Fernando Alvarenga 
SK Gaming
Closing Train in fashion
December 10, 2017
fer posted a firm 88/85 KD on Sunday in a 3-1 win over FaZe Clan in the grand finals of ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
fer found himself trailing in the opening map, Inferno, however, his contribution early was the comeback to settle the 6-1 deficit with an even score. In the second half, fer found a lot of his success through the force buys but his run was cut short for a loss. A contested start to Overpass resulted in FaZe edging the lead but the aggression from fer in the second half caused issues for FaZe that allowed fer to help even the series. He then moved on to Mirage where his defense reigned perfect in the first half to shut out FaZe with a 13-2 lead. Fer shutdown the aggressive defense of FaZe in the second half to claim rights to the economy to take the series 2-1 lead. The start to Train was rather quiet for fer but the second half mattered the most as fer earned SK the 14-11 lead with back-to-back rounds to shut down the contested ladder room. Although FaZe pushed for overtime, fer remained composed on the offense to help capture the 19-16 win and the title.
Continues putting up gaudy numbers
December 5, 2017
fer finished SK Gaming's big win over North on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals with a 23/14 KD.
While coldzera was the main one picking up the kills for this team for most of the year, fer has stepped it up quite a bit in the last few weeks. That pace continued with a nice showing to open the Pro League Finals. He led the server in kills (23), damage (106), and rating (1.61). With him and the rest of SK playing at such a high level already, this could be another great event for the Brazilians.
Surprises no one with big performance
November 16, 2017
fer popped off with a 46/29 KD in SK Gaming's 2-0 sweep of OpTic Gaming in the quarterfinals of IEM Oakland.
While he sometimes lets FalleN and coldzera take the lead, fer always has the propensity to show up with some monster performances. This quarterfinal was one of those times. From start to finish, he was the top man for SK and did his best to really push his team ahead at every moment. He didn't have a ton of flashy plays, but he was incredibly consistent the whole time to come away with this 2-0 win that pushed the team into the semifinals against Ninjas in Pyjamas.
Late to the show in win
November 15, 2017
fer went 25/21 on Tuesday in a 16-13 win over Ninjas in Pyjamas in Group A of IEM Oakland.
fer had a rather slow start to Cobblestone on the defense, as both teams would contest early, but it was the Ninjas to take the lead further into the first half. However, in Round 13, fer picked up an ace in the save round to win the final round for SK in the first half for an 11-4 deficit. The second half turned over to SK as fer ripped through the Ninjas' defense to win twelve rounds and close out the second half with a 16-13 score, posting a team-leading 98.4 ADR.
Overcomes poor Game 3 to still get win
October 30, 2017
fer finished SK Gaming's 3-2 win against Virtus.pro in the grand finals of EPICENTER with a KD of 111/109.
fer didn't have the greatest of series from start to finish here, but he overcame some adversity seemingly with ease. He started a bit rough like the rest of his team in Game 1 and then got into even more of a hole during Game 3 where it took him 14 rounds to even find a single kill. Inexplicably, SK still managed to get the win in this game, showing off how many weapons they truly have. He bounced right back in the next game to lead the team early on. They lost that game but then completed yet another comeback in the final game to lock up this 3-2 win to take another title.
Blasted in Game 2 for sweep
October 18, 2017
fer would tally a 47/31 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 sweep over Ghost Gaming in ESL Pro League Season 6.
A 3-0 start for the defense on Inferno got the team more morale after Ghost tried to come back and settle the score in Round 4 with a win. However, fer would then shut down the offense on the B-bombsite to pick up three more rounds for the 6-1 lead. Ghost gaming then got back into the frame, but fer wouldn't let any more rounds get back to fix the lead for a 9-6 half. The second half was a bit slow in the start as both teams would trade rounds; however, it was the offense from fer to open up the bombsites and post-plant holds that secured the 13-8 lead. After giving up a couple of eco rounds, Ghost would come close to tying the game late, but a reset economy would factor in Round 26 to pick up three more rounds and end Game 1 16-13. Game 2 was all defense in the first half as fer showed no mercy in finding an 11-4 lead at the half. Despite the defense getting a couple of rounds in the second half, the tattered Ghost Gaming would then be unable to hold back for a 16-6 Cobblestone loss, with fer posting a team-leading 25/13 KD and 123.2 ADR.
All around best in series sweep
October 7, 2017
fer posted a 44/36 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 sweep over Cloud9 in ESL Pro League Season 6.
fer showed no signs of fatigue in the first half thrashing by the offense for a 13-2 score going into the second. Although the first half was an excellent display of offensive power, fer had little success in the second half for the defense. Despite getting the second pistol round, Cloud9 stood tall on the offense to continuously take on the B-bombsite for a nine-round comeback. However, fer finally caught a break and close out Game 1 with a 22/18 KD and 76.2 ADR in the 16-11 win on Cobblestone. In Game 2, fer held off the offense of Cloud9 on the A-bombsite for a 3-0 start. Although Cloud9 began to win some rounds early on, fer remained composed on the defense to overturn the rounds for a 10-5 lead at the half. A slow start to the second half diminished as fer picked up a few entry kills to get the team back in the game. Finally breaking the Cloud9 economy, fer closed out the half with his aggressive offensive presence to take the 16-9 sweep.
