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SK Gaming
Comfortable in elimination win
April 19, 2018
Stewie2k posted an 18/10 KD on Wednesday with a 16-4 win over Valiance in the Group B elimination match at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
Stewie2k seems to be getting more comfortable with his new team, showing a great performance through the first half with a 6-0 lead, thanks to his quad kill to secure the first pistol round. Stewie2k kept his composure when Valiance struck back to secure their only two rounds in the half and a 13-2 lead going into the second. Valiance went into the second half and secured the second pistol along with one more, but Stewie2k did what he does best and got in the face of the Serbian-based team to secure the remaining three rounds, posting an 89.6 ADR along the way.
Struggles in tournament debut with SK
April 18, 2018
Stewie2k went just 14/22 in SK Gaming's 16-13 loss to Ninjas in Pyjamas at DreamHack Marseille.
With Stewie2k playing a very similar role to TACO, it seems that he also picked up TACO's knack for disappearing at key moments. After the first six rounds of the game, he only had a single kill as SK got out the gate to a rough 6-1 start. He did find a nice double in Round 9 as SK started to find their way a bit, but then he faded right back into the background before long. As such, SK didn't have enough to outlast NiP in the second half as they lost and now drop down into the losers' side of their group.
Officially departs Cloud9
March 30, 2018
Cloud9 has confirmed the departure of Stewie2k with the release of a farewell video on the team's official YouTube channel.
After news broke earlier in the week that Stewie2k would be on his way to SK Gaming, we finally have confirmation of the transfer. In addition to the farewell video, C9 owner Jack Etienne confirmed that Stewie2k "requested a transfer." It's also worth nothing that this move is coming in spite of Stewie having signed a multi-year agreement just a few months ago, as Etienne admitted that Stewie had been good to the team during his time there and granted the request. Additionally, it's been reported that Immortals will be buying the SK Gaming roster once the players' current contracts are up in July.
In talks with SK
March 26, 2018
Stewie2k could be finding himself on the Brazilian roster of SK Gaming after the release of TACO last week, according to a report from Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of
SK Gaming has been dealing with roster issues since the beginning of the year when the Brazilian giants were knocked out of the ELEAGUE Major Boston by Cloud9 in the quarterfinals. SK followed the Major with the addition of Boltz, but the team is still under turmoil after exiting WESG 2017 World Finals in the group stage. As a result, TACO decided to step down from the roster last week, crippling SK's consistency through ECS and ESL Pro League. Now, Stewie2k is in talks with the organization. Stewie2k joining FalleN and co. would be a great fit as he is a very versatile player who can pretty much do it all. At the same time, however, Cloud9 would lose a huge gap in their lineup if the deal were to be made. Neither player or organization has made an official comment regarding the matter.
Clutches up to keep Cloud9 alive
January 28, 2018
Stewie2k came up big with a 65/67 KD during Cloud9's historic 2-1 win over FaZe Clan during the ELEAGUE Major: Boston grand finals.
While everyone had big moments during this grand final, Stewie2k perhaps had the biggest of all. His massive 3k in Round 29 was the catalyst that forced a Round 30 on Inferno. He wasn't content to let that be his last highlight, however, as he stepped up once more with a smashing 4k in Round 30 to send the match into overtime. Once there, FaZe Clan put up a valiant effort, but they were simply no match for the heat that Stewie and Cloud9 were putting out in this series. It remains to be seen if Cloud9 can keep up this production throughout the rest of 2018, but they'll still have been part of quite possibly the best Major grand final in the history of Counter-Strike.
Shuts down The Mongolz
November 15, 2017
Stewie2k picked up a 22/16 KD on Tuesday with a 16-9 win over The Mongolz in Group A of IEM Oakland.
The defense from Stewie2k shut down The Mongolz early on to contribute to a massive 4-0 score. However, a few rounds were given up on being too overly aggressive on the defensive side as the economy for Stewie2k remained intact. Not giving up more than five rounds in the first half, Stewie2k would go into the second half with a 10-5 lead. Stewie2k continued to apply pressure on The Mongolz, this time on the offensive to pick up another four rounds to start the second half. The Mongolz managed to pick up four more rounds, but couldn't close over Cloud9 with a 16-9 loss as Stewie2k posted an 87.4 ADR.
Closes 2-0 series for the title
October 23, 2017
Stewie2k earned a valuable 44/23 KD on Sunday in a 2-0 grand final sweep over BIG at DreamHack Open Denver.
