Tacio Filho 
Team Liquid
Comes up short on Train
April 22, 2018
TACO posted a 54/58 KD on Friday in a 2-1 series loss to Gambit in the Group D decider match at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
TACO began the series on a lighter note as his defense thrived through the first half reaching their ninth and final round, thanks to his triple kill hold on the B-bombsite push from Gambit to eventually claim the 9-6 half. He then picked up the second pistol round, thanks to his quick double into the B-bombsite which gave Liquid the upper advantage with a six-round lead before Gambit contested. In the end, it was TACO to secure the map with a triple kill entry into the A-bombsite for the series lead. The series turned to Mirage where TACO was faced with a 7-0 deficit early but then broke the streak in Round 8 with a triple entry kill into the A-bombsite for the round win. This sparked a comeback to secure the 9-6 half, but unfortunately, bottomed out in the second for a 16-8 loss. Even on the decider, TACO could not go the extra mile against Gambit, who edged the series on Train on the T-side to secure their spot in the quarterfinal.
Slots in well with Liquid
April 18, 2018
TACO went 15/11 in Team Liquid's 16-7 win over Gambit Esports at DreamHack Marseille.
TACO may have had a rough moment early on when he missed what should have been an easy kill in Round 5, but he made up for it before long. He found a nice double entry frag in Round 7 that kept Liquid moving right along in the early going. As the series progressed, it was clear that TACO has already found some synergy with his team teammates. This was best seen when he and nitr0 combined with a nice one-two punch involving smoke grenades that cut right through Gambit.
Officially joins Liquid
April 6, 2018
Team Liquid has officially announced the signing of former SK Gaming member, TACO.
After much speculation over where TACO following his departure from SK Gaming late last month, TACO has landed on Team Liquid. Since his departure from SK, the 23-year-old received various offers from teams in Europe, North America, and Brazil; however, the Brazilian decided he would stay in North America and play for a North American team. The result came from SK's lackluster run through the first leg of tournaments in 2018, falling out of the group stages of WESG 2017 World Finals and the quarterfinals at the ELEAGUE Major Boston. TACO will be taking the place of steel, who only joined the roster for five months, in which he helped Liquid claim their first title at cs_summit 2 following third-place finishes at IEM Katowice and StarSeries. TACO has also been added to the Liquid roster for ESL Pro League and ECS, which means he will now be able to compete for the remainder of those seasons. The Brazilian will make his first LAN debut for Liquid later this month, at Dreamhack Masters Marseille.
To replace Stewie2k
March 27, 2018
Cloud9 are in discussion with former SK member, TACO, to replace young-star Stewie2k, according to a report from Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of DBLTAP.com.
Five days ago, TACO announced his departure from SK Gaming, leaving a void in the Brazilian roster. The same day, the Brazilian super-star mentioned that he would be taking English classes and participating more in the new FPL system. Now, sources have revealed that Cloud9 is in talks with the org-less player on joining the team, shortly after a report detailed Stewie2k's possible departure from the reigning Major champion roster. TACO has been seen participating in several practices this week with Cloud9, showing interest in the skilled rifler.
Steps down from SK
March 23, 2018
TACO has decided to step away from SK Gaming, the player tweeted Thursday.
While SK has enjoyed much success over the years, TACO has always been somewhat of an enigma for this team. He plays his supporting role well, but as the losses started to pile up over the last year, pressure was mounting for TACO. After the team's loss at WESG, he tweeted an ominous "that's all folks," signaling that changes could be on the way. Rather than SK being the one to pull the trigger, however, TACO made the decision himself. There's no word yet on where he might land, but he sounds as motivated as ever and will surely land somewhere before long.
Dominate in 3-1 grand final win
December 10, 2017
TACO posted a 70/79 KD on Sunday in a 3-1 win over FaZe Clan in the grand finals of ESL Pro League Season 6 finals.
