Ricardo Prass 
Not enough to close Game 2
October 8, 2017
boltz picked up a firm 40/33 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split against Misfits in ESL Pro League Season 6.
boltz lunged for a massive defensive showing in Game 1 of Train, thrashing the Misfits offense for a 14-1 lead going into the second half. Taking the second pistol round from Misfits, boltz had a hard time trying to close Train with eight rounds going to Misfits defense but boltz finally found their weakness on the A-bombsite and secure Game 1 with a 16-9 win, posting a 20/17 KD and 99.2 ADR. In Game 2, boltz felt the pain of Misfits after a highly contested first few rounds that eventually went to Misfits 12-3 defense in the first half. Although in the second half, boltz firm start on defense made it hard for Misfit to gain mid-control until Misfits offense got creative to take the A-bombsite to close out the second half for a 16-9 win. boltz picked up a team-leading 20/16 KD and 96.3 ADR despite the Game 2 loss on Cache to earn the split.
Leads team even in loss
October 3, 2017
boltz came away with a 42/22 KD in Immortals' series split with OpTic Gaming on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
Even as Immortals continues to tread water in the ESL Pro League, boltz manages to do well for his team. While he posted the lowest number of kills in the first game, he still ended with a 14/5 KD. It seemed like he was more focused on keeping his team ahead in the 16-4 win with pinpoint calls. While that was fine in the win, he wasn't able to keep up with doing both even in Game 2. He was much better in terms of slaying in that game, posting a game-high 28 kills, but his team lost 16-10. Still, a 1-1 split is a huge victory for Immortals at this point in time.
Does his best in loss
September 28, 2017
boltz tried to push his team ahead with a 37/36 KD in Immortals' 2-0 loss to CLG on Wednesday.
boltz did his best despite the circumstances in this loss to CLG. With the majority of his team either released or permanently on the bench, it is all that he and steel can do to keep this team above water. boltz tried to do just that in this series. He was the most consistent member of the team in both games despite them being pretty one-sided losses. He led his team in kills and ADR during both games, but it was nowhere near enough in the loss.
Leads his team in tight loss
September 15, 2017
boltz finished Immortals' loss to North on Friday in Group B of the ELEAGUE Premier with a 39/29 KD.
boltz was doing it all for his team in this loss on Friday. He not only was leading his team with strong strategies to keep them moving right along in the close game, but he was lighting up the scoreboard. They started off a bit iffy with some disjointed pushes onto the bombsites, but before long, boltz got them right back with some aggressive pushes that were catching North off-guard. In some rounds, they would find kills onto the Danes while they were still looking up to throw smoke grenades. Unfortunately for Immortals, however, these plans didn't continue to work out, leading to their eventual demise in double overtime.
Comes up just short in loss
September 1, 2017
boltz put up a 54/56 KD in Immortals' loss to G2 Esports on Day 2 of DreamHack Malmo.
boltz did more than just in-game lead in this series, as he was one of his team's best fraggers as well. He kept pace with kNg in Game 1, but they couldn't get over the hump against G2. The second game, though, was a resilient showing from the Brazilians. While they looked a bit rough in the early rounds, they bounced back in a big way in the second half. boltz made sure they kept their emotions in check and rallied back. No such magic was found in the third game they forced, however. He put them on an early force buy that backfired a bit and set them on a rough path in the game that ended 16-10.
Calls an acceptable game for the win
August 30, 2017
boltz tallied a 16/19 KD in Immortals' close win against Fnatic on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo.
While it didn't exactly look good late in the second half, the strong strategy that Immortals executed in the first half was enough to outlast for the win. They opened up with a somewhat different approach of grabbing all SMGs off the opening pistol round win, which worked out quite well for the Brazilians. boltz himself, however, limped out the gate with just a single kill in the first seven rounds. He started to find a bit more frags as the game progressed, and game up especially clutch in the late rounds of the second half of this close win. He tied it up in Round 26 with a 3k and then put his team on match point with a quad kill in Round 29 of the 16-14 win.
Strong calls, subpar production
August 25, 2017
boltz went 26/35 in Immortals' split with SK Gaming on Thursday in the ESL Pro league.
While boltz managed to lead his team to a strong showing in this series, he never managed to do much in terms of his own production. Still, a lot of credit has to be given to him for what Immortals managed to do here against SK. In Game 1, they were playing incredibly aggressive, which seemed to catch SK off guard at every moment. Immortals couldn't stick with this level of production in the second game, however. They started with a 10-5 lead at the half but then were completely picked apart in the second half as SK took the map 16-12.
Unable to lead his team to victory
July 24, 2017
boltz put up a 45/51 KD during Immortals' loss to Gambit Esports in the grand finals of the PGL Major Krakow.
The in-game leader of Immortals started off with a strong strategy in the first game of this series, as Immortals came out with a blistering 16-4 win. Unfortunately for the Brazilians, they were unable to continue this performance in the final two games of the series. It seemed like they weren't able to keep their emotions in check in the face of the Gambit onslaught. Shown on cams multiple times, it almost looked like the players were coming apart at the seams. They still have to be happy about such a strong performance, however. They will no doubt come back better than ever at the next Major.