Stewie2k had a smooth but contested start to Cache for the defense picking up the pistol round win with a lead to follow. However, BIG contested early to even the score 3-3, but Stewie2k played more aggressive to hold a firm 5-4 with the economy by his side. Although BIG came back to even the score 6-6, Stewie2k wouldn't go down without a fight as he shut down the B-bombsite with an Ace using the AWP to take the 7-6 lead. Going into the second with a 9-6 lead, Stewie2k started off with securing the second pistol round win and a couple to follow but BIG remained close. Rounds traded as Stewie2k eventually tallied up the offense to win a chaotic eco round to earn map point advantage, taking Cache 16-13 in the 1-0 lead. Stewie2k then had a blitzing first half for the offense on Train as he gained a massive 12-3 lead going into the second. BIG contested early but Stewie2k remained composed and close out the series with a 1-vs-2 clutch to take Train 16-6, posting a 19/8 KD and 69.9 ADR.
Thrashes Renegades for the playoffs
October 21, 2017
Stewie2k earned a well deserved 24/3 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Open Denver with a 16-1 win over Renegades.
Stewie2k started the series on the defensive side of Train with a triple kill hold on the B-bombsite to secure the pistol round. He then continued to shut down the offense of Renegades for a massive 6-0 lead. In the following round, he won a 1-vs-2 clutch on the A-bombsite retake to earn the defuse to extend the lead to 7-0. Renegades finally won a round later on but Stewie2k kept punishing Renegades, including his Round 12 quad kill retake on the B-bombsite to secure the 11-1 lead. After taking the first half for a 14-1 route, Stewie2k then closed out the second half with two quick offensive rounds to take home the 16-1 win, posting a 122.0 ADR.
Opens Denver with a win
October 20, 2017
Stewie2k picked up a solid 27/13 KD on Friday, Day 1 of DreamHack Open Denver with a win over Tempo Storm 16-4.
Stewie2k had a blitzing start on Inferno for the defense to hold out for a 4-0 lead. In Round 5, Stewie2k got the quad-kill hold on the B-bombsite to take the 5-0 lead. From there, Stewie2k would hold down the B-bombsite and even play more aggressive to pick up the 11-4 half. He then started off the second half with a triple kill on the B-bombsite entry to secure the second pistol round. Stewie2k would spark for four more rounds to clinch Inferno with a 5-0 blowout in the second half for the 16-4 win, posting a team-leading 141.7 ADR.
Absent in Game 3
October 15, 2017
Stewie2k went 49/54 on Thursday in a 2-1 loss to Astralis in the ELEAGUE Premier semifinals.
Stewie2k was robbed in the pistol round with a bomb plant on the B-bombsite that was diffused at the last moment. Although from there Stewie2k had a dominant first half on the offense to help opening up the bomb sites for a massive 10-5 lead at the half. Riding the momentum from the first half, Stewie2k would pick up two more rounds on the defense before Astralis would fire back with four straight to come within contention. Stewie2k would then continue to apply pressure on the offense of Astralis to force mappoint, A little room left for Astralis was their twelfth round as Stewie2k took Game 1 with a 16-12 score. Game 2, Stewie2k had a highly contested first half on the defense of Overpass as the rounds would go back and forth. Stewie2k earned the Round 12 tie with a triple kill on the A-bombsite retake to get the defuse and stay within reach of Astralis. Unfortunately, Stewie2k couldn't crank out more rounds for an 8-7 deficit at the half. In the second half, Stewie2k would breakthrough the Astralis defense to take an early lead 13-10. However, Astralis tightened up their defense to come back with force and edged out Overpass 16-14. With his momentum crushed in Game 2, Stewie2k took an early 3-0 deficit on Inferno to start on the offense. It wasn't until Round 4 where Stewie2k would win his first and only round of the first half by punishing the aggressive defense with a triple kill. From there, the team could only win four rounds in the 16-4 inferno loss.
Composed in series sweep
October 12, 2017
Stewie2k posted a 38/41 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 sweep over G2 Esports in the ELEAGUE Premier quarterfinals.
