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Steps down from roster
February 5, 2018
BIG has announced that LEGIJA has stepped down from the active roster to assist the coach, kakafu.
The news comes as a result of the TEAM'S finish at the ELEAGUE Major: Boston where the team only had one win across fours maps. With LEGIJA's "great experience and leadership," the German organization has added him to the coaching staff to assist, kakafu as well as in-game leader gob b. This is the first official move the team has made since forming in the beginning of 2017.
Secures Overpass in 2-1 win
December 2, 2017
LEGIJA went 52/46 Saturday in a 2-1 win over North Academy at DreamHack Open Winter.
LEGIJA had an easy start on the offense of Train with several entry-kills and post-plant holds for a massive 12-3 lead. The second half was a little bit of a slow start but once LEGIJA adjusted to the offense and well-played retakes, the defense then took the second half for the 16-6 win, posting a 101.5 ADR. Game 2 of Cache resulted in a smooth 4-0 offensive lead for LEGIJA but the Danes pounced a reset LEGIJA for the 4-4 tie. Able to buy, LEGIJA played more massive and took his time to take control of middle, which later resulted in three in a row. However, North Academy took the first half with an 8-7 score and continued to dominate in the second half to win eight out of nine rounds to even the series with a 16-8 Cache win. The last map of the series came down to Overpass where LEGIJA found himself in the middle of a highly contested start in the first half. With both teams trading rounds, LEGIJA finally came out on top for the offensive 10-5 lead going into the second. LEGIJA kicked off the second half with a triple kill to secure the second pistol round win. From there, the Danes could only pick up two rounds before BIG took the series 2-1 with a 16-7 win, thanks to LEGIJA 18/18 KD and 86.4 ADR.
Big second game plays lead to win
October 22, 2017
LEGIJA put together a 37/41 KD in BIG's win over Renegades in the semifinals of DreamHack Denver.
LEGIJA didn't do much in the first game, but he sure showed up in a big way in the second game. While BIG was struggling for most of that game, he was one of the keys to getting them back in the swing of things. He clutched round after round in the second half of this game where BIG came alive and started to dominate on their way to a win. His double in Round 27 gave them the lead for good and led to the 16-14 win.
Bodies NRG from the start
October 21, 2017
LEGIJA gathered a 16/13 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Open Denver with a 16-5 win over NRG.
LEGIJA opened up the series on the offense of Cobblestone to pick up a triple kill in the pistol round to secure the 1-0 lead. Although he lost the following two eco-rounds as NRG would pick up one more to lead 3-1. However, LEGIJA would turn things around and thrash the NRG defense to pick up a massive first-half lead 11-4. Going into the second half, LEGIJA held off the B-bombsite and late rotations to dominate the half. LEGIJA picked up an 80.8 ADR in the five rounds won to secure Cobblestone 16-5.
Big plays aren't enough for 2-0
October 5, 2017
LEGIJA went 31/44 in BIG's 1-1 split against Astralis on Wednesday in the ESL Pro League.
LEGIJA, while not the most consistent player in this series, sure made his presence known with a few big plays across the series. With BIG trying to complete a big comeback in Game 1 on Overpass, he found a massive quad kill in overtime to lock up the 19-16 win. It was a huge win for this team that was somewhat undone by their performance in the next game. While LEGIJA again had a nice round, this time netting an ace in the second pistol round, they were largely unable to do anything to stop Astralis in the game. They'll need to fix the mistakes from this game if they wish to avoid losing any control of their spot in this region.
Solid in series win
September 13, 2017
LEGIJA tallied a 41/28 KD in BIG's win over Heroic on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
With most of the big competition away for ELEAGUE and ESL New York, BIG was gifted with a couple easy matchups this week. The first was against Heroic, who did manage to put up a nice fight in the first game. Things went into overtime, but LEGIJA and his team easily overcame with four straight wins in overtime to get the victory. The final game was basically a cakewalk, with BIG easily winning 16-1. LEGIJA wasn't as flashy in this one but still managed a 13/6 KD. He also had a nice 3k in Round 8 that kept them moving along towards domination.
Silent but deadly in split
August 26, 2017
LEGIJA posted a 26/35 KD in Wednesday's 1-1 split to HellRaisers in ESL Pro League Season 6.
In Game 1, LEGIJA had a rough start as he was unable to find the pixels he was looking for in a 6-0 deficit early. However, a couple of bomb plants and post-plant holds helped the team's economy to win some rounds late for a 9-6 deficit. The second half was quiet up until Round 21 with a quad kill on the retake of the A-bombsite to secure the only round in the second half for a 16-7 loss. In Game 2, LEGIJA got the entries early which transpired into a 3-0 lead early. However, HellRaisers came crawling back and cut the lead down to just an 8-7 deficit, due to the economy being crushed late in the half. The second half was a slow start on the defense, but the rounds started to form late thanks to his firm holds on the B-bombsite to secure the 16-11 win.
