Vito Giuseppe 
Nao Tem Como
Set to join NTC
March 31, 2018
Nao Tem Como is close to signing kNgV-, according to a report from
The 23-year-old has been a subject of discussion since kNgV- did not join NTC's roster when the team parted ways with 100Thieves, who released the player after he used "offensive and inappropriate" language on social media." kNgV- moved on to join another Brazilian roster, Virtue, but with mixed results during the Aorus League and finishing top-eight in Alienware Liga Pro Gamers Club. NTC has now turned to kNgV- following the departure of twins HEN1 and LUCAS1 while boot camping in Cologne, Germany.
Free Agent
To assemble team
February 1, 2018
kNg told ESPN Esports Brazil that he has a new task of recruiting players for Virtue Gaming's new CS:GO roster.
At the end of January, kNg was released from the active lineup of 100 Thieves due to inappropriate comments to a notable member of the community. kNg has now revealed that will be in charge of building a team known as Virtue Gaming. The Brazilian team will exclusively focus on domestic events through the course of 2018. "I plan to compete abroad, defending Virtue's colors, not only in the United States but wherever the game takes us,"kNg told ESPN Esports Brazil. While he said that has some names in mind already, no one has been officially named at this point, although he did say that he will not use any of the current Virtue players.
Free Agent
Released by 100 Thieves
January 25, 2018
kNg has been released from 100 Thieves for failure to maintain a "high standard of behavior," the team announced Thursday.
kNg's release is coming as a result of a Tweet he made earlier this week in a conversation with Duncan "Thorin" Shields that many perceived as homophobic. While kNg denied any such intention, the damage had been done. 100 Thieves deemed the tweet "offensive and inappropriate," leading to his release. It is unclear whom 100 Thieves will peg to fill kNg's spot, but they said in the official release that are working with other players to determine the team's future.
Joins 100 Thieves
December 12, 2017
kNg has signed with 100 Thieves, the organization announced on Tuesday.
After several months without a team, kNg has signed with 100 Thieves for the organization's debut into Counter-Strike. After leaving Immortals following the drama surrounding the team's roster, kNg held off on signing with a team until now. Joining several of his former teammates, kNg hopes to shed his previous reputation while maintaining his past performance, hopefully bringing the organization it's first Major showing.
No longer with Immortals
September 19, 2017
kNg announced on Twitter Tuesday that he is no longer a part of Immortals.
kNg's departure from Immortals comes after a bit of turmoil, to put it lightly. After three of the five starters were late for the grand finals of DreamHack Montreal, chaos ensued. Not only did the team get charged with a forfeit before losing the next game to get bounced by North in a 2-0 sweep, but the drama continued on Twitter after the event. When FNS called out the players for allegedly being hungover during Immortals' semifinals series against CLG, kNG replied by saying in a (now deleted) tweet that he would kill the other player. Noah Winston, CEO of Immortals, then said that the team would be dealing with the issue internally. The team has yet to issue a statement on kNg's departure, but Winston stated on Tuesday night that news should come out later this week.
To miss ELEAGUE Premier
September 13, 2017
kNg will not be attending the ELEAGUE Premier this weekend, reports Sam Nordmark of Dot Esports.
In the aftermath of the debacle at DreamHack Montreal in which kNg tweeted out a death threat to CLG's FNS, many wondered what would come of kNg. It's been announced that he is going back home to Brazil to obtain a visa that will allow him to be based in the United States. It's not known how long he'll be away for, but he won't be able to join the team in Atlanta this weekend for the ELEAUGE Premier. Hopefully, some time away will let him and the drama surrounding him and the team from DreamHack Montreal.
Loses a bit of magic
September 1, 2017
kNg posted a 52/67 KD in Immortals' close loss to G2 Epsorts on Day 2 of DreamHack Malmo.
While kNg has been lighting things up for Immortals all week long, he came up a bit short in this game. While he managed to have the third-highest kill count on Immortals, he had the most deaths by far. He seemed to lose the duels and situations in this series that he was winning previously. He did try and fuel a second-half comeback in the final map with the help of steel, but it was too little too late by that point. Had he brought a bit more to the table in the earlier games, especially Game 1, they may not have even needed a third map. They'll still have one chance to redeem themselves on Friday against Fnatic to try and prevent elimination one last time.
On fire in close win
August 30, 2017
kNg finished his team's 16-14 win over Fnatic on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo with a stellar 33/20 KD.
If there was a single reason you could point to as to why Immortals won this game, it was easily kNg. From the very start, he was playing better than we've ever seen him. He grabbed doubles in all three of the opening rounds before running in the double AWP with HEN1. There was simply nothing Fnatic could do to stop this approach in the 10-5 first half. The second half was a bit rougher from Immortals, as Fnatic started to battle back. Even still, kNg was always strong, sticking around until he picked up the final kill of the match to lock up the 16-14 win.
