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SK Gaming
Doesn't give Misfits a chance
December 9, 2017
FalleN went 36/15 on Saturday in a 2-0 win over Misfits in the semifinal of ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
The first half start for FalleN was on the slow side of things but he managed to adjust his defense to better himself, stopping the late rotations. Firing back to trade rounds before breaking the tie in Round 7 which sparked relief in his economics to finish the half with a 10-5 lead. FalleN reset the defense with a quad entry-kill on the A-bombsite to secure the 12-6 lead. His offense remained composed winning the last four rounds with an 89.2 ADR. FalleN showed no respect in Map 2 of Overpass with a hounding offense on Misfits for an impressive 16-1 win, advancing SK into the grand finals.
Never ceases to impress
December 5, 2017
FalleN put up a 17/10 KD in SK Gaming's win over North on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
As always, FalleN was electric with the AWP in this game to open SK's time in the Pro League Finals. Of his 17 kills, 15 of them came from the AWP as he just couldn't seem to miss a shot all game long. While he had the second lowest kill count, he certainly made those count and helped the team walk away with a 16-7 win.
Closed out the extra rounds
November 14, 2017
FalleN posted a firm 30/26 KD in Tuesday's win over Team EnVyUs 22-20 in Group A of IEM Oakland.
FalleN started the series on the offense of Cobblestone with a huge 1-vs-2 clutch win on the A-bombsite post-plant to secure the pistol round. From there, two more rounds went in favor of FalleN, but then nV rallied back and take the lead 4-3. With the economy finally back online, FalleN picked up several entry-kills in the following rounds to slowly edge away with a lead, however, nV stayed closed behind to stay in contention as FalleN edged out the first half with an 8-7 score. Going into the second half, a pistol round win for SK turned into a pair of wins for their opponents to tie 9-9. FalleN was now able to buy and the rounds began to accumulate after shutting down the nV offense on the B-bombsite and the exploit in the drop to eventually earn map point advantage. Although nV rallied back to force the extra rounds in regulation, FalleN rallied in overtime with a triple kill in Round 34 to even the score 17-17 to keep his team in the game. However, another set of overtime rounds reset the game, but this time it was FalleN to close it out with a quad kill on the A-bombsite hold to take the 22-20 win.
Leads his team to victory
October 30, 2017
FalleN posted a 103/92 KD in SK Gaming's 3-2 win against Virtus.pro in the grand finals of EPICENTER.
FalleN wasn't necessarily on his best behavior in this series, but he still had a great showing to help the team get a win. But you could almost always count on him to land some pretty consistent AWP shots to push his team ahead. He may not have done this from start to finish at every moment, but he found more than enough to get wins consistently enough for SK to come away with this win. This was especially true on the final map when his team needed to mount an incredible comeback. He picked up a 3k with the AWP to keep the team alive in the second half and added in another 3k to force a second overtime where they eventually got the win.
Old faithful with the AWP
October 28, 2017
FalleN finished SK Gaming's 2-0 sweep of Astralis in the semifinals of EPICENTER with a 53/34 KD.
While coldzera may have found most of the key clutches and flashy plays that ended up securing this game for SK, FalleN was his always reliable self at all times to get this big win. As is usually the case, he led the lobby in AWP kills with 28 to shut Astralis down at every turn. That's not to say that he had no clutch plays at all, however. With Astralis threatening to come back in Game 1, he founds a knife kill in the smoke during Round 26 before switching over to his trusty AWP to lock up the win and put his team on a map point they secured with ease. More of the same occurred in the final game where SK defied the odds and completed a big comeback win to advance to the grand finals.
Crushed Game 1 in split
October 7, 2017
FalleN went 45/31 on Tuesday in a 1-1 split with Splyce in ESL Pro League Season 6.
FalleN had the best performance overall on Train with a staggering 28/7 KD and 161.2 ADR. He also earned his best rating of his career at 2.72 in the dominant 16-0 blowout. He then continued his dominance in Game 2 of Inferno with a stiff defense to pull down and already flustered Splyce. Holding off for an 11-4 lead going into the second, Splyce snapped and bit back to earn a massive defense comeback to even the score at 13. However, FalleN got on the AWP and earned the map point advantage. Although Splyce came rallying back to force the extra rounds, FalleN couldn't keep up in overtime with only one round won for a 19-17 loss, posting a team-low 17/24 KD and 49.9 ADR.
Solid enough to secure split
October 6, 2017
FalleN went 43/30 in SK Gaming's 1-1 split with NRG on Thursday in the ESL Pro League.
FalleN was his usual self in this series on Thursday. While they certainly got picked apart in the first game, he still performed fairly well with his 18/19 KD. It wasn't until the second game that he really showed up in a big way. It wasn't as though SK dominated by any mean, as NRG put up a bit of a fight, but FalleN posted a 25/12 KD in the 16-11 win. While the sweep certainly would have been desired for this team, NRG is an emerging team that has been surprising teams all season.
Clutches not enough
September 16, 2017
FalleN tallied a 73/57 KD in SK Gaming's loss to Team Liquid in the semifinals of ESL New York on Saturday.
FalleN was up to his normal theatrics in this series with multiple clutches that gave his team some wins all throughout this series. His biggest one of the first game came in the final round that sent the game into overtime where they were narrowly edged out 22-18. He continued to play well into the second game where they easily won 16-5. He was back to picking up clutches, including a nice flick through the smoke that gave them a win in Round 25. Unfortunately for them, Liquid found their footing late in the game and walked away with a 16-14.