Holding down the line in win
July 6, 2017
boltz's firm 21/18 KD helped Immortals take the Tuesday win over Virtus Pro at ESL Cologne.
boltz's performance for the offense came storming after a slow start with a 3-0 deficit on Cobblestone. A Round 4 win helped boost the economy and the well being of boltz, who had a fury of rounds in the first half that helped the team take the lead. He fired upon Virtus Pro, racking up the kills for an 8-7 lead at the half, and carried over his thrashing into the second half. boltz had a quick 3-0 start despite the Polish Plow coming out for a short time, gathering as many rounds as they could; however, boltz's Round 25 triple kill on the B-bombsite got the team close to map point. boltz's defense remained tough as he forced map point in Round 27 after a triple kill hold once again on the B-bombsite. boltz's efforts claimed the 16-12 win, earning a team-leading 81.9 ADR.
Tries to flank his way to victory
July 6, 2017
boltz finished Immortals' loss to Cloud9 on Thursday at ESL Cologne with a KD of 18/21.
boltz tried his best to keep Immortals moving along in this game, but C9 were simply too strong from start to finish. He started things off with a nice flank in Round 6, but his team simply had no followup. Although he did help his team to their second win with a big 3k in Round 7. This continued throughout the first half that saw C9 take a 10-5 lead into the half. He helped to a second pistol-round win with two kills in Round 16, but even this great start to the half didn't lead to an Immortals victory.
Early gains in match win over C9
May 31, 2017
boltz posted a bold 25/14 KD on Wednesday, Day 2 in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals with a win over Cloud 9 1-0.
boltz started the series with a pistol-round win followed by a highly contested early start before taking off with a three-round streak for the 4-2 lead. boltz continued to apply the pressure on the offense for the majority of the first-half lead despite a late Cloud9 comeback 10-5. boltz had a slow start, losing the second pistol round, but his defensive play held strong for a five-round win streak in the second half to force map point. Cloud9 managed to pick up two rounds before boltz closed out Mirage 16-8, earning a team-leading 108.5 ADR.
Dominant in win over G2
May 31, 2017
boltz posted a firm 23/17 KD on Wednesday, Day 2 in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals with a win over G2 1-0.
boltz got off to a slow start on Overpass with the offense, giving up the pistol and the two eco rounds for a 3-0 deficit early. boltz came springing back on the offense, opening up the sites with brute force with the rifle as he contributed to a six-round streak that resulted in a later 10-5 half. Another slow start this time in the second half for another 3-0 deficit to start until boltz held off the A-bombsite and remained keen on the defensive rotations to counter the offense for a 16-10 win, earning a runner-up 95.5 ADR.
Dismal start to match in loss
May 30, 2017
boltz posted a 12/23 KD for Immortals on Tuesday, Day 1 with a 1-0 loss to Fnatic in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
boltz had a slow start on Inferno on the offense, which resulted in a 7-0 deficit to start. boltz came up big in Round 13 with triple kill hold to deny the retake on the A-bombsite down 9-4. boltz then contributed to the last round to close out the half down 10-5 going into the second. The second half was a rather slow start, but the mid rounds are where boltz started to pick up a few rounds as well as kills until Fnatic closed the map 16-9 earning a 71.2 ADR along the way.
Incredible play not enough to secured sweep
May 29, 2017
boltz ended Immortals' 1-1 split with SK Gaming in the ECS on Sunday with a 50/43 KD.
boltz did it all for Immortals in their series with SK on Sunday, but his strong play alone wasn't enough to pick up the 2-0 sweep. Game 1 started off a bit rough for Immortals when SK came out the gate with a 6-1 lead early on before Immortals finally woke up. boltz was a huge part of the comeback, starting with a double entry frag in Round 13 to finally take the lead. The game ended up going back and forth between the two Brazilian squads. He then tallied a 3k in Round 23 and double in Round 24 to tie the game late. Immortals kept on pushing their way to a 19-16 comeback victory to take the first game. Despite his team getting trounced for most of Game 2, boltz still continued to put out consistent damage and frags in the game. He was basically the only one doing much of anything early on in the game, and even once Immortals tried to mount a comeback, it ended up being far too little too late. SK easily overpowered Immortals to take the game 16-9 and split the series.
Big plays lead to sweep over CLG
May 27, 2017
boltz posted a 44/30 KD in Immortals' 2-0 sweep of CLG on Saturday in the ECS.
boltz was fully on top of his game in Immortals' destruction of CLG in Game 1 of this series. From start to finish, all of Immortals were straight up dominating and boltz was leading the way. He ended with a strong 24/12 KD and 105.8 ADR as Immortals took the game 16-4. Going into Game 2 on Mirage, he started off much slower than he did in the opening game. He only had two kills in the first rounds as Immortals got off to a slow start. Despite this, he picked up back-to-back triple kills in Rounds 8 and 9 to take a 5-4 lead. He was a bit quiet until late into the match when he tallied a big 4k in Round 20 to get his team closer to a tie. He then finished out the map with a double in the final round to complete the 16-13 win.