TACO helped SK turn things around on Inferno after suffering a 6-1 deficit with several double-kill holds for the defense to tie it up in Round 12. However, FaZe claimed the first half while continuing their success in the second half. TACO found some success getting the entry-kills on the force buys but eventually his money ran low for an Inferno loss. A contested start to Overpass finally broke free with the help of TACO's double-entry to bring SK back in the lead. Although FaZe edged the first half, TACO locked down the defense on the B-bombsite to secure the resilience of FaZe in the late comeback for the win. TACO was influential with the AWP throughout the first half of a dominating Mirage to carry a 13-2 lead going into the second. He remained composed under FaZe's aggression to walk away with the series lead. The second half of Train, TACO let FaZe slip to push for the overtime rounds but his offense shined in the force buys once again to outlast FaZe Clan in the extra rounds to take the title.
Blasts Misfits for grand final spot
December 9, 2017
TACO posted a 35/14 KD on Saturday in a 2-0 semifinal sweep over Misfits in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
Misfits contested early on the offense of Cobblestone but a quad kill hold from TACO on the B-bombsite in Round 7 broke the tie for the 4-3 lead. His defensive plays continued in Round 11 with another triple kill hold on the B-bombsite as SK walked away with a 10-5 half. TACO contributed to six out of seven round wins on the offense in the second half, opening up the bombsites with a team-leading 104.3 ADR for the 16-6 win. TACO continued his march through Map 2 on Overpass dominating the defense of Misfits to a startling 16-1 win to lock up a grand final berth.
Shows up when it counts
November 16, 2017
TACO put up a 36/28 KD in SK Gaming's 2-0 win over OpTic Gaming in the quarterfinals of IEM Oakland.
Before Thursday's series, FalleN told the players in the game lobby that TACO was going to have a big day. He wasn't wrong in the slightest. While TACO sometimes gets a bad wrap for some less than stellar performances on this team, he put that behind him in this series to help SK come up with a big win. This was especially true on Overpass in Game 1 where he posted an 18/8 KD that included a big triple kill in ROund 7 that put SK on the road to their eventual 16-2 win. He had a more average 18/20 KD on Inferno in Game 2, but it was still more than enough for the 16-12 win that sealed the 2-0 sweep. They'll now move on to face Ninjas in Pyjamas in the semifinals on Saturday.
Quiet in big come back
November 15, 2017
TACO posted a team-low 11/20 KD in Tuesday's win over the Ninjas in Pyjamas 16-13 in Group A of IEM Oakland.
The first half started on the slow side of things. The rounds eventually started to accumulate, but not for SK. The Ninjas ran off with the lead in the first half and never looked back as TACO struggled to find the frags to help his team get on the board. Round after round, TACO was unable to come up with much of anything as the team took a massive 11-4 loss in the first half. Going into the second, TACO still couldn't find many frags to help his team, but the team was handling everything just fine, winning twelve rounds in the second half to come back for a 16-13 win, with TACO posting a team-low 48.6 ADR.
Struggles in loss
October 30, 2017
TACO put up a subpar 78/104 KD in SK Gaming's 3-2 win against Virtus.pro in the grand finals of EPICENTER.
TACO, despite his team grinding out the big win in this game, was the only player on SK without a positive KD in this series. He started off especially slow in the first game with only six kills in the first half. He managed to contribute in spite of this slow performance, however. He had some strong plays in the first half of Game 2 to help get his team a win to even up the series. He then showed up big time with two kills in the final round of regulation in Game 3 to force an overtime round that his team confidently picked up. It may not have been his best showing, but he still helped his team get this win nonetheless.
Consistent in series sweep over Ghost
October 18, 2017
TACO posted a 41/28 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 win over Ghost Gaming in ESL Pro League Season 6.