Unable to close in OT
October 7, 2017
fer picked up a 41/30 KD on Tuesday in a 1-1 split with Splyce in ESL Pro League Season 6.
fer contributed to the 16-0 blowout in Game 1 of Train with a 16/4 KD and 115.7 ADR. His main contributions came with his firm hold on the A-bombsite and a quick rotator to shut down any attempt to a B-bombsite hit. In Game 2, fer continued to wreak havoc in the first half on the defense of Inferno to hold off on the A-bombsite for an 11-4 lead. Going into the second half, fer had a rather lackadaisical performance in the start as Splyce came rallying back to even the score 13-13. fer played very passively in the next few rounds and it paid off well by earning map point. However, overconfidence killed the map point advantage as Splyce forced overtime. Frustration looming, fer couldn't gain any ground in the extra rounds besides a lone goal in the 19-17 Game 2 loss.
Lags behind in series split
October 6, 2017
fer tallied a 20/35 KD in SK Gaming's 1-1 split with NRG Esports in the ESL Pro League on Thursday.
While fer is typically a key cog in the machine that is SK Gaming, but that wasn't the case at all in this series. He was at the bottom of the team in both games, as it seemed like he was unable to find a rhythm whatsoever. He only managed an 8/19 KD in the first game and a 12/16 KD in the second game. It wasn't surprising that they were trounced in the first game since he was performing so poorly, but their Game 2 win is similarly surprising since they did it without much from him either. Despite the rough performance, don't expect this to continue from the normally strong Brazilian.
Leads SK to victory
September 30, 2017
fer went off with a 72/56 KD in SK Gaming's win against Team Liquid on Saturday at the ELEAGUE Premier.
fer was on top of his game in this series to help SK complete the massive comeback against the North American hopefuls. He was consistent all throughout the series, but the final two games are where he really showed up to start taking names. He was right there with TACO to easily dispatch of Liquid to force a third game. That final map started off somewhat slow for SK, as they were down 7-1 after eight rounds, but then fer came alive and started to will SK to victory. He put the team on his back as they mounted the comeback that culminated in a 19-17 win. His 4k in Round 18 was one of the turning points of the match that allowed them to push onward towards victory.
Late surge can't bring home the win
September 16, 2017
fer finished SK Gaming's close loss to Team Liquid in the semifinals of ESL New York with a 70/63 KD.
fer's main problem in this series that he waited far too long to wake up and start consistently contributing. He was fine in Game 2, but his play in the first game left a lot to be desired. This was especially true in the second overtime where he only connected on two kills in the four rounds that Liquid used to pick up the 22-18 win. After a strong Game 2, he tried to will his team to victory in the second half, but it simply wasn't enough. At every crucial juncture in the half, SK seemed to come up short in the face of a surprisingly strong showing from Liquid to lock up the win and send SK packing.
Series sweep despite slow starts
September 3, 2017
fer led the way with a 51/32 KD on Day 3 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a 2-0 sweep over Cloud9.
fer picked up an entry kill in the pistol round to secure the 1-0 lead early on Train, however, Cloud9 gave him a contest first half. As the rounds went back and forth, fer gained a few entries that turned into round wins but some did not. His Round 12 heroics with a quad entry-kill on the A-bombsite cut the deficit to two rounds at 7-5. After giving up two rounds, fer closed out the half with a 9-6 deficit. fer had a better second half after giving up the first four rounds to hold off the Cloud9 offense on the A-bombsite for 10 rounds to take Game 1 16-13. After a 3-0 start for Cloud9, fer got the comeback started with several opening kills on the B-bombsite as well a lurking the A-bombsite to change things up. The offense from fer and his team took over the first half in a 10-5 lead. In the second half, fer got the action started by tapping down the offense for a quad kill to win the pistol round. From there, Cloud9 picked up four rounds before the economy of SK was firm enough to close out Cobblestone 16-9 for the series sweep.
Strong start and weak finish in loss
September 2, 2017
fer picked up a 48/51 KD with a 2-1 loss to North on Day 2 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
fer controlled the first half on Cobblestone for the offensive side picking up several entry kills and post-plant holds to secure the massive 12-3 lead. The second half was contested early, but the break in North's economy helped fer overcome the offense to hold off for a 16-5 win. In Game 2, fer didn't have the best showing on the defense on one of his better maps, Train. A slow start to train picked back up in the later rounds with key defensive holds on the A-bombsite and solid retakes on the B-bombsite to settle the first half 8-7. However, the second half was shut down with only one round won for the offense as fer took a 16-8 loss. In Game 3, fer was quiet in the first half on the defense with an overhaul from North's aggressive and fast-paced offense to take the first half 13-2. The second half showed some promise from fer getting the entry kills early on but his economy was dismantled, which resulted in an Inferno loss 16-11.
Aggressiveness downs B.O.O.T.
August 30, 2017
fer finished SK Gaming's win over B.O.O.T. on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo with a KD of 17/8.
fer started off the series with a double in the pistol round before continuing to put B.O.O.T. on the back foot at every moment. It seemed as though they were never prepared for whatever angle fer was going to come from next. While he did blow what could have been a huge flank in one round and then lose a 1-vs-1 a few rounds later, he bounced right back with two more aggressive kills that set his team on the path towards victory.
Uneven in split
August 25, 2017
fer put up a 31/37 KD in SK Gaming's 1-1 split with Immortals in the ESL Pro League on Thursday.
fer was incredibly shaky all throughout this series, and it showed through with his team's play. While they managed to hang with Immortals in the first half of the game, they had nothing at all to give in the second half. While the team played better as a whole in the second game of the series, fer was nowhere to be found for most of it. That didn't stop him from finding a nice rotate late in the game that shut down Immortals and allowed SK to secure the series split.
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