Fernando Alvarenga 
SK Gaming
Late surge can't bring home the win
September 16, 2017
fer finished SK Gaming's close loss to Team Liquid in the semifinals of ESL New York with a 70/63 KD.
fer's main problem in this series that he waited far too long to wake up and start consistently contributing. He was fine in Game 2, but his play in the first game left a lot to be desired. This was especially true in the second overtime where he only connected on two kills in the four rounds that Liquid used to pick up the 22-18 win. After a strong Game 2, he tried to will his team to victory in the second half, but it simply wasn't enough. At every crucial juncture in the half, SK seemed to come up short in the face of a surprisingly strong showing from Liquid to lock up the win and send SK packing.
Series sweep despite slow starts
September 3, 2017
fer led the way with a 51/32 KD on Day 3 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a 2-0 sweep over Cloud9.
fer picked up an entry kill in the pistol round to secure the 1-0 lead early on Train, however, Cloud9 gave him a contest first half. As the rounds went back and forth, fer gained a few entries that turned into round wins but some did not. His Round 12 heroics with a quad entry-kill on the A-bombsite cut the deficit to two rounds at 7-5. After giving up two rounds, fer closed out the half with a 9-6 deficit. fer had a better second half after giving up the first four rounds to hold off the Cloud9 offense on the A-bombsite for 10 rounds to take Game 1 16-13. After a 3-0 start for Cloud9, fer got the comeback started with several opening kills on the B-bombsite as well a lurking the A-bombsite to change things up. The offense from fer and his team took over the first half in a 10-5 lead. In the second half, fer got the action started by tapping down the offense for a quad kill to win the pistol round. From there, Cloud9 picked up four rounds before the economy of SK was firm enough to close out Cobblestone 16-9 for the series sweep.
Strong start and weak finish in loss
September 2, 2017
fer picked up a 48/51 KD with a 2-1 loss to North on Day 2 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
fer controlled the first half on Cobblestone for the offensive side picking up several entry kills and post-plant holds to secure the massive 12-3 lead. The second half was contested early, but the break in North's economy helped fer overcome the offense to hold off for a 16-5 win. In Game 2, fer didn't have the best showing on the defense on one of his better maps, Train. A slow start to train picked back up in the later rounds with key defensive holds on the A-bombsite and solid retakes on the B-bombsite to settle the first half 8-7. However, the second half was shut down with only one round won for the offense as fer took a 16-8 loss. In Game 3, fer was quiet in the first half on the defense with an overhaul from North's aggressive and fast-paced offense to take the first half 13-2. The second half showed some promise from fer getting the entry kills early on but his economy was dismantled, which resulted in an Inferno loss 16-11.
Aggressiveness downs B.O.O.T.
August 30, 2017
fer finished SK Gaming's win over B.O.O.T. on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo with a KD of 17/8.
fer started off the series with a double in the pistol round before continuing to put B.O.O.T. on the back foot at every moment. It seemed as though they were never prepared for whatever angle fer was going to come from next. While he did blow what could have been a huge flank in one round and then lose a 1-vs-1 a few rounds later, he bounced right back with two more aggressive kills that set his team on the path towards victory.
Uneven in split
August 25, 2017
fer put up a 31/37 KD in SK Gaming's 1-1 split with Immortals in the ESL Pro League on Thursday.
fer was incredibly shaky all throughout this series, and it showed through with his team's play. While they managed to hang with Immortals in the first half of the game, they had nothing at all to give in the second half. While the team played better as a whole in the second game of the series, fer was nowhere to be found for most of it. That didn't stop him from finding a nice rotate late in the game that shut down Immortals and allowed SK to secure the series split.
Flanks well in Game 2 for split
August 23, 2017
fer went 37/33 in SK Gaming's split with Team Liquid in the ESL Pro League on Tuesday.
The first half of Game 1 is one that SK will soon want to forget, as they didn't manage to pick up a win until fer tallied a 4k in Round 11. While SK did threaten a second half comeback, they still took a 16-12 loss. The hype train continued moving into the second game, however, where they put up a dominating performance of their own in the form of a 13-2 half on Cobblestone. To his credit, he found many multi-kills in the later rounds of the half that kept them moving in the right direction and onto a win 16-3 win.
Bodied Cloud9 3-0 in grand final
July 9, 2017
fer posted a solid 60/50 KD on Sunday in a 3-0 grand final win over Cloud9 at ESL Cologne.
fer had a slow start on Cobblestone and had a lower K/D than the rest of his team due to the quick thrashing on C9's defense on the B-bombsite. Leading 10-5 at the half, fer contributed to the win, but also took a dip in performance finishing with a team-low 15/15 KD in the 16-9 win. In Game 2, fer had a rather slow start on Train as he was unable to hold off the offense of Cloud9 until the end of the half to make it 10-5 at the half. The second half started strong for fer, who picked up an ace in the second pistol round and never looked back, winning 11 out of 13 rounds to take Train 16-12. In Game 3, fer picked up the pistol round, but Cloud9 kept punishing fer for the over aggression. He finally figured out the defense to close the half at just a 10-5 deficit. The second half was all flawless trade kills and opening duels to make a massive second half comeback to take Inferno 16-14.
