Peter Gurney 
United States
compLexity Gaming
Stalls out in Game 2
September 5, 2017
ptr put up a 29/35 KD in compLexity's 0-2 loss to Renegades on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
Despite some pretty nice AWP plays in Game 1 of this series, ptr didn't do much to prevent his team's demise. In the opening game, they couldn't seem to actually pair rounds together at any point, as they'd end up getting reset time after time when they (rarely) won a round. ptr seemed to have turned this around with a 4k in the pistol round of Game 2 on Train that put compLexity on a 5-0 start, but it ended up not being the case. They proceeded to lose 15 rounds in a row before eventually losing the map 16-7.
Joins compLexity
August 10, 2017
After parting ways with NRG, where he played for nearly two years, ptr has now joined the active lineup of compLexity, the organization has announced.
Following NRG's disappointing runs at DreamHack Open stops in Valencia and Atlanta, the AWPer stepped down in search for a new home. Now, ptr has joined the compLexity lineup replacing desi, who is now a free agent. compLexity has been rebuilding since its dismal performance this year including the fourth-place finish at most recent Fragadelphia 11 after a loss to Bee's Money Crew. With the addition of ptr, compLexity will debut its full lineup August 24th at the start of ESL Pro League Season 6.
Parts ways with NRG
July 27, 2017
ptr has decided to move on from NRG Esports, the player announced on Twitter Thursday.
After playing with the team since January of 2016, ptr has taken his leave of NRG. No word was given as to why he made the move, but it's perhaps not surprising considering the lack of success the team has garnered during his tenure. The team has competed in three seasons of the ESL Pro League, three seasons of the ECS, one season of ELEAGUE, as well as numerous DreamHack events. Outside of event qualifiers, the team has only made it past the 7th-8th at any of these events. ptr's future plans are unclear as of this moment.
Slow and steady wins the race
June 8, 2017
ptr earned NRG a 37/38 KD on Wednesday in the final week of the Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a sweep over Renegades 2-0.
ptr had a slow start to Cache but then started to accumulate rounds once the economy was solidified thanks to ptr holding the site with the AWP for the 10-5 lead at the half. ptr helped get an early lead in the second half, which NRG retained as ptr earned an 18/15 KD and a 57.0 ADR. Game 2 ptr looked strong on the defense to get a quick six-round lead in the first half, but Renegades quickly took the AWP away from ptr to come back offensively and take the half 8-7. ptr quickly pounced in the second half and helped his team get to map point, but Renegades never gave in. After Renegades forced overtime, ptr remained consistent in the extra rounds to overcome the odds and take down Renegades 19-17, earning a 19/23 KD and 55.1 ADR in the sweep.
Silent on the AWP
June 7, 2017
ptr posted a slim 25/37 KD on Tuesday in the final week of Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a 2-0 loss to OpTic Gaming.
ptr had a smooth start on the offense, who played aggressively until the AWP was bought in Round 3. From there ptr coughed up a couple of rounds but returned with a contribution to four rounds won. However, the AWP didn't stay in his hands for long as the Green Wall won five in a row, dismantling the economy of ptr for an 8-7 finish at the half. The second half continued to go downhill as ptr only managed to pick up two rounds for a 16-10 loss on Cobblestone, posting a team-low 13/20 KD and 65.6 ADR. Game 2 ptr had a nasty first-half performance as he and the team were unable to find many kills on the offensive side for a 12-3 deficit. The second half resulted in one round shut out for the 2-0 series loss 16-4, with ptr posting a 12/17 KD and an 81.6 ADR.
Poor AWP leads to narrow defeat
May 31, 2017
ptr picked up a 20/18 KD in NRG Esports' close loss to Liquid on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
ptr was the only member of NRG to put together a positive KD in his team's narrow loss on Tuesday. He opened with an entry frag in the pistol round, which got his team off to a nice start. He then grabbed his AWP and tried to give his team an edge, but he was unable to really do so. He still contributed with some consistent kills to keep things close for the majority of the game. This included a late double in Round 18 to tie it and then a double and bomb plant in Round 20 for a late lead. They were unable to hold onto that lead though, with Liquid pushing on for a 16-13 win.
Most consistent in series split
May 17, 2017
ptr posted an even 36/36 KD in NRG's series split with Immortals in the ECS on Wednesday.
ptr was wholly average in this up-and-down series for NRG. He started off fairly strong with a kill and bomb plant in Round 3, and added in some kills here and there to help his team get out to a 10-5 lead at the half. He book-ended the second half with doubles in the first and last rounds to finish up the 16-10 win. Going into Game 2, he actually tallied more kills (19) than he did in the first (17). He opened with a couple kills in most of the first half before tallying a 3k in Round 11. He was pretty subdued in the second half until tallying a 3k in Round 23 and a double in Round 24 to try and mount a comeback, but it eventually came up short in the 16-11 loss.
