Raphael Camargo 
INTZ eSports
Has lost a step
September 15, 2017
cogu put up a KD of 19/31 in Immortal's close loss against North in Group B of the ELEAGUE Premier on Friday.
While cogu was once one of the greatest players in Counter-Strike, those days are long gone. He had his moments, which include a huge 3k spray in Round 26 and a massive 1-vs-2 clutch in overtime to take an 18-17 lead, but on the whole, he left a lot to be desired. He just seemed to be a bit out of touch with the current state of CS:GO, which left his team in quite the bind during the loss.
To stand in for kNg
September 13, 2017
cogu will be filling in for kNg when Immortals takes the stage at the ELEAGUE Premier on Friday, reports Sam Nordmark of Dot Esports.
It's been quite some time since cogu has been thrust into the spotlight, but he'll have a chance to help Immortals tackle their group in Atlanta this weekend. One of the most esteemed players in Brazilian Counter-Strike history, cogu is probably the best option Immortals could have selected as their stand-in. He will hopefully help them skate past the drama and make some waves in their group this weekend.
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