AWP strong in both halves for the sweep
September 3, 2017
FalleN earned a 42/38 KD on Day 3 of DreamHack Masters Malmo during a 2-0 SK Gaming win over Cloud9.
FalleN snapped the team back in contention early with a Round 5 double entry-kill on the A-bombsite to cut the lead by one round 3-2. FalleN struggled offensively on Train, only picking up four more rounds, including his triple kill on the A-bombsite with the AWP to close out the half 9-6. After giving up four rounds to start the second half, FalleN came out on top in a 1-vs-2 clutch followed by a defuse to earn the first rounds of the half for a 13-7 lead. This sparked the 10-round comeback to settle game 1 16-13. FalleN had a slow start to Cobblestone on the offense but once the AWP was put in his hands, the rest was history. He picked apart Cloud9 on the B-bombsite with several opening kills to take over the first half 10-5. After another slow start in the second half, FalleN got right back on his feet to close out the defensive side of the B-bombsite split to secure the series sweep with a 16-9 win.
Quiet on the AWP on Day 2
September 2, 2017
FalleN completed the series with a 2-1 loss to North, posting a 35/44 KD on Day 2 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
FalleN had a firm start on Cobblestone with an impressive first half performance on the offense. FalleN ripped through the B-bombsite with the AWP to pick apart the defense of North for a 12-3 lead at the half. The second half was a slower start, but that didn't stop FalleN from fragging his way to a 16-5 Game 1 win. In Game 2, however, FalleN had one of the worst performances on a known strong map, Train, with a slow start on the defense with a large lead to cover. Although his offense didn't show in the second half for a dismal 16-8 loss with only one round won for the offense. In Game 3, FalleN had another terrible run on Inferno to give up thirteen rounds on the favored defensive side that set the tone for the remainder of the series. After a 13-2 deficit at the half, a few offensive rounds were put together in the early stages of the second half, but it wasn't enough to overcome the odds as North take the game 16-11 to secure the 2-1 series win.
Strong AWP locks down win
August 30, 2017
FalleN tallied a 21/9 KD in SK Gaming's win over B.O.O.T. on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo.
In one of the easiest matches SK will likely have all week long, FalleN led his team with blistering prowess on his AWP. He started out the round with a nice defuse in the opening pistol round and followed it up with some nice flanks all over the map to keep B.O.O.T. guessing. The team simply looked crisp and solid from start to finish, which led to an easy 16-2 win.
Leads SK to split
August 25, 2017
FalleN finished SK Gaming's 1-1 split with Immortals in the ESL Pro League on Thursday with a 40/39 KD.
While FalleN didn't manage to get his team the win in Game 1 of this series, he did his best to try and make that happen. He was playing as confident with the AWP as we've seen him in some time. The only problem was that the rest of team was nowhere near as aggressive and on point. They seemed to just be a step behind Immortals, who was playing very aggressive as a five-man unit. The same could be said for the opening rounds of the second game on Train, but once FalleN's strategies and executes started clicking, they easily coasted to the 16-12 win.
Big Game 2 secures split
August 23, 2017
FalleN tallied a 41/29 KD in SK Gaming's 1-1 split with Team Liquid on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
FalleN and SK had a very rough start to this series on Tuesday. They had an absolutely abysmal showing in the first half that saw them secure just two rounds. FalleN had a measly 5/14 KD in the half. Despite this, he managed to guide SK to a strong second half that saw them pick up eight straight rounds before Liquid stabilized for the final few wins needed for the win. SK's run in that second half turned out to be a sign of things to come, however, as they ran roughshod on Liquid on Cobblestone in Game 2. He was lighting things up on the AWP while picking up a ridiculous 19/6 KD in the 13-3 win.
Oh captain my captain!
July 9, 2017
FalleN earned a solid 67/47 KD on Sunday in the Grand Final win over Cloud9 3-0 at ESL Cologne.
FalleN had a smooth start to Cobblestone despite the pistol round lost, however, his offense was too much on Cloud9 to hold off the B-split. FalleN picked the bomb sites with the AWP for the odd man advantage early on which created the 10-5 lead at the half. His second half performance continued on the defense to hold off Cloud9 for a 16-9 win. Game 2 FalleN has a slow start on Train unable to hold off the offense of Cloud9 even when the AWP was in hand for a 10-5 deficit at the half. However, his own offensive ability soared in the second half as FalleN took part in the eleven rounds comeback to take Game 2 16-12. Game 2 FalleN picked up the pistol with a big opening trade kill but Cloud9's defense was too much to bare and took yet another 10-5 deficit at the half. FalleN then took over in the second half late as he punished Cloud9 on a force buy to close out the series 3-0 16-14 on Inferno.
No mercy on the AWP in 2-0 win
July 9, 2017
FalleN earned a 35/24 KD on Saturday in a semifinal win over FaZe Clan at ESL Cologne.
FalleN gracefully took part in the 4-0 start on the defense with his quick rotations and holding down the bomb site in a near perfect first half score of 13-2. The second half was short and still a great performance out of the captain to fire back on all cylinders on the offense for the 16-4 Game 1 win, posting a team-low 13/6 KD and 55.9 on Overpass. In Game 2, FalleN had another smooth start on the offense getting the entries early on and holding off the retake in the post plant situations to go up 3-0. Both teams then traded rounds as FalleN traded kills, which helped retain the lead at the half 9-6. The second half of Cache saw FalleN excel on the defense to hold off the offense but once his economy was depleted FalleN couldn't recover and FaZe forced overtime. However, FalleN got right back up on his horse and took the extra rounds 19-16.
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