Gabriel Toledo 
SK Gaming
Clutches not enough
September 16, 2017
FalleN tallied a 73/57 KD in SK Gaming's loss to Team Liquid in the semifinals of ESL New York on Saturday.
FalleN was up to his normal theatrics in this series with multiple clutches that gave his team some wins all throughout this series. His biggest one of the first game came in the final round that sent the game into overtime where they were narrowly edged out 22-18. He continued to play well into the second game where they easily won 16-5. He was back to picking up clutches, including a nice flick through the smoke that gave them a win in Round 25. Unfortunately for them, Liquid found their footing late in the game and walked away with a 16-14.
AWP strong in both halves for the sweep
September 3, 2017
FalleN earned a 42/38 KD on Day 3 of DreamHack Masters Malmo during a 2-0 SK Gaming win over Cloud9.
FalleN snapped the team back in contention early with a Round 5 double entry-kill on the A-bombsite to cut the lead by one round 3-2. FalleN struggled offensively on Train, only picking up four more rounds, including his triple kill on the A-bombsite with the AWP to close out the half 9-6. After giving up four rounds to start the second half, FalleN came out on top in a 1-vs-2 clutch followed by a defuse to earn the first rounds of the half for a 13-7 lead. This sparked the 10-round comeback to settle game 1 16-13. FalleN had a slow start to Cobblestone on the offense but once the AWP was put in his hands, the rest was history. He picked apart Cloud9 on the B-bombsite with several opening kills to take over the first half 10-5. After another slow start in the second half, FalleN got right back on his feet to close out the defensive side of the B-bombsite split to secure the series sweep with a 16-9 win.
Quiet on the AWP on Day 2
September 2, 2017
FalleN completed the series with a 2-1 loss to North, posting a 35/44 KD on Day 2 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
FalleN had a firm start on Cobblestone with an impressive first half performance on the offense. FalleN ripped through the B-bombsite with the AWP to pick apart the defense of North for a 12-3 lead at the half. The second half was a slower start, but that didn't stop FalleN from fragging his way to a 16-5 Game 1 win. In Game 2, however, FalleN had one of the worst performances on a known strong map, Train, with a slow start on the defense with a large lead to cover. Although his offense didn't show in the second half for a dismal 16-8 loss with only one round won for the offense. In Game 3, FalleN had another terrible run on Inferno to give up thirteen rounds on the favored defensive side that set the tone for the remainder of the series. After a 13-2 deficit at the half, a few offensive rounds were put together in the early stages of the second half, but it wasn't enough to overcome the odds as North take the game 16-11 to secure the 2-1 series win.
Strong AWP locks down win
August 30, 2017
FalleN tallied a 21/9 KD in SK Gaming's win over B.O.O.T. on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo.
In one of the easiest matches SK will likely have all week long, FalleN led his team with blistering prowess on his AWP. He started out the round with a nice defuse in the opening pistol round and followed it up with some nice flanks all over the map to keep B.O.O.T. guessing. The team simply looked crisp and solid from start to finish, which led to an easy 16-2 win.
Leads SK to split
August 25, 2017
FalleN finished SK Gaming's 1-1 split with Immortals in the ESL Pro League on Thursday with a 40/39 KD.
While FalleN didn't manage to get his team the win in Game 1 of this series, he did his best to try and make that happen. He was playing as confident with the AWP as we've seen him in some time. The only problem was that the rest of team was nowhere near as aggressive and on point. They seemed to just be a step behind Immortals, who was playing very aggressive as a five-man unit. The same could be said for the opening rounds of the second game on Train, but once FalleN's strategies and executes started clicking, they easily coasted to the 16-12 win.
Big Game 2 secures split
August 23, 2017
FalleN tallied a 41/29 KD in SK Gaming's 1-1 split with Team Liquid on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
FalleN and SK had a very rough start to this series on Tuesday. They had an absolutely abysmal showing in the first half that saw them secure just two rounds. FalleN had a measly 5/14 KD in the half. Despite this, he managed to guide SK to a strong second half that saw them pick up eight straight rounds before Liquid stabilized for the final few wins needed for the win. SK's run in that second half turned out to be a sign of things to come, however, as they ran roughshod on Liquid on Cobblestone in Game 2. He was lighting things up on the AWP while picking up a ridiculous 19/6 KD in the 13-3 win.
Oh captain my captain!
July 9, 2017
FalleN earned a solid 67/47 KD on Sunday in the Grand Final win over Cloud9 3-0 at ESL Cologne.
FalleN had a smooth start to Cobblestone despite the pistol round lost, however, his offense was too much on Cloud9 to hold off the B-split. FalleN picked the bomb sites with the AWP for the odd man advantage early on which created the 10-5 lead at the half. His second half performance continued on the defense to hold off Cloud9 for a 16-9 win. Game 2 FalleN has a slow start on Train unable to hold off the offense of Cloud9 even when the AWP was in hand for a 10-5 deficit at the half. However, his own offensive ability soared in the second half as FalleN took part in the eleven rounds comeback to take Game 2 16-12. Game 2 FalleN picked up the pistol with a big opening trade kill but Cloud9's defense was too much to bare and took yet another 10-5 deficit at the half. FalleN then took over in the second half late as he punished Cloud9 on a force buy to close out the series 3-0 16-14 on Inferno.
No mercy on the AWP in 2-0 win
July 9, 2017
FalleN earned a 35/24 KD on Saturday in a semifinal win over FaZe Clan at ESL Cologne.
