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compLexity Gaming
To play for coL in EPL Relegation
May 6, 2018
Slemmy will be flying under the compLexity banner once more, due to a roster lock in EPL Relegation, according to a report from
The ESL Pro League roster lock currently prevents compLexity using their new revamped lineup, featuring stanislaw and ShahZaM, who replaced ptr and Slemmy at the end of April. This means Slemmy will be leading the squad through the Relegation process, which will take place May 9-10 in Leicester, England.
Moved to backup; future uncertain
May 5, 2018
Slemmy has been moved to the backup position as a result of compLexity revamping their lineup with the additions of stanislaw and ShahZam.
In January, the 27-year-old was released from compLexity becoming a free agent after his eight-month service for the team came to an end. However, in early April, compLexity brought back their former in-game leader as a result of FNS signing with Cloud9. His return served well but still could not lead the team to snag a closed qualifier final. As for the timing, Slemmy was immediately moved to the backup position after OpTic Gaming released duo stanislaw and ShahZaM.
To fill in for coL
April 5, 2018
compLexity has announced that they have acquired former coL member, Slemmy.
The 27-year-old will be returning to the active compLexity roster following the departure of FNS to Cloud9 earlier this week. Slemmy served 10 months with the coL organization, where he led the team to fourth-place finishes at Fragadelphia 11 and the Americas Minor leading up to the ELEAGUE Major Boston. In the announcement, compLexity released a video with Slemmy mentioning he wants to "help them finish out the season," and a report from has it that coL has already submitted a request for the player to be added to the Pro League roster.
Free Agent
released from coL
January 30, 2018
compLexity has announced that slemmy will be departing the team after signing FNS to fill in the in-game leader position.
After eight months with compLexity, slemmy was not able to accomplish much for the red and black jerseys, with the team's best showing being a to-four finish at the Americas Minors. The 27-year-old in-game leader is now a free agent and is able to explore open options as the upcoming Pro League is just on the horizon.
Falls apart in Game 2
September 5, 2017
Slemmy put up a measly 15/43 in compLexity's loss to Renegades on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
Slemmy had a pretty abysmal showing in this series sweep at the hands of Renegades. He had a couple nice moments where he found a nice rotate or hold in the first game, but they were still easily taken out 16-10. The second game was one that he will soon want to forget as he only managed to find five kills in what was a pretty lopsided contest. While compLexity won the first five rounds, they lost the next 15 in a row before dropping the map 16-7.
compLexity sign Slemmy
April 6, 2017
compLexity has announced on their website that they have completed the signing of the former Cloud 9 in-game leader from Selfless.
Slemmy has been on trial for compLexity since late March, with the added expressions of team owner Jason Lake hoping his leadership would "right the ship". During his time on trial, Slemmy has picked up a few matches won, including his own team Selfless. Slemmy will replace Uber on the active roster and will soon join the rest of the team in the gaming house in Denver, Colorado. compLexity aims to rebound late in Week 7 of the ESL Pro League as they sit in number 11 of the North American standings.
Free Agent
To start for Selfless at WESG
December 30, 2016
Slemmy will be starting for Selfess when the team competes at WESG, reports Daniel Rosen of theScore esports.
Since leaving Cloud9 back in August, there hasn't been much activity from Slemmy, as he was looking for the right opportunity to jump back into the scene. It seems as though he has found that opportunity now with Selfless. While he isn't officially a member of the team, it is likely that he will stick around post-WESG. At the event, he will be serving as the team's in-game leader. A great performance from him and the team will all but assure his extended tenure with the organization.
Officially leaves Cloud9
August 17, 2016
Slemmy has officially left the Cloud9 roster, reports Olivia Da Silva of theScore.
At the end of July on the heels of his poor performance in Cloud9's loss to Na'Vi in the ELEAGUE Season 1 quarterfinals, Slemmy was removed from the starting roster. No further announcements had been made on his status. On Wednesday, though, it was finally announced that Slemmy had left the team. The statement announcing his release, the team stated that Slemmy had no intention of stepping into a coaching role on the team, which certainly led to his decision to leave the team. Wasting no time at all, Cloud9 also announced that autimatic would be joining the team to take Slemmy's place.
No longer on starting roster
July 28, 2016
Slemmy has been removed from Cloud9's starting roster, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN.
Following a lackluster performance during Cloud9's defeat to Na'Vi in the ELEAGUE quarterfinals, Slemmy has been removed from their starting roster. The in-game leader has been with the team since April, but with Cloud9 not producing results, it looks as though they want to shake things up a bit. The move to take him off the starting roster comes just days after Cloud9's team manager, stunna, left the team as well. It is unclear at this point where Slemmy will go from here or who will replace him on the team.
Weak play in quarterfinal defeat
July 23, 2016
Slemmy ended C9's series defeat in the quarterfinals of ELEAGUE Season 1 with a 44/58 KDA.
Throughout all three maps against Na'Vi, Slemmy was rather lackluster. He had an extremely tough time on Overpass, constantly dying while his team carried the rounds they won. The first half saw him struggle to pick up kills, earning only seven kills in the 15 rounds. He ended the map earning nearly twice as many deaths as kills, giving Na'Vi the lead in the series. He didn't start out Map 2 much better, averaging only one kill every two rounds to start off Dust 2. Excelling with SMG's in the second half, he was able to help his team find a round lead, but mostly rode along his teammates success. He brought it back to earn a positive KD and bring the series to a final Map 3. He had a decent start to the map, winning his team the pistol round and allowing C9 to win the first four rounds. Although the team struggled for a bit, he maintained his footing to help close out the first half with a round advantage. He played poorly in the second half, only picking up five kills in the final 15 rounds. As a result, Na'Vi was able to close out the map 16-14 and claim the series victory.
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