Rory Jackson 
United Kingdom
compLexity Gaming
Big Game 1 doesn't yield win
September 5, 2017
dephh went 36/39 in compLexity Gaming's 0-2 loss at the hands of Renegades on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
dephh was the only member of his team with a positive KD in the opening game of this series, but even then, he didn't turn things around to get the win. He had some nice moments with his crossfires late in the half, but as a whole, they really underwhelmed in this game as a team. dephh helped his team to a nice start to the game with a Round 3 quad kill, but after getting a 5-0 lead, he went quiet. He was powerless just watching Renegades walk away with 15 straight rounds in what ended up as a 16-7 loss for compLexity.
Frustrating day in loss to Liquid
November 14, 2016
dephh earned a 24/35 KD in compLexity's loss to Liquid 2-0 on Thursday in Group A of Northern Arena.
dephh had a frustrating day against Team Liquid in an 0-2 loss. He started the first map contributing to an early lead before completely letting the first half go to Liquid's favor. He contributed to compLexity's only round win in the second half with an aggressive double kill on the A-bombsite defense. With the Map 1 loss, dephh looked to turn things around on Map 2; however, it didn't go in his favor. He managed to have a few big plays in the first half of the second map with a few double kills and granting compLexity their first round won after a double kill to secure the sixth round. He remained quiet after his efforts early in the first half of Map 2 falling to Liquid 2-0 in the best-of-three series.
Evaporates versus G2
November 10, 2016
dephh went 14/21 in a 0-1 loss to G2 in the 2016 Northern Arena tournament.
dephh had a few solid moments throughout the map. He managed to clutch a round from shox early on, when compLexity had a massive economy advantage. He also had a great Round 7, gathering a ton of information at Middle and cutting off a ScreaM rotation, despite not doing much damage to his opponents. However, he was a bit too overaggressive, as his healthy 82.0 ADR was ultimately offset by his -7 KD.
Falls apart in Game 2 loss
October 16, 2016
dephh put up a poor 30/44 KD in compLexity's sweep at the hands of Immortals on Sunday.
dephh made his presence felt from the get go of this series against Immortals, as he picked up a double in the pistol round to get a quick 1-0 lead. He started to double AWP with surreal late in the first half since compLexity was pretty desperate and in need of a change to stop Immortals streak of wins. The change is tactics didn't end up doing much of anything, though. In the second half he just stuck with the AK and actually help compLexity mount of a bit of a comeback. The comeback fell short and Immortals won 16-9. dephh showed some nice map awareness early in Game 2 to spot out a couple members of Immortals who were trying to flank his team. That was about the only good thing that he did during this second game. He and his teammates just kind of seemed to sit back and watch android and uber do their thing against Immortals.
Uses big second map to salvage series
August 22, 2016
dephh ended compLexity's 1-1 split against Immortals with a 40/37 KD.
The first map on Train was not a very good one for any member of compLexity, although dephh was one of the better players on his team. He helped his team get their first win of the map with a double kill in Round 5. He tried to run a double AWP setup with Surreal to force some pressure onto Immortals, but it didn't really work and they were dismantled 16-7. The second map on Cache was a completely different story, though. All throughout the game he was picking up double kill after double kill and putting tons of pressure on Immortals. He and Uber were essentially a two-man wrecking crew for the majority of the first and second half and they bounced back for a 16-12 win.
Comes out the gate extremely flat in big loss
August 18, 2016
dephh put up a 21/36 KD in compLexity's two losses to OpTic Gaming on Wednesday to open the ESL Pro League.
In what was a common theme throughout compLexity's entire series against OpTic, dephh came out the gate pretty flat. His problem was mainly that his aim was just a bit off in the early going, which left him at a big disadvantage in most of the gunfights. OpTic seemed to have no problem at all with their aim and just ran roughshod over compLexity for a 16-4 win on Mirage. dephh flipped the script a bit on the second map and was one of the two compLexity players that actually managed to pick up a kill in the first seven rounds. They did do a bit better in the second half, but they still fell 16-6.
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