Marcelo David 
SK Gaming
Best of the best in win over C9
July 9, 2017
coldzera put together a 76/45 KD on Sunday with a 3-0 win over Cloud9 in the grand final at ESL Cologne.
coldzera punished Cloud9 early, including his Round 2 quad kill to win the force buy on Cobblestone before taking the first half 10-5. A little shakiness in the second half didn't phase him as he still rallied back with the team earning a team-leading 28/10 KD and 111.8 ADR in the 16-9 win. In Game 2, coldzera had a slow first half on the defense on Train as Cloud9 threw a lot at once and was too overwhelming until the late rounds where coldzera came alive to hold off C9 by winning his duels to make it 10-5 at the half. The second half was all SK as coldzera helped rally against the Cloud9 defense to win 11 rounds, including his triple kill on the A-bombsite to send Train to map point, resulting in a 16-12 win. Game 3 coldzera took another brutal first half thrashing despite winning the pistol for the offense, but came back late in the half for a 10-5 deficit at the half. However, the second half was highly contested as coldzera fought back by winning trades and collecting rounds for the 16-14 series sweep.
Early dominance in 2-0 sweep over FaZe
July 9, 2017
coldzera had a blitzing 48/29 KD in the semifinal win over FaZe Clan at ESL Cologne on Saturday.
coldzera was part of the four round streak to start Overpass on the defense thinning out the offense to hold off the A and B-bombsite. coldzera continued to dominate and only allowed two rounds against for the 13-2 lead at the half, including his Round 11 triple kill on the A-bombsite hold. The second half was still pure dominance as FaZe still won two rounds, but coldzera was too much on the offense and overran the bomb sites with entries for the 16-4 Game 1 win, posting a team-leading 22/8 KD and 112.0 ADR. coldzera was red hot on the offense in Game 2, as he breezed through the FaZe defense for a 3-0 start. However, FaZe fought back and coldzera was contested, but not put down as he excelled to a 9-6 lead at the half. The second half was a toss up as colderza found himself struggled when the economy was low, which allows FaZe to force overtime. However, the extras rounds allowed some wiggle room for him to take Cache 19-16, earning a 26/21 KD and 78.4 ADR.
Invisible second half
July 6, 2017
coldzera came up short in the second half with a 21/16 KD in SK Gaming's loss to G2 Esports on Thursday at ESL Cologne.
coldzera came out the gate firing on all cylinders in this game. He looked like his old self again and was shutting things down from every angle. He had some early nasty rotations to prevent G2 from locking down bombsites. This was all well and good until G2 started to make a comeback in the second half. He didn't manage to find a kill between Rounds 20 and the final round, and by that point, G2 had all the momentum in the world. cold's drop off in those final rounds really hurt SK, and he's got to shore up his play if they want to make the playoffs.
Returns to prowess
July 5, 2017
coldzera came alive with a 22/15 KD in SK Gaming's win over North on Wednesday at ESL Cologne.
While coldzera never lost a step per se, his performance of late certainly hadn't been as strong as what we've come to expect from him. Things started off much the same in this game, as he only tallied two kills after the first five rounds. Towards the end of the first half and into the second half, he came alive in a major way. He found four kills in the first two rounds of the second half and never let up from there. He especially came alive when he started running a double AWP setup with FalleN to really keep SK pushed ahead. With those two on the AWP in that half, North could do nothing to stop the Brazilians from running off with the game.
Can't save his team from upset loss
July 4, 2017
coldzera put up a 17/19 KD when SK Gaming were surprised by Space Soldiers on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
coldzera continued his trend of starting off pretty slow in this game against Space Soldiers. He started to get into a groove after he picked up a double on the AWP in Round 10 to allow FalleN to get a clutch defuse, but he followed that up by losing a 3-vs-1 with his teammates. The second half was a bit better of a showing from coldzera, but it still wasn't enough in the end. He came up with a huge peek on a 1-vs-1 in Round 29 to push things to the final round, but SK came up short and were taking down 16-14.
Quiet performance in win
June 26, 2017
coldzera quietly put together a 62/53 KD in SK Gaming's tight series win against FaZe Clan in the grand final of the ECS Season 3 Finals.
While coldzera ended up with the third highest number of kills in this series, you wouldn't have known that with how his play translated onto the map. While he was pretty consistent in the game, he seemed to shrink away early on the rounds, which left his team scrambling to stave off a hot FaZe Clan in the later stages of each game. This seemed like a continuance of some of his recent performances that haven't been up to his usual high level of play. Although it's quite telling of his overall level of play when a 62-kill series is an underperformance. That's just the reputation that coldzera has garnered. Should he return to his early 2016 form, SK will be truly unstoppable.
Quietly dominates mouz in series sweep
June 1, 2017
coldzera put up a massive 41/24 KD in SK Gaming's sweep of mousesports in the quarterfinals of the ESL Pro League Finals.
coldzera was his normal dominant self in this series against mouz on Thursday. While FalleN put together some of the early rounds in Game 1, coldzera was always right there pushing SK along. He used the early round of Game 1 to show off the continued utility of the recently nerfed UMP. Not only that, but he ran in a double AWP setup with FalleN in many rounds, and it always paid off in spades. This allowed SK to push out to an easy 16-7 win in this first game. He used the momentum of the first game to open up the second with an incredible start to the pistol round. He opened that map with a quad kill made up of all headshots to show mouz what they were going to have to work against in the game. To mouz's credit, they fought valiantly to take an 8-7 lead into the half. The second half saw coldzera once again get back on the UMP and AWP to shut down mouz at every turn. SK won all nine rounds of the second half to lock up the 16-8 win.
