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Subpar showing in win
July 3, 2018
boltz only managed a 12/15 KD in MIBR's 16-13 win against Renegades on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
MIBR might have won this game, but boltz didn't really have much to do with it. Not only did it take him 11 rounds to finally pick up a win, but even when he did, he never really put many kills on the board. His best moment of the entire game came when he played the part of a martyr and got a clutch defuse just before dying to keep MIBR moving on towards this win. They might have picked up the win, but boltz will need to step it up a bit when MIBR takes on FaZe Clan on Wednesday in the first winners' match.
Unable to send FaZe Clan packing
May 20, 2018
boltz posted a 29/36 KD on Friday in a 2-0 series loss to FaZe Clan in the quarterfinals at the ESL Pro League Finals in Dallas.
Overpass was a pick made by boltz and company but at the start, it looked more like a FaZe's as their CT-side picked up a huge 7-0 lead. boltz did what he could to help SK win five offensive rounds in the first half before FaZe took the 10-5 lead going into the second. Another slow start turned around as boltz held the line for a sum of eight rounds over FaZe to contest for the lead, but unfortunately, the team could not overcome the odds and fell 16-13. Things didn't get better on Mirage as boltz struggled to hold off the offense of FaZe for a dismal 13-2 score at the half. Despite winning three off the bat in the second, it wasn't enough to rattle FaZe who swept the series for the semifinal berth.
Secures win over Valiance
April 19, 2018
boltz went 22/8 on Wednesday with a 16-4 win over Valiance in the Group B elimination match at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
The Group B elimination match kicked off on Mirage, where boltz surged through the pistol and the anti-eco's to help secure the 6-0 lead. Valiance fought back, but not for long as the Serbian-based team only managed to pick up two rounds, where boltz then helped secure the defensive first half 13-2. Valiance turned around in the second half to secure the second pistol and the following anti-eco but fell short as boltz and co. earned the remaining three rounds to secure the win, boltz posting a team-leading 102.6 ADR along the way.
Struggling to find his place
November 16, 2017
boltz finished SK Gaming's 2-0 win over OpTic Gaming in the quarterfinals of IEM Oakland.
While boltz still isn't an official member of SK Gaming, he's still seeming to struggle with finding his spot on this high-powered roster. Even though SK was torching OpTic on Overpass to open the series, boltz was lagging behind his teammates. He only managed a paltry 8/9 KD in the 16-2 win. He seemed to just be in the wrong place and found himself dead a few too many times without finding a kill. boltz bounced back a bit on the second map, however. He was second on his team with a 20/18 KD and he even came up with a big triple kill hold in Round 14 to keep OpTic bogged down in the eventual 16-12 win.
Defensive comeback for the win
November 15, 2017
boltz posted a firm 23/17 KD on Tuesday in a 16-13 win over the Ninjas in Pyjamas in Group A of IEM Oakland.
The series started as the Swedes contested early on, taking the pistol round with ease. However, a few rounds were shared until the Ninjas finally broke free and dominated boltz in the first half for an 11-4 lead. Going into the second, boltz picked up a few rounds to start the half, but NiP still held into the lead. In Round 23, boltz came up big with a triple entry kill into the A-bombsite to cut the deficit by three with a 13-10 score. boltz then contributed to the six consecutive rounds won to close out Cobblestone 16-13, posting a 91.1 ADR.
Small impact in a big way
November 14, 2017
boltz gathered a 17/32 KD on Tuesday with a 22-20 win over Team EnVyUs in Group A of IEM Oakland.
boltz contributed to the 3-0 start over EnVyUs early on for the offense on Cobblestone. However, the lead didn't last long as boltz couldn't get past the defense for four straight rounds as nV took the 4-3 lead. boltz was able to buy in Round 8 which allowed him to pull off a quick entry and post-plant hold to secure the round. With a small lead late in the first half, nV kept the score close to even out the first half with an 8-7 score. The second half was a smooth start with the pistol win on the defense but nV made some noise with the early 9-9 tie. Although boltz played consistently for SK to help tread for a 13-10 lead. Eventually, boltz earned map point but nV rallied back and force overtime. The overtime rounds flopped back and forth to each team but it was boltz to keep his team alive with a triple entry-kill on the B-bombsite to force double overtime. The extra rounds continued as both teams traded back-and-forth, but it was finally boltz and co that closed out the game with a 22-20 win.
Comes up big for SK
October 30, 2017
boltz went 114/98 in SK Gaming's 3-2 win over in the EPICENTER grand finals.
While he's not officially with SK just yet, this performance will certainly make the team want to lock him down sooner rather than later. He started pretty slow with just three kills in the first 13 rounds, but then he played pretty much lights out from Game 2 on. He was racking up clutches and big plays all series long to keep SK in it and eventually take the win. If that wasn't enough for the majority of the game, he then found a massive quad kill in Round 30 to force overtime. These are plays that felps just never made, making SK's decision to pick up boltz all the more clever.