FalleN gracefully took part in the 4-0 start on the defense with his quick rotations and holding down the bomb site in a near perfect first half score of 13-2. The second half was short and still a great performance out of the captain to fire back on all cylinders on the offense for the 16-4 Game 1 win, posting a team-low 13/6 KD and 55.9 on Overpass. In Game 2, FalleN had another smooth start on the offense getting the entries early on and holding off the retake in the post plant situations to go up 3-0. Both teams then traded rounds as FalleN traded kills, which helped retain the lead at the half 9-6. The second half of Cache saw FalleN excel on the defense to hold off the offense but once his economy was depleted FalleN couldn't recover and FaZe forced overtime. However, FalleN got right back up on his horse and took the extra rounds 19-16.
Early AWP theatrics not enough for win
July 6, 2017
FalleN was hot in the first half on his way to a 22/17 KD in SK Gaming's loss to G2 Esports on Thursday at ESL Cologne.
Early on in this game, FalleN looked to be a bit timid. He was very close to a 1-vs-1 clutch to take a round early, but wasn't confident enough to take the shot. For the rest of the first half though, he had no problems at all with being timid. He got his hands on an AWP and was completely shutting down G2. Whether it was a flick, a peek, or even a no-scope, he was just doing it all. He even could predict when someone was going to come over top to get a kill. This allowed SK to take a 9-6 lead into the half. Once the second half opened up, however, he was nowhere to be found. He didn't get a kill in the second half until Round 19, and then after that only tallied five more in what was an eventual 16-11 loss. More consistency will be needed from all of SK if they are going to win their last match for a shot at the playoffs.
Recovers from slow start
July 5, 2017
FalleN ended SK Gaming's win over North on Wednesday at ESL Cologne with a KD of 15/17.
To start off this game against North, FalleN really struggled to land shots with his AWP. While he started off well with a double in the pistol round, once the gun rounds hit, he was coming up short. It got so bad for him that he failed to record a single kill between Rounds 8 and 12. With him unable to consistently frag with the AWP, North moved around the map much easier, which led to a real power struggle. Being the veteran ace that he is though, FalleN came up right when his team needed him late. With North threatening to prolong the game, FalleN came up with a perfect flick to take out the bomb carrier and put his team on match point.
Misses key flicks in upset loss
July 4, 2017
FalleN put together a 19/20 KD when SK Gaming were upset by Space Soldiers on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
In what will probably end up as the biggest upset of the week, SK were taken down by Space Soldiers, and FalleN was powerless to stop them. While he and fer were the ones keeping the team afloat early on, they were still down 1-7 after eight rounds. He did have a few nice moments, including a clutch defuse in Round 10, it was a largely subpar showing from the in-game leader. What will surely haunt him are the key frags he missed with his AWP. These were shots that he normally can make in his sleep, and could have easily turned around numerous rounds if he had connected these shots. Still, this is just one loss and SK are by no means out of it. They will just need to come out much stronger in their remaining games to have a shot at the playoffs.
Calls an impeccable series
June 26, 2017
FalleN was his normal consistent self in SK Gaming's 2-1 win over FaZe Clan in the grand final of the ECS Season 3 Finals, putting together a 59/60 KD.
FalleN, in addition to being quite handy on the AWP, is a perennial shotcaller as well. In a series as close as this one, you need someone at the helm that won't lose his cool when the going gets tough. That was especially true in this series that was filled with plenty of ups and downs. From the Game 1 loss to the Game 2 comeback to the Game 3 thriller, this series had it all. But SK never seemed to play frantic at any moment, which has to be attributed to the veteran presence of FalleN. With the team playing so well going into the slew of upcoming tournaments, SK is poised to make another run similar to their mid-2016 form.
Leads SK to dominating victory with AWP
June 1, 2017
FalleN ended SK Gaming's 2-0 sweep over mousesports in the quarterfinals of the ESL Pro League Finals with a 39/24 KD.
FalleN was on top of his game in this series, and it couldn't have come at a better time for SK. While they lost the pistol round, SK immediately fought back, and FalleN was leading the way. He got his hands on his beloved AWP in Round 5, and picked up a quad kill with it to jump start a nice SK run. The round exemplified everything about FalleN that makes him a good AWPer. He finished the round with an electric sequence that saw him get one kill up close before tapping the bomb to bait out chrisJ to get the final kill of the round. His strong play with the AWP, combined with coldzera's sizable contributions, allowed SK to take the 16-7 win. While the second game started out a bit rough for SK, FalleN put up some late kills to get them back on track. mouz tried to make a game of it with an 8-7 lead in the first half, but the consistent snipes of FalleN in the second half helped SK secure nine straight rounds to lock up the 16-8 win.
Best player in rough loss to G2
May 31, 2017
FalleN put up a 15/19 KD in SK Gaming's loss against G2 on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
FalleN did his best to give his team a win here against G2, but he was unable to do it alone. He was consistent in the early rounds, but G2 shot out the gate for a huge 5-0 lead early on. FalleN picked up an entry frag in Round 6 to help get SK their first round win before picking up a 3k in Round 7 to keep on a slight roll. He grabbed the AWP late in the half, but he never managed to get much help from his teammates, which eventually led to the 16-6 loss.
Simply unstoppable in SK stomp
May 31, 2017
FalleN earned a KD of 23/6 in SK Gaming's 16-5 win over Immortals on Tuesday at ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
FalleN was a monster on Mirage, picking up kills throughout the first half with the AWP. SK Gaming dominated the match thoroughly, taking a 10-5 lead into the second half as IMT couldn't figure out how to deal with FalleN. Finishing with a 23/6 KD and 100.7 ADR, FalleN led SK Gaming to a convincing 16-5 win.