Leads the way in dismal loss to nV
May 31, 2017
coldzera contributed mostly with an 18/15 KD on Wednesday, Day 2 in a tough loss to EnVyUs 1-0 in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
coldzera had a dismal display overall despite leading the team in kills with an 18/15 KD. The first half was a grueling performance on the defensive side, with SK only winning three rounds in the first half for a 12-3 deficit. The second half was nothing better as SK struggled to get any offense going over EnVyUs on Inferno for the massive 16-3 loss. SK overall had a poor performance in the tough loss as coldzera led the team in damage with an 84.5 ADR on Inferno.
Shrinks away when it counts
May 31, 2017
coldzera put together a 13/17 KD in SK Gaming's loss to G2 on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
In what sadly has been a bit of a pattern at this tournament, coldzera had another rough showing when his team took on G2 on Wednesday. He helped get his team their first win in Round 6, but these round wins were few and far between for SK. Another came in Round 13, but they still went into the half down 10-5. In the second half, they tried to hold off G2, including a Round 21 win that included a coldzera double kill, but it was far too late in what turned out to be a 16-6 loss.
Unusually quiet in big SK win
May 31, 2017
coldzera posted a KD of 15/10 at ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals vs Immortals on Tuesday.
coldzera didn't show much of his brilliance on Mirage as he has in the past, but it was more than enough to take Immortals down. coldzera was a monster in SK's first half, leading to a 10-5 halftime lead, before taking over the second half with commanding rifle play. Finishing with a 15/10 KD, coldzera did what he needed to do for SK to take a 16-5 win over Immortals.
Shows off versatility by utilizing many weapons in dominating win
May 30, 2017
coldzera put up a measured 11/6 KD in SK Gaming's one-sided win over Fnatic on the first day of the ESL Pro League Finals.
For the second time today, coldzera was pretty quiet when his team took the stage. Granted, with the way SK is playing right now, he doesn't need to necessarily light up the scoreboard every game. What he does need to do is put up consistent frags to keep SK moving along, and that is exactly what he did. Whether it was with the UMP, AWP or pistol, coldzera did just enough to give SK the easy 16-3 win. With SK playing so well, it's hard to see them not going the distance in Dallas.
Uncharacteristically quiet performance in win
May 30, 2017
coldzera posted an average 15/14 KD in SK Gaming's win over Cloud9 on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
While coldzera is normally the rock for SK, he was a bit off in this game that opened up the Pro League Finals. He never managed to get into much of a strong groove while sitting at the bottom of his team for the entirety of the game. He had a couple strong rounds in the second half, including doubles in Rounds 17 and 20 and a big quad kill in Round 23 to lock up the win. SK overcame this slow game from coldzera, but he can't sit in the shadows all week long if SK wants to continue to do damage here.
Strong as always in series split
May 29, 2017
coldzera tallied a 48/37 KD in SK's 1-1 split with Immortals in the ECS on Sunday.
coldzera was once again reliable in this series, even if that reliability wasn't enough to stop Immortals in Game 1. While SK started off very strong in the first half, they fell off pretty bad in the second half. coldzera's double kills in the second half just weren't enough as Immortals took the 19-16 overtime win. Game 2 saw coldzera return to his normal form and dominate Immortals on their way to a victory. He opened with triple kills in Rounds 2 and 3 and then continued to pour in the kills on game long with incredible accuracy. At one point in the first half, he had a 16/3 KD as SK were dominating. While they couldn't up that insane momentum, they still had more than enough for the 16-9 win.
Quietly destroys LG in sweep
May 27, 2017
coldzera tallied a massive 44/24 KD in SK Gaming's 2-0 win over Luminosity Gaming in the ECS on Saturday.
coldzera never seemed to do anything super fancy in this series, but he consistently poured in the kills from start to finish. He opened with two kills in the first three rounds that were won by LG. In the subsequent rounds, he started to heat up a bit. He had a nice 3k in Round 10 to keep SK moving towards a 10-5 lead at the half. He did have some rough rounds to open the second half, as he couldn't seem to find a kill with his pistol. He then found his footing later on in the half to help SK pick up a solid 16-14 win. Going into Game 2, he was even better. He started with a quad kill in Round 2, which ended up being a sign of things to come for the Brazilian star. He continued to pour in the multi-kills in the game to lock in a ridiculous 23/6 KD to push SK to a 16-4 win.
Measured approach to sweep of CLG
May 23, 2017
coldzera went 42/31 in SK Gaming's 2-0 sweep of CLG on Tuesday in the ECS.
While coldzera normally shuts things down for SK, he didn't really do a ton in their Game 1 win. While he posted the second highest HLTV rating on the team, his damage was sorely lacking. He finished with just a 15/11 KD in what was a subdued game from him. He grabbed a double kill in Round 2 to put his team on a nice 2-0 lead early, but then they all faltered a bit in the next few rounds. He didn't actually pick up another kill until Round 10, while only getting a total of four more kills in the entire half. He opened the second half with doubles in Rounds 17 and 18 as SK continued to take charge of the game. Switching over to Cache in Game 2, he was back on top of his game. Again though, he started a bit slow. Most of his damage came in the later parts of the second half, where he picked up some double kills to get his team back into the swing of things. He fell off a bit in the early rounds of the second half, but then came on strong in the later part of the second half and into overtime to give SK the 19-15 win.