Closing out the series in style
July 9, 2017
fer put together a solid 48/34 KD on Saturday in a 2-0 win over FaZe Clan in the semifinal at ESL Cologne.
fer had a strong defensive first half taking FaZe Clan by surprise winning the first four rounds, including his Round 2 triple kill on the anti-eco. He also contributed to the fourth round won with a quad kill to hold off on the A-execute. fer then dominated the remainder of the half to take the lead 13-2. The second half was all offensive power despite giving up two rounds as fer opened the bomb sites for the 16-4 win, posting a 17/10 KD and 96.1 ADR. In Game 2, fer helped SK get out to a 3-0 start picking frags along the way winning his duels and creating trades. A little hiccup cost him a few rounds, but once the economy was strong enough for a rifle in his hands, the rest was history taking the half 9-6. fer had a solid start on the defense holding off his opponents for three rounds before the streak ended. fer remained perfect on his duels, but FaZe managed to come back for the tie. fer never skipped a step in the extra rounds to take Cache 19-16, posting a team-leading 31/24 KD and 109.2 ADR.
Bad time to come up short
July 6, 2017
fer only managed a 15/21 KD in SK Gaming's loss against G2 Esports on Thursday at ESL Cologne.
While fer had been on a bit of a tear over the last couple weeks, he picked a bad time to have a slump. Up against one of the best in the world, fer had far too many moments when he disappeared from play. He started off well enough with a double in the pistol round and even a nasty flank in Round 8, but then fell into obscurity. After a respectable 11 kills in the first half, he only found four in the second. That was when he was sorely needed too, since G2 started to come alive to shut things down. SK will still have one last shot at the playoffs, and fer will need to step up to the plate.
Back to himself in second half
July 5, 2017
fer put together a 19/17 KD in SK Gaming's win over North on Wednesday at ESL Cologne.
Whereas fer has been at the top of his game over the last couple weeks, this week he's been a bit off. That was the case here against North in the first half, as well. He started with a double in the pistol round and then a big entry frag towards the ends of the half, but everything in between was a bit subdued. This led to SK struggling a bit during this half. Once the second half started, he started to get back into a groove, though. This was mainly due to all of SK finally waking up and starting to dominate the Danes of North. SK certainly seems to be humming right now, and that's never a pleasant thought for opposing teams.
Uncharacteristically off in loss
July 4, 2017
fer came up way short with a 11/23 KD in SK Gaming's loss to Space Soldiers on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
The early rounds for SK belonged to fer and FalleN, but even then, they were in a huge hole from the start. Despite the best efforts from these two, SK started off down 1-7 after the first eight rounds. They seemed to be caught completely off guard by the aggressive play from the Turkish squad. As the game progressed, SK started to make a bit of a comeback, even pushing things all the way to a 30th round. But fer wasn't a part of that comeback. Despite leading his team in kills during the first half, he was at rock bottom by the end of the game. SK will certainly hope to put this one behind them as soon as possible.
Has the series of his life to give SK the win
June 26, 2017
fer dominated from start to finish in the grand final of the ECS Season 3 Finals, posting a 84/61 KD in SK Gaming's 2-1 win over FaZe Clan.
Simply put, this was fer's time to shine. While coldzera and FalleN usually enjoy their time in the spotlight, fer sometimes shrinks into the background. That wasn't the case one bit in this series on Sunday. Up against FaZe Clan, it took everything SK had to come away with the win. Whereas his teammates faltered in certain moments, fer was always there to drive his team to the win. Even in Game 1 when his team lost, he was on top of his game. In the first half of Game 2, he went 21/4 to propel his team towards the finish line. fer certainly seems to be hitting his stride in the best possible way. With ESL Cologne coming up next week and the PGL Major the following week, this is the perfect time for him to come alive.
Late kills give way to series sweep
June 1, 2017
fer finished SK Gaming's 2-0 win over mousesports in the quarterfinals of the ESL Pro League Finals with a 42/27 KD.
fer got started in this series with a 3k in Round 3 to give SK an early 2-1 lead. He quietly brought some more quiet consistency to get SK back on track after an early slip up to take a 9-6 lead into the second half. The second half was more of the same, with fer giving SK a slight edge in the 16-7 win. The second game on Cache was much rougher for him, though. He got a few early kills, but couldn't manage to get in a groove. He was at the bottom of his team in the first half that saw SK go into the half with a 8-7 deficit. Going into that second half, he opened with a 3k in the second pistol round to put SK back on the winning track. This was just what they needed, as they proceeded to then win nine straight to take the map 16-8 and move on to the semifinals.
Unable to give much to his team in loss
May 31, 2017
fer tallied a 10/16 KD in SK Gaming's defeat against G2 on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
fer started pretty slow in this game, not putting up a single kill in Round 6 of the game. That also happened to be his team's first round win in the lopsided first half. Despite the nice round, he disappeared again until Rounds 12 and 13, where he notched double kills to keep the comeback train fueled up and ready to go. Still, they went into the half down 10-5 before eventually losing the game 16-6.
Ferocious in SK win
May 31, 2017
fer finished SK's 16-5 win over Immortals at ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals on Tuesday with a KD of 19/15
fer played well in SK's win, but not well enough to top the huge performances from FalleN and felps. fer dealt a strong 90.6 ADR, higher than any IMT member, picking up whatever slack the rest of his team left behind. fer played a supportive-carry role with a KD of 19/15 as SK took a 16-5 win.