Performs well in new role
October 28, 2017
boltz put up a 43/44 KD in SK Gaming's victory against Astralis in the semifinals of EPICENTER.
boltz is looking quite good in his new role with SK, even if it's not an official one yet. He's still wearing his Immortals jersey, but he looks every bit like a key player for this SK Gaming squad. He didn't exactly light it up on either map, but he brought more than enough to the table to make a difference for the Brazilians. He saved Round 17 in Game 1 with a huge triple kill that allowed them to keep moving towards the 16-11 win. He again found a huge triple kill in the second game, this time to open up the bombsite in Round 24 while SK was making their incredible comeback. If he can keep popping up at the right times like this, SK has a shot at adding another title to their ever-growing belt.
Potentially joining SK Gaming
October 26, 2017
boltz has been pegged as the next member of SK Gaming, reports Luis "MIRAA" Mira of HLTV.
While it is certainly not set in stone, it looks as though boltz will soon be the next member of SK Gaming. After some recent results that have been less than spectacular, SK has decided to move on from felps. FalleN has since stated that felps simply had to change a bit too much to fit SK's style, but that boltz will slide in much better. He's not an official member of the team yet, but he is standing in for SK this week at EPICENTER. One potential downside to this move is that boltz has already competed in the ELEAGUE Major qualifier with Immortals, meaning that he may be ineligible to compete with SK at the Major in January. Time will tell how that particular situation will shake it.
Not enough to close Game 2
October 8, 2017
boltz picked up a firm 40/33 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split against Misfits in ESL Pro League Season 6.
boltz lunged for a massive defensive showing in Game 1 of Train, thrashing the Misfits offense for a 14-1 lead going into the second half. Taking the second pistol round from Misfits, boltz had a hard time trying to close Train with eight rounds going to Misfits defense but boltz finally found their weakness on the A-bombsite and secure Game 1 with a 16-9 win, posting a 20/17 KD and 99.2 ADR. In Game 2, boltz felt the pain of Misfits after a highly contested first few rounds that eventually went to Misfits 12-3 defense in the first half. Although in the second half, boltz firm start on defense made it hard for Misfit to gain mid-control until Misfits offense got creative to take the A-bombsite to close out the second half for a 16-9 win. boltz picked up a team-leading 20/16 KD and 96.3 ADR despite the Game 2 loss on Cache to earn the split.
Leads team even in loss
October 3, 2017
boltz came away with a 42/22 KD in Immortals' series split with OpTic Gaming on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
Even as Immortals continues to tread water in the ESL Pro League, boltz manages to do well for his team. While he posted the lowest number of kills in the first game, he still ended with a 14/5 KD. It seemed like he was more focused on keeping his team ahead in the 16-4 win with pinpoint calls. While that was fine in the win, he wasn't able to keep up with doing both even in Game 2. He was much better in terms of slaying in that game, posting a game-high 28 kills, but his team lost 16-10. Still, a 1-1 split is a huge victory for Immortals at this point in time.
Does his best in loss
September 28, 2017
boltz tried to push his team ahead with a 37/36 KD in Immortals' 2-0 loss to CLG on Wednesday.
boltz did his best despite the circumstances in this loss to CLG. With the majority of his team either released or permanently on the bench, it is all that he and steel can do to keep this team above water. boltz tried to do just that in this series. He was the most consistent member of the team in both games despite them being pretty one-sided losses. He led his team in kills and ADR during both games, but it was nowhere near enough in the loss.
Leads his team in tight loss
September 15, 2017
boltz finished Immortals' loss to North on Friday in Group B of the ELEAGUE Premier with a 39/29 KD.
boltz was doing it all for his team in this loss on Friday. He not only was leading his team with strong strategies to keep them moving right along in the close game, but he was lighting up the scoreboard. They started off a bit iffy with some disjointed pushes onto the bombsites, but before long, boltz got them right back with some aggressive pushes that were catching North off-guard. In some rounds, they would find kills onto the Danes while they were still looking up to throw smoke grenades. Unfortunately for Immortals, however, these plans didn't continue to work out, leading to their eventual demise in double overtime.
Comes up just short in loss
September 1, 2017
boltz put up a 54/56 KD in Immortals' loss to G2 Esports on Day 2 of DreamHack Malmo.
boltz did more than just in-game lead in this series, as he was one of his team's best fraggers as well. He kept pace with kNg in Game 1, but they couldn't get over the hump against G2. The second game, though, was a resilient showing from the Brazilians. While they looked a bit rough in the early rounds, they bounced back in a big way in the second half. boltz made sure they kept their emotions in check and rallied back. No such magic was found in the third game they forced, however. He put them on an early force buy that backfired a bit and set them on a rough path in the game that ended 16-10.
Calls an acceptable game for the win
August 30, 2017
boltz tallied a 16/19 KD in Immortals' close win against Fnatic on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo.
While it didn't exactly look good late in the second half, the strong strategy that Immortals executed in the first half was enough to outlast for the win. They opened up with a somewhat different approach of grabbing all SMGs off the opening pistol round win, which worked out quite well for the Brazilians. boltz himself, however, limped out the gate with just a single kill in the first seven rounds. He started to find a bit more frags as the game progressed, and game up especially clutch in the late rounds of the second half of this close win. He tied it up in Round 26 with a 3k and then put his team on match point with a quad kill in Round 29 of the 16-14 win.
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