Bounces back too late to assist team
August 25, 2017
kNg ended Immortals' 1-1 split against SK Gaming on Thursday in the ESL Pro League with a 28/37 KD.
kNg had a bit of an odd series here on Thursday, as he was poor in the game that his team pretty much dominated SK in, but stronger in his team's loss. That's not to say that he was strong overall in that second game, but just strong compared to his showing in Game 1. In that first game, he had just one kill in the first six rounds and only managed a 5/13 KD in the half. He grabbed an AWP in the second half and salvaged things a bit, but still ended at just an 11/18 line. He stuck with said AWP in the second game and was actually somewhat consistent with it. After three rounds, he had as many kills as he did in the entirety of the first half of Game 1. This allowed Immortals to put together a strong 10-5 line in the first half. Once the second half came, however, the team looked completely out of sorts. SK looked like their normal selves and took Immortals to task to pick up the 16-12 win.
Free Agent
Could be stepping down from Immortals
August 16, 2017
LUCAS1, HEN1, and kNg are set to exit the active roster of Immortals, according to HLTV.
Three core members of Immortals are rumored to exit the active roster due to dissatisfaction and internal issues with its players and coach. The team comes off a run at PGL Major Krakow finishing second to Gambit. However, the team has expressed internal issues and the players have asked Immortals CEO Noah Whinston to exit the active roster. It is reported that the players could potentially join fnx, who is also on the Immortals transfer list. kNg just officially joined the Immortals roster in late July following his run at the Major; however, now the player could possibly be on his way out.
Immortals sign kNg
July 25, 2017
Immortals sign Vito "kNg" Giuseppe as its permanent addition after an outstanding performance at the PGL Major.
After two months of being loaned out to Immortals by Red Reserve, the 22-year-old has signed a permanent deal with Immortals. The announcement comes just after kNg helped the Brazilian team achieve one of its biggest finishes runner-up to Gambit Esports at the PGL Major in Krakow. kNg, who replaced Lincoln "fnx" Lau on the roster, dominated the Major by acquiring the highest number of kills (265) and headshots (113) of all players. The organization also stated that it "looks forward to continuing to work with him on building a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive legacy for Immortals."
Free Agent
Continues to impress despite loss
July 24, 2017
kNg put up a 54/58 KD in Immortals' loss to Gambit Esports in the grand finals of the PGL Major Krakow.
While he is technically still with Immortals on a trial basis, kNg continues to be a welcomed addition to the team. When Immortals got rid of fnx a couple months back, many thought that the absence of the talented player would be a detriment to the team. kNg changed all of that, however. He may not go out there and light up the scoreboard, but his contributions are more than enough to help Immortals get wins. Even in the final two games in which Immortals lost, he was doing so much for this team and almost got them the win. Such a strong performance should certainly do wonders for keeping him around long-term.
Free Agent
Quiet in Tuesday's scrum over VP
July 6, 2017
kNg finished Tuesday with a 16/18 KD over Virtus Pro with an Immortals win at ESL Cologne.
kNg had a slow start with the 3-0 deficit, but he did manage to pick up some important trade kills that allowed his team to gain a little more for their economy. Round 4 kNg help put together a hectic round which resulted in an A-bombsite plant that allowed the team to have the economy they needed. kNg contributed to a short-but-dominant performance that eventually broke the Virtus Pro economy early. kNg contributed to the offensive first-half lead 8-7 despite the late Virtus Pro comeback. kNg's performance in the second half was much better than the first, as he held off the offense of Virtus Pro, who struggled early on but managed to tie the game at 12-12. However, kNg shut down the Virtus Pro offense on the A-bombsite with a quad kill to break the tie, which led to the 16-12 win.
Free Agent
Starts slow in loss
July 6, 2017
kNg put up a 15/21 KD during Immortals' loss to Cloud9 on Thursday at ESL Cologne.
kNg, despite having been playing very well during this stint with Immortals, was a bit off at the start of this game. He was at the bottom of his team for most of the second half, though he did pick up two in Round 15 to finally get something going. He had a better start to the second half since they actually won the pistol round and had some money to work with. Even with his resurgence, Cloud9 was far too strong for Immortals to stop, which led to their elimination with the 16-11 loss.
Free Agent
Big plays early in dominate win over C9
May 31, 2017
kNg earned a solid 19/13 KD on Wednesday, Day 2 in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals with a win over Cloud9 1-0.
A slow start resulted in a pistol round loss, but kNg quickly came back to contribute to the Round 2 win, and then the following Round 3 1-vs-1 clutch on the A-bombsite to break the tie. This led to a 4-2 lead early on, and the rounds kept coming as kNg racked up the frags to power through the first half 10-5. The second half was another slow start, but kNg quickly got going on the defense to hold off the offense for six rounds to close out the match 16-8, earning an 81.2 ADR throughout the Mirage contest.
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