TACO would start out Inferno on the defense for a 3-0 lead early on. Ghost managed to get one offensive round on a mishap play from TACO on the late rotation to the A-bombsite, but he would then turn around to pick up three more for the 6-1 lead. Ghost didn't go down without a fight and would tally up a few more rounds to cut the deficit within two rounds. TACO would then be able to buy and pick up three more rounds as Ghost would settle the half with a 9-6 deficit. The second half was contested but TACO would pick up the 13-8 offensive lead after getting the entry kills on the B-bombsite and control over on the A-bombsite. However, Ghost would spring back to life and come close after holding the line at the door of the B-bombsite, but TACO would close the door to any more rounds as he would take Game 1 16-13. Game 2, TACO shut down the Ghost offense in the first half of Cobblestone on the B-bombsite for an 11-4 lead. The second half was just as quick, as his offense would then attack the same B-bombsite to take the series in a 16-6 sweep.
Big contribution in split
October 7, 2017
TACO earned a solid 41/26 KD Tuesday with a 1-1 split against Splyce in ESL Pro League Season 6.
Despite only an 11/4 KD and 51.6 ADR in the massive 16-0 blowout on Train, TACO earned his rights with key retakes to dominate Game 1. Riding the momentum into Game 2 of Inferno, TACO tried his hand at a 1-vs-3 clutch attempt in the pistol round on the B-bombsite retake but denied instead. From there, TACO contributed many frags to take the early lead, including his triple kill on the A defense to take the 7-3 lead. Eventually, TACO closed out the half 11-4 but the second half seemed a bit tricky. Splyce had a stout defense in the early rounds of the first half, which eventually led to tying the game at 13. TACO picked up a couple of entry kills to take map point but Splyce ruined the parade forcing the extra rounds. TACO's 30/22 KD and 88.9 ADR wasn't enough to close Game 2 with only one round won in the 19-17 split.
Rough display of performance in loss
September 30, 2017
TACO posted an 11/19 KD on Friday in a crushing 16-5 loss to Heroic in Group D of ELEAGUE Premier.
TACO had a dismal performance during the first half on the offense of Train, unable to gain any ground over Heroic early on. With a 7-0 deficit looming over the team, TACO finally got the team on the board in Round 8 with a quad kill to deny the retake on the B-bombsite. From there, TACO still struggled to win more than two more rounds in the first half for a 12-3 deficit going into the second. However, the second half wasn't any better as Heroic ripped through his defense to win five out of six rounds to take the second half and match 16-5. TACO could only contribute a 64.6 ADR in the grueling loss on Train.
Big Game 2 performance leads to win
September 30, 2017
TACO tallied a 48/58 KD in SK Gaming's 2-1 win over Team Liquid at the ELEAGUE Premier.
While SK Gaming ended up getting the win in this series, his play in the final game wasn't what got them there. He always seemed to lag behind at the bottom of his team, not finding much in the way of traction for most of the game. They still managed to battle back and get the win, however, Despite this showing in the final game, it was TACO's performance in Game 2 that made it possible for a third game to even take place. He was on point with a 21/12 KD that helped push SK ahead in the 16-8 trouncing that made this comeback series win possible.
Game 2 secured on the offense
September 3, 2017
TACO posted a 25/37 KD on Day 3 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a 2-0 win over Cloud9.
TACO started the series with a Game 1 triple kill opening on the A-bombsite of Train to claim the pistol round. In Round 6, TACO picked up a double entry-kill on the A-bombsite to secure the 3-3 tie. TACO picked up a few more rounds in the first half of the offense with an entry or two here and there but it wasn't enough to take the half. TACO had a slow start on the defense in the second half giving up the first four rounds to start. Once the economy was strong enough, TACO blitzed for 10 straight rounds to come back to take Game 1 16-13. TACO got the offense going after the hectic start to the first half with several key entry-kills on the B-bombsite to take the 10-5 lead at the half. The second half was a slow start but the defense by TACO to hold off the A-bombsite push on Long A as well as the retakes on the B-bombsite to secure the Game 2 win 16-9.
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