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Returns to Tempo Storm
December 22, 2017
Tempo Stormwill re-sign destiny, who had a brief spell with Immortals.
At the start of the month, Immortals announced that they would temporarily drop out of Counter-Strike to "evaluate [their] position in the scene," releasing their players along the way. Now, destiny will make his way back to the active roster of Tempo Storm going into the new year. In the process, the organization also had to release s1 and Yuji, who previously filled in the void for destiny and shz when they joined Immortals. The last notable run for destiny was the semifinals at iBUYPOWER GameFest in Costa Mesa, in August; however, since then destiny has not been active. destiny also commented on Tempo Storm's website that he is "sure [the team] will be able to accomplish great things this year."
destiny officially joins Immortals
October 10, 2017
After being on trial for Immortals for a few weeks, the organization has finally announced they will ink. destiny, permanently.
The 20-year-old hasn't been on international soil for long, as destiny first came to North America in 2016 under the banner of WinOut. Months later, he would then move on to join Luminosity where he had a series of mixed results that would leave him without a team the following summer. In August, destiny signed for Tempo Storm but as drama unfolded from the Immortals roster led him to trial for sometime. During his trial period, destiny has remained consistent through ESL Pro League, despite the team sitting outside of the top-6 in 10th place of the NA standings.Unfortunately, destiny came up short during the ELEAGUE Premier Group B showcase with a lower bracket loss, missing the playoffs. The organization has also mentioned more information to be released in the coming days.
Helped in 1-1 split over Misfits
October 8, 2017
destiny earned a 40/38 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split with Misfits in ESL Pro League Season 6.
destiny had a brilliant start on the defense to lead the first half contributing a 24/17 KD and 95.7 ADR to take the first half 14-1. He then went on to take the second pistol round to put Misfits on edge, but the North Americans were able to overcome with eight in a row. At that point, destiny finally had enough and closed out Game 1 on Train 16-9. In Game 2, destiny struggled to win rounds for the offense after contesting Misfits early on with three rounds to show in the 12-3 loss going into the second. The second half start went well for destiny who picked up a couple of rounds early on for the defensive hold on the B-bombsite. Despite breaking Misfits economy, destiny couldn't hold off the offense and took a Game 2 loss on Cache 16-9, posting a 16/21 KD and 71.6 ADR.
Set to join Tempo Storm
August 7, 2017
After joining paiN Gaming just five days ago, destiny is set to join Tempo Storm, reports Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Slingshot Esports.
The former Luminosity Gaming member recently joined the ex-paiN Gaming squad, who finished 5-6th at the Americas Minor before departing to continue their journey on their own, is now set to sign with Temp Storm. The 20-year-old is looking forward to getting back into the competitive scene after some 'vacation' time to renew his focus, destiny wrote on Facebook. destiny last appeared on LAN back in May at the Esports Arena Showdown Championship, finishing 2nd under the Luminosity banner. Neither player or organization has made an official comment.
Never recovers from slow start
June 7, 2017
destiny finished Luminosity's 0-2 loss to Team Liquid on Wednesday in the ECS with a KD of 16/35.
destiny tripped coming out the gate of this series against Liquid, as he only managed to put up five kills in the entirety of Game 1. He wasn't the lone poor performer on his team, though. Only one person on his team, PKL, managed to reach double digits in the game that saw Liquid dominate to the tune of a 16-1 final score. He was a bit better in Game 2, but only when compared to his five-kill performance in Game 1. He started with just two kills in the first nine rounds of the game. He did come back with a 3k in Round 10 to try and bring it back a bit, but it didn't last. He tried to flank later on in the game, but he was cut down at almost every angle. Liquid simply kept on pushing and picked up the 16-9 win.
Never finds groove in tough loss
May 27, 2017
destiny managed just a 27/45 KD in Luminosity Gaming's sweep at the hands of SK Gaming in the ECS on Saturday.
destiny was unable to find the kills needed late in the opening game of the series that saw LG come up just short in the 16-14 loss. He did grab a double in the opening pistol round, but was extremely quiet in the rest of the half. In the second half, LG started to come alive a bit, with destiny pitching in with some kills here and there as they found a late 14-14 tie. SK won the final two rounds, though, as took the map 16-14. Game 2 was more of the same for destiny, as he was never able to find his footing as SK came out firing and LG could do nothing at all against them. He only found four kills in the first eight rounds that saw LG go down 6-2. He didn't do much else until he put up a nice double entry frag in Round 16 during a round loss. That was about the best example of how rough it was for LG in this game, as they couldn't even win in a 5-on-3. This continued for the rest of this 16-4 loss.
Big gains early
February 23, 2017
destiny put up 38/37 KD in a 1-1 split versus CLG at the ESL Pro League on Tuesday.
destiny helped Luminosity come back from a 7-1 deficit on Map 1, showcasing his defensive power and proving his consistency. destiny controlled the second half on the offense, only giving up two rounds in the second half for a 16-10 win. destiny had an absolute best first half on Map 2 with a 21/23 KD followed by a 76.0 ADR despite the late first-half comeback from CLG. The second half started strong for destiny with a highly contested early lead but fell short of a win. destiny's defense was no match for CLG's late-round heroics to take Map 2 16-14
Devours Cobblestone like filet mignon
November 11, 2016
destiny posted a 39/45 KD in a 0-2 loss to SK Gaming on Friday in NA ECS group stages.
SK feasted on destiny during the first map. He bottom-fragged by a mile, and SK seemed to find an entry frag on him whenever they needed one. Then Luminosity set foot on Cobblestone, and destiny went to work. He woke up with a big second-half pistol round, then pumped in a 4k in Round 22 at the B bombsite, bringing LG to within one round of SK. In the overtime rounds, destiny nearly won the map by constantly finding devastating B-bombsite lurks and hitting headshot after headshot. LG has to be disappointed with how they threw their opportunity to win Cobblestone, but destiny was seriously impressive at times.
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