Uses AWP to shut down Cloud9 in Game 1 win
May 10, 2017
ptr went 28/33 in NRG's 1-1 series split with Cloud9 on Tuesday in the ECS.
ptr started off this series pretty well with a strong performance in Game 1. He was actually a big contributor for his team in the first half of their Game 1 win. While they only won five rounds, three of them came in the final three rounds. This gave his team a good amount of momentum that was used in the second half to get the win. For his part, ptr was strong with the AWP in the second half to shut down Cloud9. The second game wasn't as great, however. He only had one kill in the first few rounds of the half as they were never able to really rotate very well. He did get a sneaky defuse for a Round 14 win, but that was about for this lackluster Game 2.
Nice with AWP in loss
April 25, 2017
ptr put up a 17/15 KD in NRG's loss to SK on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
ptr was pretty consistent in this loss to SK on Tuesday. He ended up being a slow burn, though, as his most impactful rounds came later on in the game. He started off with no multi-kills until the final round of the first half. In the second half, he managed to out-shoot FalleN on the AWP, though. He started off with a 3k on the rifle in Round 19 before picking up some fairly consistent kills with his rifle. It ended up not being enough, as SK shut down NRG to pick up the win in the round.
Lights it up in Game 2 for sweep
April 20, 2017
ptr finished NRG's big win over Rush on Wednesday with a KD of 37/18.
ptr took a bit to get going in this series of games, but once he got going, he was masterful. He posted just a 16/10 KD in their Game 1 win, with a mere 70.5 ADR to go along with it. He seemed to be taking quite the backseat, but it didn't matter too much since his teammates picked up his slack. Game 2 is where he made his money, posting a 21/8 KD. He may not have had the most kills or ADR, but he still made his presence known. He was incredibly swift with his kills, which allowed him to die just eight times in the 16-5 win. He was also a walking highlight reel for the team. He notched a double in the first pistol round to set his team off on the right foot, as well as a 1-vs-2 clutch in Round 6 to keep his team rolling in the early rounds. His best moment came in the second pistol round, where he picked up an ace that included yet another 1-vs-2 clutch to really showcase his strengths in the round
AWP key in series tie
February 22, 2017
ptr displayed his AWP skills against Team Liquid with a 1-1 split at the ESL Pro League finishing with a 62/41 KD.
ptr remained NRG's rock on Tuesday, bringing the team to an early lead as well as bringing the team back from a huge deficit. After a strong start, but a faulty start to the second half, ptr shined with the AWP, bringing the team back to overtime for the win. ptr also concluded the day with a solid performance on Cobblestone, leading the team with a 25/18 KD and 80.3 ADR.
Re-signs with NRG
December 19, 2016
ptr has been re-signed by NRG eSports, Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Slingshot eSports reports.
Despite reports last month to the contrary, NRG has chosen to re-sign ptr. NRG has been in a state of rebuilding less than a year after coming into the professional Counter-Strike scene. They have jettisoned gob b, LEGIJA and tabseN, and tabbed daps MarkE and Brehze as their replacements. ptr and FugLy round out their new starting roster. With a brand new team in tow, NRG will look to head into the 2017 competitive year with high hopes.
To depart NRG
November 17, 2016
ptr will reportedly be leaving NRG eSports' Counter-Strike squad, as reported by Slingshot eSports' Jarek "DeKay" Lewis.
While no concrete reasons were given for the change, it looks as though there could be two possible answers to the move. The overarching reason is likely that the team just simply hasn't been putting up the results the owners would like, so they want to shake things up. With games in the ESL Pro League Finals where he only put up a 9/18 KD, ptr was a likely target for a release. Source have also said that the team is looking to make a team filled with only German players, which explains the North American AWPer's departure.
Unable to make impact in lopsided loss
October 26, 2016
ptr only put up a 9/18 KD in NRG's loss to Team Dignitas in Group B of the ESL Pro League Finals.
ptr did what he could against the dominant Dignitas in this game. The only problem is that what he could do was nowhere near enough to do much of anything against Dignitas. He went with the AWP at some points and was able to secure most of his kills with the weapon. But with Dignitas just running roughshod all over the map, NRG was simply helpless to do much of anything against them in the 3-16 loss.
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