Falters in loss
August 24, 2017
LEGIJA ended BIG's 1-1 split against FaZe Clan on Thursday in the ESL Pro League with a 25/38 KD.
LEGIJA had a very quiet series here against FaZe on Thursday. There was simply nothing that he could really give to his team that helped them along. This was especially true in the first game of the series where he only posted a 9/20 KD. Accordingly, they were picked apart to the tune of a 16-8 loss there. He was a bit better in Game 2, posting a 16/18 KD, but he still was on the bottom of his team. Whereas everyone else was at least a plus-6, he was a minus-2. Still, his team got the split, so LEGIJA can rest easy.
Game 2 clutches not enough
August 22, 2017
LEGIJA posted a 22/43 KD in BIG's 0-2 loss to Fnatic on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
LEGIJA had a pretty odd series of games here against Fnatic on Tuesday. He opened with a really poor showing on Train in Game 1, only managing a 7/20 KD in the game. He was a bit better in the second game, but most of his strong performances came from clutches. They were strong clutches, mind you. As a whole, however, BIG simply looked dazed and confused in these games and couldn't consistently hold bombsites and get round wins. They made a strong in the second half of Game 2, but LEGIJA fell off in the final few rounds that Fnatic used to easily pick up the win.
Dominant second half over FaZe on Day 1
July 19, 2017
LEGIJA posted a 12/14 KD for BIG on Sunday with a win over FaZe Clan on Inferno at the PGL Major.
LEGIJA took a rough first-half start but got the ball rolling in Round 5 with a quick entry kill into the B-bombsite followed by a plant to help take the first round of the half. His quick Round 5 play sparked a comeback early on, including his Round 11 triple entry kill into the A-bombsite to cut the lead down 6-5. He continued to lead his team in the right direction by picking up the last round won in Round 14 to take the first half 8-7. A much quieter first half on LEGIJA's part, but he came alive in Round 19 with a single kill on the B-bombsite retake and a defuse to win the 1-vs-1 for the 12-7 lead. His defensive plays remained steady as the team held off FaZe for only one round against in the second half for a 16-8 win, posting a team-low 59.3 ADR.
Fails to show up in grand finals loss
January 15, 2017
LEGIJA finished BIG's loss against FlipSid3 in the grand finals of DreamHack Leipzig with a 30/42 KD.
LEGIJA got off to a bit of a slow start in Game 1 against FlipSid3, not picking up a kill until Round 5 in a losing effort. This would set the tone for the type of game LEGIJA would have in this game, as he never gained any traction whatsoever. His game-low 11 kills were simply not enough to help his team in any way. He changed his fortunes a bit in the second game on Train. He had four kills in just the first three rounds. As the game drew on, he came on incredibly strong. His finest moment of the series came when he brought a round back from dire straits with a big 4k. He would put up a couple more strong performances in the round, but it just was not enough as FlipSid3 once again played far too strong as a team for BIG to handle.
Forms German team, BIG
January 4, 2017
LEGIJA has helped start a new CS:GO team, BIG, reports Sam Nordmark of DOT Esports.
After not seeing much success with NRG and being subsequently released, LEGIJA and his teammates, gob b and tabseN, have decided to form their own team. They have bought out the contracts of nex from mousesports and keev from ALTERNATE aTTaX to round out their team. With a stacked lineup of players, they will certainly look to make some major waves throughout the 2017 competitive year.
Let go from NRG
December 19, 2016
LEGIJA was released by NRG eSports, reports Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Slingshot eSports.
LEGIJA was a casualty of war in NRG's roster overhaul that saw three of its existing players jettisoned from the team. This is a move that was a bit surprising since he was oftentimes the best player on NRG in their games. Sure, he was the best player on a team of mediocre players, but that should still count for something. In the end it didn't, though, so LEGIJA is now without a team.
Best member on NRG in bad loss
October 26, 2016
LEGIJA earned a 13/14 KD in NRG's loss against Team Dignitas in Group B of the ESL Pro League Finals.
Even though he had no kills early on in the game, he came up with a huge quad kill in Round 6 that gave NRG their first win of the map. He made another nice play in Round 9 with a nice flank to get a 3k and bomb defuse. He was by far the best on his team in this blowout loss. If the rest of his team had risen to his level of play, NRG may have been able to snag more than just three rounds here.
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