroud could barely get past the defense for a 16-11 loss on Cobblestone.
Overcomes early struggles for strong showing
May 30, 2017
shroud went 17/8 in Cloud9's victory against G2 Esports on the first day of the ESL Pro League Finals.
shroud didn't get off to the best start here against G2, as he took a bit to get into a steady groove. Even once he started to pick it up a bit, he never really did anything flashy. He simply put together some consistent kills while Cloud9 were easily steamrolling the disjointed G2 squad. He worked well with his team throughout the game, such as in Round 11 when he cleaned up his team's strong push on the A-site with a double kill. He showed some more nice positioning in Round 14 to secure a 3k and put his team up 10-4. He continued to do more of the same in the rest of the rounds that his team used to pick up the 16-4 win.
Comes up with zilch in loss to SK
May 30, 2017
shroud tallied a lackluster 8/22 KD in Cloud9's loss to SK Gaming on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
shroud brought very little to the table in this loss against SK that opened C9's campaign at the ESL Pro League Finals. He had no kills until Round 8, even as his team was starting to get on a run. He did shut down a flank from felps in that round, but he still continued to be incredibly spotty all throughout the game. He tallied a double in Round 17, but it proved to be his only kills in the half that saw C9 lose every single round.
Quiet in draw vs OpTic
May 18, 2017
shroud posted a 23/30 KD on Tuesday in a series draw with OpTic Gaming in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
shroud picked up a few kills in the first half as the rounds kept going back and forth, but he couldn't keep it up and took an 11-4 deficit at the half. shroud contributed to a few kills in the rounds won, mainly during the A-bombsite hold. He posted an uncharacteristic 10/17 KD and a 53.9 ADR in the Game 1 loss after a 5-0 shutout in the second half 16-5. shroud had a quiet first half on Cobblestone, although his team took the first half up 13-2. The second half was a slow start for shroud, but he contributed to the last three rounds to close Game 2 16-4. shroud only managed a 13/13 KD and 76.9 ADR during the Game 2 dominance.
Strong Game 2 leads to split
May 10, 2017
shroud posted a KD of 36/31 in Cloud9's 1-1 split with NRG on Tuesday in the ECS.
shroud didn't get off to the best start in the first game of this series, even though he did recover as the game progressed. He started off with just one kill in the first four rounds of the game, but then he came alive and started to pick up kills with consistency. That is, until the late rounds of the second half. That was when NRG woke up and went on an incredible run to take the 16-12 win. shroud opened the second game much better, as he picked up the only kill in the opening pistol round loss. As the half progressed, he once again came up with consistent kills. His team was overall much better in this game, especially in the second half where shroud went 8/2 to help his team pick up the win.
Not strong enough overall to secure win
April 30, 2017
shroud went 55/59 in Cloud9's 1-2 loss against G2 in the Group B decider match at DreamHack Austin.
shroud started off this series on a bit of a sour note, with a pretty lackluster performance in Game 1. He failed to get into a much of a groove in the game, only tallying two multi-kills throughout the course of the whole game. In Game 2, things turned around for him majorly, as his performance in this game allowed his team to stay alive in the series. He started off with a 3k in Round 2 and then was somewhat subdued throughout the rest of the first half. The second half was a whole different story, though. He poured on the kills round after to round to will his team to victory. He tallied a quad kill in Round 17, triple kills in Rounds 20 and 21, as well as doubles in Rounds 25 and 27. After the 16-12 win, the teams moved into Game 3 on Cache. Despite all his nice play in Game 2, he came up short once again in the final game of this series. He did have a nice moment where he and autimatic won a force buy early on in the game, but then his play fell off and C9 were bounced from the tournament.
Comes up short in loss to Immortals
April 29, 2017
shroud finished Cloud9's loss to Immortals in the Group B winner's match at DreamHack Austin with a 12/18 KD.
Despite having some nice moments in the ESL Pro League earlier in the week, shroud had a dud of a game at the worst possible time for Cloud9. Going up against Immortals, they needed 100 percent from everyone on the team. While it looked as though that was going to be the case after the 3-0 start, things simply fizzled out for C9 in a hurry. shroud didn't do much to stop the fizzle, posting just 12 kills to go along with a 62.6 ADR. He was only 1/3 on entry frags and seemed to simply fall flat at every turn. C9 will need more from him and everyone else if they want to turn things around and still make it to the playoffs of this tournament.
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