Stewie2k got the start the team needed with a triple-kill hold on the A-bombsite to take the pistol round. Although he couldn't hold off the next three rounds by an aggressive G2 offense, Stewie2k did come back and take Round 5 with a triple kill on the A-bombsite to cut the deficit 3-2. From here on out, Stewie2k battled G2 neck and neck, tying the game in Round 10 but G2 ran off with the lead to take the first half 9-6. However, in the second half, Stewie2k had a blitzing performance on the offense to pick up the entry kills and clutches to earn rounds, such as his Round 24 triple-kill clutch on the B-bombsite to tie the game 12-12. From there, Stewie2k picked up four in a row to close out Cobblestone 16-12. Game 2, Stewie2k opened up the B-bombsite for an early 3-1 lead over G2, although the French slowed the offense for an early 3-3 tie. Stewie2k once again traded rounds against a stern defense of G2 but managed to edge the lead 8-7 going into the second. The second half was all Stewie2k to hold for eight out of nine rounds and take the series sweep 16-8.
Cruised past Splyce
September 30, 2017
Stewie2k went 41/23 on Wednesday in ESL Pro League Season 6 with a convincing 2-0 sweep over Splyce.
Stewie2k ripped through the first half of Inferno on the offense without skipping a beat. Entry frag after entry frag, Stewie2k earned a team-leading 23/15 KD and 121.2 ADR to claim the first half with a convincing 12-3 lead. The second half was more of the same, as Stewie2k helped his team close out the 16-4 Game 1 win. In Game 2, Stewie2k continued to thrash Splyce on Overpass on the defense, shutting down any attempt Splyce made to advance into a bomb site. After a compelling 14-1 half for Stewie2k, the second half saw Cloud9 win too more on the offense to secure the 16-1 win and 2-0 series sweep in Week 4.
Struggle to close halves in series sweep
September 3, 2017
Stewie2k earned a 38/37 KD on Day 3 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a 2-0 loss to SK Gaming.
Stewie2k picked up a double kill in Round 2 to even the score early 1-1 for Cloud9 to get the series start on Train for the defense. He then extended the lead in Round 4 with a double kill hold on the B-bombsite execute for the 3-1 lead. After breaking the tie and taking the lead after Round 8, Stewie2k won the last round of the half for Cloud9 by switching over to the AWP to shut down the B-bombsite push with a triple kill on the hold. Stewie2k had a smooth start to the second half but his offense was contested as SK shut down every entry into the A and B-bombsite to take Game 1 16-13. Steiwe2k got the quick start he wanted in Game 2 of Cobblestone with a 3-0 lead to open the defense. However, SK dominated on the B-bombsite to steal the first half show 10-5. After another smooth start in the second half, Cloud9 faced a quick turn of events as Stewie2k struggled on the offense to get past the defense of SK. With a broken economy and rounds running out, Stewie2k could only grab four in the second half for a 16-9 loss in the series sweep.
Composed defense for the win
August 31, 2017
Stewie2k went 18/8 in Cloud9's 16-2 win over B.O.O.T. on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
Day 1 started with a double kill on an A-bombsite retake to help take back the pistol round. He then picked up nice defensive rounds with trade kills, also amplifying the early first half with well-timed retakes to win rounds. His defense remained composed, holding off the A-bombsite and countering the rotation for the 13-2 lead at the half. Stewie2k then had a sweep in the second half with a three-round win on the offense to take the game 16-2, posting a 101.5 ADR.
Late game losses result in 3-0 loss to SK
July 9, 2017
Stewie2k put together a 48/60 KD in the grand final on Sunday with a loss to SK Gaming at ESL Cologne.
Stewie2k struggled early on in the first half of Cobblestone, as they were unable to hold off the offense of SK. Still, Stewie2k won Cloud9 a few rounds by creating some odd-man situations early, but SK took the first half 10-5. The second half consisted of four rounds won on the offense for C9, including his Round 22 ace on the B-bombsite to keep the team in the game before SK won 16-9. In Game 2, he led a smooth first half on the offense exposing the A-execute on Train to advance take a 10-5 into the break. His second-half performance, however, took a rather sharp turn for the worst as he was unable to hold off the aggressive offense for a 16-12 loss. In Game 3, Stewie2k lost the pistol due to an overly aggressive play, but then fired back winning nine straight, including his Round 9 quad kill on the defense to hold off the B-bombsite. Once again, however, his late game was weak and SK took the remaining rounds to make it 10-5 at the half. The second half was a disaster as Stewie2k could not close out the map on the offense only winning four rounds in the 16-14 Inferno loss.
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